15 Terrible Women Who Faked Pregnancy

Not all women are honest when it comes to being pregnant. Sadly, this is actually a very common lie that women tell. That they are pregnant when in fact they are not. There are tons of sites on the internet that help women lie about being pregnant, sell fake prosthetic bellies, among other items that can help a woman fake being pregnant. Although this isn't illegal, it is still morally wrong.

There are many different reasons why a woman would fake being pregnant. Some of those reasons include finances in order to con people into giving them money and free gifts and denial, where an infertile woman can become so convinced that she is pregnant, and this behavior can be part of a serious psychological disorder. Emotional manipulation can also play a role in a woman faking a pregnancy, desperate to keep a man in her life through this elaborate lie. Manipulation generally doesn't turn out to work well for the woman, as eventually the man can and will find out the actual truth. Some women don't even want any sort of gifts or money, and are just seeking some sort of emotional attention (usually caused by some sort of psychological disorder). There are many more reasons as to why a woman may fake being pregnant, but these are just a few examples.

Even though some of these may seem to be morally wrong and not the biggest of deals, some women have gone through some serious extreme lengths in order to fake a pregnancy which has landed them in jail with many different charges. Some women even go as far as murdering a woman in order to kidnap her child. Either way, even though faking a pregnancy is more common that you think, it is still wrong and women need to think about the consequences of their actions before they start messing with other people's lives.

15 Shots Fired

Gender reveal parties are a huge trend. Unfortunately for this young 21 year old woman, it would be anything but a fun tune for herself, friends and family. During her gender reveal party, two gunmen decided to join in on the party, but what happened next is horrifying. The two men fired several rounds, killing one man and injuring several others, including 3 young children.  The woman who was "pregnant" was shot in the leg, which needed medical attention immediately.

The next morning, the woman claimed that she had a miscarriage due to her injuries sustained the prior day. Upon careful inspection, it turned out the woman was never pregnant to begin with, even though she did look pregnant. She even had the nerve of make a GoFundMe account, which was titled, "Justice for Cheyanne" which was promptly shut down once police were notified that she was never pregnant in the first place.

14 All She Wanted Was State Benefits

A woman claimed to have given birth after driving her car and pulling over in order to deliver the baby on the roadside. After the investigation, it was found that the woman who claimed she gave birth on the side of the road was never even pregnant to begin with. As a 42 year old woman, you would think she would have known better, but unfortunately for her she got caught red handed for fraud.

The reason that she claimed she was pregnant was to gain money from the Department of Social and Health Services. The department determined the woman received $3,210 in cash and food assistance that she was not entitled to. After speaking with investigators, the department workers were unable to verify any information that the 42 year old had provided for them. The 42 year old gave her midwives information, and after investigators called them they had no recollection of her ever being a patient there. Planned Parenthood was even called where they claimed she had taken a pregnancy test which came back negative just two days before the "baby was born".  The woman was charged with first-degree theft and false public assistance verification.

13 Stolen Baby

This 34 year old woman from Texas went to the extreme in order to take another woman's baby. For several months, the 34 year old faked being pregnant, so she had to have a baby appear somehow, right? According to authorities, the 34 year old lived in Wichita before relocating to Dallas. It is unclear on how the woman knew the victim, but they did know one another which is why she chose her as her victim.

She traveled up to Wichita to the 27 year old mothers home and shot her. She claimed she never meant to kill her, but only to threaten her with the gun if she didn't hand over the baby. The gun then "accidentally" went off. After shooting the 27 year old woman, she stole her 6 day old baby and traveled back down to Dallas. Apparently the two women had made an agreement. When the child was to be born the biological mother would give up her rights and give her baby to the 34 year old woman. After the pregnant woman changed her mind once she gave birth to her daughter, the 34 year old became enraged and now sits in jail for murder.

12 Revenge


Have you ever had an ex that did you wrong and all you wanted was to take revenge upon them? Well this was the case with a woman from North Caroline who decided to take revenge to the extreme. She not only faked being pregnant for an entire 9 months, but also threw herself two baby showers and a gender reveal party. But it doesn't even stop there. She even made fake doctor's appointments and documented the "pregnancy" on social media. That's one heck of a 9 month commitment right there!

Sadly for the supposed father to be, he was extremely excited about having a baby girl and would buy this fake baby clothes and shoes. With her 9 month pregnancy coming to an end, she claimed she had to reschedule her C-Section due to her blood pressure.

When she was finally caught, she went to Facebook to admit that she faked the whole thing just to get back at her ex. She wrote, "Was it right nope! I'm not crazy, nope I wasn't trying to keep a man by doing it, just wanted him to hurt as much as I did!"

11 Adoption Scam

A 35 year old woman pleaded guilty in court on running an adoption scam and faking a pregnancy with twins. She scammed couples into getting money and gifts. She even pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and mail fraud and one count of identity theft.

She had people from all over the country, including couples from California, Tennessee, Massachusetts among others sending her gift cards to grocery stores, meals and even massages! She also had a male accomplice who helped her to scam people into receiving these free gifts, who also plead guilty to all of these crimes and was sentenced to jail time. While interviewing with a reporter, she admitted to being pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl. This of course was also faked. Unfortunately for her, she got caught red handed and could be facing more than 20 years in jail. Hopefully the couples who got scammed got some of their money or other gifts back.

10 Fake Urine Sample

A 41 year old woman from Florida who was previously convicted for prostitution scammed an adoption center into getting free money. She claimed to be pregnant, but wanted to give the baby up for adoption (which would probably be the sensible thing to do in this case, if she was actually pregnant with a baby to give up for adoption). She even provided a urine sample for a pregnancy test at the Family Creations Adoption Center, which came out positive. We can only assume that she used someone else's urine who actually was pregnant in order to scam the adoption agency.

She was also asked to get an ultrasound done, which she failed to do over the five month period she was going to this agency. The adoption agency provided her with checks to help pay for her rent, health care and comfort items. After months of abusing the system and failing to do an ultrasound, the agency finally figured out that things weren't adding up. Luckily she was finally caught and charged with adoption fraud, among many other violations to her probation.

9 Fake Triplets

This 16 year old girl from Michigan definitely fooled everyone in her town, including her boyfriend. He was scared, but he was ready to step up and get a job in order to support his triplets that his girlfriend was allegedly pregnant with. Unfortunately for him, there were no babies to be born.

She faked her pregnancy for 10 months. She had fake bulging bellies that she wore, and even stole ultrasound pictures of triplets to convince everyone of her pregnancy. Her relatives were shocked when they were told she was pregnant, but were ready to support her in any way possible. She was thrown a baby shower, and also accepted thousands of dollars in gifts and donations from her local church.

Since multiple babies generally tend to lean towards premature birth, her boyfriend and his mother became extremely concerned when 9 months went by but no babies were there to show. She was finally confronted when a woman found the exact same ultrasounds on a prank website. According to the girl, she miscarried a day before her C-Section. A relative of the family claims that all  gifts and donations will be returned to the rightful owners.

8 Reverse Google Image Search

A woman decided to catch up with one of her old girlfriend's one day, and was surprised to be told that her and her boyfriend were having a baby. She was due in just 4 months, so the woman looked a bit shocked to find that her friend didn't even have a baby bump. Feeling guilty for having a horrible thought that her friend was lying, she brushed it aside and congratulated her friend. Not too long after, she saw that her friend made an announcement on Facebook with her boyfriend saying they were expecting. She even had a huge baby bump! Now her friend became even more suspicious, but brushed it off yet again.

When the time came, her friend announced she had delivered her child and was sent home 12 hours after her delivery, which we all know hospitals generally tend to keep mom and baby for a few days to make sure everything is well before going home. As time went on, she noticed that her friend barely posted pictures of her child on Facebook, and when she did there was no one in the photos except the baby. One day, she decided to do a reverse google image search, which is how she found out her friend faked not only her entire pregnancy, but faked actually having a baby!

Since finding out the truth, along with many people the girl went to high school with, she deleted everyone from her Facebook who she knew in person and deleted all the photos of the baby that she had stolen. I guess she is trying to delete this part of her life?

7 Stalking Facebook Adoption Pages

This woman was so good at victimizing innocent people that she got away with numerous types of crimes, until she finally got caught. She used Facebook to scam couples on adoption pages, and claimed she didn't want any money or monetary items, she just wanted to give her baby up for adoption. According to the investigation, the 34 year old woman stalked Facebook adoption pages in order to carry out insane hoaxes, faking pregnancy and adoption plans for weeks before killing couple's dreams and claiming to have stillbirths.

Whenever she chose a new victim, she made sure to keep in contact with them everyday. She had answers for absolutely anything and everything, even though they were sometimes bizarre. She was mentally ill, never wanting anything from the couples except for their attention. After several weeks of being in contact with the "adoptive parents", she would always claim to have stillbirths. She was eventually caught when suspicions arose when she would not allow for one of the couples to visit her at the hospital after her supposed stillbirth.

Facebook can be a great tool for certain things, but maybe sticking with a credible adoption agency is best in these kind of situations.

6 Newborn Abduction


A woman from Louisiana befriended a woman at her local hospital who just gave birth to a baby boy. She originally went to the hospital claiming she was 12 weeks pregnant and was having complications. This is where she met the mother of the 3 day old baby boy, and they spoke for hours while they were in the hospital together. She claimed she was a friend of a friend and was there to deliver a gift, so of course this led the mother to trust this stranger. However, once the mother left to use the restroom, this was the perfect time for this woman to make her move. She stole the baby and ran from the hospital. Once the mother returned from the restroom and noticed her baby was gone, she immediately notified hospital security, who contacted local authorities.

Luckily, the police found the baby in less than an hour at the kidnappers mother's house, and the woman herself later turned herself in. The newborn as reunited with his mother unharmed.

5 The Chihuahua

A 43 year old woman from Alabama claimed to be 7 months pregnant when she had a miscarriage. According to her husband, she flushed the stillborn baby down the toilet when she miscarried. Unfortunately, this was far from the truth. She claimed to be pregnant so her husband would move back in with her, and faked a miscarriage in order to cover up the lie. But how she decided to fake her miscarriage is completely disturbing.

She used her husband's chihuahua as bate by murdering the poor dog. She then cut open the dog's stomach in order to use the blood and tissue to stage her miscarriage, rubbing blood all over her bed for show. She was only caught because her husband discovered the remains of his poor dog in he trash can. Unfortunately there is really no happy ending to this story.

4 An Exchange For Baby Clothes Gone Wrong

A woman from Georgia had faked so many pregnancies, that her boyfriend eventually left her. But she always continued to have a plan in mind to continue on with her scams. After her boyfriend left her, she decided she needed a real baby in order to, what seems, complete her life. This prompted her to lure and innocent woman with her toddler and infant, whom she had just met, to a friends home. Sadly for the woman, the woman who was faking her pregnancy killed her by shooting her in the back of the head and stole her infant and toddler in order to cover up her fake pregnancy.

The two women met due to claims that she wanted to give the woman free baby clothes. As we can see from above, this was anything but a meeting for a simple exchange. After killing the mother of two, she fled with the children, until her friend coerced her into coming back to his home. She agreed and was met by police where she was arrested and charged with malice murder, felony murder, aggravated assault, tampering with evidence and unlawful possession of a firearm. We can only hope she goes away for a long time to think about what she did and how she harmed this poor innocent family.

3 Bizarre Kidnapping

A 31 year old woman from Denver faked her pregnancy while kidnapping a family member's newborn before getting caught by police. Police scrambled across 3 states chasing after the 31 year old, in a hurry trying to find the newborn baby. Luckily for police, they found the missing newborn inside of a tote bag outside of an Iowa gas station. According to police, the newborn was in good health despite being left in single digit temperature outside the gas station.

When police finally caught up to the kidnapper, what they found left them speechless. What they found was a prosthetic pregnancy belly, baby clothes and a stroller. After searching through her cell phone and email accounts, they found that she was written that she had given birth. Her social media accounts also told stories of how she had claimed to be pregnant.

Luckily for the newborn, he was returned safely to his parents, and the woman who took him has been charged with kidnapping and was arrested due to an outstanding warrant she had in Texas.

2 Child Smuggling

Two new born babies recovered last night by CID raid from Sohan Nursing home at Baduria in North 24 parganas. On tuesday. Express photo. 22.11.16

A 41 year old woman from Britain, who claims to have been infertile, faked being pregnant and has been convicted of smuggling a child into her country after she apparently "bought" the baby from a Nigerian "Baby Farm" and passing it off as her own child. In the southern city of Port Harcourt, where girls and young women are locked up by trafficking gangs and are forced to hand over any new born babies for cash, is where police believe the 41 year old paid for the young baby.

This all went down when her husband threatened to leave her, as they both wanted  children but she was unable to become pregnant herself. So this is when she decided to fake her pregnancy and buy the Nigerian baby in order to try and save her marriage. She was so desperate that she went through all this trouble over a man, which in the end was not worth the heartache is brought upon everyone involved.  This probably would have gone a better route if she had legally adopted a child instead of going to an illegal "baby farm".

1 Pregnancy Kept Her Out Of Jail

A 35 year old woman from North Dakota avoided going to jail countless times by claiming to be pregnant, while also telling different men she was pregnant in order to solicit money from them. She was charged with violating a harassment restraining order more than 8 times, but has been able to slip by the court systems with her claims of pregnancy.

According to an investigation, she went through great lengths in order to fake pregnancy stories to different men that she had brief relationships with. At least 3 men were told that she was pregnant with their child in less than a year, and at least 5 men have issued restraining orders against her due to her false claims.

While in court, they asked for requested evidential documentation of her pregnancy with twins, which she provided fake birth certificates to. The courts determined that she lied to state and county health officials about giving birth to twins. Not only does the 35 year old woman face charges for violations of restraining orders, but she also faces charges for forgery and contempt of court, and also faces charges on pretending to be pregnant in order to evade any jail time.

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