14Selective Reduction Dread

While the surrogate was having embryos implanted, the intended parents were out of the country. She was in Greece while they were back home. So when the doctor at the fertility clinic asked how many embryos they wanted, the surrogate had to come up with her own answer. She didn't

even know whether her sister and brother-in-law would like twins, let alone triplets or quadruplets. Then the doctor asked about selective reduction.

Because she was 48 at the time she carried her sister's pregnancy, the surrogate worried about her own health. Carrying multiples could be downright dangerous. At the same time, the more embryos they put in, the better the odds of having a baby. After thinking about it carefully, the surrogate agreed to have three embryos inserted. She also agreed to selective reduction if the need arises. But she noted in her article that she watched Nick and Jane struggle with IVF for an entire year. She knew that it was an "unsentimental process," she explained, so she tried to be unemotional. Still, she wasn't sure about selective reduction if the situation came down to that choice. Unfortunately, many surrogates have contracts that cover multiples and selective reduction. In this case, however, it wasn't needed.

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