13Mulling Over The Many Mummies


Her 10-year-old asked who the mum was, she wrote. Fair point, mom agreed, because there were essentially three moms.

Although both the surrogate and the intended parents agreed on when to announce the pregnancy, the surrogate mom gave up the news early. She wrote that she decided to tell her own kids about the pregnancy because she was getting emotional and cranky early on. At week six of

her pregnancy, the mom of two told her kids she was carrying a baby. In fact, she told them she was carrying two. Two of the three embryos took, and the surrogate was pregnant with two babies. But explaining that to her kids was tough.

First, the "egg mummy"- the donor. Then the "tummy mummy"- the surrogate. Finally, the "proper mummy," intended mom Jane. The kids were understandably iffy about the whole process. Broaching the topic with her sister, the surrogate asks whether Jane wants her babies to have a connection to the egg donor- their biological mom. Jane immediately says no. Her sister justifies this by saying, "She needs some territory of her own, I think." After all, Jane isn't contributing the eggs and she's not carrying the babies either.

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