15 Things Fans Learned During Amber Portwood's Pregnancy

Amber Portwood may not be America’s Sweetheart, but she is one of the favorites of MTV’s original 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom OG cast. In November of 2017, it was officially announced that she was pregnant with her second child (she also has a daughter, Leah, 9, with ex-fiance Gary Shirley). In December 2017, she followed up her announcement with the news that this time she was having a boy. 

As of this morning, fans learned that Amber Portwood had recently given birth to her second child, a bouncing baby boy at 1:39 am with boyfriend, James Andrew Glennon whose name, according to In Touch Weekly, is after the baby’s late paternal grandfather, James! This will be Andrew Glennon’s, baby-daddy and boyfriend to Amber, first child.

While all of the girls of Teen Mom OG have battled ups and downs since their first babies were born, Amber has kept her audience on the edge of their seats over the years. From domestic troubles to serving time, and who can forget her stints to rehab, to two failed engagements, Amber’s second surprise pregnancy is hopefully the beginning of her happy ending.

This latest pregnancy probably seemed like a lifetime to Amber, but it’s gone by so fast for the rest of world as fans watched the story (and drama) unfold in typical reality-tv form.

Here are just some of the things we’ve learned since Amber announced her pregnancy.

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15 She Turned To Drinks After Her Breakup With Ex-Fiance, Matt Baier


In 2017, Amber appeared on WEtv’s reality show, Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition, with then-fiance Matt Baier. The two tried to work through their differences on the show, which only led to explosive fights and accusations that Matt physically abused Amber. Shortly after the show ended, the two split up.

After their breakup, Amber received a lot of criticism for her presence (or lack-there-of) in her daughter's, Leah, life.

This is not a new criticism for Amber, but any mom knows that looking like a “bad mom” is one of any mom’s greatest fears.

According to People.com, Amber connected with the famous Dr. Drew to discuss the aftermath of her breakup with Matt. She admitted that it was a very difficult situation for her, and when asked if she remained sober during this time, she revealed that while she (thankfully) wasn’t doing any illegal substances, she was drinking heavily to ease the pain and drown her sorrows.

Today, they have both moved on from the toxic relationship. Amber is happy with Andrew Glennon and Matt was married in Las Vegas, in November 2017.

Never a dull moment!

14 She Battled Gestational Diabetes

Instagram @realamberportwood1_

What’s worse than the morning sickness, constantly-full bladder, sleepless nights, and swollen feet during pregnancy? Being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes (GD). It affects everyone a little different, but one thing remains the same: a pregnant woman diagnosed with GD has to carefully watch, and sometimes restrict, what she eats for the sake of both her and her baby’s health.

In April, Amber revealed to Us Weekly that she had been diagnosed with GD during this pregnancy and that it has taken a toll on her. It has required weekly doctor visits and left her feeling severely “drained”.

According to Mayoclinic.com, doctors don’t know why some women develop this short-term diabetes. All pregnant women have elevated blood sugar after meals, but during the last half of pregnancy, the after birth can have a hard time breaking down glucose (sugar) and cause a spike that is unhealthy for mom and baby. GD can lead to preterm labor, high birth weight, low blood sugar, and even type 2 diabetes later in life.

Amber took the diagnosis seriously and changed her diet to ensure she and baby James remained healthy throughout the pregnancy.

13 She’s Leaning On Fellow Teen Mom OG, Maci, For Advice On Raising Boys


During an interview with In Touch Weekly, Amber mentioned she was leaning on her fellow Teen Mom OG co-star, Maci Bookout, for advice on raising boys. Maci is a mom to two boys, Bentley (who she gave birth to on 16 And Pregnant) and Maverick.

Since Amber only has experience raising a daughter, she’s understandably nervous to embark on the journey of raising a boy. During the interview, she mentioned worrying about basic things like hygiene and how she will have to call on Maci for advice.

Maci has already helped Amber through pregnancy by giving her a recipe for a morning sickness remedy.

Also, Maci is already a mom to two, so when Amber is struggling with the adjustment from one child to two, she will have a friend to support her. Gotta love that mom tribe!

Amber is very excited to bring a boy into her family, saying that one boy and one girl is perfect. While Leah is already a big sister to Gary Shirley’s second daughter, this will be her first little brother and Amber can’t wait to see the bond they create.

Is it too early to petition for an Amber and Maci spin-off?

12 She Struggles With Her Mental Health

In 2017, Amber revealed that she had been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, in addition to her bipolar disorder. According to People.com, she had told MTV that while she was with ex-fiance, Matt Baier, she had considered having a baby, but knew it wasn’t the right time given all of the medication she was on for treatment because it could potentially harm a fetus.

Flash forward to her surprise pregnancy. Amber had to make adjustments quickly. Thankfully, she had previously stopped taking her medications completely (something you should not do without consulting your doctor, by the way).

As she progressed in pregnancy, she started feeling down and like her depression was coming back. With the support of the baby’s father, Andrew, and her physician, she made the decision to go on antidepressants for the remainder of her pregnancy. She told People that she made this decision in part because of how she was feeling and, also, in part to help her avoid postpartum depression, which her doctor agreed was a concern.

According to Parents.com, roughly 20% of women experience depression during pregnancy and 13% opt to take antidepressants while pregnant. As with most decisions, moms should talk to their doctors and weigh the risks/rewards of taking a daily medication. Many moms-to-be choose not to take the medication for the baby’s sake, but that may not be the best choice.

Most physicians maintain the “healthy moms make healthy babies” philosophy. So, if the best way for mom to be healthy is to stay on or begin depression medication that means her baby will be healthier too.

Kudos to Amber for speaking up and creating conversation around this sensitive topic!

11 Baby Daddy And Boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, Doesn’t Have Access To Her Finances


If Amber’s claims of ex-fiance Matt Baier’s physical abuse and cheating scandals weren't enough to induce disgust, then how about her claim that he stole thousands of dollars from her throughout their relationship because she shared finances with him.

Glad that guy is gone, to be honest.

This time around, Amber is keeping all finances separate from boyfriend, Andrew Glennon.

She told Us Weekly that she “learned her lesson” after sharing accounts and going into business with her ex and that Andrew is fully supportive. He is an adult with his own career and, as Amber says, “understands boundaries”.

It may be old-school, but there’s something to the idea of keeping separate bank accounts until marriage (and even then, there’s no rule that says it’s a must). With any serious relationship, moving in long-term direction finance should be discussed, but sharing is a whole new level, especially with an interesting income like Amber’s.

This small step is just another example of how much Amber is growing up before our eyes.

10 Leah Calls The Custody Shots

It seems that much of the turmoil that surrounded Amber’s co-parenting relationship with ex-fiance, Gary Shirley, is a thing of the past. What was once a constant custody battle (Gary had full custody while Amber was serving time and recovering in rehab), is now an agreement between two adults and one nine-year-old.

That’s right, Leah has a say.

Because she’s not a baby or toddler anymore, Leah has an opinion (that’s not to say toddlers don’t have opinions, they’re just much less reasonable). She can articulate her emotions and can make her own decisions. So, she gets to call the shots when it comes to staying with mom or dad.

Amber told Us Weekly that it’s “easier this way” because Leah does have a say in things.

Gary and Amber still have their trademark arguments, which is intensified by the fact that Amber and Gary’s wife don’t see eye-to-eye on much, but they do their best to leave Leah out of it and always put her first.

In her interview with Us Weekly, Amber admits that she doesn’t see Leah as often as she’d like to, but that Leah wants to spend the night with friends. And, while it makes her sad, she understands that her baby’s growing up.

Thank goodness there’s a new baby to snuggle to ease the pain!

9  There Was Speculation About Who The Father Of The Baby Actually Was

No, you’re not watching an episode of Maury here, just another day in the life of Amber Portwood.

Amber’s pregnancy not only surprised her and Andrew Glennon but her fans as well. So much so that there was a bit of speculation surrounding who the father was: Andrew Glennon or ex-fiance, Matt Baier.

Amber began dating Andrew within a month of her engagement with Matt ending.

She, then, became pregnant in August 2017. Many online sleuths took to the web to determine if there was overlap between her relationships with Matt and Andrew.

The good news, according to Radar Online, is that (drum roll please) Matt, you are NOT the father.

Andrew may not be a squeaky clean prince charming, but at least he’s not Matt. While the people of Twitter may still be scratching their heads trying to find evidence for their conspiracy theories, Amber and Andrew will be holding their baby any time now.

8 She And Andrew Met In An Interesting Way


As previously mentioned, Amber was part of the cast of WEtv’s Marriage Bootcamp: Family Edition with then-fiance, Matt Baier. While the couple was battling it out on camera trying to salvage whatever was left of their relationship, behind the scenes a producer was befriending Amber.

That’s right, Amber is now pregnant with that producer’s baby (guys, this is her actual life! Pass the popcorn, please)!

Since, like everyone in the world, Andrew could see that Amber’s relationship with Matt wasn’t going to last, he slowly befriended her. According to Romper.com, he told her that he could really relate to what she was going through with Matt. She admits that she was skeptical at first, not shocking given everything she went through with Matt, but that he seemed genuine and kind both on and off camera, something that is hard for her to find in a partner.

The two hit it off and in addition to expecting their baby (tick tock, tick tock), have truly formed a family. Amber has introduced him to her daughter, as well as to ex-fiance, Gary.

Maybe this is the guy who will turn things around for her, and if so, it’s no shock it started as a scandal, that’s to be expected with Amber.

7 Andrew Has A Bit Of A Past


Andrew wasn’t kidding when he said he could really relate to Amber’s situation. In addition to relating to her relationship, he also has a colorful past with an orange jumpsuit, addiction, and multiple restraining orders.

Is it too late to wish for Matt to come back?

According to Romper, Andrew also went through a rough patch that he tried to remedy with the help of alcohol and substance abuse.

His father passed away, then his mother passed from breast cancer, and he was trying to fill the void by falling for anyone he could. This was a recipe for disaster that he didn’t know how to handle.

There has also been mention of an arrest for drug possession and restraining orders against him from women he has previously been with.

One thing is for sure, though, he seems to really love Amber. The two have spent the past year forming a bond and truly trusting in each other. They each bring a bit (a lot) of baggage to the relationship, but it has created an understanding between the two.

Okay, okay, on second thought, don’t bring Matt back.

6 Daughter Leah Is Excited To Have A Brother

Instagram @realamberportwood1_

Amber’s daughter, Leah, may already be a big sister, but this time she has a brother! Amber is obviously excitedly anticipating so much with this new baby, but none so much as seeing her daughter with her new baby brother.

Speaking to In Touch, Amber said that Leah is “so excited” about her brother and that, at one point, she sent Amber a photo of her holding a onesie that read “little brother” on it. During Amber’s baby shower, Leah practiced her baby-holding skills with so much excitement.

Bringing a second child into a family changes dynamics for a number of reasons. Amber will have to adjust quite a bit, particularly because she will be going from a shared custody situation back to full-time mom. It will be interesting to watch her this time around since she is much more grown up and knows what she’s doing.

If nothing else, it seems like Leah has the hang of things and will gladly help her mom out.

5 Amber Does NOT Put Up With Judgement

Instagram @realamberportwood1_

Mom guilt and mom shaming are probably the worst parts of motherhood, especially for a celeb like Amber. Moms can handle grouchy kids, sleepless nights, and even explosive diapers or vomit. But, the minute someone attacks a mom’s affection and loyalty to her kid, claws come out.

Amber Portwood is obviously not an exception to this rule.

She has been the center of so much criticism over the past nine years since having a daughter, Leah.

Understandably, she has been raising her child in the spotlight, who she had when she was still a child and has gone through a lot since then. As an outsider, it is easy to assume she is a questionable mother simply from the carefully-edited footage shown to us through MTV’s reality show. However, she has no time or patience for such assumptions.

In a 2018 episode of Teen Mom OG, Amber said she couldn’t remember the last time she had seen her daughter because she was in a bad state (of depression) and that she won’t allow her daughter to see her if she’s not in a good state. That’s when the camera cut to Kristina, Gary Shirley’s Wife, claiming Leah only saw her mother twice throughout her entire summer vacation. Amber was quick to defend herself on the show and on social media following the show.

Given Amber’s rocky past, it seems like she made the right choice to shield her daughter from everything she was going through at the time. A young girl should not have to see/experience her mother struggling with sobriety.

Amber made the (albeit controversial) decision to keep her distance while continuing to battle her addiction and demons, which may not be the popular choice, but was the right choice for Leah.

4 Despite The Teen Mom Drama, She And Gary Shirley Are On Good Terms


In the March 2018 episode of Teen Mom OG, when Kristina mommy-shames Amber, Gary also had a hard time holding back. In the episode, he vented to his wife about Amber’s absence and request for “time off” while she dealt with her breakup.

Rightfully so, he was frustrated because “millions of parents can’t take a break because they had a bad day at work or got a divorce”, according to Us Weekly. He went on to discuss her past drug abuse, her new boyfriend (Andrew), and that she doesn’t appear to put her daughter first.


Shortly after the episode aired, Gary took to Twitter to set the record straight. According to Us Weekly, he tweeted an apology to her and acknowledged how far the two of them have come since the filming of the episode. He admitted that it was wrong for him to disrespect her like that and said he wants to continue the strong co-parenting relationship they have now.

3 Even Though Baby Number Two Was A Surprise, She Took The News Well


In true reality star fashion, Amber’s reaction to her surprise pregnancy was caught on camera thanks to Teen Mom OG. The TV show version of the discovery is a little different from what actually happened, though.

According to Us Weekly, Amber was understandably shocked and scared at first (as are most moms-to-be). It was particularly shocking because, although she had stopped taking some of her medication to manage her mental health, she was still in a place where she didn’t think she’d have any more kids.

Amber went on to tell Us Weekly that after about 30 minutes of digesting the news, she became really excited.

She felt that it was a positive thing and a step in a good direction for her, particularly after the heartache she had felt while moving on from Matt.

Her boyfriend and baby-daddy, Andrew, also took the news well. Despite his initial shock, he was quickly excited to be a dad and for the adventure to come.

2 She’s Not Rushing Into Marriage


Recently, Amber told E! Online that the best thing to come out of Marriage Bootcamp was meeting Andrew. The two have been settling in nicely with each other over the past year, as he relocated to her home-state, Indiana, to live with her.

Given her two previous engagements and life of drama, it’s a bit surprising to find out that Amber is not exactly rushing into anything with Andrew (except parenthood, of course). She has said that for now, she’s enjoying her time with Andrew and taking things slow. In her interview with E! she did point out that he will say little things and drop hints about marriage from time to time, but that she and Andrew have not had a formal sit-down to discuss the possibility because right now the focus is completely on James.

The new family of four will be heading out to California in June, and staying through August, while Andrew works on producing a new show. Given all the changes taking place, it seems like Amber and Andrew are taking things in stride as adults.

1 She Knows It’s Time To Turn Her Life Around - She’s Ready To Pop!

With sweet James’ recent arrival early this morning, it seems fitting that Amber is in one of the healthiest places she’s been in years. Throughout her pregnancy, she took care of herself and her baby and made her personal health a top priority.

In a recent interview with E!, Amber mentioned that her focus at the time was simply getting the house ready for James’ arrival; she and Andrew installed new floors, replaced carpeting, and of course set up the nursery.

Prior to her pregnancy, part of Amber’s decision to get off medication was based on her happiness. She was at a point where she wondered if she really needed the medication because she didn’t know if what she had been going through was situational or something that would impact her regardless of what was happening going on around her. Since her post-breakup bender, Amber has progressively become happier and healthier than ever.

In the interview with E!, Amber admitted that her behavior in the past was inexcusable and that she’s ready to move forward in a more mature and responsible way.

We are happy to announce that Amber and Andrew became parents this morning at 1:39 am. Baby James weighs a healthy 7 lbs 11 oz.

Congratulations to the new parents, we can’t wait to see what happens next!

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