Is Cameron Diaz Really Pregnant? 15 Signs We Missed

So what is up with Cameron Diaz lately? The famous actress, known for her roles in such movies as There’s Something About Mary, What To Expect When You’re Expecting, and more, is recently married and quite possibly has a little bundle of joy on the way. We all know Cameron, but she kind of stays out of the media spotlight, especially right now. If she has a baby on the way, it may be the return of the fun, blonde Cameron we totally love!

Do you think that Cameron Diaz is pregnant? She married her husband, Benji Madden, in 2015, and since then has not acted in any movies. She seems to perpetually be wearing oversized clothing. She says that she wants a baby, so will 2018 be the year that the 40-something Cameron finally becomes a mother?

There are many rumors swirling around that Cameron is indeed pregnant. If so, congrats to her and Benji, as it seems like they have been wanting a baby for some time. Or, is it all just a rumor, and our dear Cameron is not actually pregnant at all? Only time will tell. For now, we can stick with those rumors, and try to spot the signs that Cameron Diaz is really pregnant. Read on for the clues that you have been searching for!

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15 Photographed Covering Her Belly

One thing many women do when they don’t want attention drawn to their stomach, is to try to cover it up. However, placing your hands over your belly immediately draws attention to that region, wouldn’t you say? Especially if there are rumors circulating that you have a bun in the oven!

Lately, Cameron Diaz has been photographed trying to cover her belly area. As this photo shows us, she is clearly trying to not reveal what just may be a pregnant belly. Does her belly look a bit bulging in this photo? We think that is quite possibly is the case! Cameron and Benji might just have a sweet little one on the way, but do not wish to share the news with the world yet. Either that, or Cameron ate a big lunch!

14 Disappeared From Acting

We all know who Cameron Diaz is, but try to remember the last movie she starred in. Nothing comes to mind, does it? Well, that is because Cameron has not acted since 2014. She starred in a few movies that year, such as The Other Woman and Annie, but since then, nothing. Nada. Why do you think that is?

Well, rumors have it that Cameron has been trying to get pregnant since she married Benji in 2015. For all we know, Cameron may be going through medical issues. She could be going through fertility treatments, who knows. She was such a popular actress, so for her to suddenly drop from the limelight, well, something must be up. That said, it is all pure speculation. We have no idea what is going on with Cameron in the baby department, though many signs point to a possible baby on board!

13 Goes Shopping Wearing Frumpy, Baggy Clothes

Let’s face it, Cameron Diaz may have incredible acting skills, but she is also known for being totally beautiful and having a great body, which she has shown off infinite times. So, seeing this actress wearing frumpy clothes has us all scratching our heads. Why these crazy, baggy outfit choices, Cameron, why?!

The only logical conclusion to Cameron wearing baggy, oversized, not even nice clothing would be that she is pregnant! Otherwise, why would she choose to wear these kinds of clothes? Unless she is back into acting and is trying to get into a role? Highly unlikely. With all these rumors going around, combined with her recent outfit choices, those are definitely signs that Cameron may be becoming a mommy sooner rather than later. We all know that if one is trying to hide a pregnancy, out comes the oversized clothing!

12 Seen Holding Hands With Hubby 

Besides the pregnancy rumors, Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden have another rumor swirling around, that has been going around from time to time. In fact, many celebrities are victims of these rumors, and that is that their marriage is falling apart. While it is uncertain whether Cameron and Benji’s marriage is going downhill, it seems that with the possibility of a baby, they are back in love.

Cameron and Benji seem quite happy. So, if they were having marriage woes, they do not seem to be anymore. Did those never exist in the first place? Or is there a baby on the way, which has brought them back and closer together than ever? We may never really know, but those are two individuals who we are certain have wanted a baby for some time now.

11 Always Wanted To Play A Pregnant Woman

Cameron is a pretty well-known actress. She has appeared in dozens of popular flicks and in a variety of roles. But, believe it or not, Cameron does like one kind of role perhaps above any other kind. That is, playing the part of none other than a mom-to-be!

Could this be a sign that one day Cameron would become pregnant herself, and that this time is now?! This, combined with the fact that Cameron has not acted in years, only tells us that something is up, and that something could be a baby being born, hopefully later this year! We would be totally excited for Cameron if she would land one of the biggest and best roles of her lifetime, and that is becoming a pregnant woman and then a mommy herself.

10 Covers Herself With A Coat When Out In Public

As we have said, women who are newly pregnant and not ready to reveal their big news often feel the need to cover their belly to stop anyone from trying to figure out that they are indeed, pregnant. Could this be the case for Cameron?

Cameron Diaz is often seen trying to cover her stomach. Is this just the way she carries things, or is there more to the story? Seeing Cameron coming out of a store or restaurant with her jacket over her belly seems very intentional. Perhaps this is a sign that there is something cooking in that belly of hers. This may be proof that Cameron is pregnant and not ready to tell everyone yet. She knows that the media has been trying to get a peek of her!

9 Grocery Shopping For… Baby Items??

Everyone is on Cameron bump-watch. We all want to know if we are seeing the signs that she is really pregnant. Well, one way to learn is to see what she is buying at the grocery store! Is she stocking up on diapers and wipes? Are there pregnancy tests in those bags? Any little item could be the clue that confirms it all.

Recently, Cameron and Benji were spotted and photographed shopping together. First of all, they were doing it together, that is a plus. Secondly, let’s try to peek into those bags for the clues we are searching for! Do you see any dead giveaways? Or are those two being sneaky and and not letting us see what we want to see? Or, maybe, they are just doing the usual non-baby shopping. What do you think?

8 Constantly With Bag Over Her Belly

Oh, Cameron. Do you usually carry items over your belly, or is there something that you are not telling us?! Here, yet again, Cameron is covering her stomach. This time, she uses her purse. Sure, we can see her belly, but it is less noticeable. Maybe Cameron always carries her bags in this fashion, perhaps to stop pickpockets, you never know.

But one thing is certain, it could be the clue that Cameron is starting to show just a little bit. She feels like she has a growing belly and does not want anyone to know just yet, so she uses whatever she happens to have, a shopping bag, a jacket, or in this case, her purse, to try to make it less noticeable that her belly is not as flat as it once was.

7 Not Seen With Cocktails In Hand

Cameron Diaz is a drinker. We have seen her at parties with a cocktail in hand. We have seen her at basketball games drinking a beer or two. So, it may be seen as a bit unusual for Cameron to not be spotted at some event, drinking the night away.

Sure, Cameron likes to have some sort of beverage but lately, it never seems to be alcoholic. If you are thinking like we are, then this is a sure sign that either Cameron already has a baby on the way, or she is working towards that goal. We all know that if we are trying to have a baby, we usually stop drinking alcohol. And, of course, if we already know that we are pregnant, we stop all alcohol consumption, instead opting for an ice cream or something like that!

6 She Has Shared That She Would Love To Be Blessed With A Baby

Cameron is in her mid-forties. She has likely endured the "When are you having a baby?" questions for years. She has never, ever said that she did not want children. In fact, Cameron has previously stated that she would love to have a baby one day, and would feel blessed to become a mom.

What this tells us is that Cameron always had plans to be a mommy. She always hoped to have children one day. More recently, Cameron has shared intimate details about her fertility. She has said that she would love to have a baby, but it has not worked out for her. We hope when she said that she was still trying, and that now, all the signs pointing towards her having that sweet little one that she deserves are true!

5 Once A Skinny Minnie - Now With A Slight Bump

All fans of Cameron Diaz know that one of her biggest assets is her skinny body. She is in shape and proud of it - and so she should be! Cameron has never been one to be shy about her body. She has always showed her body off with no issues whatsoever, because the girl knows that she looks good!

This is why it is so interesting to see Cameron covering herself up and wearing oversized clothes. It definitely seems that Cameron’s lack of showing off her body like she always has could very well be a sign that she is pregnant and not ready to share the big news. And nor should she have to share if she is pregnant, but we are still allowed to check her out and try to tell!

4 Drinking Healthy Drinks

When you are pregnant, you make sure that you are taking care of yourself, like getting all of your vegetables and vitamins. One great way to do this is with smoothies and other healthy drinks. It has appeared that Cameron has been enjoying what looks like those kinds of drinks as of late. She is often photographed carrying these healthy looking drinks, that she may be drinking for two?

This could be another sign added to the list of signs that Cameron is pregnant. We see the actress wearing big clothes, sipping on a healthy smoothie concoction, and can’t help but wonder, is she finally expecting the baby that we know she would love to have? We certainly hope so. We hope these are all signs that Cameron is growing a sweet baby inside her.

3 Benji Is Seen Being A Gentleman

Isn’t it great to have a guy who helps you out and opens your door and things like that? Sure is. But in today’s day and age, women are totally capable of opening their own doors! Sometimes, men will treat their ladies extra nicely when they have a little baby on the way!

Benji has been spotted being quite the gentleman lately. Is this just the way he always was and we never noticed? Or is he being more of a gentleman because he is about to be a dad? We definitely take this as a sign. Here is he is, opening the door for his wife, being the perfect husband. She may just be carrying some precious cargo, and he does not want her to do anything, even lift a finger!

2 Stylish Under Big Clothes and Loose Hair

We know Cameron as being stunningly gorgeous. No matter how she looks, she looks good. But her looks are starting to change a bit. Is it because she is getting older? Or is it due to something else, maybe being pregnant and wanting to look and dress a bit more comfortably?

What do you think when you see Cameron wearing a big, baggy sweater, with tousled hair, looking like she just rolled out of bed (of course, we all wish we could look like that when we have just gotten out of bed!)? Are Cameron’s new wardrobe and hairstyle choices indicating that she is going to have a baby? It is certainly possible. We know we would want to be more comfortable if we were pregnant. Only time will tell with Cameron.

1 Cameron Is 45 - It's Now Or Never

Cameron Diaz is 45-years-old. In the world of pregnancy, that is definitely considered past your prime. She would be considered advanced maternal age for sure - if she is even able to have a child at this point. Some women of her age are no longer able to conceive.

We can easily guess that if Cameron wanted to have a baby, she would be actively trying already. And the signs all point to the fact that she has been trying, especially since she has not acted since 2014. She may be going through all kinds of fertility issues in her attempts to conceive a child. If all these signs we have discussed do mean that Cameron is pregnant, it would be great for her. She is older. She deserves to be a mom, if that is what she wants. Here’s to hoping we hear more about Cameron’s baby news soon!

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