Malia Obama All Grown Up: 15 Things The All-American Sweetheart Is Up To

Since the world is no longer seeing as much of Barack and Michelle anymore, fans may cope better with their Obama withdrawals by focusing on another member of the family in 19-year-old, Malia Obama. The eldest of the Obama siblings is just as charismatic — and surprisingly just as tall! — as her famous dad. And, luckily, she's just as beautiful as her mom — hey girl hey! - and so is her sister, Sasha.

It's already been over a year since we last saw former President, Barack Obama, and his family at the White House, and everyone is still in mourning. The international community really misses his jokes, his charisma, and his ability to do the hardest job in the world. Surprisingly, he still had a smile on his face.

Malia and her younger sister, 16-year-old, Sasha, basically grew up at the White House. Their famous and inspiring former President father began his first term back in 2008 when the girls were only 9 and 6 years old. She grew up surrounded by the Secret Service agents and playing around with the family dog, Bo, on the White House grounds, surrounded by curious tourists trying to get a peak of her famous house.

After the Obama's term at the White House has since finished, life has changed for everyone. Check out what Malia has been up to since then!

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15 Malia's Moving On From Lawyer To A Rich Brit


Malia Obama is no longer a little girl. She is a smart, beautiful, strong woman, so it was only a matter of time before she found love. Malia began her university studies at Harvard University in the fall of 2017, after taking a sabbatical year. Soon after, she was constantly seen on and off campus with a mysterious man.

Who was this mysterious man that Malia was cozying up to?

It was first reported by TMZ, right before Thanksgiving of 2017, that Malia was seen locking lips with Rory Farquharson while tailgating at the first Harvard-Yale football game of the season. Since then, the rumored couple has been seen in New York — back in January, right before the start of the semester.

According to Vanity Fair, Malia’s beau is English, the son of a London banker; and he also attends Harvard University. Did we forget to mention that he's crazy rich too?

They are both still very young, only 19-years-old, so it’s hard to say how long their relationship will last. But, hopefully, they will be very happy for a long time, or else he’s gonna make ax ex-Prez very angry, and we know he's got friends with the FBI and SS!

14 Malia Attended Lollapalooza 2017


Part of being young is having fun like the best of them. And that is exactly what Malia Obama did during her gap year — among many other things. Right before her first semester at Harvard University was set to begin, Malia went to the super popular Chicago music festival, Lollapalooza, in August 2017.

According to the video obtained by TMZ, Malia had a blast at the event — you know, like any other regular 19-year-old girl would — something that is hard to do when everyone has a camera on their phone and the entire world is watching your every move.

Still, she didn’t care. She headbanged with her friends to The Killers like a pro. Eventually, she was taken out of the festival on a golf cart, looking a little tired, to say the least. But, I guess that’s what happens when you’ve been dancing and rolling around on the ground to the music of your favorite artists.

However, 2017 was not the first year Malia Obama attended Lollapalooza, either. She made her first appearance at the festival back in 2016. Back then, she was photographed dancing on the stage with some of her friends to Mac Miller’s set which, of course, TMZ reported it first.

13 Former First Daughters Stick Together


Nothing says “support” more than having two other First Daughters coming to your defense, after getting caught doing something that wouldn’t be on anyone’s radar if the subject was a regular teenager. Late last year, Malia Obama was caught taking a couple hulls of that green grass. No big deal, right? Well, apparently we're all wrong, especially when it comes to First Daughter, Malia.

Even though Malia was already 19 years old when the "incident" happened, people still gave her a hard time and criticized her after a video of her in the act was posted on Instagram. And, as always, it was widely circulated and became top trending. The video has since been deleted, but too little too late, as the harm to a 19-year-old’s reputation had already been damaged.

But, enter two other First Daughters who have been in Malia’s shoes one way or another. As reported by Time magazine, Ivanka Trump, eldest daughter of current President of the United States, Donald Trump, took to Twitter to give a short statement.

“Malia Obama should be allowed the same privacy as her school-aged peers. She is a young adult and private citizen, and should be OFF limits,” she tweeted.

Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former President Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton, also took to Twitter to make a statement: “Malia Obama’s private life, as a young woman, a college student, a private citizen, should not be your clickbait. Be better.” She was clearly taking a stab at websites reporting on the incident.

12 Secret Service Taught Her How To Drive


When you are 16 years old but your dad is otherwise preoccupied with, you know, taking care of the country, he might not be available to teach you how to drive. Does that mean you don’t get to learn to drive? Not at all!

Malia’s driving lessons did not involve her driving around her high school parking lot with a sweaty and nervous parent yelling at her to not go so fast. However, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t just as fun. According to CNN, she was taught by members of the Secret Service. Here's to hoping she didn't fail the first exam like the rest of us!

This wasn’t for any lack of parenting availability — Barack might have been a little busy, but Michelle was more than willing and able to teach her firstborn how to properly parallel park, since she lived in Chicago, after all. The Secret Service, though, wouldn’t even let Michelle get in the car with Malia — kinda, in the same way, your parents didn’t let your younger siblings along for the ride when you were first starting to drive.

Still, Michelle and Barack wanted their daughters to have a life as normal as possible, so Malia learned to drive like any other teenage girl her age — just maybe in a little less conventional way and in a bullet-proof car.

11 Malia Interned At The U.S. Embassy in Spain


You probably already know — or kinda expected — that Malia was admitted into Harvard University in 2016, but she decided to take a sabbatical year and start her college education on the fall of 2017 instead. Malia’s gap year, though, was not to party excessively or catch up on past seasons of “Grey’s Anatomy” — even though it would probably take you an entire year to watch every single episode of that show. However, Malia took the time to gain some professional experience before formally starting her education.

Among other projects, the former First Daughter took a summer internship at the U.S. Embassy in Spain.

During her gap year, Malia was quite the busy bee. According to Fox News, Malia’s decision to intern at the embassy in Spain might come from her family’s long-term friendship with the ambassador, James Costos; but her knowledge of Spanish language might have also influenced her decision.

As fake news would have it, at some point during her summer internship, it was reported by a bogus news website — now defunct — that she had been fired from her internship for smoking that green grass stuff. But according to fact-checker website Snopes, this wasn’t the case. As far as we know, she wasn’t fired at all.

10 Malia Interned On The Set Of Girls And Extant


Remember Lena Dunham? She’s the writer-turned-actress who was the brains and brawn behind the hit HBO series, “Girls.” The super popular sitcom told the story of four friends who live in New York City and have boy problems and real issues — kinda like “Sex and the City” but less fancy. It ran for 5 years with 6 seasons, where one of the seasons our homegirl, Malia Obama, helped out during the summer of 2015.

According to a recent interview Lena had with Howard Stern, Malia was an intern at HBO and a big fan of the show, so they suggested she stopped by the “Girls” set a couple of times a day. Dunham described Malia as “totally enthusiastic.” She wasn’t the “go get us coffee” intern, though. She was more of a writer’s assistant and a typical teenager, according to Lena, except for the fact that she was “so smart.”

“Girls” wasn’t Malia’s only internship, though. She also worked alongside Halle Berry on her show “Extant” in 2014. Halle dished about the work done by the teenager, calling it “amazing.” At “Extant,” it is said that Malia was a production assistant, but as hard as she worked, Halle confessed to Andy Cohen that they “just couldn’t see her as [a production assistant], but to her credit, she tried very hard to be one.”

9 Later, Malia Interned At The Weinstein Company


Malia’s internship at The Weinstein Company came after her stint at HBO. It was during the summer of 2017, that the former first daughter lent her services to the company, a few months before the Harvey Weinstein scandals came to light.

She got the internship right after her dad left office in early 2017, set to start a few months later. When the time came, she was working out of the company’s New York City office in the production/development department. According to TMZ, she was tasked with “reading through scripts and deciding which ones move on to Weinstein brass.”

It was speculated that the reason why Barack and Michelle Obama didn't immediately comment on Harvey Weinstein's sexual misconduct allegations was, in fact, due to Malia's internship.

According to Newsweek, the Obama's were harshly criticized for their silence, and even their parenting came under scrutiny after news broke on the allegations. People like Frank Rich, a writer at the New Yorker and executive producer for "Veep," tweeted: "Biggest mystery of @nytimes Weinstein story: How exemplary parents like Obamas let their daughter work there. The stories were out there."

8 The Weinstein Company Still Owes Malia Money (Pay Up!)


Malia’s internship at The Weinstein Company was not unpaid — well, it wasn’t supposed to be, anyway. But ever since the harassment scandals and investigation of allegations against Harvey Weinstein, former head of the company, came to light. The Weinstein Company had to file for bankruptcy on March 19, 2018.

The Weinstein Company began a rough, uphill battle after dismissing co-chairman and founder, Harvey Weinstein, in October 2017. His younger brother, Bob Weinstein, was left as sole head of the company. Liabilities began rising faster than they could be controlled, so it was announced, in February, that the company would file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after a buyout deal collapsed. The deal surprisingly came back on the table, but fell through again a few days later.

The company not only owes money to Malia Obama for her work as an intern, they also owe big celebrities like Robert De Niro, the late David Bowie, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Bay, Daniel Radcliff, Seth Rogen, Heidi Klum, Quentin Tarantino, and Kevin Smith, among others, as reported by USA Today.

Malia’s salary as an intern was not specified, but with liabilities in a range of $500,000,001 to $1 billion, it’s unlikely she’ll see any money from the company. First, larger creditors like Sartraco, Inc., Wanda Pictures, Viacom International, and Creative Artists Agency — who are jointly owed almost $40 million — will have to get paid.

7 Malia Was Her Father's (Unofficial) Spanish Translator In Cuba


Malia is a great Spanish speaker, a skill that came in handy when she was living abroad in Spain and working for the U.S. Embassy. But that was also extremely useful when she visited Cuba with Barack Obama.

It was a very important event, considering it was the first time a U.S. president had visited the island in over 90 years, and Malia rose to the occasion. She traveled to the tiny country during spring break, in 2016, and basically paid for her trip with translation services — not really, but maybe? Who knows.

According to her dad, Malia is very good in Spanish.

As Seventeen magazine reported, Barack explained that “her Spanish is much better than mine, and I'm hoping that she has a chance to get entirely fluent... My vocabulary is the equivalent of a two-year-old's. It's one of those things I've always said to myself that I'm gonna take care of. But... it turned out that, during the presidency, I didn't have time to take Spanish lessons,” he said to ABC News. See? This is what I mean when I say I miss his jokes. He's hilarious. Someone call Just For Laughs!

Hopefully, now that he no longer has the most stressful job in the world, he can take time to learn Spanish. Malia would be the perfect teacher!

6 Malia Had A Stalker, Who Is Now Going Into Politics


Listen, this crazy world is definitely cray cray. It’s scary enough to be a teenager in this world — with our without the added protection of the Secret Service — since we’re always warned about lurkers, people spiking our spiked juices, movies like Hostel and Saw coming to life… I think you get it, the world is scary.

Now, add an obsessed follower to the mix with a celeb and very important girl, like Malia, and you get headlines. Yeah, exactly. I would never leave my room if that was my case. But it's not, however, our girl, Malia, had one of those moments (that lasted foreverrrrr.) His creepy name is Jair Nilton Cardoso, a 30-year-old man who, according to Secret Service, had already tried to get into the White House while the Obama’s still occupied the residence.

After his first failed attempt, Cardoso tried again to get Malia’s attention. According to AOL, the second time around, Cardoso showed up at Malia’s internship in New York City and made a ridicule of himself by begging her to marry him — hello, she was 18, you were 30, that was never going to happen, weirdo.

A year after the frightening episode, it was reported by AOL that her stalker is now running for mayor of Brockton, Mass. Although nothing is official yet — he has until August 1 to officially file the papers to run. I wonder how far he'll get with his newfound interested in politics. Maybe he thinks he’ll win Malia’s heart that way? Who knows, the guy is clearly deranged.

5 Malia's Choice Of Clothing Was Once Investigated By The FBI


Next time you complain about your school or office dress code, think about poor Malia Obama and how her choice of clothing triggered a full-on investigation by the FBI. Okay, I might have exaggerated a little bit here. It wasn’t her outfit per se, but a selfie that she allegedly took while wearing a Pro Era tee and how it ended up on the Pro Era's Instagram page is the big question here.

It wasn’t confirmed that the selfie was actually real, but the FBI was investigating how the photo of the first daughter ended up there.

Malia was only 16 at the time. During the investigation, the FBI talked to a representative of the Pro Era, Joey Bada$$ (that's his name, we can't make this stuff up if we tried.) He said at the time that the photo was real, and it was passed between “a mutual friend of Malia and the Pro Era member,” according to the Independent.

Afterward, Joey Bada$$ (still his name) gave an interview to Sway, according to TheFader.com, in which he was quoted saying “My phone is tapped at the moment, yeah. When you have the leader of the free world's daughter wearing your shirts and all of that, I guess they start to investigate. They got my whole crib surrounded. I mean, I believe it. I don't sleep. I hear the clicks on my phone.”

I believe it, too, Joey with a cool last name.

4 Malia Is Considered A Fashion Icon


In spite of certain comments by certain seemingly brainless people *cough, Elizabeth Lauten- we'll get to you, cough,* Malia is considered a fashion icon by people who actually know about fashion. Multiple websites and news outlets have reported on Malia and Sasha’s fashion sense and unique styles.

The sisters have definitely come a long way when it comes to fashion since they first came to live at the White House, in early 2009. They were really young at the time, so chances are their mother, Michelle — who also has an impeccable fashion sense — decided what the girls were going to wear. But, during the 8 years that the family lived at the White House, the girls grew up and suddenly were in control of their clothes.

According to Bustle, the first time the girls were invited to a state dinner was back in 2016, when they were 14 and 17 years old. Sasha looked like a princess with a braided up-do and a dress with a lace applique that was to die for. Meanwhile, Malia wore a gorgeous beaded strapless dress, with her long hair flowing down her shoulders.

Since Malia is so tall, she often pairs short skirts with sneakers and booties, giving her outfit a relaxed look. She wants to be comfortable and cute for her day-to-day, but she knows how to turn it up for special occasions.

3 Republicans Couldn't Help But Be Offensive

As if having the FBI investigate your clothes wasn't enough, in 2014, Malia and her sister Sasha’s clothes were subject to a nasty comment by a Republican communications director, Elizabeth Lauten, who said on a Facebook post: “Dear Sasha and Malia: I get you're both in those awful teen years, but you're a part of the First Family, try showing a little class. At least respect the part you play."

At the time of the comments, Lauten was an aide to Republican Congressman, Steve Fincher, but she resigned from her position and from the Republican party soon after she made the inflammatory comments.

The distasteful Facebook post came after the Obama girls attended the traditional "turkey pardoning" ceremony before Thanksgiving. At the time, the girls were only 16 and 13 years old.

Lauten didn't only come after the girls but insulted their parents, too. "Then again, our mother and father don't respect their positions very much, or the nation for that matter, so I'm guessing you're coming up a little short in the 'good role model' department," she wrote.

She ended her post in a very "classy" way of writing, "Dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at a bar. And certainly don't make faces during televised, public events."

Okay, Elizabeth, thank you for your sound advice. You can go back to flipping burgers now.

2 Malia Is 6'1'', Just Like Her Dad


Barack is by no means a short gentleman, at 6 feet 1 inch he is taller than the US average of 5 feet 9.5 inches, according to Livestrong.com. But, when his firstborn daughter, Malia, inherited the same height as the former President of the United States, that made her way taller than the female average height in the US — only 5 feet 4 inches, according to Livestrong.com, with information to back that from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

At 19-years-old, Malia is already taller than her mom, Michelle, who is only 5 feet 11 inches. Fun fact, she’s also an inch taller than former President of the United States, George W. Bush, and only two inches shorter than current president Donald J. Trump. (How's the weather up there, folks?)

I’m only 5 feet 1 inch, so I envy anyone who can get away with wearing flats and sneakers pretty much on a regular basis, but that’s Malia. She seems confident with her height and wears it proudly with her relaxed fashion style which often includes Chuck Taylors, sneakers and low heel booties. Everything fits you perfectly when you have legs for days like Malia!

1 Malia's Net Worth Is $100,000


To us commoners, $100,000 might seem low as a net worth for someone as famous as Malia Obama. I mean, it’s not like I’ve met a lot of 19-year-old girls whose net worth was $100,000. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever met any teenager whose net worth is $100,000 — but, to be fair, my life is pretty average, so it makes sense that I only know average people. Still, it somehow feels low for her.

Back in 2017, a fake news story was making the rounds (go figure, since the saying started becoming a thing.) It discussed Malia was the “highest-paid heir of 2017.” Of course, the story was as fake, as the name of the alleged publication that gave her the accolade: “People with Money.”

If you’ve never heard of it, it’s because it doesn’t exist.

“People with Money” is a fake publication created by a website called Media Mass. The article included phrases like “at least she has her millions of dollars to ease the pain.” Media Mass is a satire website that didn’t even go through the trouble of changing the story as they copied the same article over and over again, changing just the name of the “heir.” From Paris Jackson to Paris Hilton, a lot of “heirs” were victims of the website.

Even though the site is clearly a satire, people who can’t distinguish actual news from satire ran with it as well. It became so popular that Snopes.com had to interfere and call the whole thing as fake as Heidi Montag’s cleavage.

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