15Crazy Pink Eye

Via Boston Globe

If you have bloodshot eyes right after labor, it may be because your pushing triggered the bursting of the capillaries in your baby blues, greens, browns or hazels! During the secondary stage of labor, pushing is required and it does have the capacity to burst blood vessels within the eyes.

Blood builds up in the white section of each eye. Lots of things can strain the muscles in the eyes and burst the capillaries. Coughing and puking are other examples!

In general, it will take about two weeks for the problem to clear up. The best remedy is definitely time. It's not good to overuse Visine or other OTC remedies, as overdoing it on the Visine may dilate your pupils and also set the stage for "rebound redness'. Try not to worry about the burst blood vessels too much. If you're concerned that the redness isn't going away, talk to your doctor.

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