15 Things About Pregnant Women That Are Steamy AF

We see a woman walking down the street. She's got style. She's got sass. She's so hot you'll want to grab her ass. Kidding. Is she anorexically thin? Nope. Are her abs as flat as an airport runway? Nah. Does she have an hourglass figure? Definitely not. If you look closer you might just notice something. She's got a a baby bump! The woman is pregnant and she is oozing hotness! How can that be?

One would have thought that only models with bodies to kill for (literally, so put that knife down) would be considered hot AF. It seems however, the definition of 'hotness' has evolved to be slightly more versatile. Nowadays, even a heavily pregnant woman can attract the attention of both the hot blooded male species and their female counterparts. Preggo is the new 'in' thing of the 21st century ladies and gentlemen.

Perhaps because celebs we have grown up watching are all having babies. Or maybe men are just starting to realize how a woman's fuller, more voluptuous body is more attractive than skin and bones. After all, the fuller a woman is, the more there is to grab onto, if you catch our drift... So without further ado, here are 15 reasons why a pregnant woman's body is the new hot AF trend.

15 The Hair

If you've had dry frizzy hair your whole life, fret not. Pregnancy will change that for you. You might have been living with a mop on your head before, but once pregnant your hair cuticles will suddenly get extra nourishment and your hair will become a shoo-in for Pantene's latest hair commercials.

It is a known fact that pregnancy causes wild changes to your body's hormones. After all, you're carrying a new life form in your body, hence the body would need to adapt in order to cater for the baby / hoarder. You might just wake up one day to realize that your hair falls out less and has a glossier look and feel to it. That, ladies, would be the best time to strut down the street and toss your hair over your shoulders like the diva you ought to be. Cue to Lady Gaga's 'Hair' song.

14 The Twin Peaks 

If you've had a washboards for a chest for the last few decades, or if you'd wish for chest implants before, then look no further. Pregnancy will change all that. 'A' cup ladies will suddenly find themselves wearing 'B' or 'C' cup bras. Chesty ladies will have even more catcalls than before.

The ever changing hormones in your body during pregnancy will activate your milk glands to prepare them for D day when the little one cries for milk. The once flat hills will suddenly loom over the horizon like mount Everest. Make that Mount Everest and twin. And while sexists might jeer at people idolizing the chest, no one can deny that ninety nine (point nine, nine, nine, nine) percent of women secretly wish that their chest was the envy of others. So when these little rascals balloon up during pregnancy, they will no doubt become the cause for head turners (lovers gonna love) and eye rollers (haters gonna hate while secretly loving it).

13 That Glowing Face

That glow! That blinding glow! Where did it come from? Oh, it's from your own face. You touch it and it feels alien to you. Whatever's happened to that rough acne ridden face with the annoying pigmentation? Did some plastic surgeon give you a brand new skin while you slept? Surely this is a miracle. But it's not, and it probably will  not last long. You most probably will have to bid your glowing skin goodbye after the little one pops out (read: sleepless nights will do 'wonders' to your skin. Period).

So enjoy having a face that would put any makeup artist to shame. Foundation? Blush? Concealer? You wont be needing any of them. It'll be au natural all the way.

12 The New Behind

Being pregnant wont only give you a fuller bust. It'll do wonders for your butt as well. You might notice your humps getting fleshier and curvier a few months down the line of pregnancy.

So celebrate. Put on an outfit that best compliments your butt and go sashay down the street. Sway, wriggle, jiggle and hop and skip if you want. The point is to have fun with the bodily changes that are accompanying your pregnancy (god knows our butts won't ever be as firm after the birth of the baby. Who would have time for butt workouts with the little ones wanting milk, milk and more milk?). Embrace the change and flaunt your assets. No one would fault a pregnant woman for being hot (hot might no longer exist in our dictionary for the next few years of our lives, at least not until the baby gets bigger and no longer clings to us like koala bears). So while you have it, flaunt it. Cue to Black Eyed Peas' My Humps.

11 The Dewy Skin

Heck, not only will pregnant women have an angelic glow on their faces (think a halo of light in the background), the whole body will be blessed with soft and supple skin. Pretty much like a baby's. While some women might scoff at this (the snorting and scoffing belongs to the minority who never had the chance to experience this), a majority will get to enjoy living like they just stepped out of a massage parlor each and every day (at least for a trimester).

People will stop in their tracks with their jaws dropping and eyes bulging at the sight of your skin secretly thinking that you probably go for body spas at the Maldives every weekend. So go out and enjoy the sun, worry not about freckles and pigmentation for while the baby lives inside of you, you can consider yourself immune to the damaging rays of the sun and pollutants.

10 The Flawless Nails 

Take a look at your nails. Now take a look at a pregnant woman's nails. You might just notice a difference between them. Pregnant women will usually sport stronger cuticles that break less often and shinier nails (no, they're not buffed). Many would mistake pregnant women for having graced nail parlors daily or for having invested in a home nail care kit. The truth is, the ever changing hormones (yes, blame  it on the hormones again) will somehow encourage the body to supply extra nutrients to the cuticles.

Researches believe that the female genders body does so to nourish the vessel (aka lady with the bump) carrying the baby as well as to 'protect ' the vessel. Studies show that by appearing more attractive than other female species, the chances of being cared for and protected by their stronger counterparts will be higher (cue to male apes beating chests and female apes squatting behind them).

9 The Smell

Did you know that when one becomes pregnant, one's body ordor changes? This is very evident for female primates. Researchers believe that the body's ordor naturally changes into a less pungent smell so as not to provoke the other female species into fighting with them and to reduce the chances of the male counterparts from being physically attracted to them. In layman terms, the body shouts: leave me alone! Don't come near me and my baby!

That is why many women who eventually become pregnant do not require so much perfume (remember the good old days when we would spray our whole body with CK One?) and are more confident in being out and about without worrying that they smell like a skunk.

8 The Adventures In Bed

Ever 'did it' in bed? Sure you have. Ever 'had fun' in the kitchen? Definitely. Ever had a 'raunchy time' in the bathroom? Yeap. How bout in the car? Of course. Or in the closet? Wouldn't miss it for a thousand bucks. Well, if you belong to the majority who experienced pleasure doing 'it' before pregnancy came along, well, be ready for an even more exciting time while the bun is in the oven.

While some pregnant women may shun having any intercourse during pregnancy, one cannot deny that the fuller figure and stunning looks can turn even the most lethargic partner into a ferocious tiger. There is just something kinky about having sex with a pregnant woman. Perhaps it is the chest, perhaps it is the bum. It might be the hair or the body ordor but one thing for sure, it will certainly bring about a whole new experience in humping. So why not give it a try? After all, mom probably won't have the energy to have 'fun' once the baby is out and fights with daddy for the breasts.

7 The Growing Belly 

Flat abs may be a sign of a healthy body but a pregnant belly echoes (it practically screams) vitality. As a Feng Shui master would say, 'growing bellies are a sign of good health, great wealth and a mountain full of happiness'. So how can it not be a source of attraction and envy?

Also, a bulging belly (not a by product of beers mind you) allows the pregnant mother to try on different kinds of outfits that they've probably never tried on before. The newfound wardrobe that accentuates the bump will no doubt create a lot of buzz in the neighborhood (think desperate housewives with eyes glued to your belly). You will be able to get away with practically any outfit and still look like a million bucks.

6 The Fashion Sense 

Never mind if you've never watched Project Runway or can't pronounce Bvlgari and think that Chanel is a TV channel. Once pregnant, your sense of fashion will change. Drastically. What you thought was not wearable would become your new favorite outfit.

That baby blue off shoulder sundress that was once thought to be too childish looking for your age will now be your BFF. Age will no longer be a barrier to how you dress when one is pregnant. Your view on how you dress will change, your taste in clothes, cuttings, colors and design will grow to become bolder, wilder and more adventurous. It might not necessarily be classy (Lady Gaga's fashion sense is generally far from classy but you gotta admit, they are eye catching) but you will succeed in drawing attention (envious sighs and odd looks) from everyone around you. Heck, you might just become the next muse for the house of Versace.

5 The Confidence 

When one carries a new lifeform within her, one's outlook of life will change and this will affect one's mentality and therefore one's confidence. Studies have found that pregnant women tend to be more confident about themselves and their opinion of things a heck lot more than before they got knocked up.

Perhaps it is the thought of having to be responsible for another being, or maybe it is the changing hormones. But whatever the case, pregnant women tend to move around with an air of confidence that could intimidate even Miss World whatever. They will walk with a stronger stride (possibly due to heavier body weight), with their heads held up (maybe they had a stiffneck from last night's sleep) and speak with more volume (to get their baby to listen to their voice perhaps?).

4 The Eyes 

They say that the eyes are the windows to our souls. And it is for this very reason that billions of women spend a fair amount of their income on making their eyes beautiful (read : anti aging creams, eye circle cream, skin tightening cream and if the creams don't work then there's the eye bag concealer, eye liner, eye masks, plastic surgery and the list goes on and on).

But there is also a saying that pregnant women sport the most beautiful set of eyes (naturally ladies, naturally). The pupils are bright and sharp, the eyeballs are moist and practically sparkling. People are drawn to the eyes of pregnant women when they talk to them. Heck, they could probably hypnotize you if they wanted to. And it is for this very reason, many pregnant women can go out on the town without a speck of concealer for their eyes. And even if they did have a lack of good night's rest, the body will go into overdrive to make sure they wake up with a set of killer eyes (literally).

3 The Optimism 

Perhaps it is the fact that you are graduating from singlehood to motherhood. Or maybe the thought of waking up to a baby's gurgles and laughs perk you up. But for some reason, mothers worldwide generally have a more positive outlook in life. Everything will be rainbows and ponies for them (the pessimist will say otherwise) and even the sun on a gloomy day would seem to sing to them.

This optimism can be contagious and intimidating, both to those younger and older than them. The optimism can also be very alluring, attracting friends and foes alike to their side. What was once seem as a cup half empty would now be viewed as half full. So you see, being pregnant can do weird and wonderful things to many women. It makes them somewhat happier (some might claim that it is the calm before the storm of postpartum depression) so enjoy the bubbles and laughters while they last. There will be lots of crying and cursing once the little hoarder pops out.

2 The Experience 

Experience is sexy. Having the knowledge and the foresight to maneuver oneself through all three terms of pregnancy can be a turn on to others. Your 'know how' on how to bounce back from gagging and heaving to the best sleeping positions and places to shop for baby gear will serve as an attraction to many, especially to first time mothers who tend to freak out at the drop of a hat (drops hat and somewhere across the globe a pregnant mother screams profanity).

You'll see nods if approval from both young and old at the sight of experienced pregnant ladies who carry themselves with poise (after many  years of fumbling through the first few pregnancies), grace (it used to be all clumsiness and duck waddles) and tranquillity (panic used to be a frontrunner in their dictionaries).

1 The Sharp Mind

Women who are inquisitive and quick witted are often more favored by their peers. I mean who would want to hold a conversation with dumb blonde (no offense, blame it on the person who made up the blonde jokes) on the country's  latest political issues?

Pregnant women who are inquisitive and quick witted are held with an even higher esteem. It seems that if you are a mother-to-be, your opinion about even the simplest things (like does the green couch look good with the chestnut wardrobe?) to mind boggling matters (Stephan Hawking's theory of everything anyone?) matters. Heck, even your jokes will be taken seriously ("hey guys, did you know that you can actually eat a newborn's poop?" Eyes go wide worldwide and scientists scramble to taste them).

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