15Mom’s Left Out

Many moms feel like an incubator once the baby pops out.

When moms bring their brand new bundles home from the hospital, it’s all joy and smiles at first. You may feel exhausted, but you’ve just brought a life into the world! It’s a huge accomplishment and the start of a whole new life for all of you. Unfortunately, once baby

makes his exit, that means mom isn’t the center of attention anymore.

Once the baby isn’t inside her anymore, people clamor for a look at the tot without thinking about mom. After all, the whole point of pregnancy is to have a healthy baby at the end, right?

At the same time, moms are often tired, sore, possibly in pain, and more confused than ever. As gorgeous as that new babe is, mom is already struggling to adjust to life as a new mama, whether it’s her first or tenth. She needs attention just as much as the kiddo does- even more so, since she’s directing all her attention to the baby, too. Most moms will feel bothered by this, even those who don’t often enjoy being the center of attention. But hey, at least no one is rubbing the belly anymore.

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