15Getting Into Fights

Fighting rarely solves anything, and definitely deserves a punishment of some kind. When kids fight, someone always gets hurt. It leaves them with cuts, bruises, and swollen body parts, and can lead to them getting suspended in school and treated like a bully, which is not ok.

Sometimes, it comes down

to self defense, which is understandable and ok, but children should always be told that fighting is a last resort and if they’re starting the fights, they’re looking at some harsh punishments when they get home.

Adults go to jail when they fight, because society has determined that fighting is not acceptable. Thus, why would we teach our kids that fighting is ok, when in a few short years, it could lead to juvenile detention or jail, especially if they are tried as an adult, which has happened before. Kids need some kind of punishment for fighting other kids, so they learn that it’s wrong.

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