15 Things All Men Secretly Believe About Pregnant Women

Have women ever wondered what men think about pregnant women? A lot of men have their ways of approaching a woman that’s pregnant. Some men can be clueless when it comes to a soon-to-be mom. It is something that as women, we don’t have any knowledge of. Some men can also be very loving, patient, and very helpful. One could say that they created a caution list of what not to do to upset pregnant women.

We all know that a pregnant woman’s hormones are all over the map. Men can feel like they are walking through a minefield not knowing what is going to set us off. These men are running around trying to negotiate all the ways they're pregnant partner is going to go with her moods, so they don’t rock the boat. These could be the men that, it’s their first time at being a father-to-be and they are still learning the ropes of what not to do or say around their pregnant partner.

There are those veteran dads who have been around the block, with their pregnant partner and all those hormones, and they learned what to do and say. They know how they tick, and what to do with them, and learned what not to do or say. This is who the new dads should be talking to so they can learn all about those hormones, and those ins and outs of their pregnant partner. Here are 15 things men secretly believe about pregnant women.

15 Pregnancy Is Free Birth Control

Most men are happy because they no longer have to worry about birth control since their partner is already having a baby. They may even feel free because it’s no longer a worry hanging over their head about; Am I going to get her pregnant? Also, they no longer have the financial burden of paying for the birth control that they were using. But, do you think they know about getting pregnant in the third trimester? Dum dum dum.

There are those men, though, that are afraid of the new worries that come with having a newborn on the way. Even though these men are afraid of what is to come, the idea of no birth control and not have to wait to put the condom on is a very happy time in his life.

14 The Pounds Will Multiply By 100

A lot of men are afraid that the mom will gain too many pounds during the pregnancy, and that they will be turned off by how their partner looks. Men know that women will gain a little bit during this time, but they don’t want too many pounds to be put on because they like the way she looked pre pregnancy.

These men can sometimes be so turned off by the extra pounds that their partner put on during pregnancy, that they no longer want any kind of personal affection from them. Some men will even tell their partner that they should not eat so much of food despite eating for two because they feel their significant other has gained too much already. If a man were to say something along those lines to his other half, I sincerely hope mom squeezes something other than his hand while she's delivering the baby!

13 The V Will Close For The Season

This one is sometimes true, and that is why some men are afraid it can happen to them. Some pregnant women can often have a lower drive for intimacy during pregnancy. For some women, intimacy can be very painful to her while she’s pregnant, and some men will worry that doing it during the pregnancy can hurt the baby. Men need to be very consoling to their partner during this time and just remember that pregnancy doesn’t last forever and that things will change with her hormones.

Men also must remember that getting down and dirty is what got them there in the first place. This can be a ticking time bomb if the man backs off too much on the act of trying to please their pregnant partner their partner may feel neglected and unattractive. So, even if a man knows that his other half doesn't want to do anything, he should still make an attempt to keep her from thinking something is wrong with her or from feeling bad about herself.

12 There Will Be A New Set Of Watermelons Taste

Moms just face it; dads love the big girl on pregnant women that is going on with the new body. Even though they are apparently getting more sensitive and sore as the months go on. Men need to be very careful when touching them; they are very tender now.

Some moms may even be telling dad’s that they can look but not touch. Dad’s, of course, will be still be trying to touch the big girls, and, of course, they can’t stop, because men will be men. Mom’s nipples are especially sore at this time with producing the supply of milk for the newborn to feed.

Once again men must walk a razor thin line, and unfortunately, they don't get much of a chance to enjoy the girls at this point in their partner's pregnancy. With all the hormones going on inside of them the crazy may come out and tell him to sleep on the sofa if they cross that line and make the girls feel any worse than they already do. To touch, or not to touch, that is the question?

11 Only Turned On By Pickles

Most dads have no idea just how crazy the food cravings can be. The worst part of it is that pregnant women don’t even like the foods that they are craving half the time, they just know that they want it right now. Dads better go out and get it too as soon as she requests it or else he is going to get hurt really badly. Dads are afraid to question a soon-to-be moms sense of time or sense of taste. They just need to get their partner's whatever they want for their well being and safety.

Dads should always have gas in their car and a GPS if needed to find the places where the food is for these cravings. He can equip himself with a list of near-by convenience stores, just in case. Women don’t know why they crave these foods so strongly; they just do. Who knows, maybe it could have something to do with all the hormones.

10 The Baby Will Get Poked During Naughty Time

Men listen up, don’t be afraid that it’s going to hurt the baby while doing the horizontal mambo, this is not true. Many men get it in their head that they are going to poke the baby. Everything inside of the soon-to-be mom is moved around to accommodate the baby. If anything men would be hurting their partner. The baby is protected by this thing called the mucus plug, and it closes everything off from being able to enter the womb and hang out with the baby.

There will be times when doing it will be off the table, due to moms changing hormones, or it just can hurt a little too much for her right now. Both partners need to be open in the talking part of this time and don’t worry men; she will let him know when the time is right to score.

9 Mom Will Suck The Bank Account Dry

Let’s face it, having a baby can be very expensive, and what man likes spending money on household items. For some men, they are afraid of spending money on things that will only be needed for a short time, like excessive baby clothes since they will be growing out of a lot of things fast. They also like to save money on the big ticket items that they like, such as their big screen TV’s and gaming systems. Mom's know: boys and their toys. Some of this can start a fight over what to get and what is really needed.

In the long run, men will get the items that baby needs, just maybe not the cute things that the mom also wants for the newborn's room. Some dads will also get the cute things for the nursery because mom’s hormones are still very active and he is afraid of making a big deal at the store, or at home later on.

8 The Pregnancy Body Is Permenant

A lot of men are afraid that their partner is not going to lose all the pounds they put on during the pregnancy after they give birth. They want their women to have their old body back shortly after they give deliver the baby. This is not going to happen overnight, women's bodies go through a lot throughout the pregnancy and during the child labor itself. While some men are enjoying “the pregnancy girls” that their partner got during that time, they want the rest of moms body to go back to the old days.

So, the men will not have to be afraid, that body will come back better than ever, with a little extra curves, a couple of months later. They will most likely like the girls a little more fuller, and the curves a little rounder.

7 Will Be On House Arrest For The Next 18 Years

Some men are afraid that they will never be allowed to leave the house again to hang out with their friends, during their partner's entire pregnancy. Their partners may make some extra plans for them to do like painting the nursery and doing a bulk of the shopping. There may only be just a little time left for men to hang out with their friends. They will be taking on a lot of extra things around the house, and he better get those things done too. Men need to keep in mind that pregnant women can get slightly out of hand.

Men will need to do some massaging of their partner's feet, and be driving them to appointments, and even be relaxing and just watching some TV. Also, don’t forget about the extra intimacy that both of them will be having or about putting all those baby items together; otherwise he will definitely be hearing about it very loudly.

6 Baby Will Be The Only Spoken Word

Men are afraid that their partner has too much baby on the brain, and that women are focused entirely on the pregnancy and childbirth and nothing else. Men don’t really want to hear about every little baby related detail or about how adorable and cute baby clothes are. The men would like to talk and think about other things that are happening in life.They would also like their me time, and hopefully some us time also.

Some women have baby on the brain all throughout the third trimester, in childbirth, and for the first few months of being a mother. This could be from or caused by the hormones, stress, changes in her body, or even sleep deprivation. But the men shouldn’t let his woman know he is thinking this because it could get worse with mom's hormones still high.

5 Mom Is A Ticking Time Bomb

Pregnant women are nuts, even though it is just their hormones taking them for a ride. All those hormones come from the changes in their body from the pregnancy. The changing hormonal levels are affecting the brain chemistry. The neurotransmitters that use to make the women feel happy are now sent to the part of the brain that sometimes causes the crying, mood swings, and all of her emotions to be all over the place.

Every pregnant woman responds to the hormonal changes differently. Moms-to-be experience heightened emotions, both bad and good, while some may tend to be more depressed or anxious. In the first trimester the mood swings usually start around six to ten weeks, the second trimester isn’t as bad, then in the third trimester, the mood swings will hit really hard. So men, just get the crazy food cravings that they request, and walk around on eggshells, because the end is near. And remember it’s not their fault they’re crazy, it's the pregnancy hormones surging through their body.

4 And She Might Just Kill You

Men don’t normally say they are afraid of anything, but when it comes to their pregnant partner, they can be very afraid of setting them off. Who can believe that something that is growing inside of the partner can change their lives forever, it puts the fear inside of the man. Men can sometimes feel like their loved one is possessed, with all the hormones that the women are going through.

Few men are prepared for the crazy cravings their partner is going to ask them to get in the middle of the night when nothing is open. Then to come back home and deal with the horrible things that the women are going to be saying and yelling like, I’m too fat that's why he didn’t get it. Why doesn’t my man love me anymore? I'm sorry honey, I love you! Men need to remember this is just hormones. But yet they can be very afraid of the mama-to-be, and the roller coaster ride they are zipping around on.

3 The Pregnancy Glow Is Real

Dads are sometimes afraid to tell their loved one that they are beautiful, because of mom's hormones being all over the place. But ladies let's face it; they do find us beautiful, or else they wouldn't be with us, just because we are pregnant does mean they don’t love the way we look. Sometimes when they say something nice to us, we think they are putting us down because our bodies are changing and our emotions are all over the place.

So women need to start thinking, he is really just giving me a compliment, and not I'm gonna take his face off look, and he’s sleeping on the sofa tonight attitude away, and just say thanks, honey. It was just my hormones acting up, and I love us too. He really does think I’m beautiful.

2 Turns Into Fire And Then Becomes Ice

That’s right men, a pregnant woman's drive to want to do the deed may be boosted during these nine months. Women are more inclined to want to do it more often than before the pregnancy. However, it cannot be good news all the time. Men are afraid that they can be hurting the baby, and it can be awkward at times trying to maneuver around the baby bump. Men must remember that raging hormones can change a partner's mood at any time, for no apparent reason at all.

Under no circumstances are men to reject a pregnant woman, her hormones can go from wanting some to angry in no time at all. The partners should prepare for some confusing let's do it experiences during the end of the second trimester and the whole third trimester. The last trimester will be the most awkward with the baby bump continuously growing even bigger every day.

1 Happy Wife, Happy Life

For men, this is the best strategy for a successful partnership, and this becomes the cardinal rule when a couple expects a baby. No one wants to mess with their pregnant partner who is dancing to the tunes of hormones. She can feel great at one moment and the next miserable. Never try to win an argument or correct her. Patience is a men’s new virtue for the next nine months.

Men should be very afraid if they value certain parts of their body. They should always agree with what she said at this time in his life. If men assume that the pregnant woman is always correct no matter what, their life will be much simpler. But men have been warned; a happy wife is equal to a happy life.

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