15 Things Amish Kids Do Differently

Kids are kids and no matter who they are or what way of life their parents follow. They will still say the same things and act in a similar manner. However, once kids get to a certain age they start acting differently, especially if they are influenced in a certain way by their parents. The Amish families are known to do things a little different than most North American people and other people around the world. They are a close-knit community and they do many things with their families. Usually, as kids get older, they go through a phase of not wanting to do stuff with their families. Do Amish kids feel this way too? Why do most Amish people continue to live on the farm with their parents instead of trying out the real world? Let’s read on to find out.

Also, only being able to use one musical instrument if they going  to stick to their religion… which instrument would people think it is? In terms of Amish kids doing things differently than other kids of different beliefs and backgrounds, they are only following what they know and have been brought up with. They are still kind and friendly people and they do still enjoy having fun. That fun might be a little different than most people are used to but some activities are the same!

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15 Amish Children Do Not Go To The Doctors Unless It Is An Emergency


The Amish people are all about fixing things naturally. Unless the child or person is gravely ill, they will not go to a hospital and receive care from a different person who is not of Amish religion.

This is not because they disagree with how North Americans treat themselves, it’s a matter of religious views and personal opinions.

According to lancasterpa.com “ Most Amish and Mennonite groups do not oppose modern medicine. Their readiness to seek health services varies from family to family. Nothing in the Amish understanding of the Bible forbids them from using modern medical services, including surgery, hospitalization, dental work, anesthesia, blood transfusions, etc. They do believe, however, that good health, both physical and mental, is a gift from God and requires careful stewardship on the part of the individual."

There are a few exceptions, physicians know the Amish to be desirable patients: one, because they know something, must be pretty serious if they are at the hospital and two they are always so appreciative and pay their bills on time. One thing to note about the Amish is they do not have health insurance. Therefore they all work together to make sure the bills are paid and their health is the utmost important thing in the world.

One interesting fact about the Amish is they rarely get asthma and maybe this is because their bodies are immune at such a young age.

14 School Is Done After Eighth Grade


It is known that most Amish children finish school after eighth grade. This is because they have learned the necessary skills needed for life and this is a good age to teach the children how to do chores and work around the farm. They are starting to be responsible and can now use their skills to make money. Amishamerica.com says it best “Amish schooling may end at 8th grade, but education continues. Amish are well-known for their approach to schooling. Most Amish children attend school in one- or two-room private schools and end their formal education at the eighth grade. Some observers criticize the Amish approach to education, seeing it as a means of restricting the individual. Amish, however, root their belief in limited formal education in both religious and practical reasons. Amish education continues beyond the 8th grade in various formal and informal venues. Amish stop school at the eighth grade for two main reasons:

  • Practicality-Amish trades are agricultural or craftsmanship-oriented; Amish emphasize apprenticeship and hands-on learning
  • Religious Objections-Amish feel higher education can promote ideas counter to Christian values

"Amish feel an eighth-grade education is practical... There are a number of reasons, one of the most important of which is practicality... Amish education is oriented around factual knowledge and usefulness."

The education on offer at Amish schools can vary, but Amish children typically get a solid grounding in the “three R’s”, as well as some history, geography, German language training, and limited science.”

13 Amish Children Start Working At 2-Years-Old


Yes, you read that right… the Amish really are that hardworking and the children pick up on everything at a very young age. Two years old might seem very young to start working, but they do small tasks and every little bit helps. As you might know, Amish families are generally very big and having to look after so many kids and responsibilities it’s important that the children know how to look after themselves.

Some children begin doing small tasks at the age of two. Of course, they probably don’t know what they are doing and that it is beneficial, but Amish families teach their kids how to work at a young age.

This is another reason why going to grade eight is all they need because they have learned so much along the way from their parents and peers.

Amishnews.com explains a valid point on the pace of life for a child growing up Amish. "These children’s days are not given shape by a line-up of soccer games, piano lessons, camp, or playgroups. Instead, the morning sun, chore-time twice a day, and the coming of the evening set a structure for their time. So, too, do the days of the week and the seasons."

The Amish do not spend time watching television or on computers and cell phones. They are also not interrupted by telephones because they do not believe in technology. Amish children are motivated by working outside and making up their own fun activities. Children learn at a young age because they are surrounded by parents who are always busy doing something. It would be so hard for the child not to pitch in when needed.

12 An Amish Girl's Chores


When most people think of Amish, they think of men and woman and children working on a farm and having their own community and building within that community. Although what exactly is an Amish woman suppose to do and what are her responsibilities on the farm? Let’s find out. According to ohioamishcountry.com:

“When an Amish woman gets married she will refer to her husband as the 'head' of the family, with that said, she will take part in most of the family financial decisions. Matters of the home, the garden, and the children are her main responsibility."

"Most will have control of the family checkbook and their name will be listed on property deeds with their husband. Some Amish women own and operate their own small business, such as raising poultry or vegetables, baking, or sewing quilts and other handcrafted items. Some run bakeries, fabric shops, restaurants and more."

Some cultures and religions do not see the woman as powerful as others, but it is not like this in the Amish religion. Women are valued and are just as important in families than the man and father is. In Amish weddings, the woman does not walk down the aisle with her father as a means of the father giving away his daughter- instead, the future husband and wife walk through the door together!

Amish women are valued in the community for the contribution that they make at home for their families. They are not only wives to their husbands but mothers to their children, managers of the house and they maintain communal ties within the community!

11 Responsibility For An Amish Man


It is proven that Amish men work really hard to create a happy life for their families. This is also true because Amish woman are raising their kids and trying to teach them the necessities they need in life, while their dad is busy providing a comfortable life. One fact I learned from one website on the Amish lifestyle, is:

“Men are dominant, and their commands are to be met with no resistance from women. Women, therefore, are viewed as submissive, and should under no circumstances; voice their opinion on [bedroom] matters."

"Amish view [this aspect of their relationship] within the parameters set by the Bible and the church and [it] is an aspect of human nature that is to be suppressed and strictly controlled.”

In terms of responsibility on the farm, Amish men are very hardworking. Some wake up at 4 AM to milk their cows and do all the chores on the farm, they also run construction businesses, build churches and work really hard without using technology. Most Amish men are farmers and provide food for their family. That family can extend to 10 kids. Amish families are known to be rather large. When the children see their parents working very hard, they feel that they need to take on some responsibilities too and that is why they start working so early in their life.

10 Rumspringa: A Time For The Amish Children To Let Loose


Rumspringa which means ‘running around’ is an Amish coming-of-age ceremony where teenagers leave their homestead to discover the outside world, and figure out if they want to stay within the Amish culture or leave.

If the Amish teens decide that they like the outside world better than their religion, they are made to leave the farm and not return to their community. However, if they want to remain in the Amish heritage and stick with the Amish religion, they have to reject all outside desires and give themselves over to the lord.

Rumspringa can last until the teenager decides it’s time, which is typically anywhere from one year to two years. When Amish teenagers are doing Rumspringa the most popular drink of choice is beer. It is said that they enjoy beer as much as non-Amish kids do. During these years of partying, the Amish teenagers meet in a wooded place and have over 200 to 300 people at their parties. Rumspringa is known to be a place where teenagers seek out furthering their education. It is recognized that the Amish kids only go to school until grade eight and then they learn the basic life skills needed to make a profit in life. Although some go to college and take extra courses during ‘Rumspringa.’

9 They Only Baptize Adults, Never Babies


According to classroom.com “The Amish are an Anabaptist group; they reject infant baptism in favor of an adult baptism. This choice stems from the idea that following Jesus should be a voluntary, adult decision. This differs from denominations like Catholicism in which infants are baptized at the request of their parents.” This might seem like an incorrect procedure and people might be confused as to why they have such a say with baptism but within their everyday life, they don’t have such a choice and again this is one of the things Amish kids do differently.

The Amish Baptism consists of several steps.

People between the ages of 18 and 22 years old will be considered for baptism each spring and fall. After they have been considered they will have to attend classes for four and a half months. During class, they will review the Amish beliefs and regulations.

The day before they get Baptized, they will have a final say whether they were to continue with being baptized or not. If they choose to continue the church will ask the young adults to deprecate the devil and constrain to Christ. After, the deacon will pour water through the bishop’s hands onto the person’s head. The bishop will then give the person being baptized, a holy kiss.

8 Faceless Dolls Protect Kids


One of the big reasons why the Amish children play with faceless dolls is for equality issues. How can someone judge someone else for being different if every face is the same? According to classroom.synonym.com, one of the most important tenets of Amish religious tradition holds that all people are the same in the eyes of God and should be treated as equals. For this reason, many people believe Amish rag dolls were created without faces. If a doll has no face, it is free of identity and reinforces the notion of equality both within the Amish community and, in a larger context, the human race.

Also relating to the bible, no created objects, which also includes figurative dolls should signify the human form. Therefore faceless dolls do not resemble humans so children are not sinned for owning one.

In the Amish culture, it is also forbidden to take photographs because you can associate yourself with others in that photo and model himself or herself after that particular appearance or person. You will notice the Amish do not partake in social media, and it is strictly prohibited for this exact reason. Comparing yourself to others is something no Amish child should ever feel the need to do.

7 How Adolescents Get Together Without Touching


You are probably just as curious as I was before writing this article on the means of how Amish couples meet and get together. Well according to exploring-amish-reference.com “Amish courtship traditionally begins at age 16 for the boys and age 14-15 for the girls."

"To find someone to date you have to go where the action is. The Amish socialize at functions like visits, frolics, and church. Since everyone goes to Church every other week, it makes sense for the older kids to stay late to mix and match."

Between the songs, there is ample time to sit around and socialize. This is where they get to know each other and see if there is chemistry. The singing will finish around 10:00.

After the singing has finished, the group will stay for an hour and see what possible partners they could find. Of course, they will be sizing up numerous people to see which person could one day end up being their partner.

The boy then asks the girl is he can drive her home from church. If the girl sees that man as a possibility she will let that happen. She will then invite him into her home to talk and get to know him better. This is where the dating process starts. The boy will likely stay at her house for a majority of the night after the parents have gone to bed. This gives the two a bit of privacy and a chance to talk and see where this could go. They may stay up long into the night getting to know each other. Once they have talked and figured out if this could be a lifelong relationship, the boy then makes his way home on his buggy in the early morning hours. After he leaves, they should have a good idea whether they want to start dating.

6 No Musical Instruments Other Than Their Voice


The Amish culture does not want their children to think that they need to use an instrument in order to sound better. They are given a voice for a reason and they are supposed to use what they have naturally.

In the Amish religion, musical mechanisms are observed as a means of self-expression, which could create mindsets of conceit. In regards to National Geographic “Amish church songs derive from the Ausbund, the High German songbook, which has no musical notes. Tunes are passed on from generation to generation. The Ausbund, first published in German in 1564, is among the most seminal books to the Amish. It is regarded to be the oldest Protestant hymnal in continuous use. Ausbund songs invoke the martyrdom of their Anabaptist past, as many hymnals are said to have been written by men awaiting the death sentence during a time of intense persecution."

Amish kids might try a musical instrument out during ‘Rumspringa’ but it is something they cannot do once they have given themselves to god. It is frowned upon to think that someone is better than you are something, so the culture limits every possibility of that ever happening.

5 Amish Fashion


Amish fashion is a little bit different from North American fashion in quite a few more ways than one.

All the men dress similar, and all the woman dress in similar outfits. This also ties into equality and no judgment on another person’s outfit.

Amishvillage.com has explained what Amish men wear and what Amish woman wear to a Tee. “In all districts of the Amish community men wear black colored suits that are fastened with a hook and eye and have no outside pockets. The trousers that the men wear have no zippers and instead have buttons that button up the flap. One or two suspenders also hold up the trousers since no belts are allowed because of the flashy buckle that is present."

During the service at church, the Amish men wear a plain white shirt with a vest over the top and a standard black coat. Depending on how fancy the men are feeling, some will wear a black bow tie. These suits will have no buttons or collars because that symbolizes the military uniforms. The men will finish off their outfits with a straw hat or black felt hat- depending on the season and formal occasion.

4 Amish Children Get Creative When They Are Bored


What do Amish children do when they are bored? Well, if they ask their parents what they should do I am sure they will receive a list of chores that could be done around the house and farm, but how is that fair all the time? Sometimes Amish kids need to go outside and have fun without doing chores around the farmland. In terms of fun activities, Amish children enjoy playing ball. They also enjoy biking, hiking, building forts around the farm, and reading.

Amishamerica.com outlines a variety of leisure activities that the Amish enjoy, which includes “hunting- Amish hunt for sport, food, and in some cases, to bring home trophies. Fishing- fishing allows outdoor enjoyment and possibly, dinner. Camping and other outdoor activities-family-oriented activities such as camping and bird watching are highly popular among Amish. Sports are enjoyed to varying degrees; yet remain controversial to most people. Board games may include Scrabble, Life on the Farm, and other traditional games."

The Amish also enjoy playing different card games - however, the Amish do not gamble but enjoy a variety of card games for fun.

They also enjoy letter writing because it helps build community and lets people stay in touch through distance. Auctions are also very common amongst Amish communities in which it allows people to socialize and perhaps find a good deal.

3 The Amish Hospitality


The hospitality Amish families deliver is warm and welcoming. If you ever get the chance to visit an Amish family, they will welcome you into their home with open arms. They will likely craft you a gift and invite you to dinner. Frequently, Amish woman will invite English families over for dinner as a means of extra income but some just invite them over because they like to communicate with others. Maggierow.com describes their hospitality in the correct wording “Hospitality among the Amish is plain, not fancy. It is outwardly focused. Best of all, it is part of their culture. You don’t have to don a bonnet or sport a beard to exercise the gift of hospitality. The cup of water you offer doesn’t have to be Perrier. It’s a matter of opening your door to new friends whom you can make old friends out of. It begins with 'Welcome!'"

When surrounded by Amish people, you will notice they are some of the nicest and friendliest folks you have ever met. Also, they are very clean. The Amish are always there for you if you need a hand with anything. They would make great neighbors.

Not only could they help you out with tasks you might need (which of course should be reciprocated) but also they can teach you the simplicity of life. The Amish are known to live a simple, yet wonderful life and any tips would be appreciated. The wives can teach new mothers a lot about parenthood and how to multitask.

2 Farm Fun For The Amish Kids


Amish children still have fun, and a lot of fun doing different activities. Amish children love being around other children and socializing. Being raised in such a community surrounded by all your family makes you realize how important it is to have them around you at all times. However, what do these children do when they are not compiled with chores?

According too farmhousefrocks.com,

“Tonka trucks and Lincoln Logs for little boys. Play-sets can be found in many young Amish family’s yards. Trampolines are a hot item for families with children too."

"Trikes, bikes, and scooters are a staple for Amish children to have, they can run errands for mom and dad with those bikes and scooters. How much they have and do depends on which sect of Amish they belong to and what the parents want or can afford for their children."

The Swartzentruber sect of Amish is a lot more strict when it comes to playing games. Games are only for children to play and are prohibited for adults. These types of Amish make up their own games. They play games that involve buttons and homemade boards. One thing the Swartzentrubers are not allowed to do is have campfires. This is only for the 'south people.'  The south people are the Old and New Order Amish.

1 Why Some Amish Kids Stick To Their Heritage & Why Some Don’t


Most Amish children stick to their religion and heritage because that is what they know. They have grown up in that religion all their life and it is the religion their families believe in.

When a child is brought up a certain way, they usually continue those beliefs and that pace of life. Also, if they do not stick to their religion, they will be shunned and might risk the chance of never seeing their families ever again.

The Amish community is close knit, and everyone takes part in each activity. This is also the reason why some Amish children decide that this is not the lifestyle they want to live.

The Amish life is a very simple lifestyle. They do not believe in technology and many leave school at a young age or in eighth grade. If some children want to pursue a certain profession, this might require them to leave the farm and go a different route. Some children use ‘Rumspringa’ to do this and some go about it on their own time. Regardless of whether the children stick to their heritage or not, they are still good people and they need to make the decision what is right for them. If they believe they will be happy for the rest of their lives on the farm then most will stay at the farm if they don’t think to live that way will keep them happy, then they usually leave.

References: exploring-amish-country.com, amishamerica.com, time.com, amishvillage.com

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