15 Things Babies Are Hypnotized By That Will Surprise You

The whole world is hypnotizing when seen through the eyes of a baby; in fact, that’s a big reason a lot of people have children—so they can experience the world with fresh enthusiasm again. There are many things that babies are captivated by that aren’t so very surprising: mom and dad’s face, the mobile that hangs over their crib, the sound of a lullaby… It’s pretty darn cute to witness babies experiencing the taste of food for the first time, or watch them as they stare with wonder at a bird singing in the window.

And yet, babies are very unique individuals and can often be fascinated by some surprising things—the washing machine perhaps, the rustle of mom’s skirt, or maybe a T.V. show that’s not even intended for babies’ innocent eyes. Moms and dads get a big kick out of contemplating just what it is that baby is so enthralled with, when he refuses to release his grip on that baby spoon he can’t stop staring at.

There’s no telling what it is about these particular experiences that so captivate an individual baby; especially when mom and dad compare it to the expensive toy that they thought their baby would go wild over, but instead, gives them the yawns. One thing is certain though, it’s entertaining to watch a baby absorbed with something you didn’t think they would be so taken with—like a plastic cup or a piece of dryer lint on the floor.

The following 15 surprising things babies are hypnotized by will have you looking at these things with fresh eyes thinking, “Maybe this is more interesting than I thought.”

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15 Celery Puts Me In Stitches. Every. Single. Time.

Oh celery. How I love thee! Let me count the ways. You're healthy, tasty, delicious, and crunchy. Oh yeah...you are also captivatingly hilarious. Who knew celery was such a comedian? Cracking babies up since...how long has celery been cracking babies up, again? Well, that's the thing—it's not actually known for being the most hilarious of vegetables. It's the carrot that holds that title, roots down! So why then, is this little adorable baby so obsessed with the sound of crunchy celery? Because he is, and it’s absolutely adorable, and that's all that matters. Baby Micah has one of the most infectious laughs on the Internet, and he shares it with the world, brightening our darkest days. We owe all that spirit-lifting to a watery vegetable that gets more credit than it deserves. Whatever the reason for baby Micah's interest in everything celery related, it sure is entertaining to watch! Keep getting your laugh on, baby boy!

14 T.V. Hosts Are Supposed To Be Hypnotizing!

I believe it's the job of the television host to captivate audiences, and I'm willing to bet they work pretty hard at it, too; still, I'm guessing that they mostly cater to a somewhat older demographic than this little cutie here. We don't know what it is about this man's voice—or is it the subject of the miracle of life?—that interests this little baby so much, but all we do know is that she is absolutely hypnotized! She is utterly under this man's spell. We all know that the first to blink in a staring contest loses, and this little one does not like to lose. Perhaps it's simply that this man holds the secrets of how to captivate an audience, because he sure does succeed in garnering the attention of his pint-sized audience, and he's not losing that attention for a second. You know what they say...there is no job too big, no audience too small...

13 The Sound Of Mama's Pipes

Obviously, it isn't surprising that babies love the sound of their parents' voices. There is well-documented research that babies can even distinguish their mother's voice while still in the womb. Naturally, a baby is going to love his mother's voice, whether she's talking, cooing, or in this case—singing. What is surprising however, is just how much this little guy loves his mother's voice. He loves it so much—it brings him to tears. This is one positively adorable emotional baby, and we can see why he is so mesmerized by his sweet-singing mama. I will have to admit that her song gets me a little choked up as well, so it's understandable why this little guy just can't handle all the feelings. Don't you worry little baby, I won't judge you for crying! Nobody is too old or too young to show his emotions, in my book, and you and your mama give us all the feels.

12 Who Doesn't Love The Sound Of Paper Ripping In The Morning?

Hey now, I'm a writer, so I totally have a thing for a good pad of paper! I like the way it feels in my hands, I like the way it smells, and I love the inspiration of a blank piece just waiting to be filled with words and ideas, but I've never been super into the sound of paper ripping into little tiny pieces. That's just weird, right? It's just a little bit scary how much this baby likes the sound of destruction! But is she not the cutest little laughing baby you ever saw? I'm guessing that if this little girl were mine, I'd destroy my whole house if I could hear the musical peals of her laughter. I'm betting that's what this little girl's daddy is thinking... "If it makes you happy, baby girl, I'll rip up every piece of paper in this house! We can totally go paperless, if that's what you want!" Maybe he's just ripping up a few bills, or maybe they are just into green living, but this daddy-daughter duo sure do know how to have fun for cheap!

11 Burps Are Attention Grabbers!

Okay, so burps are a little bit funny for all of us. A little bit gross, too, but I suppose laughing at a burp isn't that difficult to understand. Still, a little chuckle at a particularly disgusting belch is a far cry from going into absolute hysterics at the sound. Baby Micah, here, thinks burbs are the funniest thing since the crunching serenade of a stick of celery. Never one to pass up on a good belly laugh, this baby makes burps seem like the most interesting sounds in the entire world. Even I'm listening closely to dad's burps, attempting to decipher the hidden language that must be in the distinctive sounds. There must be something particularly special about them to have this baby laughing so hard! Is this a new baby language? I don't speak burp, so I just can't make out what is so darn funny. I do think this baby is funny though. And one of the most adorbs babies ever!

10 Sneezes Are Surprising...They're Made That Way

Everyone is a bit surprised by a good sneeze—sneezes by their very nature are rather surprising, and attention grabbing. Whether you're a two sneezer, a three sneezer, or a five sneezer, we're all a bit taken aback when they shoot out of us unexpectedly. Still, who knew sneezes could be so hilarious? I don't find them all that funny myself. They're a bit loud, startling, and gross, honestly. All those boogers flying around everywhere...even when you try to cover them with your hand or arm. These little babies think sneezes are the funniest thing ever, though, and they don't mind a couple boogers here and there. What baby really minds boogers though, I ask you? But, these babies find sneezes positively entertaining. We may never understand what is so hypnotizing about a sneeze to these babies, but we can still enjoy watching their enjoyment. Sneeze on people! Babies love it!

9 This Baby Is Going Bananas...Over Bananas!

I really love bananas—with their bright pleasing color, the tasty exotic flavor, their interesting shape—what's not to love? Even the way you open a banana is fascinating. While I will always enjoy eating a nice ripe banana, I can't quite see what it is that has this baby in stitches over the slicing of a banana. He is really into it…I mean it has just made his entire day! Babies are easily entertained, I realize that, however, the banana only has so much it can offer. It can't sing, it can't dance, it can't tell jokes, or do tricks... All that does not matter to the baby in this video. This little one has a thing for his sliced bananas, and if he's happy...mama's happy, too. There isn't much we wouldn't do to make our kids smile. I've spent an awful lot of money on toys, games, parties, and all manner of normal forms of 'entertainment', but if you find something this easy to hypnotize your baby with, I say keep slicing!

8 The Bubble Eating Dog

You know, dogs are always enchanting babies. They just have something about their silly ways that make babies laugh. Bubbles are pretty appealing for babies also, now that I think on it...not that surprising; but a bubble eating dog? Now that's surprising. And hypnotizing. I know that I can't look away either, so I would be more surprised if the baby didn't find that absolutely hilarious. This cute little girl is in love with her bubble-eating pup, and the pup is just ravenous for some nummy bubbles. I'm betting they're a bit soap flavored, but really, what won't a dog eat? I've seen some funny stuff in my day, but watching this dog leaping around the living room eating bubbles is pretty flippin' funny. So is the laughing baby who just can't get enough. Take this show on the road, cuties, because you are both hypnotizing. I honestly can't think of anything else I'd rather watch!

7 The Dog's Tongue Is Hypnotizing

It's no surprise that many people have a fondness for dogs. They provide companionship, comfort, warmth, and they make us laugh. In the past, dogs were used mostly for specific reasons: catching critters, herding cattle, and they were even used as carriage dogs. In today's world, pets are more a part of our lives than ever before, and they don't even need to have a specific purpose. Their purpose is to keep us company and add joy to our lives, but we aren't usually hypnotized by them—and definitely not by their tongues. I'm sure this little baby loves her dog for many reasons, but she is particularly fascinated by her dog's very prominent feature—the slobbery tongue. Dogs do love to give kisses and licks, so this baby just has to figure out what that rubbery wet thing is all about. She won’t rest until she’s fully investigated the tongue’s many mysteries!

6 The Phone Is Hysterical

Phones have certainly been capturing the attention of adults for the past decade or so, and what are children if not imitators? They are bound to be interesting in whatever mommy and daddy are into. When they see mommy and daddy on their phones all day, it's no surprise that baby boy would want to play too. Phones are great for many things: communication, games, apps, online banking, emailing, and more! I have been caught laughing at something I've seen or read on my phone, so I'm guessing this baby is just modeling what she's seen her parents doing. Laughing hysterically at a phone really shouldn't be that strange of a thing to witness. Somehow, when this baby is this hypnotized by the phone, it's still surprising. Daddy might have a little something to do with why this situation is so funny. This baby surely thinks papas and phones are funny!

5 Captivated By The Little Fishes

Fish are pretty interesting when you really think about them. It's a whole 'nother world under the ocean, and it's still a great mystery to most of us. I've been known to stare at a fish tank for a moment or two—it's interesting. I would expect a baby to be a little curious when she witnesses the swimming of little fishes for the first time, but this baby is seriously hypnotized by them! Most babies have short attention spans, and they won't be captivated for very long with any one thing, but when they love something this much, you may want to invest in a fish tank for your little one. If it brings her some peace and tranquility, I say splurge on the best fish tank at the pet store! It's worth the money if it makes your little girl happy. Watching this angel stare at all the pretty fish is making me want to head over to an aquarium, double quick!

4 Nothing Compares To You, Sinead O'Conner

It's not surprising when children are hypnotized by a sweet lullaby or a song made especially for children. All people, big and small, can enjoy music. Many of us would say music is one of life's greatest joys. It soothes the soul, it can inspire, and it can lift you up when you're down, or make you feel all the feels... It does get a little surprising when songs not specifically written for babies enchant our little ones. We all like what we like though, so we certainly can't judge a baby based on his/her taste in music. Some people would judge this little girl for her musical interests, but not us! We just think it's cute that she finds this song so mesmerizing. She's really into it, and I think she must have a deep soul, because this is a pretty emotional song. Nothing compares to this song, according to this little sweetie.

3 Dogs Eating Popcorn...Gets 'Em Every Time

Well, we had one baby that was super hypnotized by her dog that eats bubbles, and now we have another baby who’s obsessed with her popcorn-loving dog. Dogs will eat just about anything…not the least surprising. But when a baby finds the act of popcorn munching utterly giggle-inducing, it's bound to make the rest of us laugh as well. Babies really know how to enjoy life, and they teach us so much about letting go of the little things, and just having some fun. If the baby wasn't around, mom and dad might have just been slightly irritated that their dog got into the popcorn bag, but it's hard to be mad at your scavenger dog's antics when your baby finds those antics so endearing. Babies really do make us view situations in a whole different way. A much better way, if you ask me…or if you ask this happy baby!

2 Her Own Purdy Face In The Mirror

I've known plenty of adults who are rather taken with their own reflection in the mirror, so perhaps it's not so surprising that babies could be into it also. It just happens to be a lot cuter when it's a baby, and not an adult who's obsessed with his/her own looks. Babies don't have any concept of 'looks' yet; they are just fascinated by the identical human staring back at them from Mirror Land. They probably think it's just another baby that moves exactly like they do, and smiles at them a lot. The Mirror Baby just wants to be friends! Babies have a liking for faces, so that doesn't surprise us at all, but just how much this baby loves her 'friend' is precious. Sorry to tell you baby, but no one will ever understand you quite like your own reflection in the mirror! You just enjoy that buddy of yours for as long as you can.

1 Law And Order Is A Captivating Show

Law & Order is a crime drama that captivated viewers for decades, airing from 1990 to 2010. What’s not to love about legal drama? A bit of excitement, a bit of romance… At the time of its cancellation, it was the longest running crime drama on American prime-time television. While adults have always been a fan of the show, and can recognize its memorable theme song, I'm sure the creators didn't intend for it to appeal to the youngest demographic of all—babies. Perhaps the youngest Law & Order fan in history, baby Joel is absolutely mesmerized by the notes of the theme song. Is he not the cutest fan ever? As surprising as his fascination is, we hope he's not watching the actual show, because I'm pretty sure parental viewing is advised. Can’t you just picture mom and dad playing this song over and over, absolutely delighting in their son’s enchantment of the much-beloved ditty?

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