15 Things Babies Go Crazy For In Mom's Stomach

From bathtime to jumping jacks, here are 15 things babies love the most during their nine months in the womb.

Pregnancy is an amazing thing for a woman to experience, and knowing that life is growing and developing inside of her can give her feelings of unconditional love that she would never have imagined being possible. It is also possible for a mom to fall in love with her baby the moment she finds out that she is pregnant. It’s an everlasting love that will continue to grow beyond time and space.

The first time a mom feels that first little flutter of her baby moving, she may just fall in love all over again. The first time a mom feels her baby give her that first really strong kick, the realization of motherhood may finally start to settle in. Some moms love feeling their baby moving around, and may want to try to think of ways that will increase her unborn baby’s movements.

There are some things that an unborn baby goes nuts over while still inside of the womb. There are ways for a mom to be able to interact with her growing baby and even to be able to bond with them as well. Some things that an unborn baby goes crazy for are very subtle things, while other things may require a little more effort on mom's part. But not too much effect, we know pregnancy can be tiring! Continue reading to see what things your unborn baby may just go absolutely crazy for!

15When The Seasons Change

When the baby gets big enough to the point where it can press up against its mother belly, it may even slightly be able to tell variations in temperature from inside the womb when mom is exposed to drastic temperature changes such as extreme heat or cold. An example of this would be going outside on a freezing cold day after being inside with the heater on, or even just the opposite; going outside on a humid and hot summer day after being inside in the air conditioning for a while.

Basically, anything that would change mom's core body temperature would be enough for her baby to go crazy and react by becoming more active inside of the womb. These kinds of changes will not harm moms, unborn baby. The only time there would be cause for alarm would be if mom develops something that would be caused by these temperature changes like hypothermia or something that else that would disturb mom's core body temperature.

14Soaking The Bump In Warm Water

As a mom-to-be, you should really be setting some time to the side just for yourself that may help you unwind and relax. Why not set some time aside to take a nice warm bath? You should never take a hot bath while you are pregnant because that could cause your body temperature to rise which, in turn, will make the baby’s temperature in its living quarters and that could cause your baby to overheat inside of the womb. It is always best to be safe than sorry.

When you relax sometimes your baby will relax with you. The baby may not be able to feel the water (even though your baby is already surrounded by a ton a fluid), but it could still be beneficial to take a bath for the baby because, for some reason, they tend to like and respond to the sounds of rushing waters. Mom can simulate that sound for her unborn baby, and make its day, buy taking a cup and pouring your bath water over your tummy. Your little one with thank you, and if you get lucky he or she may just squirm around for you to show its appreciation.

13Doing Jumping Jacks For 60 Seconds

Mom’s unborn baby will go crazy for this little-known trick, and her baby may even become much more active if at the least it will reposition itself inside the womb. If wants to bring her baby out of slumber or even just wants to feel a little flutter, she should try doing one of these two things: doing jumping jacks for a minute (or less because we know how tiring pregnancy can be) and the sit down really quick immediately afterward, or she could try running in place for a minute and then sit down quick.

This may sound totally crazy, but it has been said to work like a charm every time. This can be especially useful is a mom has to get an ultrasound done, and the baby is being shy. Using these tricks could be just what mom needs in order to make the baby move into view. Moms can also use the technique if her baby is resting somewhere that is causing mom some pain or discomfort. Plus, she can get some exercise in for the day!

12Bedroom Fun

This is a wild one, but something that may really excite mom can really excite her baby. Just not in the same exact way. So, try not to get too creeped out by this method regarding what the baby would go crazy for. When mom is having some bedroom play time and the big “O” happens, and she gets the feelings of elation and euphoria, her unborn baby will also get those same things, but not in the intimate sense that mom gets. The baby will just get feelings of happiness and relaxation.

These good feelings come from the release of oxytocin in mom’s body after the big moment. Oxytocin also lowers cortisol, which is the main hormone that causes stress. When mom's body releases the oxygen, that baby will also get a dose of what their mom is taking as well.

11When Mom Pokes The Baby Back

There are ways for a mom to be interactive with her baby and even play with her baby, while it is still safe inside her womb. The baby will go absolutely crazy for play time! When the baby is being active and kicking, and you can feel right where they are at, you can poke the baby while it is kicking you or moving around. There is a very good possibility that your baby will love this new game much more than you would expect.

Respond back to your baby’s kicks, and let it feel your gentle touch as you poke at him or her. This interactive playtime works best when they are further along, and you are able to visually see your baby’s heel, hand, or other body part protruding out from your belly.

10Don't Be Scared Of Flavors

When mom is somewhere around 13 weeks pregnant, her baby will begin to start tasting a variety of different flavors. When mom ingests certain foods, within 45 minutes of eating, the amniotic fluid that encases her baby will take on the flavor of whatever mom has been munching on. Every now and then, the baby actually swallows some of the fluid which is how the baby gets to taste all of the different flavors. The stronger the flavor, the higher the likelihood of the baby fully tasting the flavor. Things like mom eating garlic or onions will really take the baby to flavor country. The baby will absolutely love it!

Eating a meal or a snack, in general, will cause moms unborn baby to become more active as well. If mom really wants to feel the baby squirm, she should eat a sugary snack or dessert after dinner-only once in a while-and the sugar will give the baby a burst of energy and he will surprise you. Ladies, remember everything you take into your body, your baby will take in too. Eating healthy is key, and will allow you to treat yourself once in a while to that sugary treat.

9Hearing Mom And Dad's Voice

When your growing baby is between 22 and 26 weeks of the pregnancy, its hearing is developed enough that it will be able to distinctly hear its moms and dads soothing voices, loud noises throughout your surrounding area, the swooshing sounds of your blood flowing, the beat of your heart, among other things. So, talk to your baby, read him or her a story, maybe even sing your little one a lullaby. The sound of your voice may even get it to turn its head toward the sounds. Your baby may even jump around and kick as their startle reflex kicks in. You don’t even have to yell for it to hear you.

Although, the louder sounds may get them to react a little bit more due to the fact that it gets startled. Your baby can even hear your tummy growl when you’re famished. Hearing your voice while he is in the womb will help your baby attach to you much quicker when it finally gets to hear your voice from outside the womb on delivery day. So, talk to your baby often.

8Playing Peek-A-Boo… With A Flashlight

Another way for mom to interact and play with her baby while it is still inside the womb is to play a fun game of peek-a-boo but with the twist of a flashlight! Babies see the light the way you or I would see it if we were to look up toward the sun with our eyes closed. It’s bright enough to be able to tell that the sun is actually there through our eyelids. This is the perfect game to play with your unborn baby when you are further along in your pregnancy! Just get a flashlight and point the beam right on your belly!

Your baby will most likely follow the bright light wherever you shine it on your growing belly. It’s amazing for a mom to be able to see and feel her unborn baby move around as it follows the light and to be able to have just a massive interaction with your baby while it is still inside the womb, well before the baby’s expected due date. Playing this game is also a great way for you to bond with your growing baby. This will most likely be the first major game mom gets to play with her developing little one.

7When Mom Laughs

Laughter is often the best medicine, and when mom is laughing it’s like putting the baby in a bouncy house. There was even a study that was done and published in Psychology Today. An ultrasound was performed on pregnant women while they were laughing to see what would happen with the unborn baby. Sure enough, when mom is laughing away, the baby gets to go on an amusing ride. It’s like putting an amusement park ride right in the middle of the baby's living room and gets to ride it free of charge.

The comparison for an adult would be like them jumping on a trampoline. During this study they concluded, in other words, that when mom laughs her baby gets to go for a ride and, in turn, when the pregnant women who were studied saw their unborn baby jumping up and down, they started to laugh harder, making the baby’s ride that much more thrilling. So, go ahead mom laugh out loud because your baby is crazy for this ride and the sound of your laughter!

6Strike A Yoga Pose!

Yoga is one of those exercises that a soon-to-be mom can start taking lessons for right after week fourteen of her pregnancy and mom does not even have to be an expert or novice, actually mom can be a newbie that has never done a yoga pose in her entire life and it will still be safe for the growing babe. The optimal time for a mom to start on her yoga adventure would be anytime after her first trimester has ended. In Britain, the British Wheel of Yoga advises pregnant women to avoid prenatal yoga, or any form of yoga, in the first trimester.

Prenatal yoga is a great way for you to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul while learning how to be more in tune with your body and learning how to pay closer attention to your growing baby which will make him or he happy. You will also learn breathing techniques that can be very beneficial when your baby is getting ready to make an appearance. When you are relaxed from your yoga class, your baby will be relaxed too!

5When Mom Gets Her Nerves Going

When mom gets nervous about something it can make her feel like her stomach is sinking into the ground, or she can get the familiar sensation of butterflies in her stomach, and most of all it will send a surge of adrenaline pumping through her system. When mom gets this adrenaline rush, her baby can get a rush too since it’s all hormone based and whatever is flowing through mom’s veins will make its way to the baby as well; it won't be as potent and hard hitting for the little one.

To get the adrenaline started mom can try watching a horror movie, or something suspenseful, or she can think about what is going to feel and go through during her labor and delivery, and if all else fails mom can think of something she fears the most or about a phobia she may have. Just don’t get too crazy with it, mom, you don’t want to end with a panic attack or releasing too much cortisol.

4Listening To The Radio

Unborn babies really tend to go crazy for music in any form. They will take it any way they can get it whether it’s music from YouTube or mom signing her baby a song with her soft and gentle voice that her baby finds incredibly soothing. Having the unborn baby listen to music has been studied numerous times, and the conclusive reports showed that babies who listened to music in the womb could get the baby moving, it can stimulate the baby's senses, and encourage healthy brain development.

It can also help produce endorphins and serotonin which will make mom feel good, and those good feelings can be transferred to the baby making them happy within the womb. It’s good for a mom to allow her unborn baby to be exposed to various forms of music from pop, rock, to even house music. Some moms think that music is only beneficial to the baby when it’s classical music, and while classical is good for them, they should definitely have other things mixed in with it. So put on some music for your little, and he or she will be moving and wiggling around in no time!

3Playing With The Belly

As a soon-to-be mom, it may seem like playing with your belly happens whether you consciously realize that you are doing it or not. The further along you are, the higher the likelihood that when you are rubbing your belly that your baby may be resting in the area that you are rubbing. Why not intentionally rub or massage your growing baby bump because sometimes it can cause your unborn baby to move around a lot more compared to do nothing at all.

Sometimes if your baby is in the right mood, he or she may even migrate to the area that you are massaging as a way to respond to your gentle touch. When the baby doesn’t feel like being bothered, he or she may move around a lot more to try to get out of the way. However, there is only a small amount of room that it can shift to. It’s the same way if you jiggle your baby belly or if you gently poke it with your finger. Those are three great ways that your baby will go crazy for!

2When Mom Gets Some R&R

At times it seems like mom’s and babies just cannot quite seem to get on the same page when it comes to a sleep schedule. More often than not, when you're trying to get some R&R, your baby will decide that now is a better time than ever to start practicing cartwheels and acrobatics inside of the womb. The baby will go from slumber and a slight subtle demeanor while you are awake, but the moment you want to rest up the baby will start to perform its circus acts.

This could very well be due to the fact that while moms are out doing, they're running around, or cleaning, or just being active, the baby is getting rocked back and forth inside of the womb which may be making them more tired during the day. Then at night, when a mom is trying to rest up the baby become awake from sleeping most of the day away, but the rocking motions have subsided, so the baby is no longer being rocked to sleep.

1Happy Mommy, Happy Baby

When mom is happy and in a cheerful mood, her brain releases ‘happy’ hormones into her body known as dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin. Those happy hormones put a smile on mom’s face. Just like with everything else, when those hormones are released into mom's body they get carried all the to the baby, making the baby very happy too.

However, it can work the opposite way as well, if mom’s mood is done, then the baby is going to feel negatively too. When mom is unhappy hormones like cortisol get released cause stress, those hormones get transferred to the baby and then those nasty hormones course through their bloodstream.

Essentially babies can pick up on their mother's feelings and moods. That is why it is so important for pregnant women to practice relaxation techniques to help reduce stress because stress can be bad for babies and can cause things like low birth weight and preterm labor. That’s why babies love their mom is happy: If mama’s happy, baby’s happy!

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