15 Parenting Rules Beyonce Makes Blue Ivy Follow

Blue Ivy Carter is basically the closest thing us Americans are ever getting to royalty. We may not have princes and princesses, but at least we have The First Family of Hip Hop, The Carter Family. The youngster, who was born to hip hip Queen Beyonce and Rap King Jay Z, is most definitely a diva in training.

Even though the kiddo is still knee-high to a grasshopper, her universe is larger than life. She travels like a World Leader, dresses like an A-list celebrity and enjoys all of the nicest things that life has to offer. Who runs the world? Blue Ivy runs the world.

Even though Little Miss Thing seems to hold all of the cards in the Carter household, (you all saw her shush her parents at the Grammies,) she actually isn't calling all of the shots. Her glorious mother, Her Highness Ms. Beyonce, puts the rules down when it comes to her firstborn girl. Of course, this family is anything but average, so you know those rules are going to be over the top and out of the box.

How could they not be when you are raising the next Entertainment Queen.

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14 Nannies Must Follow The Beyonce Bible

According to Metro, Beyonce employees a whopping six nannies to care for her infant twins and two to look over the glorious Blue Ivy. That is a crazy number of childminders to have on staff, but everything the Carters do is large and in charge.

Bey makes sure her nannies have impeccable references and reputations, but even so, she makes sure to gift them all with The Beyonce Bible.

The number one rule Bey has for her daughter is that Bey is the be all, end all and everything that kid eats, does and says comes from a higher power, and that higher power is Mrs. Carter herself. The nannies who watch the Carter kids have to follow Bey's manifesto to a tee or they might find themselves out of a very well paying job.

13 Must Travel In A Fancy Getaway

You probably won't catch Queen Bey rolling up to little Blue's school in a minivan or Suburban anytime soon. According to OK Magazine, Beyonce requires that Baby Blue is shuttled over to school in an entourage that includes not one but TWO motor vehicles.

On top of this, it was reported that three bodyguards accompany Blue throughout her school day.

You would think that the President was rolling up with this kind of travel entourage, not the tot of a pair of entertainers! Parents of the prestigious early learning center have complained that Blue's entourage is distasteful and tacky, and probably very inconvenient for parents who just want to drop their kids off and shoot over to the grocery store for an hour.

12 Blue Has To Work With A Confidence Coach

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Mama Bey makes her young daughter work with a confidence coach! We didn't even know that was a thing and we certainly didn't think that a child as young as Blue would need training in this area. When out in public, she seems pretty sure of herself to us! Regardless of what we might think, Beyonce and Jay Z make Blue Ivy train in the art of Uber-Boss with her confidence coach so that her self-esteem never suffers even for a minute. The coach uses techniques such as drawings, dancing, singing and sculpture to hone in on Blue's ability to be her best self several times a week.

One of Bey's most important parenting goals is to raise powerful, confident females ready to take on the world because Who Runs the World? Girls!

11 Hands Off Blue Ivy!

Little Blue holds a special place in her parents' hearts for a number of reasons. Not only is she Bey and Jay's firstborn child, but (according to The Bump) she is also a Rainbow Baby. Rainbow babies are born to parents who have sadly suffered the loss of an infant or a pregnancy recently. As they say, after the rain comes the sun. Because Blue was so incredibly wanted by her famous parents that they were reportedly very particular with who handled Baby Blue and how they handled her.

According to The List, the long-standing rumor is that Bey and Jay wouldn't let anyone hold Blue Ivy without wearing a surgical mask and latex gloves!

This one may or may not be true, but we wouldn't be shocked if it were actually a Beyonce-enforced rule.

10 Only The Finest Foods For Dinner

Bey made all her fans think she was a run-of-the-mill parent, just like all of us, when she became her daughter's certified snack holder at the Grammies. The all-powerful Bey sat front and center with a juice box in one hand and fruit snacks in the other. Don't let this moment of normal fool you though.

Bey makes sure her kid is served only the finest foods. Blue Ivy has her own personal chef.

Blue's mama wants her kiddo to be eating healthy foods that are prepared fresh, just for her. The problem is Blue is a picky little eater and the chef has to get very creative with his dishes. According to The Hollywood Life, he often makes B.I. homemade pasta with pureed asparagus in the shape of ballet dancers.

9 Must Speak Several Languages

The Carters are sparing no expense to make sure Blue Ivy grows up having every possible educational opportunity known to mankind. The little lady attends a pricey and prestigious school in West Hollywood, has a confidence coach and is in the midst of starting her own line of products. All of this and she probably can't even tie her own shoes yet!

Beyonce also requires that her daughter fluently speak a number of different languages. 

This makes sense considering how much this famous family travels the globe. Even before Blue's formal education began there were reports that she was learning French at only 20 months of age. Honestly is there nothing this unicorn of a child doesn't do? Please tell us one thing Blue Ivy doesn't excel at other than just being a normal kid.

8 Her Name Had To Be Trademarked

Beyonce and her rapper husband are doing their very best to make sure that their kid's name is trademarked. Literally, every single aspect of Blue Ivy is on a whole other level, including her moniker.

According to The Dictionary, the rule according to Ms. Bey is that no one shall ever step to Blue and her name will be treated as one of the most important words in the English language. Everything Bey creates, from music to her kids, is an opportunity for business and growth. Blue is the apple of your mother's eye, but also an investment of sorts to the Royal Carter throne.

Cash rules everything around the Carters, but rules rule everything around little Blue Ivy.

7 Only The Best Education Will Do

Even though Blue's father grew up in the projects and attended public schools, Blue is most definitely not following in his educational footsteps. Her mother is making sure that she receives an education that is fit for a Queen.

She attends an elite private school in West Hollywood and that education doesn't come cheap.

According to the school's website, her parents' have to fork over almost $20,000 for a preschool education there and tuition climbs up to $30,000 for grades 3-6. West Hollywood's Center of Early Education will be making sure Blue's academic skills are sharp and her parents will make sure that her singing and acting chops are on point. It certainly looks like Blue Ivy is going to grow up to be one well rounded and talented human being.

6 Can't Leave The House Without Looking The Part

We all know that Ms. Beyonce Cater is the ultimate style icon. Everything she wears looks like a million bucks on her banging body. Her daughter must follow in those footsteps and look the part of a Fashionista at all times. According to The List, little Blue accompanied her mother to the 2016 VMA's wearing a tiny gown that cost under $11,000 dollars!

Bey makes sure her kid is the best-dressed human on the planet.

This is why she employs a personal shopper and stylist to make sure Blue is looking fly at all times. This is one of those times where we wouldn't mind being Bey's baby and following her rules at all! Please Bey, make us wear Gucci everything! This is most definitely a rule that we could easily follow.

5 Step Out Of The Way, Blue!

Blue is constantly being photographed with her super famous mom and dad, but sometimes she is forced to step aside and make room for the true Queen herself. Blue might be the little princess, but her mother is the Ultimate Diva, never forget that people. The rule is that when Bey feels like an image needs her and only her, Blue better make herself scarce. Bey wanted a few images taken of herself in an elevator, (weird considering all of the possible backdrops she could use, but hey art is art we suppose,) and didn't feel that Blue's presence completed her artistic vision. According to Perez Hilton, Bey seems to have solved this problem by making Blue hide behind the security guard while some pictures were taken for Beyonce's blog.

We see those golden shoes Blue!

4 A Mini Mogul In Training

Blue Ivy is probably going to be something incredible one day, and her parents clearly think that this "training for awesomeness" needs to start immediately.

Beyonce basically requires that Blue Ivy start her reign as hip hop goddess and massive business mogul ASAP.

Success and wealth are what the Carter's excel at, so Blue better get on board with that. According to Diply, Bey's company is in the process of launching a line of Blue Ivy Carter products. The items will include things like hair care products, video games and fragrances. We wonder what the new line of kiddie perfumes will smell like. They will probably be a mix of bubble gum and money.

3 Have To Match With Mama Bey

Here is another rule that Queen Bey makes her daughter follow that we would be totally okay following too. Beyonce often makes little Blue Ivy dress just like mommy. In fact, they are often seen twinning in the most diva-like frocks available to mankind. Color us jealous. Even though Blue is developing her own sense of fashion and style, her mommy still enjoys playing twin dress up with her number one girl.

The pair is often photographed looking nearly identical, while out and about on the town.

The only variation in their fashion, as seen here when the family visited the Museum of ice Cream, is in their footwear. Talented as Blue might be, we highly doubt that she could rock the six-inch heels her mother often trots around in.

2 Must Travel Like A Boss

Bey and Jay truck little Blue Ivy around the globe and have been doing so since the little princess came into this world, blessing us with her divine presence. Even though the tyke is school aged now, when mom and dad hit the road so does Blue Ivy Carter. She is rarely away from her mama's side for too long and had been to nearly every corner of the world by the time she turned five years of age. Of course, she does all of this in style too. At two years old she was boarding private jets in pink high heels, no frumpy sweatpants for this kid! You can click Here to check our some of Blue's most fashionable jet-setting styles over the past few years. We can't wait to see twins Rumi and Sir's travel frocks in the years to come!

1 BFF's forever

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Blue is not only Beyonce first born child and heiress to everything glorious and magical that the Carters have built, she is also Bey's best friend forever. These two travel together, play together and often dress up as twins. There is no doubt that Blue is Beyonce's righthand gal. Bey can't go without her mini-me for very long. She has required Blue's presence in her entertainment travels since before the kid could walk and talk. According to The Daily Mail, Bey brought along her tiny bff to her The Mrs. Carter Show in Brazil when Blue was only 19 months old. Motherhood has profoundly changed Queen Bey as a human being. She has often referred to motherhood as life-changing and the most important and proudest accomplishment of her life. Considering all this woman has achieved in her thirty-five years on the planet, that is saying a LOT.

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