15Using Breastfeeding As Birth Control

When your body is recovering from pregnancy and birth it needs rest, and part of that rest means avoiding getting pregnant again. A recent report released from Michigan University discovered that some new mums encounter child-birth injuries that are equivalent to those sustained by athletes in an intense event, meaning

it could take your body significantly longer than six weeks to heal itself. Pregnancy-related hormones like relaxin can remain in your body for as many as four months after you stop breastfeeding. Even though this is true, and if mom has not had her first postpartum period yet, it doesn’t mean that she can't get pregnant again. While you're less fertile while breastfeeding, this doesn’t mean you’re infertile. Sure breastfeeding can slow the hormones that cause ovulation, but you won’t know when you’re ovulating again until you receive your first period (two weeks later).

Moms with babies who sleep through the night early often become fertile again in as little as three to eight months post-birth. It takes up to two years for your abdomen to heal post birth and a 2012 University of Salford study concluded, “Women need a year to recover both physically and emotionally after childbirth. Relationships, personal self-worth, finances and health are all put through the mill in the first 12 months.” So when your doctor suggests you use backup birth control, don’t scoff, they know what they’re talking about.

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