15Try A Sip

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Producing milk for our littles is a genuinely naturally-occurring and beautiful process. Honestly, if our milk is good enough for our babies, then it is clearly good enough for us to take a sip and try it out.

Sometimes we just get the urge. Other times, our partners are curious and want a taste. We are not talking about a glass of milk to accompany our cookies for an evening snack. We are talking about milk that comes from our own bodies. According to Parents, this is a

natural reaction from the people in our lives, including ourselves and our children.

Some parents have a true desire to know what it tastes like out of sheer curiosity. Others want to know more what their babies are ingesting and what it tastes like, since it can change according to the types of foods we eat.

Ultimately, it is much more common than most people may even realize. Many parents find that breastmilk is much sweeter than what they would have anticipated. It will not harm any of the people in your life to try it. To allow them a sip of it, you can feed them as you would your newborn if you're really brazen, or you can pump and let them sip. We imagine most prefer the latter. But hey, you never know.

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