15 Things Casey Anthony Did While Caylee Was Missing

Nine years after her acquittal, Casey Anthony is still one of the most hated women in America. Ms. Anthony was found not-guilty of first-degree murder when she stood trial for the horrible death of her two year old daughter, Caylee. So why does everyone hate her? Well, one might say that she was certainly not a “typical mother” when it came to her concern for her daughter.

Caylee Marie Anthony “went missing” approximately 30 days before anybody reported it to the police, and Casey Anthony was the only one that knew. The young mother had moved out of her parents’ house on the very day that anyone had last seen the child alive.

Casey’s parents could not reach their daughter, and when they did finally did, were told that Caylee was “with the nanny." Her parents were under the impression that Casey was going to work every day and leaving their precious granddaughter in the care of a babysitter.

As everyone would soon find out, there was no nanny and there was no job. Casey had made up the entire story to avoid anyone asking questions as to the location of her little girl. It worked for a while, but with each passing day, her parents were becoming more worried about that beautiful baby.

When Cindy Anthony finally dragged her daughter Casey home from her boyfriend’s house, the nightmare began to unfold. She told her mother that Caylee had been kidnapped by the nanny, and had been missing for a month. Sadly, this was only one of the crazy lies that would soon unravel the life of those that loved little Caylee. Casey, however, did not seem concerned at all. In fact, she had been spending the last 30 days out partying like a rock star.

15 Borrows A Shovel From Her Parents’ Neighbor

One of the Anthony’s neighbors testified that Casey Anthony asked him if she could borrow a shovel to "dig up a bamboo root." This occurred on June 18th, just two days after Caylee was last seen alive. She returned the shovel about an hour later, he said. In my mind, these two days could very well be why Casey’s car had such a strong smell inside of the trunk.

On its own, this act could be suspicious. But add the fact that Casey had already moved out of her house two days earlier, and that Caylee’s body would be found, buried in a shallow grave in the woods only a couple blocks from the Anthony’s home, and this girl has got some serious explaining to do.

In addition to this little scenario, Casey then abandoned her car in a nearby parking lot. I don’t think even a liar with her resume could make this story sound anything but horrific.

14 Gets A "Bella Vita" Tattoo

During Casey Anthony’s murder trial, tattoo artist Bobby Williams testified that Casey visited his shop on July 2, 2008. Two short weeks after her daughter had last been seen alive, Ms. Anthony requested that the words, “Bella Vita" be tattooed on her shoulder. "Bella Vita" means "Beautiful Life" in Italian.

Williams stated that Anthony seemed very happy and excited during her visit. He also testified that Casey told him that her daughter Caylee was with her nanny. When her tattoo was finished, she told Mr. Williams that she would like another appointment for later in July. She informed him that she would be bringing Caylee with her to the next appointment.

Oh my goodness, this girl is a true nut. She lives in some sort of alternate universe from the rest of us. Bottom line is that for an entire month, no matter what happened to her daughter, she knew that she was not truly missing. She knew there was no nanny. She knew that she was now able to live foot loose and fancy free. She was now able to live her sick version of the “Bella Vita.” Ugh.

13 Said She Talked To Caylee On The Phone

The only way that anyone would have even remotely bought Casey’s stories about Caylee being off on Disney and beach adventures with the “nanny” would have been if she was at least speaking to the child on the phone. She did claim that the nanny would call her with updates, and even claimed that she had spoken directly to Caylee on many occasions. Of course, these were blatant lies as well, because as we all now know, there was no nanny, no beach, and certainly no Disney vacation.

Casey would excuse herself to another room when pretending to speak to her daughter. Wouldn’t want to seem odd in any way, now would you, Casey?

Her boyfriend and roommates testified that they never heard Casey on the phone with Caylee any time after she moved into their apartment. The stories, however, just kept coming and coming.

12 Buys Beer With Stolen Checks

Apparently, Casey wanted to make sure that her boyfriend and his roommates were well taken care of. Here’s a security cam pic of her buying a cart full of groceries and beer, approximately two weeks after Caylee was "kidnapped” by the babysitter.

Remember, at this point, nobody knows that there is anything odd about the whereabouts of sweet little Caylee. Oddly, for a mother of a two year old shopping at Target, there are no items in that cart that may be required for a toddler. No cereal? No pull ups? No toy just to surprise her little angel?

Nope. Casey was not only buying beer and food for the house, she was using checks that she had stolen from a friend! Stolen checks! Apparently fake jobs don’t give you a real paycheck! This girl is a real class act. Ick.

11 Parties Without A Care In The World

I ask you, can you even fathom the thought of someone partying like a rock star while their little daughter is either missing or murdered? According to Casey’s later defense, she knew that little Caylee had drowned in the pool just days earlier, even though it wasn't until weeks later that her mother would finally report her missing.

This girl is quite possibly the sickest pathological liar that has ever walked the face of the planet. I honestly think she could no longer tell the difference between truth and lies. Her lies were complete and detailed stories about her daily life. The line between reality and fantasy seems to have been horribly distorted.

Dinners, bars, movies, shopping, drinking, smoking, and sex. This is how Casey Anthony spent her days and nights while little Caylee was still unaccounted for. Sickening. There is definitely something very wrong with this girl.

10 Enters A Hot Body Contest

During the trial, Casey's boyfriend and his roommates confirmed that Casey Anthony was a contestant in a hot body contest at a local nightclub, just four days after Caylee was last seen alive. Seriously? Is there any mother on the planet that would be partying with this huge smile on her face while her sweet baby girl’s whereabouts were unknown?

Just look at this picture. This girl does not have a care in the world. According to her own story, when Caylee was finally reported missing Casey was looking for her herself during the month that she hadn’t called police. Really? Did you think that a two year old was going to be hanging out at the local bar? Oh my goodness. She is truly a piece of work.

The level of crazy is just off the charts! No matter what happened to her daughter, on this day, she was living the dream in true Casey Anthony fashion. Everything was all about her.

9 Backs Her Car Into The Garage

Their neighbor also said he remembered seeing Anthony's white car backed into the garage on the afternoon of June 16th…which was the day that Caylee was last seen alive. It is also the very same day the defense stated that Caylee had drowned in the family swimming pool.

Those two acts on her part are enough to make anyone question her involvement in this case. Seriously? She backs her car into the garage on the day the child died and two days later asks the neighbor for a shovel? Then six months later, the child was found in a shallow grave in the woods near the family home? Unbelievable.

The behavior of this woman was nothing short of deplorable from day one. She showed no concern for her sweet baby girl no matter what had actually happened to her. How could she really think she was going to get away with it? Oh…well as a matter of fact, SHE DID!!

8 Drove To Her Boyfriend's Place On The First Day

Just weeks before Caylee Anthony disappeared, Casey found a new boyfriend via Facebook. The two were instantly an item, and spent a lot of time together. Casey had started to frequent his apartment, and became friendly with his friends and roommates. In fact, Casey had even brought Caylee with her on occasion, and the group of young adults was very fond of the child.

On the day that Caylee “went missing” (although nobody was aware), Casey drove from her parents’ home directly to the home of her new boyfriend. This time, however, without Caylee. Cellphone pings from that day show that the young mom had used her phone near her parents' home at around 3;00, and by 4:00 she was at the home of her new lover.

The stage was being set for a multitude of lies to come. Casey had gotten the new life that she wanted, and she was going to make the most of it.

7 Said Caylee Was At Disney World With The Nanny

When the people in Casey’s new life would ask about the whereabouts of little Caylee, she was always armed and ready with some sort of detailed and fascinating answer. One of the most elaborate at the time was that Caylee was off on an adventure at Disney World with her babysitter. The little details that would be included were truly staggering. Every miniscule event, lie after lie after lie.

What a fabulous babysitter, huh? Casey must have been making a ton of money at her fake job to be able to afford a luxurious trip to Disney World for her daughter and her nanny! What a great mom! You have to wonder though, why wouldn’t she want to join them? Why wouldn’t she want to spend time with her adorable baby girl instead of drinking mass amounts of alcohol and entering hot body contests? Oh yeah…because it was all a big fat LIE!!

6 Has A Romantic Date At Blockbusters

Approximately four hours after her cellphone ping showed she was near her parents’ home, and the very same day that Caylee was last seen alive, Casey took a sweet little trip to her boyfriend’s local Blockbuster Video, where they strolled around arm in arm.

Does this look like a mother that is the slightest bit concerned about her child? Does this look like a mother who just found her daughter dead in the pool that morning, and had the child's father tell her that he would “take care” of the body? I don’t think so. I think this looks like a carefree young woman who is enjoying a nice little outing with her boyfriend.

How does this happen? How is she acting normally given the horrible scenario that unfolded earlier that afternoon? She knew her daughter was dead or missing, and she told nobody? She felt nothing?

5 Plays "Shot Girl" At The Bar

Casey Anthony’s boyfriend was one of the managers at a nightclub near his apartment. When interviewed, the women that worked at the bar stated that Casey was nice and helpful. Although she was new to the bar, Casey took it upon herself to act as the manager of the “shot girls." These women were paid to walk around the bar and encourage patrons to purchase shots of alcohol.

“She always made sure that we were ok, that we were taken care of, and that we weren’t in harm’s way at all," one of the women stated. Another girl testified that Casey compared how protective she was of the shot girls to her instinct to take care of and protect her daughter, Caylee.

The women at the bar also noted that Casey always seemed happy and normal. Imagine that! Ugh. “She was just like one of us," said one of the other employees. “She was very well liked."

4 Moves In With Her Boyfriend

What’s a carefree young woman to do when she can no longer freeload off of her parents due to the fact that she has recently “gotten rid” of her two year old daughter? Well, she swears that she was worried and looking for sweet little two year old Caylee on her own the whole time.

But not really! She officially moved in with her boyfriend of one month! According to testimony from the boyfriend and his roommates, Casey was happy-go-lucky. She was always helpful and sweet, and could hold her own and party with the best of them.

In fact, her boyfriend would even play hooky on days he should have been going to work and school, just to spend the day with Casey in the bedroom. By the way, she never mentioned that Caylee was “missing." She only told him that she was with the nanny.

3 Plays Little Miss Domestic

Ironically, Casey Anthony had a strong desire to be liked by her new group of friends as the mom of the house. She wanted to “take care” of them. It was not uncommon for her to cook, clean, and do laundry for all of the men in the house. Does anyone else find it odd that she was playing a maternal role for adult men while her innocent and sweet baby girl was likely lying lifeless in a shallow grave in the woods near her parents’ home?

Casey Anthony lives in her own form of reality. There is no way that she thought that her baby was ok; she was the only one that had any information about her whereabouts at the time. Every story was made up, yet she tried to make herself sound like a wonderful caring mother when comparing her own behaviors in that apartment to the way she cared for Caylee. So disturbing.

2 Always Had A Smile On Her Face

Whether she was at home snuggling with her boyfriend, out gallivanting at the local bars, or attending a keg party with friends, Casey always seemed to have a smile on her face. Friends stated that they never suspected that anything had been bothering her, because she seemed like her regular, outgoing and happy self.

“She was always a party girl," said one of the roommates in her boyfriend’s apartment. She would often come home drunk, and always with a giggle and a smile. She wasn’t a depressed drunk at all.

“She was always outgoing and friendly, and from the beginning seemed like someone that would get along well with our group of friends.”

It sounds like Casey was playing the role of a typical partying twenty-something pretty well. She was going with the flow, and joining others her age in the carefree life that she had been missing so desperately since becoming a mother.

1 Helped Look For Caylee While Out On Bail

During the brief period that Casey Anthony was released on bail, she jumped right on board with her parents in their desperate search for beautiful Caylee. There were search parties looking everywhere, media trucks parked on their driveway, daily interviews, billboards, flyers, and any means the grandparents could think of to help find their beautiful granddaughter.

Casey jumped right into the active search, wearing a Caylee T-shirt, making phone calls (she was on house arrest), and plotting and planning search strategies. She was being interviewed over and over again by the police, who were desperately trying to locate her missing toddler.

Once again, Casey was up to her eyeballs in keeping all of her crazy lies straight. She was doing her best to “help” police to reconstruct the crime by visiting her fake place of employment, and her fake nanny’s apartment. Wasn’t she such a helpful little thing?

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