15 Things Celeb Moms Do To Survive Parenthood

Being a mom is no easy task. That's one thing that everyday people have in common with celebrities. Celebrities, though, have the world watching their every move as they parent. Some celebs have been able to successfully navigate parenthood in the limelight. Many have been able to strike the perfect balance between family life and demanding careers.

Keep reading to learn exciting tricks and life hacks that celebrity parents share with everyday moms. From fixing a Pull-Up on a plane to making bedtime go smoothly, moms everywhere will want to know about these excellent celeb life hacks.

How do Madonna and Heidi Klum manage less than perfect kids and ultra-successful careers? The answers might surprise other moms trying to do the same thing. Not all parts of parenting can be glamorous - no matter who you are. These moms understand the nitty-gritty aspects of raising children. No troop of nannies can save them from the demands of being a mom.

Learn what to do to be ready for baby's next blow out diaper or how to end jealousies between tot and newborn. Discover great ways to get the kiddos to eat more veggies. No mom will want to miss these ingenious mom hacks some celebs swear by.

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15 Melissa Joan Heart On Veggie Tricks

Via: https://urbanmoms.ca/entertainment/celebrity/melissa-joan-hart-releases-clothing-line-just-for-boys/

Getting kids to eat healthily can be a challenge. Some kids are more open to different types of foods than other kids. No matter how diverse a child's palette, there are always times they won't want to eat their veggies. Moms everywhere can learn something from Melissa Joan Heart's creative take on mealtime. Melissa admits that her three boys, Mason, 12, Braydon, 9, and Tucker, 5, are very active. They love to play outside and play sports. Getting them moving isn't a problem, but once in a while meal times can be. Melissa's approach to healthy foods is fun and creative.

She starts by giving nutritious foods fun names. Instead of saying broccoli, she calls it "trees". Tofu is disguised as "rocks" in her house. Types of things boys can't resist eating.

Melissa explained to Us Weekly that veggies could be more intriguing with dipping sauces and her boys will eat asparagus with soy sauce. Snack time is no exception for this actresses' boy-loving treats. She makes fun snacks like ants on a log with celery, peanut butter, and raisins. When all else fails, she gets her boys to scarf down meals by asking them to eat like a T-rex.

14 Tia Mowry On Crafts

Via: https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-moms/news/tia-mowry-and-her-son-teach-us-how-to-make-fall-leaf-cards-w437442/

Taking the time to do crafts can open the doors for bonding and creativity. Projects with little ones teach them so many skills. They start to think about the world in a different way when they know they are active creators. The time together with their parents also helps them to learn to follow instructions, work on new vocabulary and practice essential skills for kindergarten like cutting and pasting. Teachers love when students come to school already knowing how to do multiple step projects because they've been doing them at home for years.

Tia Mowry understands the importance of doing projects with her son Cree. Tia and Cree worked on a creat leaf project when he was five. She creatively put together two of his favorite things, fall leaves, and sea creatures. The two made adorable cards with pressed leaves. They did more than the traditional pressed leaf project. Tia and Cree turned the leaves into sea creatures. They added eyes and cute sayings. Tia said that her son loves to go to the aquarium to learn more about the fish and animals. In the end, they sent the cards to family members to enjoy. Cree was excited to send it off to his Grandpa.

13 Chrissy Teigen On Bath Time

Via: https://us.hellomagazine.com/celebrities/2016043031196/chrissy-teigen-shares-adorable-photo-of-baby-luna-at-bath-time/

Bath time can be absolutely adorable or a total wreck. Mom, Chrissy Teigen knows this. She shared a great idea on Instagram for making bathtime better.

She showed her fans of baby Luna in the tub with a swaddling blanket underneath her. The blanket helps baby to feel more secure. It also gives more padding to the hard plastic baby tub.

Moms and dads will try anything to make bath time more comfortable. The receiving blanket can also be used to help cover up the baby during the bath. A little blanket or washcloth across baby’s tummy will help to keep baby warmer. Usually, the cold air will make baby shriek. Making sure all of baby is warm and cozy in the bath while maintaining the water level at a safe and low level will make bath time more enjoyable.

Parents are always on the lookout for other ways to make bathtime more fun and safe. Keeping the time short is great for newborns and young infants. Since this time can create sensory overload, cleaning baby quickly is critical. As baby grows, he’ll enjoy bathtime more and more. When baby gets a little older, he’ll love playing with toys and having a blast in the tub.

12 Kristen Bell On Broken Pull Ups

Via: https://www.instagram.com/p/BUN5OFRFHT5/?utm_source=ig_embed

Any mom working on potty training her little one has to be able to think quickly. Kristen Bell knows this well. She was on a flight with her son when his Pull-Up broke. She made do with what she had and fixed the Pull-Up using a hair tie.

Pull-Ups are easy to get up and down but they can also tear apart pretty quickly. It's great to have a quick way to fix one when the need arises. Parents who are working to potty train their tots will always need to be aware of where the closest bathroom is. Taking the child frequently can help to reduce the number of accidents. Take a child to the potty in public can be a whole different ballgame. The toilets are different (and often dirty) and sometimes the automatic flush will freak kids out. Another problem with practicing on the potty in public is that the seat is usually too big.

You won't want to carry a potty seat with you everywhere. Instead, you can turn the child sideways on the seat. This will keep their legs up on the opposite side of the seat so they can sit down without falling in.

11 Kim K On Nursing

Nursing a new baby while handling a tot can be difficult. This is a sweet time to share with the baby, but it can create jealousy for the tot. Since a newborn nurses so frequently, the tot can realize that the baby needs and gets a lot of attention. Some kids are okay with this while others aren't. Kim Kardashian found this out as she tried to nurse her son Saint. She shared her experience on the Ellen Degeneres show. She was having problems with North while trying to feed Saint.

To ease North's jealousy, she came up with an ingenious idea. Kim grabbed a milk box with a straw and tucked it inside her shirt. North was able to cuddle and drink milk while the baby did.

Many moms find that a tot or preschooler might show interest in nursing when there is a newborn baby around. Usually, this interest is short lived and the older child finds out quickly that they're not missing out on much. A little trick like the milk box trick Kim shared can do enough to satisfy the curiosity so the little one can move on. Toddlers have more fun playing with toys that cuddling every time the newborn needs to eat.

10 Blake Lively On Kids' Feedback

Via: http://thezoereport.com/culture/celebrities/blake-lively-ryan-reynolds-first-family-appearance/

Letting everyone have a voice in the house is essential. No parent wants the kids to run the house entirely, but it's okay for them to feel heard. Blake Lively had a great idea for keeping the lines of communication open in her home. She planned on letting the kiddos leave their feedback in a comment box.

She told an Australian news outlet, “The kids could leave comments on what you could do better, or what the other kids could do better." This is a great idea that lets each member of the family have a voice.

The tactic would have to be used in the right family environment, though. A family focused on treating each other with respect would be a must. Teaching the children how to speak kindly while expressing themselves would be necessary for this type of parenting strategy. An adult would have to read all of the feedback to keep an eye on how each member of the family is treating each other. Other families have similar focuses on being open and honest with each other. Some families hold family meetings and let each member speak on issues that are important to them. Other families keep an open line of communication at all times and discuss anything the kids want to at the dinner table.

9 Tamera Mowry On Sleep


Every parent on Earth has had questions about how to get the baby to sleep better. Getting the kids to bed is an essential part of parents keeping their sanity. Bedtime provides relief to a busy day of caring for another's needs. For many parents, its the only time they get to spend alone with their partner. Bedtime can even be a marriage saver. That's why moms and dads around the world perked up when Tamera Mowry offered sound advice for a smoother night on her blog. Tamera shared with her fans that a nighttime ritual is essential for a more tranquil and more peaceful bedtime.

She laid it out saying, “...Our nighttime ritual includes a warm bath, bedtime stories, and prayer. These are all relaxing, “wind down” type of activities, that help lull baby to sleep,”

Parents can play with their nighttime routine to find what works for their family. Having something in place helps the child to expect what is coming next. Even kids like to anticipate the flow of their day. A routine helps them to relax and feel like they have more control. Parents can also try to add a relaxing scent like lavender or jasmine to the bedtime. Diffusing it during the routine is another signal to baby's body that its time to slow down.

8 Hilary Duff On Wardrobe Changes

Daily Mail

Carrying an extra set of clothes or two for baby is covered in parenting 101. Until the child reaches about the age of 3, most parents are sure to keep one or two extra outfits in the diaper bag (warning: as soon as you stop carrying one, your child will need one). Hilary Duff found out the hard way that she should be bringing something extra for herself. She was on a plane with her son when he had an explosive diaper. The blow out ended up on both of them. She explained to Buzzfeed that, “...He had an extra outfit, but I didn’t." Not a situation you want to have while stuck on a plane! She went on to say,

“That was an interesting last hour and a half of the plane ride. He was clean, he was good... I wasn’t. So I’ve shoved an extra T-shirt into my bag ever since."

Parents can quickly find themselves in a mess from a baby or child. A wet shirt could be from any number of bodily fluids. Kids are frequently sticky and messing with other things too. A clean shirt is nice for mom and dad. Sometimes pants are needed also. A child sitting on moms lap during a blow out will leave people wondering who really had the accident.

7 Jessica Biel On Multitasking

Via: https://www.instagram.com/p/BK_mKkJjYPP/?utm_source=ig_embed

For years moms have been highlighted for being able to balance everything. It was thought that a woman's mind had an incredible ability to handle multiple tasks at once. Women were trying to juggle an impossible number of jobs at one time. In many ways, it seemed like they were pulling it off too. New research is showing that very few people can do multiple things at once. What most people do instead is called task switching. What this means is that they will focus on one task for a period before switching gears and focusing on another duty for a period. Productivity gurus have found that this will slow most people down. Instead, mom's best bet is to entirely focus on one thing at a time. She'll be able to do it faster and better than if she were trying to do more than one thing at a time.

Jessica Biel though may have found a little mom loophole. If the task isn't too tricky, mom might be able to do more than one thing at a time (walking and chewing gum perhaps?).

Jessica Biel tries to make the most of her time by eating in the shower.

Yikes! If you can stomach it, eating in the shower might shave a minute off of your morning routine. One morning, Jessica shared with Instagram fans that she had a chicken apple sausage and espresso during her morning shower.

6 Madonna On Balancing Home And Work


Any mom trying to balance a career and home life knows it isn't simple. It can seem overwhelming and nearly impossible some days. A working mom can feel pulled in a million directions. Moms who do it all might feel like they can't do it all well. These moms aren't alone. Madonna has an incredible career and has had her fair share of trying to find the best work-family balance. When asked about how she does it, Madonna responded “You have to be very disciplined to handle both your work and your children. I find it hard enough just managing my daughter, much less my career." Even Madonna admits that it can be challenging. Not many moms have the resources that Madonna does either.

Other moms find that taking a step back from their careers for a few years can help. This doesn't mean that mom has to be a stay-at-home mom. Instead, mom could try taking a different position that has more flexibility. Some moms find that they can work partially or entirely from home. Some can even stay in their current position and do the work from home. This at least saves them time commuting to and from work. There are many different ways to strike the right balance and one answer won't work for every family.

5 Heidi Klum On Parenting

Via: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-4602076/Heidi-Klum-kids-appearing-Tonight-Show.html

Parents can quickly feel that their house is out of control. It seems that a home with one child or many can get messy and noisy in no time. Watching TV, some parents might think that they are alone. They may look around the house and long for the days of tidy living rooms and mess-free meals. The reality is that many homes end up a wild mess each night. Even Heidi Klum is honest with fans, letting them know that things get a little crazy in her abode too. She shares her humanness by saying, “Our house is full of life, laughter, and mayhem. Every dinnertime something spills. Or they are wearing uniforms for school, and when we have breakfast in the morning, food gets all over their hands. You can tell them a thousand times “Do not wipe it on your pants.” …. “But that’s when you roll with it. My house is not like a museum. You can see that children live there. It’s their house as much as mine." Its refreshing to hear that even in the beautiful life of a supermodel, things get messy. Life doesn't stop for celebrities. There's an essential oneness to the parenting experience.

4 Felicity Huffman On Marriage And Parenting


Nurturing a marriage and children at the same time can put a strain on the relationship. More often than not, the marriage takes a back seat - at least for a while. Especially when children are very young, it can be difficult to make time for a spouse. The children rely on mom and dad for nearly every function of life. They're helpless and adorable and can be total energy sucks. Felicity Huffman admitted that she was worried about what would happen to her marriage once they had kids. She said, "‘I was always afraid that when my husband and I had kids he would forget about me and only focus on the children, but in fact I am the one too focused on them, and he has to say to me “Hey, we need some couple’s time! Remember me! I’m the guy you married!”’ Her husband's experience isn't that unheard of.

Many men find that they get a lot less attention once their wife has a baby to care for. Women are easily consumed by motherhood.

They often are breastfeeding the child and therefore solely responsible for feeding day and night. Moms also have an instant bond with children at birth. The bond begins long before birth as mom's body helps to create the baby. This bond is strong and can be overwhelming. Many families find that the marriage takes a backseat for a while. Hopefully, this evens out eventually before the marriage fails.

3 Lisa Kudrow On After-Birth Healing


Giving birth for the first time is an incredible experience. It can be a disorienting experience too. Mom suddenly has a tiny creature to care for and also has to heal from the physical trauma of birth. All the changes can throw her for a loop. This is a time that mom should take it easy and giver herself plenty of time to get used to her new life. Lisa Kudrow gave advice for first time moms. She said, “For anyone who’s about to give birth, let me say this: There will be a couple of weeks afterwards when you’ll feel terrible, but don’t freak out because it will pass." Most moms find that after they learn what to expect with the first child that it never is so difficult to bounce back after the second or third child.

Much of what it takes to bounce back is knowing just how much healing will be needed.

The first time shock of having a baby seems to have even more to do with the healing process than what most new moms realize. After the first birth, mom's and their bodies know that it will take some time to get back to normal.

2 Maya Angelou On Teaching

Via: https://www.pinterest.com/Encausticdreams/maya-angelou-rip/

Children are like sponges - they are ready to soak up any information around them. Its important for parents to take time to expose their children to lots of great information. Maya Angelou gave advice for how parents can encourage their children to learn. She said, "You have to remember that children are newcomers to the world. They didn't come bringing any information, so they need to learn as much as possible. The best way to do that is by reading so that you know as much as possible. Then make up a story about Europe, the queen of England, a king in Sweden. No matter what it's about, if you make a story exciting enough, they'll be inspired to go out and learn more."

The more children learn, the more they want to learn. It opens up their world.

They can't get enough and will try to learn everything possible. Creating excitement in learning will only help to encourage kids to seek out more magnificent stories and adventures. Picture books are an excellent way to bring new worlds to life for children. For a while, they might get hooked on a specific book and want to hear it over and over again. Both old favorites and new books are great for young children.

1 Dr. Oz On Physical Activity


Children need a combination of mental stimulation, emotional balance, healthy eating and physical exercise to be healthy and bright. Parents have the difficult jobs of addressing each area of their children's lives. Keeping the kids active will help them to stay fit and grow healthier and healthier. Many people turn to Dr. Oz for advice on health and fitness. As a father, he has great advice for other parents on physical activity. Dr. Oz explains, "The best way to encourage a love of exercise in your kids is to lead by example."

"My children know that unless it's raining, they're going outside--and I'm going with them. I'll challenge them to the Oz Olympics, filled with things like obstacle courses and running around the house four times fast. I give them these tough challenges so that sometimes they'll fail, and they'll learn how to get back up again. That kind of resilience is what taking control of your health is all about."

With this way of parenting, children learn the importance of moving their bodies as well as perseverance. They also get to spend lots of quality time with mom and dad. This time outside being active helps the entire family to stay healthy.

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