15 Things Dads Should Be Doing In The Third Trimester

Alright pregnant ladies, show this to the baby daddy because there is a lot he should be doing during the pregnancy, too! In particular, during that third trimester, when the due date is right around the corner.

Dads-to-be have to help out, right? Sometimes, they feel clueless, they have no real idea of how they can help their pregnant wives, but they do usually want to lend a hand. No shame in giving them some ideas on how to help out during that last three months before baby joins both of you in the world.

It can be hard for any man to sympathize with a woman’s pregnancy (if only they could be the ones to get pregnant, right?!). Well, fortunately, there are tons of tasks they can complete to feel like they are contributing something.

There are actually lots of things that expecting fathers can do during the last trimester. Because we all know that the third trimester makes it very difficult to get much done at all! We are tired, cranky, and huge. We need to get ready for the baby, but it is hard to stand, sit, or walk, much less get stuff done! That is where dad can help out.

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15 Keep The Romantic Gestures Coming

There is nothing like pregnancy to suck the life out of you. Women who are expecting a baby often feel fat, huge, gross, and so much more. Sure, the lucky ones feel like they're glowing and beautiful, but not all of us feel that way!

That is why the dear dad-to-be needs to keep on top of being romantic, and maybe needs to up his game a bit, especially in the third trimester. He should still take his wife out for dates to dinner or the movies. He can occasionally buy her flowers or anything else that she loves. For some women, just him being present in her life or attending her prenatal appointments is more than enough. The bottom line- guys need to make an effort in being romantic as that due date approaches!

14 Let Her Have The Side Of The Bed Near The Bathroom

We all know that pregnancy makes you pee! And as that baby grows and you get closer to your due date, the urge to urinate is sometimes overwhelming. Many women have to wake up multiple times in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

Therefore, dad needs to do everything in his power to make sure it is easy for his pregnant wife to get to that bathroom. That means letting her have the side of the bed that makes it easy for her to just roll out and roll herself into the bathroom. He should also ensure that the room and/or hallways are picked up and free from anything she can trip over. She may not be able to see in the dark very well, especially over that big belly!

13 Know As Much As Possible About Labor

Dads everywhere need to read up about labor, including how to time contractions, when to go to the hospital, what labor is really like, and more. During the third trimester, this should really be a priority (if not a requirement!). Many dads may not pay much attention to the ins and outs of pregnancy, but once that third trimester hits, it is crunch time.

If the dad to be is prepared for labor, he will know what to expect, and that makes it easier for everyone involved. He can calm his wife’s nerves if need be. He will not panic because he is already set and understands what to do. We can’t stress this enough, expecting fathers need to educate themselves on all things labor, for everyone’s sake!

12 Go Grocery Shopping

Ladies, if you are in your third trimester, it is time to give the grocery shopping list to the dad-to-be! Sure, we all know that our guys may not be the best about going to the supermarket (in other words, they just bring home beer and chips!), but they can, and should, learn how to follow that list.

First of all, they should be willing and ready to hit the supermarket. And secondly, they have to pull their own weight in the house! Once the baby arrives, they will have to run out for diapers and food too. Might as well have them start now. They can easily carry all those heavy bags, which are not good for you to lift when you are in your third trimester. Make a list, check it twice, and hand it over to dad!

11 Put Together All The Nursery Furniture

It goes without saying that one of the dad-to-be’s jobs is to assemble all that furniture for the baby. However, he needs to make sure it is done before baby’s arrival! This is nothing to procrastinate about. During the third trimester is the perfect time to get everything set up and ready. So get your tools out, dads, it is time to get to work!

The third trimester is really the ideal time to get that baby room all ready because mom to be is likely nesting as well! Therefore, expecting fathers, do not make your pregnant wife have to nag you to put together the crib and changing table and whatever else needs to be assembled. Just do it. But make sure you are doing it right and the way she wants it done!

10 Attend Prenatal Appointments

Pregnancy requires more than a few doctor visits. As the pregnant mom-to-be, you might be going to many of those solo, which often is not a big deal (sometimes, it is even a nice break!). But, when the third trimester comes around, and that due date is creeping nearer and nearer, it might be time to drag dad-to-be to some of those appointments.

He needs to be present for major appointments, especially if important decisions are being made. For example, if your doctor is considering inducing labor for you or performing a c-section, have your guy there with you to discuss this. If you are feeling uneasy or need some support at an appointment, your man needs to be right there beside you, and hopefully, he will be more than willing!

9 Make Sure The House Is Stocked With Tissues

We all can become quite the mess while expecting a baby. Our hormones are all over the place. It can get a bit bad in the third trimester, too! This is why our dads-to-be need to make sure we have plenty of tissues to cry into. We are going to need them. And he might need them too!

First of all, pregnant women are tired. It is very difficult to sleep with a growing belly and a baby moving around. Secondly, we are often sick of being pregnant! By the third trimester, many pregnant mamas are over it. They just want the baby out. And that feeling worsens as the due date approaches. There may be tears. Lots of tears. Stock up on tissues!

8 Do The Laundry

Now is the time for your man to learn which machine is the washer, and which one is the dryer! You are going to have loads of laundry to wash (think, newborn baby clothes, blankets, etc!), but you might have some trouble actually maneuvering that laundry basket, not to mention having to bend over and put the clothes in either machine.

Many pregnant women say one of the best things their husbands did was do the laundry, especially while they were in the third trimester. It is a huge help, and certainly a load (pun intended) off your back. In fact, your doctor may advise you to not lift heavy items (like the full laundry basket) or bend over unnecessarily. Time for dad-to-be to help. A big bonus to the expecting fathers if they then fold AND put away all the laundry, as well!

7 Watch What You Say (And Say The Right Things)

Alright, dads, the third trimester brings a ton of new feelings to a pregnant woman. She is bigger than ever, the baby is moving around and kicking so much she can barely sleep, and she probably feels like crap. While some pregnant women are lucky to feel like they have that glow, others feel like they have been run over by a mack truck, and think that’s what they look like, as well.

They probably don’t look horrible. They probably do look beautiful, have you ever met a pregnant lady who isn’t? But men need to watch their step around a mom-to-be in her third trimester. Anything he says can be twisted in a pregnant woman’s mind. Dad-to-be needs to make sure he only says positive things about his gorgeous, pregnant wife!

6 Learn Some Handy Massage Tricks

Everything aches in the third trimester. For pregnant women with a due date looming, their back hurts, their feet are swollen, and just everything is uncomfortable. That is where the dad-to-be can step in!

The expectant father has a very important job in the third trimester, and that is to do all in his power to ease any pain or aches that his pregnant wife is experiencing. All he has to do is give her a massage that will relax her and take away the pain, even for a few minutes. He can rub her feet, give her a nice back massage, even drawing a warm bath or propping up some pillows will help! Just as long as he is making an effort, and actually accomplishing easing her aches, then that is wonderful.

5 Pack Hospital Bag For Two (Really, Three!)

One thing that every 'what to expect' book says to do is to have a hospital bag ready and set to go once you enter into the third trimester. The closer the due date gets, the higher the likelihood labor may begin, and you want to be prepared. We think dads need to step in and help with some of that packing!

Moms-to-be know what they want. They may wish to have a pair of nice and comfy pajamas, some magazines, their own lotion or soap, and more. Dad needs some stuff, as well. Many dads get the opportunity to sleep over after the birth, so he needs to make sure he is prepared too. And while he is packing his PJs, he may as well throw in some more essentials, like baby’s first outfit, a camera, and something for his wife!

4 Spend Time With That Baby-To-Be

This one may make you say, awww. Pregnancy seems to go slowly, but, really, it goes by in a flash. Before you know it, you will be in the third trimester and soon after that, you will be bringing that sweet bundle of joy home. Looking back, you may have realized in all happened in the blink of an eye.

This is why it is so important that the dad-to-be spends some time with the baby-to-be. How, you ask? It is easy! All he has to do is talk to the belly! That is right, and it is not crazy at all. He can tell his baby a story, read a book, sing a song, no matter what he chooses to do, it benefits him and the baby. Studies have shown that once the baby is born, that adorable little one will recognize his or her daddy.

3 Don’t Be Grossed Out

Once you are deep within the third trimester, things can get a little yucky. Your body prepares for labor and delivery, after all. If dad starts to gag or get grossed out during the third trimester, he is going to be in trouble once he is in that delivery room while his wife delivers that baby!

This is why the husbands should be there during the prenatal appointments. Why they should read up on labor and delivery, maybe even watch a video of a baby being delivered. They need to be able to look in the toilet when their very pregnant wife yells that she lost her mucus plug or something else is happening. Men, you cannot get grossed out. You need to be strong and present. If you need to gag, just make sure the one about to have the baby doesn’t see you!

2 Get In The Kitchen Cooking

Dads-to-be everywhere need to brush up on their culinary skills because one huge way they can help out is to cook. We do not mean just randomly cook breakfast or dinner. This is not limited to one meal. We mean meal prep for after the baby has been born, and everyone is home utterly exhausted.

Yes, they can cook dinner nightly for their pregnant wife in the third trimester, that would be lovely. But, they should also do some meal preparation. They should make some dinners that can be frozen and easily thawed and reheated. Nobody, not even the new father, is going to want to do much once the baby has arrived. Sleep deprivation is real, and mom and dad still need to eat, so plan ahead, dads, plan way ahead!

1 Buy A Push Present

The new thing to do now is to buy the new mother a present that is called a push present. It is exactly what it sounds like. The new mom gets a present for literally pushing out her baby. Well, we think it is fantastic! What took so long for someone to think this one up?! Pregnant women everywhere deserve a push present, it is tough work to grow a baby and then push it out through our body!

This is an area that dad cannot wait. Once his pregnant partner has entered the third trimester, he better head to the jewelry store or Target or somewhere that his wife loves, and pick out a meaningful gift. It is special. It marks this amazing day when you both became parents and went through an incredible experience together. Don’t drop the ball on the push present, dads!

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