15 Things Dads Should Never Say To Their Pregnant Wife, Based On Her Zodiac

Whenever anyone is learning about their sun signs, they are intrigued by what they are about. People want to know about their strengths, weaknesses, positive characteristics as well as the negative ones based on each sign. What many people don't realize is that there is so much more than their personal horoscopes are made up of other than their sun signs alone. However, the sun represents you as a whole and plays a significant part.

What many people do as well when they are dating, they want to find out if their sun signs are compatible with their potential significant other's sun signs. That is never a good idea because, as mentioned before there are other factors that create an individual's horoscope that can get in the way of compatibility. For instance, you could find a woman who has a sun in Aries looking for men who have suns in Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius or Aquarius because those sun signs are compatible with Aries. And once she hooks up with a man who has any of those sun signs, she will end up finding out the hard way that he is not even close to being compatible with her. That is because even though the sun signs were compatible, everything else in their horoscopes clashed with one another.

However, one thing that most people can agree on is that people will display behaviors, some mild and some extreme that is fitting with their sun signs. And because of that, it may be best to find out what things not to say to people based on their sun signs that could potentially make them angry or hurtful. And another thing we can all agree on is that pregnant women will exhibit extreme behaviors based on flying hormones. That being said, men who are having babies with their pregnant significant others should really find out what words to avoid using around them. Here are 15 things that dads should never say to their pregnant wives based on their zodiac

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15 Aries - Never Tell Her To Be Patient 


Those who have a sun in Aries are known to be passionate, impatient, and are excellent self-starters. Pregnant women who have a sun in Aries will not be patient for a thing. If she is sitting in the car and the red light has been on for too long, she will complain about it. If she and her man are having dinner at a restaurant and the service is a little slow, she will become annoyed about it. Imagine how she will be if labor is taking longer than she was willing to put up with?

However, hormones will make her even less patient and one mistake that dads-to-be make with their pregnant Arian wives is by telling them that they must be more patient. If these guys comment on the lack of patience that their fiery pregnant wives have, they will end up in the doghouse- figuratively and perhaps even literally.

14 Taurus -  Never Comment On How Much Her Eating


Those who have a sun in Taurus are known to be stable, have a need for routine, they are stubborn, and they love material things. They also love to eat. Therefore, a pregnant Taurean woman who is passed the morning sickness stage will be prone to eating like there is no tomorrow. Of course, they want to be careful and make sure they are not putting their unborn babies at risk because the health of their babies is more important than them indulging their sweet or salty teeth. Therefore, if they are gaining too much pregnancy weight because they are eating too much - they will listen to their doctors who advise them to be careful about what they consume because these Taurean women know the baby’s well-being may be at stake if they are not careful.

However, if they are not having any problems with too much weight gain and are still eating plenty- they will not tolerate their husbands making any kind of comment on how much she is eating! Taureans love to eat, and pregnant and hormonal Taurean women don’t need to be reminded and judged- especially by the dads-to-be who are not going through any pregnancy pains! These dads would have ended up getting the silent treatment until their Tauren wives decide they can let go which may not be for a long time.

13 Gemini - Never Tell Her To Quit Talking About The Pregnancy 


Those who have a sun in Gemini are known to talk quite a bit, they don’t like to stay in one place and are notorious for playing Jekyll and Hyde. So, therefore, pregnant Gemini women will certainly be talking about their pregnancies because they simply just have to do so. And once they are moms, they will be always talking about their kids as well as their own lives as moms.

However, dads-to-be will quickly grow tired of hearing about their wives chattering nonstop about their pregnancies. And even though Gemini’s are known to let things roll off their backs fairly fast after being upset- pregnant Gemini women will most definitely sting you with hurtful comebacks after being insulted. And these dads will certainly be stung if they tell their pregnant wives that they are getting tired of hearing about their pregnancy talks! It is in their best interest to let their Gemini pregnant chatterers keep chatting and let it go through one ear and out the other to avoid being stung.

12 Cancer - Never Tell Her To Stop Crying 


Those who have a sun in Cancer are known to be nurturers, emotional and motherly. You can see how a pregnant Cancer woman will handle the pregnancy. She will be crying at the drop at the hat, and become emotional over any minor thing that would cause most people to have a neutral reaction.

For instance, if the lightbulb on the reading lamp burned out, most people would be momentarily annoyed that it burned out while they were reading. Then they would shrug it off and go find a new bulb to screw into the lamp. However, if a man to a pregnant wife with a Cancer sun informed her that he had to get a new bulb for the lamp because the old one burned out- that would be enough to get her eyes pouring tears and saying that poor bulb over and over again.

He is going to be tired of her crying over everything, especially over a bulb burning out. However, before he tells her to quit crying, he better remember that upsetting a pregnant Cancer woman will have some dire consequences. She will never let him forget about the insult, and that will be far worse than him putting up with her constant crying over minute things.

11 Leo -  Never Tell Her That The Pregnancy Is Hard On You 


Those who have a sun in Leo love to be in the spotlight and crave attention. They are also very creative, yet very dramatic, and childlike. Therefore, pregnant women with Leo suns will exaggerate about how tough their pregnancies are- even if it is true, they will make it known. They crave the attention and need to have others fuss over them.

And nothing will anger Leo moms-to-be than their unborn baby-daddies complaining that their lioness’ pregnancies are hard on them! These dads will be tired of having to constantly accommodate their pregnant wives because their wives are making everything about the pregnancy dramatic.

An example of that is when a pregnant lioness tells the dad-to-be to carry all of the grocery bags because she cannot take a chance on even carrying the bag that has a box of Kleenex and a new toothbrush in it- which is safe for pregnant women to carry. Therefore, he will be inclined to tell her that her pregnancy is very hard for him. However, he will regret saying that because Leos can be horrible grudge holders!

10 Virgo - Never Tell Her That It's Too Early To Clean The Nursery 


Those who have a sun in Virgo are known to be service oriented, obsessed with their health and keeping everything clean, analyzers and they can be very critical. Therefore, pregnant women with the sun in Virgo will be extremely careful about what they eat, will avoid being around questionable chemicals- meaning they will not use cleaning supplies unless they know they are safe to use, and they will also be obsessed with keeping the home clean, even long before their babies arrive.

Virgo moms-to-be will be those who are going to clean the nursery even months before the baby is due. That will annoy their husbands or boyfriends. The dads-to-be will have a hard time not telling their obsessive wives that there is no need to clean the nursery when they are 3 or 4 months pregnant. Hearing that will more than slightly upset these pregnant wives, who will lay the Mother of all guilt trips on the baby daddies because of being upset- and being upset is very bad for their unborn babies.

9 Libra - Never Tell Her To Choose The Color Of The Baby's Room


Those who have a Libra sun are known to be fair, want to have balance, hate confrontation and are incredibly indecisive. Therefore, pregnant Libras will know better than to allow their raging hormones to upset anyone and will keep things to themselves. They don’t want to get into a fight. However, when it comes to choosing names for their unborn babies, or colors of blankets, clothing, and room colors- they need help in the decision-making department and they depend on the dads-to-be for that.

Therefore, if the dads-to-be ever tells their pregnant Libra wives to make a decision on the color of the babies’ rooms- that will do nothing other than upset them and make them even retreat since they hate conflict. Dads have to be the ones to make the decisions because moms with the Libra suns are not going to do that, and react well to being told to make a decision.

8 Scorpio - Never Ask Her If She Needs Help At The Appointment 


Those who have a sun in Scorpio are incredibly passionate, intense, and will either be your fierce protector or worst enemy (they make it known that it will be your choice). Many times if a Scorpio is upset with someone, they will give them the silent treatment, and are known to be passive-aggressive. Therefore, pregnant Scorpio women may expect the dads of their unborn babies to telepathically read their minds. If not, they will give them subtle reminders.

If a pregnant Scorpio woman is craving a burger with fries, all she has to do is look at the baby daddy and he will know what she needs and will run out and get it for her quickly. That is because he had to learn the hard way in the past that he did not fulfill her need. If she will expect him to get her a burger and fries at midnight, then she will expect him to accompany her to all of the appointments with her OBGYN. If he dares to ask if he is needed, he will regret it because nothing is worse than angering a Scorpio, especially a pregnant one! It is not hard to imagine the kind of consequences that he will face!

7 Sagittarius - Never Tell Her That You're Tired Of Talking Baby Names 


Those who have a sun in Sagittarius are known to be curious, explorative, optimistic, and are very much interested in different cultures. That being said, pregnant women with a sun in Sagittarius will be very interested in exploring different baby names and may show interest in picking one or two that are used in foreign countries. And these women will have a tendency to talk about these names a lot with their significant others. Therefore, these dads-to-be will be growing tired quickly of hearing about it.

However, if they were smart they would keep their thoughts to themselves about them having enough of the baby name talk- and allow their Sagittarian pregnant wives to discuss new ideas for baby names daily. Because if they tell their pregnant wives that they have had enough and don’t want to talk about baby names anymore, they will be risking themselves for being thrown terrible insults that can be quite hurtful.

6 Capricorn - Never Tell Her That You Need A Break 


Those who have a sun in Capricorn are industrious, are all about work and no play, and like to plan ahead for major life stuff like for an arrival of a baby, college funds, retirement and so forth. Therefore, pregnant Capricorn women are going to be less concerned about picking out unique or cultural sounding baby names like their Sagittarian counterparts, and are more concerned about making sure everything is ready for the baby. They will want to make sure the crib is in place at least 2 months before the baby’s arrival, there are enough clothes, blankets, diapers, and will decide on whether to breastfeed or bottle feed and so on. All these Capricorn pregnant women will talk about are planning, planning and planning with their baby daddies- who will end up not wanting to spend so much time long before the birth planning.

If these dads dare to tell their pregnant wives that they don’t want to plan so much ahead, they will be scorned because Capricorns can be heartless if they are crossed! It is best for these dads to put up with the planning even if their wives are only 4 months along.

5 Aquarius - Never Tell Her To Hurry Up 

Those who have a sun in Aquarius are known to be innovative, unique, and sure are the types to march to their own drummer. Therefore, Aquarian pregnant women will be doing what they want, when they want, with the exception of doing anything that could be potentially harmful to their babies. In fact, they will do anything they can to make sure their unborn babies are getting the best and are protected. However, they certainly won’t be concerned about anyone else. Especially while they are pregnant.

And because Aquarian pregnant women are overly concerned about making sure their unborn bundles of joy are not in harm’s way, they may walk very slowly even before they hit their third trimester. However, Aquarians are notorious for flinging insults, especially if they are annoyed. If any dad-to-be is having a baby with an Aquarian woman and is getting tired of her moving so slowly, he will be insulted like there is no tomorrow if he dares to tell her to hurry up, or tells her to do anything else that she refuses to do for that matter!

4 Pisces - Never Tell Her To Calm Down 


Those who have a sun in Pisces are known to be dreamy, intuitive, and extremely emotional, and downright neurotic. Therefore, women who have a sun in Pisces that are pregnant are going to be quite anxiety-ridden, and will likely flip out at the drop of a hat.

For instance, if a Piscean pregnant woman walked by someone smoking a cigarette and she accidentally breathed in a little second-hand smoke- she would completely lose it and fear that her baby will be badly affected. Now when I was pregnant and that happened, I was annoyed but I knew a small inhalation of second-hand smoke for a split second was not going to do any damage. However, Pisces individuals are the types to make mountains out of molehills.

Therefore, if dads-to-be told their Piscean pregnant wives to calm down and not to flip out over every little thing- that will just make them freak out even further which really will not be good for their unborn babies. It is best to let them work through their anxieties on their own until they calm down naturally.

3 Dads Must Never Compare Their Pregnant Wives To Beyoncé


Comparing a pregnant woman to a celebrity who looks great despite gaining those pregnancy pounds, or appears to be holding it together is the worst thing anyone can do. Because Beyoncé looked great despite being pregnant with twins, and was energetic while carrying that load- and appeared to have held it together, others saw her as a role model for pregnant women. However, that is not realistic! Every pregnancy is different, and some women have tough pregnancies whether there are complications or not involved.

If dads-to-be told their wives regardless of their sun sign that they should be more like Beyoncé, they would be angry. However, those who are pregnant that have suns in Leo, Cancer, Pisces, and Virgo would be especially angered if their significant others compared them to Beyoncé. That kind of comparison would damage the Leo’s ego; a Cancer and Pisces pregnant woman would emotionally not be able to handle that comparison, and a Virgo would doubt how well she is caring for herself and her unborn baby. The truth is that Beyoncé had the luck that the majority of pregnant women don’t!

2 Dads Must Never Tell Their Wives How Large They Are


Pregnant women know they will end up gaining weight in order to help their babies grow properly, and some may have a hard time with this fact- especially if they have had a history of dealing with issues regarding body image.

However, if dads-to-be are commenting on their pregnant wives’ growing bellies, there is a way to be tactful about it that will not annoy them. Saying look how big the baby is getting instead of saying look how big YOU are getting is a much better comment to use. Any pregnant woman regardless of sun sign would be insulted if they were told by their significant others how large they were getting! Especially women who have suns in Leo, Scorpio, Libra, and Virgo. Leos would again end up with bruised egos since the interpretation would be so you are saying I am FAT?!?!?!; Scorpios would react the same way because they will never stand for insults; Libras are obsessed with beauty and being told that they are getting so large would be distressing; Virgos would drive themselves crazy analyzing whether they are getting too large or not, and be stressed out as a result. These guys need to keep their comments about their pregnant wives’ weight gain to themselves, regardless of their sun signs.

1 Dads Must Never Tell Their Wives That They Don’t Want To Hear How Tired They Are


Pregnancy is exhausting! Whether it’s due to first-trimester sickness and fatigue, or third-trimester exhaustion from carrying the load and looking forward to the day it is out! The only time that pregnancy may not be overly exhausting for some is during the second trimester and even then there are plenty of tiring moments. Unless anyone has been pregnant, no one has any clear idea of how much energy is being sucked out! Especially men!

The last thing that any dad-to-be can do is tell their pregnant wives is that they are getting sick and tired of being about them being sick and tired. Any pregnant woman regardless of sun sign will not stand to hear that. However, pregnant women who have their suns in Taurus, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Aquarius will stand for that comment even less.

Taurean pregnant women have a need to rest as the sign’s nature is to not move around much. Therefore, telling a pregnant Taurean woman to quit talking about being so tired will only make her talk about it more and move around even less from being extremely annoyed by that comment. Pregnant Sagittarians and Aquarians will take any criticism that will annoy them like being told they should not talk about how tired they are and throw something even more insulting back. And pregnant Virgos will end up giving their significant others who made that comment an ultimatum of a lifetime, and a long boring talk on why pregnant women are tired. In other words, it is best if these men kept their feelings about to themselves.

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