15 Things Doctors Want You To Know About Getting It On While Pregnant

Once a couple gets pregnant, a lot changes, and that can include their intimacy. There are so many questions expectant parents have about love making while their baby is in the oven. Does baby feel it? Is it safe? Are there negative consequences? We understand the reason for these concerns, at the end of the day the main goal is for baby to be born healthy and safe.

We have complied a list of fifteen facts that some couples need to know when it comes to making love during pregnancy. These facts will bust any myths, put a halt to the rumors and hopefully answer some burning questions. This whole pregnancy thing is confusing and there are so many new things happening so quickly, it is no wonder that people have so many questions on this topic!

Love making does not have to stop once a women gets that positive pregnancy test, but it will change. It will change for the better for some couples or for the worst with others. There is no predicating ahead of time with this matter, only time will tell. During pregnancy, hormones are going crazy and there are so many bodily changes- all of which can have a women questioning her every move during pregnancy.

If love making is off limits to a mama for health reasons, her doctor will be sure to let her know. For everyone else who got the thumbs up, we have the answers to all of the questions some may be too embarrassed to ask.

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15 Is He Big Enough To Poke The Baby?

At some point, most mamas and dadas to be wonder if going deep can hurt their baby. Doctors want you to know that the answer is a big fat NO. A mama’s cervix is closed and sealed with a thick mucus plug to protect that sweet baby. A baby is also protected inside the uterus and in the amniotic sac, which is also designed to keep baby safe.

Even if your guy is large, he will still not be able to reach the baby. The v stretched out during love making naturally creates a gap of a few centimeters between his D and the cervix. Even if baby is in the head down position, there is no possible way for dad to come close to touching or harming baby. So don't worry!

14 Dad Should NEVER Blow Air In The V

Some women (and men) are super curious about oral love making and if it is safe during pregnancy. Doctors want you to know that YES, oral love making is totally okay. This can become a super convenient option when it becomes too uncomfortable to have actual intercourse (due to pain, being tired or feeling too large).

It is super important to note, oral is totally fine, but blowing air directly in the a women’s V is super dangerous! Doing so can create an air bubble that goes into the blood stream, which can in turn, be life threatening! Many do now know this, but doctors say it is crucial to not blow air into a woman’s v when she is preggers. Other than that, we want mamas to know it is safe, so enjoy yourself!

13 Is It Safe To Finish?

Some people believe that contractions from having an orgasm can cause a miscarriage. Doctors want you to know that these cramps that you are feeling are normal and due to the muscles of the uterus tightening up a bit. If a mama does not have a high-risk pregnancy these contractions are not going to cause harm.

The contractions a mama feels after an orgasm are not the same type that will cause a miscarriage. It can be easy to confuse these contractions with labor contractions, but there is an enormous difference. Labor contractions are painful and come at regular intervals, while the contractions after the big O are mild and go away. Doctors want you to know that it is okay to continue love making and having an orgasm is totally okay for mama and baby.

12 The Deed Can Help With Pre-Eclampsia

Pregnant Hospital Patient with IV

Most pregnant women know about the risk of pre-eclampsia. It is common among many women and is due to a rise in blood pressure. Doctors suggest lifestyle changes, diet changes, and medication to alleviate this problem. But doc also says that making love could help! Your guy's swimmers has a wonderful protein called HLA-G. This helps regulate a mama’s immune system while also lowering the blood pressure levels.

Pre-eclampsia can be a dangerous thing during pregnancy, and doctors suggest taking whatever methods possible to keep the problem at bay. This is good news for women (and the men!) because it is just another reason why doing the deed is needed and important during pregnancy. No mama wants to get pre-eclampsia, and while having it can be frustrating and discouraging, there are ways to monitor symptoms and continue pregnancy to have a healthy baby.

11 Will The Baby Know?

Some parents are freaked out by the idea of doing the dirty in fear that their baby will know. Rest assured that you have nothing to worry about. Doctors claim that there is absolutely no evidence that doing the deed will psychologically harm your child. Of course, baby can pick up on sounds and movement in the womb, but they cannot interpret or understand exactly what is going on.

Most likely, anyone reading this has parents who made love while they were in utero, and we bet you do not remember a thing of it! If we still have not convinced you that baby does not know, or care, what is going on there are other options of course. There is also the option of masturbation or outer course, and if that is still too much to handle- there is always waiting until after baby is born.

10 Doing It After The Water Breaks Is Dangerous

Most pregnant women are told that if they are ready to pop, then doing the dirty can induce labor. However, once a woman’s water is broken, love making is an absolute no-go. Putting anything into the v after her water is broken can introduce bad bacteria which can lead to infection. If mama is not sure if it is her water that was leaking down her leg, it is always best to get checked out.

If mama ends up getting in the mood once her water breaks, she has to abstain from love making. Once the water breaks, it is crucial to do everything possible to keep the risk of infection down. Infection could harm mom and baby. Even at the hospital, the nurses try to minimize the amount of times they have to check a women’s cervix, due to the fact that anything entering the v can lead to a risk of infection.

9 Can The Deed Really Induce Labor?

The thought that doing the deed can induce labor is a huge old wives’ tale that everyone seems to believe. Here’s the scoop: doctors want women to know that the answer is maybe. Semen contains something called prostaglandins, which help soften the cervix as well as dilate it. An orgasm can also bring forth a rush of oxytocin which creates contractions. If a mama’s body is ready, doing the deed can encourage labor to begin.

This is not always the case, but some swear by it. Doctors say that if semen actually did have enough power to jump-start labor than they would advise all patients to abstain from intercourse during the whole pregnancy. Since doctors do not, they do not fully believe that doing the deed can always bring forth labor. Some swear by this, while others had no luck - but doctors want you to know that it does not hurt to try, just don’t get your hopes up.

8 Intimacy Gives Mom Strength For The Delivery

Image result for pelvic floor gif

It is a common joke on TV or in movies that a pregnant woman will accidentally pee her pants from a laugh or a sneeze. Most women know (or soon find out) that their pelvic floor muscles change during pregnancy. Our pelvic floor is like a trampoline that holds up the organs in the pelvis and helps with bladder control. Doctors want women to know that doing the dirty can actually strengthen the pelvic floor.

The muscles in this area (the same muscles you work when you stop pee from flowing) can be strengthened by orgasm that cause contractions in those muscles. Kegels contract the pelvic floor muscles which is done during intercourse but can also be practiced without doing the deed. Working these muscles can help develop the ability to control these muscles during delivery and labor.

7 A Desert Or The Ocean?

It is common for increased wetness down there during pregnancy. This is due to hormone levels changing throughout the pregnancy. This can be super helpful during intercourse, making doing the deed more enjoyable for him and her! On the flip side, dryness in the v area can plain old suck when it comes to love making.

Dryness down there can be due to the lack of libido and also hormones. When there is a decreased amount of lubrication in the lady bits, that can lead to painful intercourse. A water soluble lubricant can be a life saver for women in this situation. It is really important to make sure that there is no itching, odor or burning down there because that could be a sign of an infection in the v which can explain the dryness.

6 Prepare For Leaks

Whether a woman decides to breastfeed or not after baby is born, it is expected to have leaky breasts for a period of time. What some women do not know is that leaky breasts are common during pregnancy as well. Doctors want couples to know that this is normal, although it may be shocking, potentially gross, or even uncomfortable. A woman’s breasts prepare for lactation as early as the sixteenth week of pregnancy. This can lead to leaky breasts which is normal and happens to many women during pregnancy. A milky yellowish discharge may come from the nips which is called colostrum, which is the first feed for baby. There is no need to be alarmed, as long as there is no blood. There are many ways to deal with this during love making. A towel, keeping the bra on, or shower love making could eliminate this issue.

5 Will The Libido Change?

Pregnancy brings forth a flood of emotions and hormones. Doctors want mamas to know that a change in sex drive is to be expected. Some mamas become hornier when pregnant while others do not want their husband to touch them with a ten foot pole. The reason things change is not just hormonal, but also the increased blood flows around her body which include the genital area.

For some women, being nauseous, overly tired and plain old uncomfortable make them not want anything to do with intimacy. Doctors want mamas to know that feeling is normal, and may or may not go away before baby is born. There are other ways to connect with your partner other than intimacy, but there are a lot of benefits to doing the deed! Some ladies cannot get enough of the d and become hornier than ever! Expect a change when being pregnant in terms of your libido; it can change for the worse or for the better.

4 Don't Let The Red Shock You

Seeing any blood during pregnancy is super scary for most mamas. There are, of course, very serious incidences when bleeding can occur, but love making is not one of them. A little blood down there is totally normal after doing the deed. During pregnancy, the cervix becomes very sensitive and soft, and your man poking at it can start bleeding.

There is no need to worry unless bleeding becomes excessive. When bleeding becomes excessive, it is important to go to the hospital and call your OB. Post love making can also be a little uncomfortable, and that is also due to a mama’s super sensitive cervix. Have your man be a little more gentle and/or make sure there is a towel nearby to clean up any blood.

3 Are Mom And The Baby Protected?

Doctors want women to know that just because they are pregnant, does not mean they cannot contract an STD. It is sometimes believed that STDs and pregnancy go hand in hand. Pregnancy does not provide any additional protection against STDs. Catching an STD while pregnant can put mamas at an increased risk of miscarriage, preterm delivery, baby born with a life threatening blood infection and/or blindness.

STDs can be scary, and it is important to note that just because a women is pregnant and her cervix is sealed shut does not mean STDs cannot affect the body or the baby. To prevent STDs while pregnant, it is best to avoid sexual relations with an untested person, or to wear condoms. The health of your body and your baby are not worth risking a disease or infection.

2 The Belly Will Get In The Way

When becoming pregnant, some couples wonder how their love life will change. Some wonder if it will be more painful for the mother, but doctors want you to know that not only could it be more painful it could be harder to physically do. When being larger than you are used to, it can be hard to move about during love making. When a woman is not used to a big beach ball in the way, it can be hard to adjust. This does not mean love making has to stop, it means it is time to get creative.

Just because mama is larger now does not mean that love making has to come to a halt. Doctors encourage love making during pregnancy due to its many benefits. Maybe instead of the usual missionary position it is time to try out doggie style! Sure the new big belly may be in the way, but that does not mean that it is the end of making love! A woman can also lay on her side while her man makes love to her laying down from behind. There are many ways to make it work!

1 Close The Bedroom Door - It'll Be Worth It

Most people get a lot of pleasure out of love making. Doing the dirty during pregnancy leads to the release of endorphins in the body that actually makes baby and mom happier by reducing levels of stress. Doctors want expecting mamas to know that doing the deed during pregnancy can really boost a mama’s mood which is good in so many ways.

Love making ensures better intimacy and bonding between partners. Love making increases the production of the magical oxytocin which is a hormone responsible for love and attachment. Oxytocin can help the pregnancy progress without complications and can maybe promise a less painful labor. The happier the mama, the more pleasant the whole pregnancy, so we suggest having fun with love making and letting that oxytocin flow!

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