15 Things Every Mom Regrets Not Preparing For Before Baby Arrives

When a couple is expecting a baby, especially if it is their first one- there is so much planning that needs to be done. During pregnancy, expectant mothers weigh the pros and cons of breastfeeding and formula feeding. However the baby will be fed, basic items such as bottles, baby's clothing, the crib, bassinet, a stroller, a high chair, saucer, toys, and so on will be planned out. In fact, if there is a baby shower planned, expectant moms will frequently go over a gift registry checklist and use that. This way, guests will know what to get the new parents-to-be.

That said, based on what has been mentioned alone, many new expecting parents will believe that they are planning for the baby's birth quite well as they also intend to have the clothing, toys, furniture, and accessories for the baby in place long before the due date.

However, the truth is that new parents underestimate how much planning is really needed when it comes to a new baby coming into the picture very soon. They may think they have everything figured out and that they will be able to handle the changes in routine and changes in life due to the new baby- until after the baby is born then they will learn the hard way that they failed to plan quite badly. Therefore, on top of the exhaustion from giving birth, from being on an emotional roller coaster, and just not knowing what had hit them, new moms (and dads) will be facing big time regret due to this fact! It is time to look into the 15 most common things that every mom fails to prepare for and ends up regretting as a result.


15 Washing The Baby’s Clothes

Many moms-to-be (and dads-to-be) may not even consider putting brand new clothes that they buy or are gifted for their upcoming new arrivals in the wash. In fact, many people don’t always wash new clothes that they purchase from the store.

The fact of the matter is that brand new clothing, whether they are for newborn babies for anyone else must be washed. Don’t let the fact that many times new clothing is in protective wrapping. There are still many chemicals and allergens left over from when the clothes were being manufactured, which is why all new clothes must be washed.

Because new parents-to-be are so rushed with too many things to take care of before the baby arrives don’t even consider washing new clothing. Therefore, the newborn is dressed in clothes that have not been washed. Sometimes babies have no reaction, but others may end up with rashes or other issues that indicate that they are having some kind of allergic reaction. Therefore, mom will be kicking herself that she or her man did not wash the clothes!

It is important for new parents-to-be to make washing clothes for the new baby before arrival a priority.

14 Having Carpets Professionally Cleaned


Many expecting couples very likely discuss how it is important to clean the home before the baby arrives. The idea of having a filthy home when a newborn is involved is just completely wrong. In fact, having a dirty house is not something that most people can accept.

That said, it is probably likely that many expecting couples talk about hiring a professional cleaning service to make the home spotless for the baby. They may book it within the month of the due date since the baby could come at any time during that particular month.

However, one thing that they don’t consider is having their carpeting professionally cleaned before the baby in conjunction with hiring a cleaning service. The truth is, if you knew what kind of bacteria and fungi live in the fibers in carpeting, you would flip. Not to mention all of the dust mites! Many couples find out after the fact how important it is to have spotless carpeting and regret the fact that they neglected to have it done. The good news is that it can be done after the baby arrives and a carpet that was not professionally cleaned will not have a huge effect on the newborn as long as it is done at some point in the not too distant future.

13 Forgetting To Get Two Mattress Pads For Crib

Most people likely have one waterproof mattress pad for their baby’s crib because they may not think that having two is essential. However, after the baby comes and many parents find that having only one pad isn’t protective enough. They find that out the hard way after there is a blowout diaper incident a huge spit up that ruins the bedding- they have to spend a better part of the day or worse, night by scrubbing up the pad and putting a new sheet on.

Sometimes new parents also underestimate how messy newborns can be, and even though they may be aware that babies tend to spit up a lot, they may fail to grasp that diaper leaks happen as often as they do.

It is much easier to pull the first layer off and have another protective layer in case it was to happen again. It is a great hack to know about to make the parents' life caring for a newborn or even an older baby easier.

12 Being Equipped With Enough Burp Clothing


When you were expecting your baby, you were well aware that your baby was going to spit up every now and then and as a result, maybe you did collect some rags to use while burping the baby after a feeding- or to use to carry your baby around.

However, once that baby came, you would be horrified to find out how much keeps coming out of your baby after every feeding, not to mention how frequently it happens. Babies usually spit up so often that you find yourself needing tonnes of old clothing and rags to use so your everyday clothing is protected (and everyday clothing ends up becoming burp clothes anyway once the baby is in the picture). You need a lot more rags and old clothing that you saved!

Either way, the regret will be so real after knowing how ill-prepared you were when it came to the fact that you did not have enough burp clothes!

11 Failing To Pack A Proper Hospital Bag

Most expecting couples attend Lamaze classes and are usually told to make sure a hospital bag is packed once the pregnancy hits 36 weeks since labor can technically happen at any time from that point onward. Some couples start getting a bag ready and may throw in some toiletries, extra clothing, pajamas and nothing much else.

However, once you are in the hospital with the new baby, and you wish you had that favorite book of yours to read or had more soap of your own, or even worse- the phone charger, then you will regret how failed to pack everything that you needed and wanted because even though a typical hospital stay is not too long after a healthy delivery- you will need every little thing to keep your sanity in check!

Sure, you can have dad bring those items to you but that just means you will have to wait until he is able to get around that. Remember, he is stressed too and this is why it is not only important to pack your hospital bag properly but be sure to have a list made so you don’t run into a situation where you are kicking yourself for forgetting to pack something that is very much needed for your sanity.

10 Understanding Insurance Coverage


You are well aware of the health-care policies from your job or your man’s job- as you have been receiving medical, dental, and other coverage for a while. You will most certainly look into whether you have insurance coverage for a private, or at worst a semi-private room at the hospital after giving birth since you will be there for a few days at least.

However, one thing you may not even consider while planning for the birth is looking into insurance plans for dependants. In fact, the plan that you are on may not provide much coverage for dependants and that is something that you needed to discuss with your boss, or if you are on your husband/boyfriend’s plan- he needed to take that up with his boss. If you are a business owner, the same thing applies because one thing that could have easily slipped anyone’s mind is understanding insurance plans and what is exactly covered.

That is a huge thing that new parents end up facing- and regretting since they may be on plans that are not very good for dependants, then a series of new changes have to take place after the fact which is not going to be helpful after the baby had arrived.

9 Not Installing Car Seat Properly

Many expecting parents know enough to purchase a car seat at least a month before the due date of their baby. And some may even decide to install the seat on their own not even considering the very strong possibility that they have done the installation incorrectly. Therefore, they would not consider at the time that a properly installed car seat is mandatory. That is because a car seat that is not installed the right way is a safety hazard.

They then find out the hard way that the installation of the car seat was not done correctly when they see how insecure it is after their newborn has been placed in the seat.

There are many services that provide professional car seat installation, and the hospital where you plan to deliver will help you out by giving you names of those who can provide an essential service to ensure the safety of your baby.


8 Budgeting


Before having a baby, you may find yourself with plenty of extra cash that you can use to dine out and use for going to the movies often, and then so forth. Once the baby arrives, you will not only have little time to enjoy those date nights- but you will definitely not have a lot of cash left over and you may find yourself broke!

The fact of the matter is that for most couples (with the exception of those who are fortunate enough to have plenty of cash in the bank) is that once that baby arrives- you will have less money to work with regardless of whether the mom is working or not. Unexpected costs will come up such as having to constantly purchase new clothing, toys, or formula if formula feeding, and eventually baby food, and so on.

The only way to manage these costs if you budget your money each month and this way you will find there are ways that you can save. Looking for sales and clipping coupons is one way to budget and save. If you don’t consider having to do this before the baby is born, you will regret it because you will be dealing with extra stress that could have been managed.

7 Trying Out The Stroller

Many couples who are even given a stroller as a gift before the baby is born, or if they purchase one on their own keep it tucked away until the baby arrives. Because they would have no reason that there could possibly be anything wrong with the stroller. They would trust that it is functional, and therefore they may not even take it for a test stroll.

However, once the baby comes and they try it out for the first time, and then find out that the ride is not smooth because there is a defect- that makes them regret the fact that they neglected to test it out just to see if it worked. A defective stroller would not even have entered their minds considering there are millions of thoughts they were having before the baby’s arrival.

Unfortunately, there are many times when new parents made the discovery that the stroller they were even given or purchased turned out to be no good. It is even more crucial to try out a hand-me-down stroller from a friend or family member who is done with having kids.

6 Arranging For Help


Expecting parents don’t consider at all that they will need a helping hand before the baby arrives. Especially if it is the first one, as they will naively believe they will handle life with a newborn even though they know they will have less time.

They don’t consider the fact that the experience of giving birth alone is more than exhausting- and even dad is affected even though he didn’t do the physical work, but emotionally it is taxing for him. That experience alone requires recuperation.

It is important to find some help for the first week anyway that the baby is born in order to get some rest. If finances are tight and hiring a nanny service is out of the question- then you can always ask a trustworthy family member who would be happy to help, or if a friend offers to help, take it! If none of that is available, go to your local church or synagogue or place of worship and ask around if you can get leads to someone trustworthy who can help you.

While you are more than a little exhausted, trying to heal from giving birth, and dealing with a screaming newborn no matter what time it is in the day or night will easily make you regret that no help was arranged beforehand. You can’t handle it all and you are finding out the most difficult way.

5 Having A Date Night

Expecting parents know that they will have a lot less time to themselves, but they are not aware how much less time. That is unless they have family members who are willing to watch the baby every weekend which some are lucky to have- but for the majority of new parents that is not the case.

They also know that babysitters are not only costly if arranged too often, but the ideas of placing your baby into someone’s hands who you know nothing about can be a concern- even if the sitter has a perfect track record and is raved about by other parents.

Therefore, it is crucial to have date nights before the baby is born- and not only that but to savor those precious moments you have alone. Because once the baby is in the picture, there will be a lot less time until the baby is much older.

4 Stocking Up On Hand Sanitizer


While pregnant, you may already see how valuable hand sanitizer happens to be since you want to do anything you can to catch bugs, infections and other kinds of plagues. The last thing you wanted to worry about was if your unborn baby could have potentially caught whatever you had. So, therefore, you may end up buying one or two bottles of hand sanitizer just to keep on hand for when the baby arrives.

However, once the baby does come into the picture- you will find that you had underestimated how much sanitizer you really did need because you will find that you did not buy enough before the arrival!

Sure, you can always ask a friend or family member to do your shopping and have more hand sanitizers to be added to the list- and give them cash, or access to your debit card info as long as they provide the receipt in both instances.

But you will still be kicking yourself that you did not prepare yourself enough by stocking up on a lot more hand sanitizer than you did.

3 Failing To Prepare The Family Pet Properly

This point does not apply to couples who don’t have pets. However, when expecting parents have a dog or a cat, many will realize that they will have to prepare their beloved pet for the arrival of his or her new human sibling. Many of them may give them baby items to sniff and to get used to before the arrival.

However, doing that alone is not enough to prepare the furry kid for what is about to come. Pets will become jealous, and may even display aggression towards the baby as a result. Not to mention, giving the pet an item for the baby to sniff before the birth is not going to be helpful because the baby’s smells will not be on the item until after he or she is born. Failing to prepare the pet for the baby’s arrival is a huge regret that many couples have.

What expecting couples need to do is even consult their animal’s veterinarian for advice on how to properly discipline the pet if he or she becomes out of line. Bringing a new baby while there is a pet in a picture can be difficult because disciplining the animal the wrong way can make a bad situation become even worse.

In fact, it may be a good idea to talk to family members about the possibility of them watching the pet for at least a week while the new baby is becoming used to his or her home. Having a pet can be overwhelming while bringing a new baby into the picture, especially if it is the first one.

2 Arrange A Photoshoot With A Newborn Photographer


When you are expecting your new bundle, you will be focusing on clothing, a crib, a bassinet, thinking about whether to breast or to formula feed and the list goes on. The last thing you would even likely think of is arranging a photo shoot with a newborn photographer. Of course, because that may appear to be not such a necessity while planning for everything else.

However, the fact of the matter is that your newborn will quickly grow before you know it, and this is why newborn photographers are around. You may have heard about newborn photography based on what your friends who had babies said about how great it is, or through baby events that you may have attended while pregnant. However, you didn’t think so much about it at the time because you didn’t see it as a priority.

Newborns stay as newborns for a very short time and if you don’t arrange a date for your new arrival to have professional pictures of him or her while fresh out of the oven- you will regret it because that time will be gone for good.

1 Making Freezer Meals

Many couples underestimate how little time there really is after the baby is born. Therefore, if the wife is able to cook while pregnant, she will assume that she will have the same amount or even some time to cook after the baby arrives.

In fact, most couples who are expecting their first baby are clueless in regards to how much their lives will really be thrown upside down after the baby comes. Therefore, they really do believe that chores that they were able to do without having to worry about time constraints, or before the baby will not be affected after the birth.

Therefore, planning for meals ahead is not something that many couples may even think about doing. When they realize and kick themselves for not pre-planning their meals while tending a screaming newborn- that is when they start resorting to eating fast food every day, or if they are fortunate enough to have family and friends to make them meals, then they will rely on that.

Frozen meals can stay good for about 6 weeks. Meal planning and freezing pre-made meals is essential when it comes to planning for the baby’s arrival because cooking is going to be the last thing on the parent’s’ mind!


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