15 Things Fathers Do Better Than Mothers

There is a reason that most children do best when they are raised by a mother and a father in their life. It is because both parents are extremely important to a child’s growth and development. Most of the time, moms and dads are intrinsically different. Of course, there are many exceptions to the rule, but usually, a mother’s instinct is always right.

When people think of moms, they think of superheroes. They think of the woman that can do it all. Whether they are a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, it doesn’t seem to matter. They say that behind every successful man is a woman who is there to love and support him. Some could argue that a mother truly is the backbone of a household and the glue that keeps everything together and running smoothly.

However, everyone has their weaknesses and mothers are no exception. When it comes down to parenting, we’ve got to hand it to the dads. There are just some things that moms don’t do well, and good old dads are there to save the day. Obviously, there are a ton of awesome dads out there who can kill it just like the moms. However, there are still certain things that dads simply seem to thrive at. Not all of them are glamorous or pretty, but they are all apart of life. The facts are simple, we need fathers around, especially for these 15 things that they do better than mothers.

15 Being Rowdy With The Kids

The motto of most dads is work hard, play hard. Dad’s are the best at riling kids up and getting them excited. If they ever need to burn off some extra energy, dad is the one to do it. Oftentimes, moms want kids to be more maintained. They have things they need to get done, and a bunch of kids acting crazier than usual is not her ideal time. However, as long as dads don’t get the kids all wild right before bedtime, it can be a good thing.

For a lot of families, the dads are working all day and are excited to see their kids when they come home. This excitement is bound to rub off on his kids and most moms can appreciate these special moments for what they are. A few rowdy times with dad are what kids will look back on with fondness when they are older.

14 Telling Them To “Walk It Off”

I can't tell you how many times my dad said "walk it off" to my brothers and me when we were little. Whether it was while we were playing outside with our friends, or in the middle of an intense sports game, dads are usually the ones to downplay injuries. This can be a good thing because most children are already dramatic and over the top.

When moms see their little babies get hurt, they literally freak out. A lot of the times, moms overreact to an injury in attempts to comfort their child. However, it just makes the whole situation escalate into a bigger deal than it needs to. Leave it to good old dad to bring everyone back to reality. A bruise is not worthy of a hospital trip, however, if there ever was a serious injury, we know our dads would take care of us too.

13 Reading In Weird Voices

Dads always seem to do the best animal voices, scary voices or intense voices. Reading books with your kids is always an important and special thing to do, and of course, many moms love reading to their children. However, there is something about the way dads do it that adds that extra little bit of flare. It just seems like dads always get more animated and more into the stories that they are reading. Instead of just saying the words, they become the characters.

Hearing your kids laugh is the most magical sound, and that often appears to be the driving force behind dads pulling out their special reading voice. Seeing your kids excited and happy is always the goal as a parent. Which is why so many dads thrive when it comes to reading to their children. The best part about it all is that the dads totally love bringing out their unique voices from storage.

12 Cleaning Up Throw Up

Just about everyone knows that parenting is not all glamorous. While there are tons of amazing and picture perfect moments that kids and parents share, there are also a lot of hard and gross work that goes into raising a family. A common trend that seems to be popping up when it comes to dads, is their unique willingness to clean up puke after their child has gotten sick.

Some moms may not have been able to get dad up in the middle of the night for a feeding or a diaper change, but when it comes to sick kids, dads really do step up and become a little superhero. Of course, no parent wants to see their kid sick, but for many moms, throw up is the hardest thing for them to handle. While dads clean up the mess, the moms are free to take care of her sick baby, which makes the perfect parenting team right there.

11 Hide And Seek

Dads love playing hide and seek and for whatever reason, they seem to be extra good at it. It might be because kids just always seem to think that moms are super smart and know everything, and so they assume that their moms will find them no matter where they hide. However, when it comes to dad, kids think that he will never find their awesome hiding spots.

The fun part about playing games like hide and seek with dads is that dads seem to take them very seriously. Kids might be looking for them for 20 minutes before discovering that they are relaxing on a tree branch in their backyard. The amount of investment that dads put in these games make them the best at playing them with kids. As for the moms, I’m sure they think it is pretty adorable to watch their kids having fun and playing with their dad.

10 Building Sand Castles

Dads often love building things and getting their hands dirty. This isn’t to say that moms don’t do the same thing, but a lot of the time, dads blow their kids out of the water with their impressive skills, especially at the beach building sand castles. Everyone knows that a good sand castle needs the perfect ratio of dry sand to wet sand. It is not a process that can be rushed. Often times moms spend so much time playing with their kids that they don’t focus on how well they are building something, they are simply there to help create their kid’s masterpiece.

But for the dads, a sandcastle can be a very serious project. It might take many trips to and from the ocean, collecting the right amount of water and mud. However, by the end of it, most kids are very impressed with the awesome castle that their dad helped them create.

9 Piggy Back Rides

This one is pretty hard to argue. Dads, without a doubt, have been known for giving the best piggy back rides and shoulder rides. It’s like dads were meant to do these things. Whether the kids have had a long day and need to hop on their dad’s back because they are tired, or they are at a firework show and need a better view, dads have been killing it in this department for a long time.

Of course, moms hold and carry kids on a daily basis, but when dad is around, he definitely seems to do it better. There is just something about a child being held and supported by their father that gives kids so much comfort. As a kid I can still remember the countless number of piggyback rides I got from my dad, and shoulder rides at Disneyland. He was definitely the go-to parent when it came to that.

8 Be The Coach

Most dads and guys, in general, live for sports games. It does not to appear to matter if the sports game is being played by a bunch of little kids or adults, the men will get invested no matter what. Anyone who has grown up going to sports games understands that there are a lot of crazy people on the sidelines, including some overly enthusiastic moms and dads. However, often times even the most invested moms end up screaming and cheering, even if they don’t fully understand the rules.

Dad’s are usually invested but also calm and strategic as well. They treat their kid's sports games like legit playoffs, and some dads even volunteer to coach their kid's entire team. Whether it’s basketball, softball, soccer or even volleyball, dads definitely seem to have a monopoly over their kids’ sports careers. And, oftentimes, kids love having their dad around to give them a high five as they round third base after a great hit.

7 Go On Adventures

Dads are good for so many things, but going on adventures is definitely one of them. From water balloon fights in the front yard on a hot summer day to catching you in his arms after you go went down the biggest slide at the water park, dads are by far better at crazy adventures. It could be their overactive imagination, or their desire to be a kid at heart, but dads seem to love channeling their inner child.

From camping trips to fishing trips where you have to catch your own food, there are always wild adventures when dad is around. When I was younger, my dad joined a father-daughter group called Indian Guides and Indian Princesses. We worked with our hands, went on crazy trips, and made some awesome memories. By far, the adventurer in me comes from my dad, and I think a lot of other people would agree.

6 Dealing With Bugs!

Of course, moms are superheroes too and can do anything that they have to in order to protect their child. However, when it comes to dealing with spiders and bugs, many moms absolutely hate them. Often times, killing spiders or mosquitoes in the house are where dads thrive. There are, of course, some men who hate spiders as well and may be an exception to this rule, but for the most part, a lot of fathers handle this task better than moms.

There is no doubt that kids hate spiders and usually freak out and scream when they are around. Luckily, many dads have no problem taking a paper towel or bug spray and getting rid of the spider for their kids. No father wants to see his children scared or trembling, and so they usually handle the spider killing when it needs to be done.

5 Goofing Off

Dads are great at goofing off and letting their wild side out when their kids are around. Whether it is making silly faces while trying to take a selfie, to a crazy cooking session in the kitchen, to outdoor shenanigans, dads are the masters of goofing off. They know exactly how to have a good time with their kids and make them laugh hysterically.

This is a really important quality to have as a father, and while it does depend on the person and personality, most of the fathers in the world have this unique ability. Women definitely are attracted to an aspect of this trait as well. While seriousness is important and needed at times, goofing off is a great breather to take in the middle of the stresses of life. And, kids definitely enjoy having their dad be a little silly and crazy every once in a while.

4 Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are commonly known as the happiest places on earth, and while this is true for a lot of the time, there is no doubt that kids can get a little cranky when they are walking around in the hot sun for hours. Usually moms, being cautious and concerned, want to take their kids back to the hotel, get them in the shade, and give them water. While the dads who are dead set on having fun usually keep the party alive.

Dads are known for being the best rollercoaster ride partners ever, and will let you eat all of the carnival food that you can get your hands on. They will buy you every balloon and souvenirs that you want, and let you watch the fireworks on their shoulders at night. Of course this may not be the healthiest trip, but kids are sure to have more fun.

3 Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast in bed is an extremely thoughtful gesture and I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t be excited and appreciative of getting a beautiful, home-cooked meal while they can relax in bed. In a lot of families, many dads don’t do a lot of the cooking. So, when kids get an opportunity to make something in the kitchen with their dad, they are super excited. These are the special moments that kids remember when they are older.

Whether the dads are cooking breakfast to give to the moms or another child of theirs, it is clearly a super sweet and kind gesture. Hopefully, moms make dads feel loved and special as much as they can, but with families getting so busy, it is likely to be rarer for mothers to get breakfast made for her. With the kids being involved in this as well, it is clearly a winner.

2 School Projects

School projects are actually really hard and exhausting. It is crazy what teachers expect of kids these days. It is like they know that the parents are going to end up helping them with their homework and massive assignments. However, not all children have parents that are around or able to help them at night. Some parents are working and others are simply not as involved as they should be.

This makes the dads that take time after working all day to help their kids with schoolwork so amazing. Kids are smarter than they think and when they see how much work, time and effort their dads are putting into helping them get good grades, they will definitely be appreciative. Even in the future, kids will look back and be very thankful for the time their dad sacrificed for them. And the best part is that a lot of dads do it willingly and happily because they love their kids.

1 Leaving The Kids Behind

It is very hard for parents to take family vacations and leave the children behind. Often times, mothers have an even worse time with this thought because of the separation anxiety that they get. Of course, dads miss their kids when they leave for vacation as well, but history has proven that dads are way better at prioritizing alone time with his wife, girlfriend, or baby mama.

Once you have kids, a lot of things change. Your life is literally turned upside down, and it is not about you anymore. It is about giving everything you have to your child or children. With this mindset, it can be very difficult to think of going on a trip and not including your kids, but dads know that it is a priority. Parents need alone time together in order to keep their marriage strong, and dads seem to be the best champion of this idea. And of course, the moms end up thanking the dads in the long run.

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