15 Things He's Going To Love About Her Pregnancy Changes

There's something magical that happens when a man learns his girl is pregnant and will be having his baby! Their relationship changes in the best way, and he suddenly finds a million more reasons to love her. She's carrying his little boy or girl, and he can get enough of how beautiful she is now that she's knocked up.

While the first trimester probably isn't that much fun with her morning (or all day) sickness, the second and third trimesters are a tad bit easier for him to enjoy with her and to share in the experience.

From feeling those first few baby kicks and watching her tiny belly grow to the size of a basketball to being in the delivery room to witness the miracle of life, there are many great things dad can soak in during her pregnancy.

Like mimicking her pregnancy cravings and making that midnight run to Taco Bell because she has to have tacos and a soda, and being able to grab himself something too.

We know that not all pregnancies are easy on the mom, and but we're here to focus on the great things about carrying a baby for dad. Here are 15 things he's going to love about her pregnancy changes!

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15 You Will Be Glowing From Head To Toe

The infamous pregnancy glow that you'll be sporting will have him eyeing you all over.

While your hormones might be wrecking havoc in one place (hello, mood swings), they'll be creating some incredible changes in your skin that will give you the appearance of a glow. At this time in your pregnancy, your hormones will be surging, making your glands produce more oil, and giving you that beautiful shine to your skin. Plus,

your body will be producing about 50% more fluids during while you are growing your little guy or gal,

according to American Pregnancy.

The glow can begin as early as the first trimester, depending on your hormone production and weight gain. Your guy might just be looking at you like you're glowing because you are carrying his little one!

14 The Girls Get Larger Than Life

One HUGE upside to pregnancy for your guy is how HUGE the girls will get!

Luckily for him, your bra will start filling up as early as 6-8 weeks into your pregnancy. While your breasts might be really sensitive in the beginning and you'll be begging him not to touch them, that sensitivity will taper off towards the end of pregnancy and you won't be barking at him to leave your bra hooked. It's also great news for you that they'll be growing alongside your bump, so they don't seem crazy small in comparison to your baby's expanding apartment complex in your tummy.

The girls could grow as much as one to two cup sizes throughout your pregnancy, especially if this is your very first pregnancy, according to Baby Center. Your guy will love using them as pillows, and losing many arguments because he is too busy staring at the beauties in your bra!

13 Your Birthing Hips Will Emerge

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Towards the later months of your pregnancy, you might notice your hips will grow a little wider in preparation for the birth of your little one! This is because the baby that has been kicking you nonstop and demanding spicy chicken wings is now headed further south to get ready to come into the world. You can thank the hormone, relaxin, for relaxin your joints and ligaments in preparation for the birth.

While you might be reaching for a really comfortable body pillow to help alleviate all that growing pressure down under, your man is going to be loving all the places your body is blossoming. First, it was your bra size,

and now your hips are taking on a more voluptuous shape - what's not to love?

And luckily for him, those wider hips will most likely stick around even after the baby is born.

12 He Knows You're Carrying HIS Baby

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When he sees your bump growing and grazes his fingers over you to feel the baby a few inches below, he finds comfort knowing that you're carrying his sweet button-nosed baby.

While you're reading What To Expect When You're Expecting, your guy can sing to the baby, talk to the baby, lay next to your bump on a pillow and whisper sweet nothings, or he can just breathe in the sweet pregnant air that surrounds the two of you during this magical time together.

According to Babble, his dude brain is slowly turning into a dad brain over the course of your pregnancy, with him falling in love with the little person in your belly. The bond grows even stronger once your baby is born and you let them have some skin-to-skin contact!

11 You Let Him Feel The Baby Kick

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When you both see that pretty blue positive on your pregnancy test, you'll probably be jumping for joy and feel so excited (or sick to your stomach thanks to those hormones). You'll start picturing what your little person will look like, and wonder if they will be a boy or a girl. You'll imagine holding your sweet newborn against your chest, and wonder what it's like to nurse them.

But for your man, imagining this tiny person coming into the world and growing inside of you is much harder to imagine, as you are the only one that gets to experience being pregnant.

But sharing those moments where the baby kicks, stretches, and moves within your belly so he can feel too helps him realize that this whole thing is the real deal! He'll love feeling his little creation move inside of you, and he can share in the excitement that comes with feeling the baby move!

10 He Can Watch Your Belly Grow

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While your bra is filling and your hips are widening, your belly is attracting the rest of the attention with its beach ball likeness. Your belly doesn't noticeably resemble a baby bump until about the second trimester, which is also around the time the baby is big enough to see if it is a boy or a girl!

Watching your bump gradually change and grow is just another sign that you are truly pregnant and carrying his baby. As your belly grows, his brain is rewiring itself to get ready for fatherhood, and you're helping just by standing next to him.

Your dad-to-be may also want a growing belly of his own with couvade syndrome (where the man mimics the woman's pregnancy symptoms), and gain some weight to keep up with you.

9 You're More Willing To Try New Foods

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It's a running joke that a man can't ask a woman where she wants to eat, because she'll never make up her mind. We are notorious for being indecisive and picky.

Thanks to your pregnancy hormones and cravings, your baby will have you wanting some foods you never thought you would want. According to The Bump,

approximately 90% of women experience cravings during their pregnancy.

Your man will be so happy you are finally ready to eat his mother's lasagna, or the fried pickles at Hooter's you've refused to try in the past. He might not be too excited about the midnight runs (unless he likes to eat late), but being able to easily decide where to go out for date night just got that much easier, and he's all the more thankful for it!

8 Doing The Deed Is More Fun

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When your man is feeling thirsty for your pregnant curves, he'll find that you're extra slippery down south. According to Fit Pregnancy, your pregnant body is more ready-than-ever to do the deed with your baby maker feeling more sensitive with all that extra blood flow rushing downstairs, you'll be feeling like a slip-n-slide in summertime to your guy.

You may even have the best "O" face you've experienced. That's also thanks to all that extra blood coursing through your body and your lady bits. He'll love how randy you're getting for him, ready to wrap your arms around him as son as he comes in the door from work.

And as long as your healthcare practitioner doesn't rule out intimacy while you're awaiting your due date, you both can feel free to get busy as often as you are up for it!

7 You're More Turned On Than Ever Before

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Speaking of the bedroom, you may find yourself wanting him so terribly that you even catch your guy off guard. He may be thirsty but you could find yourself just plain parched for some lovin'. With all that kinetic energy you want to put on onto him, he'll be rolling around in bed with a huge smile on his face.

Not only are you more attractive than ever (you validated his masculinity by getting pregnant with his baby), but wanting him makes him feel better than ever. He will probably enjoy being able to make you climax more intensely (or for the first time ever) thanks to those engorged lady parts.

Now, all you'll need to do is convince him he won't poke your growing baby in the eye - which will not happen.

6 Your Maternal Instinct Kicks In

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You might not be the tidiest person alive, but when you're pregnant there's some serious rewiring that happens and you might experience what people call nesting. Nesting is the urge to clean and organize your home before your baby arrives, and intensifies during the last few weeks of pregnancy, according to American Pregnancy.

And nesting doesn't just stop at your baby's nursery doorway -

you might be trying to climb a ladder to wipe away those previously unnoticed cobwebs from the corner of your kitchen, and reorganizing your hallway closet just because.

After your baby arrives, there are a few other maternal instincts that arise that will have your guy ready to jump your bones all over again. Your urge to protect your little guy or girl is strong now, and he loves you all the more for it.

5 You Need Him More

Via Entertainment Tonight

It's no secret that pregnant women are a little more vulnerable than they are pre-pregnant belly sticking out for the world to see. This is especially true for you if your guy leaves for long periods of time for work, or is still hanging out for a beer after work with his friends. There are plenty of pregnancy-induced anxieties that run through our minds each day while we tout this basketball for a belly under our shirt.

Be honest with your man that you'd like him to stick around more now that you're large and in charge, because he will more than likely love that you need him in all of his masculine glory to protect you. This gives him the chance to feel powerful as your new 'bodyguard' while you stock up on baby care essentials or go out for some prenatal fitness classes.

4 He Can Try New Positions In The Bedroom

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Let's face it - missionary position is OUT. Now that your baby has grown bigger in the second and third trimester of your pregnancy, that tried and true position for gettin' busy won't work anymore.

That's because your uterus and the baby within are heavier now, which means they'll be pushing on your vena cava

(the vein that carries deoxygenated blood to the heart) while you are lying on your back which compromises blood flow to the placenta, according to Parents.

Which isn't a bad thing - your man's appetite to get it on can be satiated in other positions that will have both of you looking outside the box for the big 'O'. You both can attempt some new positions while your bump is growing - think of some popular yoga poses for inspiration ;).

3 Your Confidence Is Soaring

Via Crimson Times

Maternity clothes have come a lot way since the 50s when it was popular to wear a muumuu (also called a 'house dress'), ha! We aren't trying to hide our bump anymore (unless we are a celebrity trying to keep it under wraps), and the fashion industry has equipped us moms-to-be with form-fitting dresses, sweaters, pants, and tops to adorn our bump in. Gone are the days of feeling ashamed by our bodies, or made to think we ought to hide away in the house.

With these adorable clothes that show off your cute baby bump, you are going to be feeling confident and sexy - something that he is definitely going to notice and find super attractive. Because there's nothing a man finds more appealing as the woman he loves knowing just how attractive she is, especially while she's carrying the fruit of his loins!

2 Your Spine Achieves That S-Shape

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Speaking of confidence and feeling attractive, your guy is going to find you looking like a dime when you bump gets bigger because your spine is going to take on that attractive S-shape!

According to Liza Shapiro,

this change in the curvature of the spine happens early in pregnancy, although it may go fairly unnoticed by the mom-to-be and everyone around her.

As your bump takes on the size of a cantaloupe and is growing, your spine is further extending. This causes you to lean your shoulders and upper body back a touch, and increases that S-shape your spine is creating for you.

Your man is going to think your curves and S-shaped spine are the new Jessica Rabbit - although a red velvet dress is going to be hard to pull off these days...

1 He Gets To Pamper You

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This is something you will both love during those last few months of pregnancy!

A man that loves his pregnant lady will want to treat her as much as he can before the baby arrives. He is going to want to rub your tired feet even if they are attached to your swollen ankles, for carrying around his slice of pie for the last 9 months. He has you to thank for bringing this little miracle into the world, and if he wants to rub your feet and fix you some red raspberry leaf tea, more power to him!

Now that you're carrying his little sweet pea, he'll feel closer to you than ever before, and he will love to spoil your pregnant tush rotten with love and appreciation. Just try to lighten up with the mood swings while he does ;).

References: American Pregnancy, Fit Pregnancy, Babble, Babycenter and The Bump.

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