15 Things Hips Don't Lie About During Pregnancy

Shakira once sung about how the hips don’t lie and she wasn’t lying about it, even if it wasn’t in reference to pregnancy. Yet, when it comes to pregnancy, this notion of the hips not lying could not be more true if it tried. This isn’t a case of what touches the lips stays on the hips, but something much more real.

When it comes to pregnancy, the hips are one of the first parts of the body that really know what’s up. They are closest to the action and they realise what’s going on inside there. They get sore, they get big, and they get relaxed so that baby can slide on out to the world. The hips literally stretch out and shift as that baby grows. No one can deny that the hips don’t do their part when it comes to growing a baby.

Depending on the person, the hips tell different things. Some hips might be saying “sit down, take a break”, or hips might be saying “it’s time to go shopping and buy a really comfortable side pillow”. Other hips might just outright yell in your face and say “our pain needs chocolate as much as the baby does!”

Whatever the hips are saying, pregnant women of the world need to listen closely. This is one part of the body that will always be honest, even if they’re a little blunt along the way. For there are many things that the hips won’t lie about during pregnancy, and these are just some of them.

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15 Relaxin On The Way

Towards the end of the pregnancy, the hips know what they’ve got to get ready for. They are at the forefront of the pushing, shoving, and wanting to scream as loudly as you are. That baby has already pressured the hips so much, and it’s having it’s final go in the last moments of pregnancy.

The hips will not lie to you when they know the baby is ready to come out and join the world. This is when the hips kindly request the hormones to release another. Yes, another hormone floating around your body – just what you want in the final stages of the 9 month hormonal rollercoaster ride.

But the hips are doing this for your sake. Relaxin is a hormone that triggers the muscles and ligaments to, well, relax. This is the final hormone to come into your body, so the hips aren’t lying when they say it’s a pleasant one!

14 The Uterus Is Getting Heavier

When there is pain in the hips, they are trying to send a message to above. In the case of trimesters two and three, this message is that the uterus is growing and it is growing fast. The uterus sits just above the hips, nestled comfortably into the pelvis. Well, it was comfortable until someone put a baby in there.

As the uterus grows, hip pain will become more and more common because of the pressure it is experiencing. You don’t need to worry though, because the hips know how to handle this, in a very physical sense. As the uterus grows and becomes heavier, the hips shift and strengthen in response. Listen to their pain though and try to appease them – they are going the hard yards for your baby’s house. When the hips want a heat pack to alleviate some discomfort from that growing uterus, please do abide!

13 Things Will Never Be The Same

There are many things about the female body that are just going to be a little different after pregnancy. The hips won’t try to sugar coat this for anyone. In fact, they want women out there to accept this, especially about the hips in particular.

As the baby grows and the uterus grows and everything else starts stretching, the hips do they’re best to keep up. This does involve the pelvis actually shifting outwards and the hips altering their position. Once again you thank that hormone relaxin on this one. As it releases, the hips actually become more malleable and changes the size of the hips. Of course, the hips will reduce in size after giving birth, but they're not going to go back to the original shape in perfect condition.

So the hips are going to be a little wider and your skinny jeans might not fit as well. But so what, you’ve got a beautiful baby to show for it!

12 You Need To Start Stretching ASAP

It is a great idea in theory to jump out of bed and stretch widely. This gets the blood flowing and helps to move muscles around in a smooth way. The hips are not lying when they say this idea needs to be done and needs to be done regularly during pregnancy. Basically, there are minimal bad outcomes from gently stretching each day whereas the good outcomes are going to be really positive.

Stretching the legs really helps to increase comfort around the hips for the rest of the day. The hips are pretty demanding during pregnancy, but realistically they’re allowed to be given the support they’re offering you. In return, they ask you to take some time to stretch, such as doing lunge stretching, leg crosses, and hip flexes each day. You won’t regret listening to this advice from the hips, especially as pregnancy progresses. Remember, the hips don’t lie.

11 Take A Pregnancy Test

During the early days, whether conception is something planned or not, the hips clue into what’s going on. For many women, sharp hip pain can be an indicator of pregnancy, as soon as five days after conception in some cases.

This is mostly because the hips are so close to the action. One sperm meets ova in your body, things immediately click together and changes start occurring. These changes relate at this point mostly to hormones spreading throughout the body like wildfire. Even at the point of conception, the relaxin hormone can be released in really, really small doses and make the hip and pelvis bones relax somewhat. Rather than being pleasant, however, this causes the two bones to grind against each other, causing discomfort and some pain. The hips don’t mean to do this do you – they’re just really excited about the conception and are practising for 9 months down the track when they will really need to relax.

10 It’s Time To Get A Comfy Pillow

The number one thing that hips aren’t going to lie to any pregnant woman about it pain and discomfort. This is a common trend with pregnancy and the hips just really want to be listened to. Just remember, the hips are doing everything they can to support a growing uterus and expanding stomach so that baby can have a comfy home.

There are many ways to alleviate hip pain during pregnancy. One of these ways is to invest in a really, really comfortable pillow. Lying on your side with a pillow to support your stomach and upper leg can make a big difference. Or you can try a pillow or blanket propped under the small of your back to take some pressure of the hips. Remember, this can be done on the bed or on the couch or just any time those hips aren’t lying about the need to take a break from standing and walking.

9 Can't Get Any Wider Than This 

It is mostly the pelvis that causes the hips to widen, because the pelvis is accommodating that little egg growing into a fully fledged baby and making the uterus its home while doing so. The pelvis is basically like a bony basin that keeps the uterus safe so that baby can grow comfortably.

At around 36 weeks, the baby drops down to the base of the pelvis and this is when the hips really feel (if they weren’t already!). This is the point when relaxin really kicks into gear and this hormone softens the ligaments and makes things widen out.

This sounds traumatic and all, but imagine if the hips didn’t widen! Baby's head isn’t going to fit through narrow hips! So while the hips are as wide as they’re ever going to be, you really ought to thank them. The hips and pelvis are working hard together at this point to ensure your baby has a nice sliding ramp to enter the world.

8 Don't Pile On The Pressure

Obviously with pregnancy some weight is going to be gained. This is a fact that can’t be avoided, since another human life form is growing inside the womb. There is nothing wrong with getting fat during pregnancy.

However, the hips really do appreciate some effort to keep unnecessary weight off. So there is a big difference between getting pregnant fat and getting unhealthy fat during pregnancy. By eating healthy and exercising as much as humanly possible during pregnancy, some unwanted kilos will be able to stay away.

Having a healthy pregnancy body with only necessary weight gain is really positive for the hips. Avoiding unnecessary weight gain can be done by getting yourself into optimal health prior to conceiving. The hips will love you then, and even more 9 months later. They’re all ready to carry the load – literally – so as much as this can be kept to a minimum during pregnancy, the hips appreciate it.

7 Sorry For The Bad Night’s Sleep

Now, it needs to be made clear that the hips don’t want any pregnant woman to have a bad night’s sleep. They do offer their sincerest apologies for this inconvenience, but there really isn’t much they can do.

There is already so much pressure on the hips during pregnancy. Through the night, this pressure can’t be alleviated by the hips themselves because, well, they have been forced to stay horizontal and can’t really stretch anywhere.

Pain is common in the hips through the night simply because they are inactive. There is an increased pressure build up. The pain won’t be too intense normally, but it will cause discomfort and can often wake some women up. In other cases, you will just wake up with really stiff and sore hips. The hips know this isn’t pleasant, and do apologise, and can only remind you again about getting a comfy hip supporting pillow to sleep with.

6 Ready For Labor When Baby Is

If there is one thing that the hips aren’t lying about, it is that labor is about to happen. Amongst the other signs of early labor, hip pain is something to pay attention to. During early labor, the uterus is basically sending baby on its way down the pelvis to the top of the cervix. This causes additional pressure on the hips that have already been managing a lot over the past 9 months.

Nonetheless, the hips are ready for their final challenge and ready to embrace it like a boss. While you’re feeling increased hip discomfort and pain, the hormone relaxin is seeping through and telling the hips to chill out and relax. This is getting them ready for the final birthing process. Thanks to relaxin, the hips are able to widen and let the baby come out the birthing canal. You won’t notice the lack of pain in the hips now thanks to the increased pain everywhere else in your body, but at last the hips aren’t aching as much!

5 One Size Fits All

There are some thoughts out there that women need a certain hip structure in order to bear children in the best way possible. The hips want to make it clear that this isn’t true. The hips are willing to change and alter once a baby is growing, and they’re never going to be the same again after!

The ‘ideal’ child bearing body looks something like the hour glass figure where the hips are comfortably rounded out and the pelvis has a nicely comfortable layer of cushioning around it. But this isn’t true. The hips on all types of bodies, from small to large, are capable of bearing a child and supporting the womb.

Of course, the hips do like and prefer a healthy body prior to getting into the child bearing business, but they are still willing to adapt and go with the flow of whatever the body is looking like.

4 The Pelvis Is The Boss

The hips take their orders from higher up. Ok, not technically higher up, more like on the same level but more centred. Anyway, the hips are listening to something else in the body and they aren’t lying about what that something wants.

The pelvis and the hips are a good team for hosting a baby in the uterus. They work together to offer support and protection to this temporary baby home. The pelvis actually becomes more mobile and active during pregnancy than the hips at first. It is the pelvis that first has the idea to become relaxed and flexible, adapting to the baby’s presence. The hips simply follow these orders and try to relax as well. Unfortunately, the nerves and muscles in the hips can struggle with this sudden change, which is where the pain comes into play. But hey, they’re actually just listening to the pelvis after all.

3 Warm Baths Are The Best Idea Ever

This is one that the hips certainly don’t lie about and one that no pregnant woman is going to contest. Even when it seems like there is not enough time in the day, the hips really do encourage the idea of drawing a warm bath, perhaps with some magnesium or epsom salts, bubbles, and scented candles for extra affect, and enjoying it.

It is really important during pregnancy to look after the whole body. Since the hips are supporting the majority of the pregnancy changes, such as the expanding stomach and additional weight from the baby, they do need some TLC. A warm bath helps to relax the muscles and joints. Being submerged in water is really therapeutic and can help increase comfort levels at the end of the day. This consequently means that getting a good night's sleep won’t be such a nightmare thanks to the relaxed and soothed hip region.

2 Exercise, But Lightly Please

So at this point the hips have made it clear that they want a healthy pregnant body to support for 9 months. They don’t want unnecessary weight adding to the pressure they’re already literally under. While the hips don’t lie, they are quite picky and fussy in this regard.

The hips do want you to exercise during pregnancy, but they are going to tell you about it if you over do it. The hips want light exercise and they want things that are comfortable without too much strain. Yes, they like long walks on the beach and evening strolls through the park. They don’t like running, jumping, boxing, or rock climbing so much. Save that for when nothing has been fertilised inside the womb.

After light exercise has been approved by the hips, they also appreciate some light stretches. For instance, lying on the side and stretching the leg up to the air is something the hips enjoy. But don’t stretch too far, otherwise you’ll hear about it. And the hips don’t lie when they don’t like something.

1 Time To Relax

During child birth, the hips are listening closely to what baby wants and they are believing everything. Basically, baby is telling everyone that it’s on the way out and the hips are taking this message seriously. This is when they know that relaxation mode is vital.

Also, the hips know that you, as the expectant mom, aren’t actually going to relax. This is why the hormone relaxin does its thing so that you don’t have to actively relax. That isn’t going to happen during child birth.

The ligaments in the pelvis soften with relaxin and the hips widen as a result. Meanwhile, other hormones are taking their time to relax the cervix, which sounds great but this is what brings on contractions. Really, it sounds like everything in your body is trying to make you relax, and the hips are being truthful when they say they’re relaxing, it’s just hard for you to appreciate when you’ve gotta push like you’ve never pushed before!

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