15 Things It Feels Like To Be Pregnant

Pregnancy makes a woman's body feel and look different. There is a gradual shift in gravity as the belly gets larger. There is that constant queasiness that happens for some in the first trimester. There is the movement of the baby to feel in the belly as it expands (which everybody and their dog might try to feel) and the lack of movement in the bowels (which no one should be feeling except the mother.) There are emotional highs and lows. There are the contents of the women's stomach going high and low. Many, many things to consider.

There are movies out there that do justice to what it feels like to be pregnant. TV shows too. Most women watch those and wonder how accurate they are to life. It's really hard to be able to gauge. Really, aren't those actresses drama queens? They basically get paid to for that right? Maybe it's not really that bad a woman tells herself, or worse yet maybe it is that bad and then some. Let's do some exploring into what pregnancy feels like. There are some phases that are fairly short lived and thus the feeling is fleeting (thank heavens) and there are some phases that steadily get... well, they get worse is the word. One thing is for sure, there are few feelings like that of pregnancy.

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15 Sea Sick Pirate With The Flu On A Roller Coaster

That could happen. You may not be one that gets morning sickness (and I pray that you don't) however many of us get it, and we get it bad. There was much yelling during the first trimester from me to my husband about his driving. I think it went something like "Your driving is making me sea sick. Why can't you learn to drive?" Now that we are all in the present time, I'm going to advise that you not use that as a way to request your significant other to drive "better." It didn't seem to serve that purpose. Mainly because it wouldn't have mattered how he drove, I was going to be sick either way. Why was I going to be sick? Because I felt like a frickin' sea sick pirate with the flu riding on a roller coaster most days. Not just in the morning either. That was an all day thing. Sometimes I could almost the gravity from the roller coaster making my head feel really heavy and wanting to fall back. Approaching the toilet to let the last bit of food escape the ride from your mouth, you may feel a rush of dizziness. Be wary of your balance as you approach. Shiver me timbers watch your step as the ride comes to a stop.

14 Pop Rocks Candy Swallowed Whole

Did you know that you can feel when your baby gets hiccups in your uterus? This will usually feel like little rhythmic pops in the belly which make things jolt a little bit. Depending on the position of the baby you may feel it in the front, but if the baby is already head down it's going to be felt a little lower and it's going to be a little like some popping in your belly. You remember the candy Pop Rocks, right? You would put them in your mouth and let them sit pop in your mouth. You remember there was that myth that if you drank a bottle of soda with the Pop Rocks your stomach would explode? Well, your stomach will not explode from that. Bonus good news is you can get pregnant and you will know the feeling of pop rocks in the belly.

13 Penguin

That's right. I said it. The waddle is not a myth. It is a very real part of pregnancy. If you happen to be changing clothes and need to take a break from pulling up your pants because it's exhausting, you will especially feel as though you have morphed into a penguin. The crotch of your pants hanging abnormally close the ground, the frustration of not being able to move anywhere properly, the sweat forming on your brow from over exerting yourself, the redness in your cheeks from frustrating. Cursing nature because you aren't able to fly, just like I'm sure penguins do on the daily. It's just one of the ways you may feel in pregnancy like every other morning while getting ready for work.; that's all I'm saying. Also after tuckering yourself out so much with that effort, you may wish that you were somewhere near Antarctica to cool down.

12 Rag Doll

When you are pregnant your body releases hormones to cause your joints to loosen up. This is because to give birth and to carry the pregnancy you will need that extra wiggle room to accommodate the baby that is growing in there. The baby that is going to eventually need to come out. One thing that you may not realize is that this extra movement can leave you feeling like a rag doll by the end of the night. You may feel like your hip joints are going in and out of place. You may feel like you are so tired, you can't even lift your head up. It's a lot to take on for your body during this period and it's a surprise just how much your body seems to give in order to make pregnancy work. If only there was a sweet girl to brush your hair and toss you into your bed like a real rag doll.

11 Zombie

This is likely a way to prepare you for the first few months of newborn life. There are going to be days that you feel like a zombie. It's so opposite of the glowing picture of a pregnant woman we all thought we would be. All you want to do is eat, mumble, and shuffle to the places you are supposed to be. I give you permission to feel this way and to have a few days where you don't utter coherent sentences due to your extreme tiredness. You will find that you get better at functioning with little sleep as the days wear on. They even have a term for moms that are overtired once the baby comes- It's called a Mombie. That will be an exciting promotion in a few months. Until than try to get as much rest as you can, as often as you can. Don't go trying to chomp on people even if they annoy you.

10 Tin Man From Wizard of Oz

You may find that you feel a little rickety in your joints when you get into the pregnancy. Earlier we discussed how they give a little more due to some hormones that are released. Here is the down side to that- at times you can feel like you are rusted up old Tin Many from The Wizard of Oz. You may feel like when you are walking, you are in danger of breaking you pubic bone. You may feel like your joints are stiff. If you are having an especially bad day, you may want to click your heels and go home. Who am I kidding? We try that every day at work. There's no place like home, there's no place like home. This, ,though sometimes painful experience does pass and you will get back to normal.

9 Heart Is On Fire

The fire of a thousand suns burning in your chest is a heart burn. You may have had heartburn prior to getting pregnant, but it likely was never this amazingly painful. You see when you are pregnant your digestive system slows down. As the baby gets bigger it causes things inside you to have to move to the side and out of the way. This leads to you being able to eat less food. That would be fine, except if you happen to eat a little to much, you may find that the fire in your throat is a good reminder to try not to do that in more. "That girl is on fire," is a song that reminds me of this Heart fire pain. It's a great song. I liked to think that the fire from my heart gave my eyes an added sparkle. If that helps you get through that, go ahead and use that.

8 Care Bear

The belly badges on the Care bears remind of preggo bellies. That should not be taken as an insult to any of the robust Care Bears out there, as it's meant as a complement. The belly badges on the Care Bears was my favorite thing about them. The did magical things and it was so amazing to see them. That is what it feels like to be pregnant and look down at your stomach that is growing a baby. It's like a Care Bear belly badge. You have no idea what the magical power is that will come out of there. Will the baby be a dancer, a genius, or an artist? No way to know now, just like half the time I couldn't tell what the pictures of on the bellies of the Care Bears were. It's all a lovely mystery. If only we could waddle along the clouds with those lovely Care Bears.

7 Hermit Crab

Hermit crabs travel with their houses on their backs from my understand. A pregnant lady though unable to left and carry her house with her, does get very good at planning ahead. There will be snacks in her purse, there will be pads in case of urine leakage in her purse, there will be a compact, and maybe even a tooth brush in there in case morning sickness strikes. This may be something that you had as a trait prior to pregnancy, but if you didn't have it together you will likely start to get it worked out really quick. You are now a beautiful hermit crab trucking along. When you start nesting at home and finding all the supplies for baby you are a like a little crab trying to figure out if the new shell will work for you. Also frankly during pregnancy sometimes you are so tired you may be able to sleep anywhere, like the lovely crab can do in it's little shell.

6 Love It One Second, Hate It The Next

There is a definite love/hate relationship with pregnancy and your body during this time. You will find so many things slightly inconvenient. Then you will have that kick that you get to show your significant other skirting across your belly. It becomes a beautiful moment and you are in love with pregnancy again. It's so easy to say a lot of negatives about pregnancy. This is not to down play the good things that you will go through. The positives and love you feel while pregnant is hard to put into words, so it's often neglected to be mentioned. The sitting on the coach alone with the baby poking at your belly to see if they are awake. The feeling of not facing the world alone because you have a little built in side kick attached to you. These things will make you feel in love with pregnancy, but how do you tell your friend that- it's so much easier to say, umm I upchucked a lot.

5 Weeble

We all know that weebles wobble, but they don't fall down. A pregnant woman will at times feel like a weeble. If she is lucky (and doesn't live somewhere icey) she will not fall down. There will be a lot of times where a pregnant woman's balance will be off and she may wobble a little bit. This is due to the fact that her body has gone through significant changes. She is now front heavy. If the lady was already front heavy/larger chested they are now adding even more stress and balance obstacles. Also with the waddling that a pregnant woman does to walk, losing her balance is definitely a possibility. A pregnant lady may try to make sure to pick up her feet when they walk. But Weebles don't have feet? I know they don't. I'm not going to make a mother give up feet though. Another thing a preggo could try is to make sure that they have comfortable shoes. If they have to go up a size for shoes to feel comfortable, do it. Don't make yourselves miserable. There are not medals given out for suffering the most.

4 Fragile

There are times throughout the pregnancy where a mother may feel quite fragile. The whole concept of pregnancy can be so foreign initially that moms are afraid to move in certain ways lest they mess something up. Than as they get bigger and the baby becomes more pronounced they start to really think through the fact that this is going to be a legit little baby that the mother has to look after forever. That makes a woman feel extremely fragile as they consider how they are going to keep this baby safe. Don't worry, this likely only will last for 18 years for these babies. Then the mother will try to let them fly. Even better news- they don't have to keep the baby inside them for the 18 years. Once the baby is born the mom will likely transfer all their feelings of protection to the baby.

3 Hot Air Balloon

There could be a joke here her about air being gas and a woman being extra windy. This seems unnecessary. When comparing pregnancy to feeling like a hot air balloon, I'm referring more to the physical aspect. Yes, the round shape is pretty obvious to compare. However in addition to that a pregnant woman looking down and unable to see her feet will likely feel like she is floating over it all. The feeling can be a little disorientating as they try to adjust to the floating over there feet without watching them. It seems silly, but that's only because you are so used to looking down and seeing your legs and or feet. You want to tie your shoes- they are right there. Bend down and do it. You want to bend down and tie your shoes with a big ol' pregnant belly? You might as well be floating about the earth in a hot air balloon with how well that is going to go.

2 Super Star

Pregnant women often feel like they have become public property once they start sporting the tell tale sign of a baby bump. They may also feel a little bit famous as they start to have to be more social when they go on shopping trips. There will be strangers that approach them to check on how they are feeling, they may receive help with their groceries and they will have a lot of concern for their well being. There will be people that they never talked to previously asking about when they pregnant lady is going to pop. Making comments on whether she will make it to her due date or not. My personal favorite is "Are you sure there is only one there?" Bonus points if the person actually physically reaches out and touches the pregnant ladies belly. As one can probably tell this is a curse and a blessing.

1 Forgetful Squirrel

Pregnancy is real. There are different theories about what is going on in there. Whether you have so many things going on that a mother can't keep things straight. There are days where pregnancy feels like one of those forgetful squirrels. They go up the tree, then come down. They are going to cross the street, but wait was that something shiny there- they better go check that out. Was that a bird? Where are they going now? Didn't they just think they wanted to cross the street? This may be the life of a pregnant woman for awhile. Why did she walk into that room? Here is a tip for these things. If you as a pregnant woman are walking into a room 75 percent of the time it's for food. Just accept that and then take a quick look around to assess the food situation in that room.

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