15Using The Word 'Toilet'

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When Kate’s kids are potty training they will never use the word ‘toilet’ to describe where they’re going, instead they’ll say loo.

There are certain words that are not appropriate to be said if you’re a British Royal, and we’re not talking about cuss words. If Kate couldn’t hear what little George was saying, she would never say ‘Pardon’. Even though most of us consider this a polite way to say ‘What?’

if you’re in the upper class this is a huge no-no. Instead say, ‘Sorry, I didn’t hear you’.

While Kate and Will are the next generation, most upper class folks call their parents “mummy and daddy’ not ‘mom and dad’ and odds are they expect their kids to do the same.

If you’re wondering where Kate and Will kick back after their kids are in bed, you’d be wrong if you said their living room, which is another middle class phrase which wouldn’t dare be uttered by a royal. Instead they’d retire to their lounge or drawing room after a long, hard day. While Posh Spice Victoria Beckham was one of the guests at Megan and Harry’s wedding, you’d never hear them, Kate, or anyone else in the family call her or anything else 'posh', instead they’d say ‘smart’.

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