15 Things Kate Middleton Taught Us About Pregnancy

The world once again has jumped on the speculation bandwagon and is trying to figure out whether or not Kate Middleton and Prince William are expanding on their brood again this year after Star Magazine suggested Prince George spilled the beans to his great grandmother. According to the magazine, Kate and William rehearsed with George the revelation, with the beautiful Prince saying, "Mummy has a new bubby in her tummy!" The media flurry is never ending and, of course, it's incredibly exciting news for the royal couple, if it is in fact true that Kate is pregnant with their third child. Kate has instigated that she wants to have two more babies in the next five years so no wonder everyone is on bump watch.

The media attention has brought back the memories of Kate when she was pregnant on Prince George and his darling sister Princess Charlotte two years later. We are instantly reminded of how princesses deal with pregnancy. Pretty much just like the rest of us. Except, Kate has the eyes of the world watching her. In fact, because of her high profile, she has the ability to tell the world straight out just how difficult pregnancy can be and can help women get through those difficult days.

In 2013, when pregnant with George, Kate brought the realities of extreme morning sickness, hyperemesis gravidarum, to the front of the public eye, allowing pregnant women the world over to sigh in relief that someone had finally started the conversation on the horrible pregnancy condition. For so long women have been told, "It's just morning sickness, you'll be alright," knowing full well that their pregnancy nausea was so much more than that but still had to suffer through it regardless.

And of course, watching Kate's maternity wardrobe has been the envy of every pregnant woman out there. We wouldn't mind seeing more of it though, so you never know, Kate could end up showing us some more style tips this year. Keep your eyes peeled for a bump. So, what have we learnt from the stunning Duchess about pregnancy?

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12 It Is Possible To Hide A Pregnancy

For someone as high profile as Kate Middleton, with camera's and reporters watching and taking note of her every move, it can be very difficult to keep anything under wraps. She has become one of the most prolific women in the world and we love to see what she's up to, how she's dressed and now that she's a Mum, we love to watch her parenting skills too.

Most of us like to keep our pregnancy under wraps until we hit the twelve week mark and are safely into the second trimester. Hiding our bumps is a luxury afforded to us ordinary folk as usually it's just our Mum watching for a grandchild! In Kate's case, the world wants to know the second she has conceived so we can revel in the anticipation and excitement of a new royal.

Kate has always been very strategic carrying a purse with her and usually holding it in front of her flat and toned abdomen. It's become a trademark of hers and as we watch and wait, she essentially uses it as a method to hide any growing bump. Even for royalty it's possible to keep your pregnancy under wraps until you're ready to make your announcement.

11 It's Good To Have An Entourage

While Kate's entourage includes bodyguards, aides and secretaries, it's good for any pregnant woman to have a support network around her that can help at any stage when the pregnancy gets that little bit too much to bear. We all know how difficult pregnancy can be between the never ending list of pains that take over your body, to extreme tiredness and severe morning sickness and not forgetting the incredible overhaul of your emotions. Kate's Mum, Carole, and sister, Pippa, were also always there to help her out.

Knowing that your Mum, your sister, your best friend and even your partner, if you'll let him anywhere near you, are close by and available to offer a hand is a godsend and makes your journey through pregnancy that little bit easier. While no one can do it for you, having a helping hand, someone who will make you a cup of tea and give you an understanding ear, works wonders for a pregnant woman's emotional and physical state.

10 Morning Sickness Can Be Horrendous

Kate's first pregnancy in 2012 was revealed as she suffered quite badly with extreme morning sickness, known as hyperemesis gravidarum, and required an extended hospital stay. As we watched William head in and out to the hospital visiting his pregnant wife, so many of us nodded and understood exactly what Kate was going through.

Many women suffer unnecessarily with morning sickness but help really is at hand as Kate has taught us. Not only does hyperemesis gravidarum put the mother at risk due to dehydration and exhaustion, it also has negative effects on the baby so medical intervention is of utmost importance. Pregnancy is difficult enough without such a horrendous complaint added into the mix.

Ordinarily, morning sickness eases by the second trimester, but there are many women who suffer nausea and sickness right throughout their pregnancy and many more who suffer with extreme sickness often resulting in a hospital stay or two.

9 Prenatal Yoga Is Amazing

Kate swore by prenatal yoga during both of her pregnancies and had private yoga sessions to prepare her for labor. She was always hopeful for a natural birth and the yoga sessions helped her to keep her mind and her body in control for the big day. Amazingly, prenatal yoga helps with methods to relieve pain and help a pregnant Mum-to-be cope during labor.

Prenatal yoga has become increasingly popular over the years as the health benefits are amazing for pregnant women. The elements learnt during yoga sessions like visualisation and breathing techniques help Mums-to-be to get into the correct frame of mind to deal with the pressures and pain of labour and delivery. Not only that but women who practice prenatal yoga have lower blood pressure and are half as likely to give birth prematurely. No wonder Kate swore by it.

8 In Fact, Exercise Is Amazing

Kate is an incredibly sporty woman and didn't let pregnancy stop her from enjoying some of the excercise she is used to. She maintained a personal trainer right throughout her two pregnancies to keep her fit and healthy and also to prepare her for labor.

Gentle and appropriate exercise throughout your pregnancy can deliver a world of benefits to you and ultimately your baby.  In fact, it can help reduce backache, constipation, bloating and swelling. It will help you combat tiredness and give you more energy while improving your posture and will lift your spirits. Not bad, right? Not only that, but exercise will naturally help your muscle tone, strength and endurance for that final leap into labor and delivery.

If your not naturally sporty like Kate, choose exercise that suits you and remember not to put yourself under too much pressure.

7 How To Dress The Bump

Perhaps one of the best things of waiting for a royal baby is watching the royal Mum-to-be dress her bump beautifully, stylishingly and in a grande sophisticated way. Kate's maternity wear has been the envy of every Mum-to-be out there who watched her step out for her public engagements throughout her pregnancy.

In fact, do you remember the beautiful Jenny Packham blue and white polka dot maternity dress, which Kate wore when leaving the hospital with Prince George? We loved her style so much that the stunning dress sold out incredibly quickly with many disappointed pregnant Mama's unable to get their hands on it. Kate's sophisticated and chic maternity style has inspired so many of us during our own nine months. We can't wait to see what she has in store for next time.

6 Going Over 40 Weeks Is Worth The Wait

Kate was always hoping to give birth naturally and held on until her baby was ready. Sources claim that she went over her due date by a few days but was not apprehensive with the wait. Ideally, we'd all love to go naturally and experience the wonder of childbirth but many are encouraged by their doctors to be induced or have a C-Section.

It is perfectly normal and natural to go beyond your 40 week due date and have your baby or week to later. If at all possible, try to avoid an induction or a C-Section as it will be better for you and your baby all round. Remember that an induction and a C-Section are last option medical interventions. Your body knows what it's doing, so, if you can avoid it, you're better off. Of course, things don't always go to plan however. But Kate was right not to worry about when her baby would arrive and let nature take it's very natural course.

5 It's Good To Have A Plan

With Kate's hope to have a natural childbirth on both of her children she was adament on having a plan in place to ensure all went well and the way she wanted. Her medical team were, of course, second to none and knew exactly what she was hoping for, supporting her all the way. William was on hand at both births to be there when his children were born and even Kate's hair stylist was on speed dial.

Whatever helps you to have a stress free birth as much as possible, is important. And you can plan your baby's birth in advance with elements you want on the day down to the particular music you want playing at the time and the atmosphere in the delivery room and of course what pain relief you are hoping for. Things don't always go to plan so remember that it may not go the way you want it to. But at the end of the day, it is the safe arrival of your baby that is important.

4 It's Easy To Want To Buy Everything

Do you have a baby register? Have you put everything you've ever dreamed of for your little bundle on there? Just like Kate, it's perfectly normal and natural to want the best of all items for your newborn. Kate and William reportedly bought a Bugaboo stroller for more then $1500 and plenty of other baby essentials which have cost a pretty penny or two.

It's very easy to let the baby paraphernalia mount up so be careful how easily you hand over your credit card when buying those essentials. It's a good idea to shop around, borrow from friends or buy second hand. Of course, there are some items you should always buy new, like a baby car seat and a cot mattress. Safety and health is always of prime importance when it comes to your newborn.

3 It's Normal To Still Look Pregnant Leaving The Hospital

Every Mum sighed in relief when Kate made her way through those doors of the Lindo Wing, out onto the steps of St Mary's Hospital in London, and dressed in that sell out Jenny Packham maternity dress, still had the remnants of a baby bump. Yes, you will still look pregnant as you bring your baby home for the very first time and Kate, who looked incredibly stunning and beautiful, made us realise that bouncing back is not necessary.

The pressure on new Mum's these days to regain their figure, posture, energy and health in as short a time as possible is beyond ridiculous, but sadly exists. Many celebrities come out with svelte and toned bodies with flat stomachs weeks after giving birth. It is a completely unnatural and wrong attitude to have, which pressures regular Mum's to get back into shape when all they want to do is care for their newborn. Thank you Kate, for being proud of your post baby body and showing the world a real Mum.

2 Remember Your Relationship

If there is one thing you should remember from Kate Middleton's role as Mum is that you should remember your romantic relationship. After all, it took two to tango and you're both in this together. Parenting is not easy however and you both deserve some free time away from the kids to focus on your relationship.

Kate and William have been known to have secret date nights where they are simply them and are allowed to enjoy each others company outside of the role of Mum and Dad and the countless diapers, feeds and toddler shadows. We all need time to break away and regain that little part of ourselves that is still in there somewhere after we become parents. It can be very easy to get caught up in the regular routines of parenting and forget about your significant other to a certain extent. Take a leaf out of Kate and Williams boom and schedule some date nights for you and your other half.

1 Be Hands On

And finally, do as Kate does and be a beautiful hands on Mum to your children. Yes, Kate has a nanny or two to help her with the daily chores, the daily grind and rituals. She is blessed in more ways than one when raising her children as a Duchess. But to be fair, her children are heirs to the Crown and raising them in the 'appropriate' manner for royalty more than likely takes a team.

But Kate is a very hands on Mum as she does the majority of the childrearing herself and is rumoured to have refused help when George was first born. Being there for your kids as much as possible, in a way that is appropriate and suitable for you and your family is important for your family dynamic. Taking an interest in your children's day to day activities and socialising with them does wonders for their self esteem and ensures that they know they are your number one priority.

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