15 Things Kanye Forbids Kim Kardashian From Doing In Their Marriage

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are among the most powerful couples of Hollywood. Everything about them is a news - their lifestyle, their kids and even their food. Little did we know that Kanye West also has set some crazy rules for his wife. Thinking about Kim following anyone else’s rules is quite hard to digest but not when her rapper hubby is a logical rule-setter!

The celebrity life has its own pros and cons, so if Kanye goes all gaga about his wife’s looks and her safety then it's quite understandable. But here, it is not only her security but her every aspect of her life that's under his magnifying glass. Though Kim started dating Kanye in 2012, she met him in in 2004 when she was married to Damon Thomas, according to the Daily Mail. So knowing how he is, Kim must have had an idea even before their marriage that some strange rules are going to be there. She sure seems to have signed up for some extremely possessive, bizarre and sometimes lovable marriage rules set by Mr. West for his beautiful entrepreneur wife.

So, there are many things that Kyne is forbidding the famous fashionista from doing and many of them are indeed quite unexpected! Let’s dive in to know more about the happening married life of these smoking hot celebs.

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15 Tattoos Are Big No-No

When Kim behaves like a kid, Kanye is the one who prevents her from taking some inappropriate decisions which she may regret later. One of them was getting inked!Blasting news reports that Kim had decided to get tattooed just to grab some headlines and Kanye decided not to let her do that.

The reason that Kanye gave her was that Kim already has a perfect body and she shouldn’t spoil it by getting a random tattoo just for the heck of it.

Kanye is so in love with her wife that he wants her to be pain-free always, no artificial measures like plastic surgery or getting a tattoo is allowed. What makes us happy about this whole forbidding thing is, that Kanye is not doing it because of some dominating nature, he is doing it because he cares for his wife. We sure hope that's the true story.

This socialite’s hubby very well knows that some random tattoo will make headlines for a few days but Kim has to live with it forever! No wonder Kim listens to him religiously and she is convinced that she has got an amazing, loving and caring husband in the form of Kanye West!

14 No Talking About Ex-Boyfriends

This one is a must for Kim and for everyone for that matter. No spouse is happy with their partner talking to their ex, though exceptions are always there. Kanye is among the common ones, as he has forbidden Kim from talking to all her ex boyfriends.

No talking to them, not even about them, “delete them from your life like they never existed,” these must have been the dream and goal of Kim’s hubby, The Richest quotes. Kris Humphrey and Ray J are a thing of past for Kim and that past is locked in a box and buried by Mr. West.

Call it his possessiveness or jealousy, he has got a point. He has a hot wife who is now the mother of his three children. They are happy in their lives and no more drama is needed. As Kardashians are never short of drama, Kayne is trying his level best to keep the dose to the minimum.

Maybe next time while interviewing Kim, if someone asks her about Kris Humphrey then her reply will be, “Kris, Who?”We hope that Mr. West is following the same rule for his ex-girlfriends. As only then we can call it equality in marriage!

13 Shoes Must Be Kanye-Approved

Kanye is reportedly Kim’s new fashion stylist. He makes sure that Kim doesn’t get out wearing a zebra print and carrying a tiger print fur dog bag. He has changed the cheesy and stereotyped outfits into the trendy and designer ones! Ummm...He actually threw all of them out!

On Keeping Up With The Kardashian reality show, Kanye walked in and threw most of the outdated and boring shoes out.

Well, not only the shoes but the clothes as well, Narcity reports. The famous entrepreneur and musician keep his wife all dressed up only in the designer brands of shoes and so all the cheesy and cheap looking shoes don’t belong to Kim’s wardrobe anymore!

Although, Kim must have had a hard time bidding goodbye to the ceiling high pile of shoes and clothes that Kanye rejected from her wardrobe. The things turned beautiful when Kanye surprised his wife with the kind of shoes that even Cinderella will get envious of.So, we all can see how Kim’s clothing and fashion style has changed from cursed to blessed. What a relief to see this fashion Mogul with amazing shoes every time and heavens be praised for bidding goodbye to those furry printed bags.

12 Not Allowed To Get Work Done On Her Face

As expected from a loving husband and a caring father, Kanye is very careful when it comes to his wife's health. The Hollywood Life reported that Kanye has forbidden Kim from going under the knife as he is worried about its side effects. Kanye has a baggage behind this decision, as he had lost his mother to a plastic surgery complication. So forbidding his each and every loved one from doing the same is quite understandable.

Kim was worried about the extra weight gain during her first pregnancy and was planning to go for a ‘tummy tuck’ (liposuction to get rid of the tummy fat). When he found out, her multi-talented husband jumped in to crush the flat-tummy plans of his fashion-diva! That’s why Kim never even considered plastic surgery as an option in her second pregnancy as well. Though she had her good share of nose-jobs and facelifts before marriage, she is well aware she can’t have another one now. So Kim made friends with gym and salad bowls, as going natural was the only option she had left. No wonder that she became even more beautiful after having children!

Three cheers for Kanye for being a sensible husband, otherwise we wonder how much more strange she might have ended up looking after the endless plastic surgeries. There are sadly so may plastic surgery tragedies floating around.

11 Can't Be Friends With Rachel Roy

Well, it’s complicated! For all those who don’t know what exactly the lemonade drama is, Ray Z is Beyonce’s husband and Kanye West’s best friend. On the other hand, Rachel Roy is Kim’s best friend. The things got tricky when Beyonce released a one-hour musical video saying that her husband cheated on her and the mystery girl that he was fooling around with happens to be Rachel Roy (as guessed)!

So, when the things got ugly for Rachel as Beyonce’s fans grilled her over social media for being the little third in Beyonce’s otherwise happy married life, Kim must have had some urge to come out in support of her friend during the ugliest period of her life. But Kanye thought otherwise.

He asked Kim to stay away from Rachel and not to make any public statements about this issue, Hollywood Life reports. The reason behind this can be two, one being a power couple themselves, Kanye thinks it’s their duty to support another power couple in Hollywood. The second reason is that Kim could have got trolled too while supporting her friend and Mr. West didn’t want that at any cost.

We assume that although Kim was not allowed to be seen in public with Miss Roy she must have been a good friend behind the scenes and must have lent her shoulder to the grieving fashion designer.

10 Not Allowed To Attend Paris Fashion Week

PARIS, FRANCE - SEPTEMBER 28: Vitalii Sediuk jumps on Kim Kardashian West as she arrives at 'L'Avenue' restaurant on September 28, 2016 in Paris, France. (Photo by Marc Piasecki/GC Images)

The horrific burglary incident that happened to Kim in Paris, where she reportedly lost 10 million dollars worth of jewellery, must have created some real bad memories. The next year's Paris fashion show failed to attract Kim, maybe due to such bad memories of the previous unfortunate incident or due to husband Kanye’s precautionary nature. Whatever the reason was, we totally get the absence of Kim from the Paris fashion week.

Anybody would have been devastated and shaken being at the gunpoint, let alone the famous celebrity!

Celeb dirty laundry claims that the reason was Mr. West’s instructions to his wife not to go to Paris was for the sake of her safety.

Some other websites say it’s a false claim, but whatever it was, it was best for our Kardashian queen as she has been seen less in the public since that episode. Everybody needs time to recover and Kim very well seemed to need it at that point of time. Fortunately, Kim has recovered very well and we are now seeing Kim making more and more public appearances. We just loved her golden Versace dress in Met Gala!

9 No Taking Pics With Fans

ID films claim that Kanye has allegedly forbidden Kim from taking pictures with her fans. We didn’t find any valid reason behind that but there must be something fishy going on. Kim is more of a show-my-life-to-all person while Kanye believes in living more of a private life. So when these two opposite poles got attracted towards each other, little did they know about their ideologies in life.

We are glad to note that the couple is all into each other and take each and every step necessary to make the other-half’s life a little better every day. Behind this decision of Kanye, we believe there must be a clingy fan or any obscene comment that Kim may have received, which Kanye is protecting her from. Whatever it is, we suggest Mr. West that staying away from fans and turning down their wishes is not a very good idea as long as the fans are sane and behaving themselves!

At Kim’s book launch (more of a selfie collection), the diva asked everyone not to take selfies as there was a huge line for getting Kim’s signature on her book. Though Kim had a valid reason there, but on normal occasions, we wish to get clicked with Kim whenever we get lucky!

8 Say Goodbye To Those Big Sunglasses

Although the big sunglasses have always been Kim’s best friend, Kanye was kinda jealous of his wife’s best friends. So apparently he called them off! While hanging out with her friends in her very own reality show “Keeping Up With Kardashians”, Kim herself admitted that Kanye sent her an email saying that she should ditch the oversized sunglasses and try the 90’s small cute shades.

As reported by OK! Magazine, Kanye even sent her ‘millions of pictures of these small sunglasses” as Kim told her gang. We are in awe of the kind of love the famous rapper shows to her wife, not only he cares for her fashion choices, but he also wanted her to actually like the new trend. Afterall, when you are famous, rich and multi-talented, then you don’t generally have the time to collect these sunglasses pictures and send it to your wife.

Kanye was so damn-right about this fashion suggestion that even the other Kardashian sisters, Kourtney and Kendall seems to have embraced this style. Girls, if you have this kind of husband who goes out of his way to make you look and feel beautiful, then be grateful, because not everyone is a Kardashian!

7 Pregnancy Photoshoot? Think Again Kim

According to Daily Star, Kim has been very passionate and excited about getting the infamous pregnancy shoot done. Reportedly many upscale magazines were ready to give the cover space to Mrs. West posing her assets all bare with a beautiful baby bump but Mr. West had other plans!

Kanye wanted to go all private about Kim and her pregnancy, Kim herself admitted that in an interview. Kim said that Kanye is dreaming of sending the kids to great schools and giving them a humble but classy life. Somehow Kanye is apprehensive about showing the baby-bump to the world as it can hamper the future decisions and lives of the West kids. Kanye was already thinking as a Dad before even becoming one. Maybe that’s what you call “husband material”. No wonder that Kim decided to have her third baby, Chicago via surrogacy!

As for Kim, a clothless pregnancy photoshoot would have been a great publicity stunt.

So that was quite a lost opportunity. But Kim dear does know how to keep the world thinking about her. Afterall who is really behind all that Kardashian glory! Kanye and Kim make the perfect pair, where Kim is the fun and Kanye keeps it from overflowing!

6 No Phones At The Dinner Table

When I had to follow this rule at home at a young age, I was quite annoyed. I can’t imagine what Kim feels like about this particular rule. But there is an advantage to keeping your phone away from the dinner table, that you actually come to know what food actually tastes like, in which class your brother is studying and so on!

Being a celebrity, they are always overwhelmed with fan-mails, likes, comments, trolls and what not. Having a habit to regularly check your phone is quite understandable but Kanye being the “family-man” knows how to grab his wife's attention and how to make the dinner table a perfect hometalk place.

No wonder Kim and Kanye are not allowed to check their phones on the dinner table unless someone is delivering a baby of course. North, Saint and Chicago are going to grow up with some strict rules made by their Daddy. But these rules will make them quite family-oriented kids as it ensures a better interaction within the family. We are with Kanye in this decision and we hope that the rules are not just for Kim but for everyone in the family. But how is Kim going to flaunt the royal food courses on their dinner table without a phone?

5 The Baby's Gender Should Be Kept Secret

Normally the parents-to-be find out the baby’s gender, spread it out to the world. They are excited to find out if the crib should be blue or pink and whether they should shop for frocks or shorts. But our favorite power couple is different from everyone. They love to do things differently and with their own signature style.

So when Kim was pregnant with their second baby, Kanye decided that they were not going to find out the baby’s gender and it would be a complete surprise.

Accidently, the doctors spilled the beans to the curvy Mom and this was not her fault, as per the rumours.

Mr. West jumped in to do the disaster management and he asked Kim to keep the gender of the baby to herself (or between two of them of course) and not to reveal it even to her family and friends. The perfect wife abided by her husband’s rule and kept the gender a secret. Her fans waited for the surprise like an exam-result and it came out amazing in the form of adorable Saint. Now we know about Chicago even. What next Mr Musician? Planning how many more?

4 No Makeup In The Home

Kardashian sisters are known for their glamorous look, full makeup faces, heavy highlighters and designer clothes. Kim is obviously one of the most makeup-savvy among them. We have always seen her with false eyelashes, beautiful lip colors, bold mascara and a huge amount of blusher and bronzer, not to mention the contoured features.

Kim loves fashion and her fans love the same, but Kanye has made their home a makeup-free zone. The rule for Kim is no makeup at home! This will give Kim’s skin some breathing time and Kanye says he loves Kim like she is, that is without any makeup.

That’s what real love is all about. We are happy that Kim is happy in her own skin, without the makeup and her husband loves her in that look. We think the rules set by Kanye for Kim are not that bad after all, as these have made Kim an even better looking, healthier person and he has helped her to take some great decisions in her life.

Look at her old pictures and you will understand that Kanye has done a commendable job to make Kim improve multifold! Now we are so eager to know if there are any rules that Kim makes Kanye follow!

3 Say Goodbye To Paid Party Appearance

Paid dates and other paid appearances in a party are a thing of past for this luxury queen, as her rapper, composer and entrepreneur husband has banned it for her! Unfortunately, he again has a logical reason behind it. Kim had a bitter experience when she went as Richard Lugner’s paid-date at the Opera ball. Though she was paid a lucrative sum of $500,000 for the same, as Sheknows states.

Suddenly a man with a painted black face came and buttonholed Mrs. West by calling her words, most of them being considered as the racial comments for her husband (then fiancee). Shaken by the incident, Kim immediately called Kanye and left the party. On the other hand, Richard felt cheated due to the same and called Kim “annoying” publically. This whole unfortunate incident must have left a dent on the minds of this celebrity couple even after that man sent his apologies for the comments and claimed that his intentions were not at all malicious.

In spite of that, Kanye didn’t want to take a risk for his wife again so he asked Kim not to do any paid appearances.

We are with Kanye in this decision as we also want Kim to be safe, smiling and happy with her envious grooves!

2 Nothing Less Than Designer Brands

Gone are the days when Kim used to pick any oversized or short dresses from anywhere she liked. Kanye has made Kim’s wardrobe allergic to such types of clothes. Now, Mrs. Kardashian West has to look for specific designer clothes that will suit her perfect body and beautiful face.

Well, that’s a rule to die for! Normally, husbands crib over their wives getting shopaholic and spending money on clothes, Kanye thinks otherwise. Except the fact that he is a celebrity and can afford an expensive wardrobe for his wife.

Mr. West hit the nail on its head when he walked in the set of Kardashian’s reality show and discarded the ugly looking clothes and shoes that he thought is not best for Kim. Even after being such a good rapper, Kanye managed to be the best fashion designer for his wife. We can see the huge difference in Kim’s dressing sense after dating and marrying Kanye West. After seeing all the amazing efforts that the musician has put in to make his wife look even more beautiful and elegant, we can’t help but admit “There is a designer husband behind every well-styled wife!”

1 Kris Jenner, Who?

This one is a no-brainer... Excess interference of any momager can lead to a failed marriage. Apparently Mr Genius West has got this thing covered. He has made sure that the Momager doesn’t steal their thunder from them. Kanye made this whole thing official by adding this clause to even the prenuptial agreement of their marriage!

Yes, Topnaija revealed that the duo’s prenuptial say that Mommy Kris Kardashian will have no say in the decisions that are going to affect them as a couple. Not even the work-related decisions were allowed for Kris Jenner. Well, that takes guts to do!

Mother-in-laws minding their own business, helps couples get bonded together better and using their own brains to take the decisions concerning their life and marriage. Kris has always played the role of a manager for all her daughters when the iconic forever running reality TV show, Keeping Up With Kardashian first aired. She must have the wish to become the same for her son-in-law as well, but this guy has no plans to do so in the near future. What we feel is Kris should not feel offended by the clause, she should be happy that the self-proclaimed genius is indeed one!

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