15 Things Kelly Ripa's Kids Aren't Allowed To Do (And 5 Ways They're Completely Normal)

Being a mom sure isn’t easy. All of the books moms read probably didn’t mention that it gets even harder. As the kids grow up, moms are pulled in so many different directions with choices. How will parents raise them? Can they have sugar after dinner? How old until they can date? These questions could go on forever and leave mom restless. Every second of the day they must make a call as a mommy. Some calls will come from the gut and make moms feel 100% settled, while others will linger in her mind as she wonders if option B was a better choice. Regardless, the parent makes the calls!

Every child is different, so different rules and parenting styles are needed for each kid. It is often difficult to make these rules and not feel judged by other parents. Whether they decide to be a strict parent, let things slide, or make their own laws; consistency is key. Kelly Ripa may run a tight ship but she sure knows how to be a mom. People may agree or disagree with her parenting style, but we can all agree Kelly Ripa is raising a strong crew! Maybe fans will incorporate a few new Ripa Rules in their homes or realize she is the same as any regular mom!

20 Kelly Will Play The Bad Cop

Ripa does not care if her kids like her or not. She makes it very clear that she is not their friend. This talk show host has openly discussed her struggles with parenting their daughter, Lola. Some may disagree with Ripa’s tough love philosophy but she is adamant that setting these boundaries and not giving into behaviors early on helps to parent them when they are teens. Kelly has no problem playing bad cop in the relationship! Many parents were shocked when she brought this topic up on the Wendy William’s show, but Ripa did not flinch. She is not their friend, she is their mom. End of story.

19 Phones (And Burner Phones) Are A Privilege

If you have seen Ripa’s talk show, then you know she has a “no phones allowed” policy during her air time. So, you can imagine it is the same at home. She is very much aware that phones are needed in today’s society, but has no issues taking it away as a punishment. Lola, her daughter, thought she had mommy fooled when she had a burner phone.

Ripa had the crowd laughing as she explained her investigation skills on a episode with Megyn Kelly. Ripa said, "It starts with me tossing the room like a prison warden because I know there's a hidden device that I haven't found yet. I know, because I just know. So, I find the hidden cell phone that is buried underneath a pillow, deep within the bed, below the thing, underneath the thing, plugged in and I go 'an iPhone 2?!' And I confiscate it." I guess Ripa is smarter than Lola thinks!

18 Everyone Must Speak Spanish

Obviously, Kelly and husband, Mark Consuelos, are not okay with the kids failing Spanish. Lola lost her computer and phone (told you she would take it!) when she was caught texting while she was supposed to be working on Spanish.

Ripa told her, "You're half-Mexican and your grandmother is a Spanish teacher. You're not allowed to fail Spanish." Parents who are involved with their kids education help guide them to success. Sadly, many kids do not have support during High School and their future often depend on these years. Monitoring your kids education and studies is so important. This rule rocks Kelly, keep it going!

17 They Pick Out Their Own Clothes

Ripa also believes in picking out her daughters clothes. Some mom’s may say this rule is a bit harsh, but we believe it is a great opportunity to teach Lola class and how to act like a women. We know Kelly Ripa is stylish herself, so it’s not like Lola is wearing rags and turtlenecks! Based on her instagram, her clothes are fashion forward and I have even seen her in some adorable mini skirts. Many parents feel that this can be taking away a child's identity or opportunity to express themselves but Ripa seems to believe there are many other ways to do that. Ripa is doing a great job and Lola looks pretty darn trendy. Sounds like a win-win to me!

16 They Keep Their Social Media Private 

In an interview with Wendy Williams, Ripa talked about how her kids are not allowed to hide their social media and of course she is monitoring it. Kelly and her husband, Mark Consuelos, have strict policies when it comes to technology. "You can't have privacy and be on Instagram. I'm sorry, that's not how it works," she said.

While many fans bashed Kelly for not giving her kids privacy, other mommy celebs agreed. Savannah Guthrie chimed back, "to be friends suggests that you're equals, and you don't want to have that relationship.” Totally agree, especially in the world they are living in. Everything is public and we are happy Kelly is spreading this knowledge to her kids before they become a media headline.

15 The Kids Can't Call Her Out

Being on a talk show can’t be easy! Trying to entertain, share your life with the world, but also keep things private seems like a challenge. Ripa has made it very clear with her facial expressions that calling her out on a fib is not allowed.

Lola called mommy out on “making up stories about her” on one of her cooking episodes and it was clear Ripa was not pleased by her facial expressions. We all know that telling the truth is a common family rule, but Ripa takes it just a bit farther. Don’t call mommy out on her lies! Seems like her kids must like her if they have her back, right?

14 Video Games Are A Privilege

You can guarantee her little boys are not playing Fortnite on the weekends. Ripa has a strict rule of only one hour of electronics and TV on the weekends. I don’t blame her for wanting her kids to pick up a book, play outside, or engage with others! What happened to the good old days of kick the can and capture the flag?

I love Ripa’s old soul of wanting her kids to be more than robots in front of a computer all day long! This sure explains the tight bond the bunch has. They are forced to hangout and do things together! I am sure this rule slides for the occasional Riverdale season finale!

13 No Missing A Calendar Event

We all know the rule goes, when you write in your calendar in pen, it's a done deal. I am sure Kelly Ripa uses Sharpies to write in hers because she does not let her kids miss an event on the calendar.

This rule is fabulous. Teaching her kids at a young age about commitment is amazing. If your brothers soccer game is Friday, you best be there, even if a better opportunity arises. This is a great life lesson and will help create great qualities in her kiddos. Kelly even loves the paper calendar because she definitely won't miss a school pick up!

12 Snooping Is Totally Allowed 

No one likes when someone is all up in their business, but in the Ripa household, it's a norm. If you leave your phone on the table while using the bathroom, it's fair game to go through. Ripa shared a story on the air about her snooping techniques.

She said, "I walked into her room and she wasn't there. But there was her phone, which isn't supposed to be in her room during study hours. So I was like 'let me just accidentally dial in her code' [...] I saw a lot of things like "so-and-so responded to your Instagram' or 'so-and-so liked your photo.' She was in the bathroom showering." Well, on a positive note, her kids definitely won't be trying to hide anything from mommy.

11 She Loves To Embarrass Them Online 

We all know Kelly Ripa and her husband are looking great! Ripa loves to show off her work in the gym and posts some steamy bikini photos on social media. Ripa doesn’t care if she embarasses her kids when sharing her personal life or photos on instagram.

Her kids may dislike the photos she post of them, which she kindly takes down, but they are not allowed to hate on her feed! Lola was mortified by mommy’s Taylor Swift “Shake It Off” remake video, but Ripa thought she looked good. Talk about confidence! Also, don’t try to troll her post because she will shut you right down! Mom power, love it!

10 Don't Forget Study Hour

Phones are such a distraction these days! Do you really think you could put your phone away for one whole hour without checking it? Some moms may think Ripa’s rule is outdated, but we think it is great for our tech savvy times. No phones during homework time! Children are able to retain more information when they are focused and engaged. Those phones make for a huge distraction during learning time. Don’t test Ripa either, if you are caught with it, you lose it! Plus, they can set their phone down for a few hours to complete their work. Trust me, they will survive!

9 You Must Earn Your Privileges Back

Ripa describes Lola losing her computer and phone “like taking away oxygen.” Many teens would easily agree. Although, she does not budge on allowing them to earn back the mobile devices, her kids can put on a strong debate to change a few house rules.

Lola easily won daddy’s heart in a recent argument when she asked them to extend her curfew after prom. Ripa told Ryan on her live show, “She wore him down to the point where he got so weak he started counter offering against himself and she swooped him and made the deal." Maybe daddy should work on the bad cop role more often?

8 No Junk Food In The House 

Based on Ripa’s ageless skin and rocking body, I am sure a donut has not touched her lips in ages. We know obesity is rising in children and adults, so this rule is great. Ripa is all about balance, so of course they indulge in pizza night as a family!

But she is all about a fruit bowl over a chip cabinet. Teaching balance and nutrition at a young age is so important. Plus, when you have the money for a personal chef, I am sure they can make you some delicious black bean avocado brownies as a treat! Yum.

7 Mind Your Manners

If there is one rule on this list to take back home to your family, its this one! Thank you cards will never go out of style. They will forever be classic, special, and timeless. Ripa’s rule is thank you cards are mandatory.

According to therichest.com, Ripa’s son requested to not receive presents at his party because he did not want to have to write the thank you cards. He must have experienced a bad hand cramp to turn down presents to avoid thank you cards! Her little boy is growing to grow up to be a nice gentleman with all she is teaching him! Manners are important in the Ripa household. Fabulous rule Kelly, Thank you!

6 Personal Things Stay Offline

According to Ripa, privacy is not a thing. She knows everyone’s business and is not ashamed of that. If you text it, email it, tweet it, or snap it, she feels she is allowed to know about it. After all, they do live in the public eye. The only privacy allowed is the good old fashion pen and paper kind!

Ripa explained on her talk show, "If you want to write a letter or write in your journal, I'm not going to read that. But if you want to tweet about what a pain in the butt your mom is, I'm going to see that." Some mom’s find this to be crazy, but a rule is a rule and her kids are following them!

5 Joking And Fun Are Mandatory

Like momma said, instagram is not private and Lola certainly takes advantage of this. Lola hackels her parents on instagram and it is very entertaining. According to hollywoodlife.com, Ripa posted a photo with her husband and Lola commented, “If I see one more thing about Comic Con”.

Kelly hilariously clapped back at her, commenting, “You should turn off your phone and clean your room.” Just wait, it gets better! Ripa then posted another couples photo captioning “Prom with #daddy (it’s a Riverdale thing).” Lola quickly trolled back “Lol but your prom pic will never get as many likes as me and @tar3kfahmy.” Ripa instantly replied, “Did you clean your room yet?” Sounds like the household knows how to have a little fun in between all the rules!

4 It's A Trip, Not A Vacation

Parents know the lavish family vacations they plan don’t always turn into dreamy spa treatments with daiquiris on the beach. Usually, it entails a few diaper blowouts, sandy sandwiches, and some bad sunburns. Regardless, the trip is always a wonderful memory, but definitely not as relaxing as you imagined.

Ripa expressed that she and her family are easily like the rest of us on vacation to People Magazine. Her tired look tells it all and makes her seem a tad bit normal! She too takes her kids on fun trips, but I assume her house rules still apply! Who needs a phone at the beach anyways?

3 They're Taking Over The Family Business

Many young boys grow up wanting to be just like their daddy! Ripa’s son Michael has grown up watching his dad, Mark, on CW’s series Riverdale. Just like dad, Michael will be starring in season 3 of Riverdale.

Michael has been cast to play the younger version of dad’s character Hiram Lodge. Mommy is so proud of her TV villains as she posted a picture congratulating the “handsomer” Hiram, and claiming their parental rights to 10% of his earnings. She may need to put in a dating rule for this new Hollywood star because he sure has the looks!

2 Family Dinners Are Required 

Family time can be hard to make when kids are in sports, school, and parents are working. Ripa does not let that get in the way. She told ABC News, “'We are having family dinner every night, no matter what. It means so much to the kids, it means so much to me. Does it always go as planned? Of course not.” If it’s pizza night or a quick kitchen dinner, standing up or sitting down, the Ripa’s will eat together! What a good tradition to make sure happens. Parent’s can learn so much about their kid’s lives just from listening about their day.

1 Eloping Is A-Okay

This love story will make you fall more in love with the couple and help you realize this strict mommy is totally down to earth. Ripa and Consuelos definitely did not have a boujee engagement or wedding.

According to thisisinsider.com, Consuelos proposed to Ripa over pizza and wine. Sounds like they would fit in perfectly with all the Netflix and pizza proposals nowadays! They quickly zipped off to Las Vegas and eloped in 1996. To me, that sounds like true love! Even though many may troll the couple for running a tight ship, we think they are pretty down to earth!

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