13Staying In The Car While Mom Shops

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There have been many stories about how moms got into serious trouble when they ran errands, and left their babies in the car unattended for two minutes.

The topic around kids being left alone in the car for a quick minute is a controversial one, that is for sure.

Good 'Samaritans' would call CPS on them (or CAS in Canada).

According to Check Up News Room, leaving your kids unattended in the car even to run a quick errand

is irresponsible and will get you into trouble. But the question is, under what kind of conditions? If it happened on a sweltering hot summer day or frigid winter day- then that is understandable. However, if the mom chooses to do that on a mild day and leaves the window open- and goes into a convenience store to pick something up fast- and can see her child easily through the window, then why is that a problem really?

If there was any kind of threat impending, the mom could easily drop the item and run out of the store to go back to the car. All I remember is that my parents left me alone in the car to run quick errands and I am still alive!

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