15Riding In The Front Seat

According to Huffington Post, it was acceptable for kids to sit in the front passenger's seat of the car.

The idea of your little one sitting in the front passenger seat in the car is probably one that you cannot fathom-even though I remember clearly sitting in the front seat of the car when I was a kid.

I also remember clearly that day in 2006 when I was driving

home from somewhere, and the nanny was sitting in the front seat holding my then four-year-old daughter- there was a cop right around the corner. I was stopped, lost a few demerit points and was given a ticket! Why? Because my child was sitting on an adults lap in the front passenger's seat.

Back in the 1990's and prior to that, you would never see something like that happening.

However, back then when babies were brought home from the hospital- the mother would have her baby cradled in her arms on the way back in the car.

They did have car seats for babies back then, but the rules back in the 1990's and prior to that as far as kids sitting in the front passenger seat were a lot looser. Additionally, nowadays kids also have to be in booster seats until they are 80lbs! That is average for a nine-year-old child! That is how tight the rules are nowadays!

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