15 Things Kylie Jenner Did

The youngest sibling of the Kar-Jenner siblings has been in the public eye basically her entire life. This means paparazzi and the internet captured and chronicled everything that Kylie Jenner has said and done (the good and the bad).

As we all have heard, once something hits the internet it is there to stay for basically... ever. And that same idea applies to celebrities too. Once baby Stormi is all grown up, she will be able to see all of Kylie's childhood with a quick Google search for years to come.

There is a great deal of pressure that comes with living in the spotlight and growing up in such an adult world like Hollywood. We cannot exactly say that Kylie did it with grace or class because like her big sisters, she definitely got her fans talking during her 20 years of life.

Whether we believe or not, Kylie Jenner has been a role model to millions of people. Of course, there are young girls all over the world that have looked up to her since the family's show Keeping Up With The Kardashians first aired a decade ago. Kylie was a much different person back then.

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15 The #KylieJennerLipChallenge

Back in 2015, Kylie's lips became a hot topic because suddenly they grew! Well, at least it looked like they grew. Of course, young girls who looked up to the then 17-year-old as a role model and for fashion and beauty advice wanted to look just like her, and that obviously included her new pout.

The #KylieJennerLipChallenge began circulating the internet via social media. Girls began plumping their own lips temporarily during this challenge by putting their lips inside a shot glass and sucking the air out of the glass. At the time Kylie was only saying that she overlined her mouth with lipliner so even she wasn't using this method to plump her pout. Girls who did attempt this method did not have great results. There were actual injuries that resulted from broken shot glasses, some requiring stitches. Others experienced pain, swelling, and bruising from this fad.

14 When She Sported Corn Rows

The Kar-Jenners have been accused of cultural appropriation a few times now, and the youngest sister found herself in some serious social media drama regarding her hairstyle in July of 2015. Jenner posted a selfie featuring her cornrows and quickly was hit for not using her platform to help African Americans, but instead, she wore their braids. This wasn't the only time Jenner wore the cornrows, but they did quickly disappear for a brief while after she was called on via social media. The hairstyle reappeared a year later and she was hit with more hate. People called the reality star insensitive because she did not appreciate the culture, but instead used a trend to her advantage while ignoring the many social issues regarding segregation and discrimination that are still a problem in our world today.

13 The T-Shirt Drama

The Kar-Jenners are constantly under fire for their business ventures it seems. The youngest of the family are no exception, and they really rocked the boat in June of 2017 when they put their own faces over musicians like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Metallica. Things really got dicey when that line up included Tupac and Notorious BIG.

The line was quickly slammed and pulled, but not before the girls were hit with legal threats. Voletta Wallace, the mother of Notorious BIG, and the lawyer for his estate went after the girls and threatened to pursue legal action if the shirts continued to be sold. Many called the shirts disgusting and disrespectful. There were a lot of questions regarding why the girls thought they could use these images or how they didn't realize it was offensive and distasteful.

12 Maybe It's... Photoshop?

Over the years, there have been many questions about what is real when it comes to any of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters. The youngest sister was no exception and has been under question for things like her lips, curves, and other body parts. People have questioned whether the body parts themselves are fake or if the reality star is just really good with picture editing.

In one Instagram picture, Kylie's curves just so happen to line up with a curtain that somehow bends as well. That definitely got her a lot of raised eyebrows. Was the image photoshopped? Her fans think so! It isn't the first time the reality star has been accused of altering her body in the name of a good selfie or Instagram.

11 Did She Copy A Designer?


In June of 2017, the internet went crazy when PluggedNYC founder, Tizita Balemlay, accused Kylie Jenner of copying her designs. The designs in questions were matching camouflage patterned crop top and cargo pants. Balemlay claims that Kylie's team had wanted to partner with her and was the first person to receive the outfit.

Jenner then came out with her own line on KylieJennerShop.com which featured her own The Camo Collection. It was made up of two piece sets in a similar camouflage pattern. Jenner used Instagram to post the launch of her line, and Balemlay was quick to call the reality star out for what she believed was copy-catting. Balemlay certainly makes a good case, and she kept the receipts and posted them on social media to prove her case. Jenner was pretty quiet and never responded to the claims made by PluggedNYC founder, but the internet surely had A LOT to say regarding Jenner's creative abilities.

10 The Wheelchair Photoshoot

Of course being a member of the family that is "famous for being famous," we can easily ask ourselves what won't Kylie Jenner do to get attention? Her Interview magazine cover shoot stirred up some drama, as it features the reality star in a wheelchair while wearing S&M style clothing and accessories. This isn't the first time Kylie has been called insensitive.

Other pictures from the shoot featured Kylie in the wheelchair while raising her legs in a pretty provocative manner. The star was then slammed for being 'distasteful and offensive.' Interview magazine told E! News in an interview that they put Kylie "in a variety of positions of power and control and exploring her image as an object of vast media scrutiny."

9 The High-Priced Makeup Brushes

Kylie broke into the makeup world with her lip kits, and she found a great deal of success. Of course, there have always been people who weren't fans of the reality star's line and products. Her makeup brushes this past year really let it hit the fan. She referred to the line as "luxury makeup brushes" which cost $360 for the entire set of 16. Yikes. The brushes could be purchased individually for $16 to $48. Jenner got a lot of heat for those prices, and the reality star actually responded via Twitter that the brushes were real, not synthetic, and that quality justified the cost.

Kylie tried to justify her prices by comparing with other high-end brushes and lines, but the reality star was quickly reminded that she is a newbie in the makeup world. Many fans believed that the other lines had earned the right to charge higher prices because they had proven their worth.

8 When Her Lips Mysteriously Grew In Size


Kylie Jenner is the founder of Kylie Cosmetics which is known for their lip kits so of course there is always talk regarding the reality star's lips. Kylie's lips got a lot of attention when they went from pretty thin to a pretty substantial pout. The makeup brand founder, of course, accredited over lining her lips with lip liner, even though this was pre Kylie Jenner lip kit days.

There were a whole lot of people who did not believe the reality star could really alter her appearance that much simply with makeup. Many speculated she had some type of plastic surgery or lip fillers.

It has since been revealed that Jenner actually got lip fillers, which are a form of lip injection, when she was just 16 years old. The reality star confessed that she was self conscious regarding her lips because they were thin.

7 Underage And In Love

When Kylie was 17 years old, she began dating the rapper, Tyga, who was 24 at the time. Not too many parents would be a fan of that age difference, yet Kris and Caitlyn (then Bruce) Jenner were rather mum about the situation.

Kylie's big sister, Khloe, did jump to defend the relationship when Amber Rose slammed it because Kylie at 17 is not like most girls at 17. While she is not exactly wrong, how many 17-year-olds own their own companies after all? The seven-year age difference still gives a great deal of us the willies. It probably doesn't help the situation that not only were there cheating rumors swirling around Tyga, he had just had a baby with his then-fiancee, Blac Chyna, shortly before he started dating Kylie. That doesn't look great anyway it is spun.

6 The Confusing Family Tree

Sure Kylie got seem heat when she started dating a 24-year-old rapper when she was just 17. He also got seem heat because he had just left his fiancee and the mother of his child, King Cairo, for a teenager. But that isn't even the weirdest part of this whole love square? Can we even call it that considering two of the members are half siblings? Tyga's ex fiancee and baby mama was Blac Chyna who then went and got engaged to Kylie's big brother, Rob Kardashian. Awkward.

Now Kylie has a niece that her brother shares with Blac Chyna. None of the couples are together, but that wasn't before they had a great deal of reality TV worthy drama. There were accusations floating that her brother's relationship was just Chyna's way of getting back her ex fiancee, Tyga. Those accusations were never confirmed, but that sure didn't stop speculation considering Tyga quickly got together with a teenager after ending a four year relationship that involved a child.

5 Taking The Blame

Kylie Jenner is part of the charity Smile Train. The organization is a cleft lip and palate children's charity. They found themselves under fire in October of 2017 when they sent out some Halloween themed fliers that compared children with cleft lip and palate to Halloween monsters. Classy.

Due to Kylie's known association and relationship with the charity, fans reached out hoping she would pull the plug on anything she was doing with them. Jenner has been known to donate profits from her lip kits to the charity as well as visit the children who deal with cleft palates. Many also hoped she would be able to influence them to pull the distasteful ad. The ad was blasted on social media because many, for a pretty good reason, found it extremely offensive.


4 Her Kyshadow Collection


Kylie Jenner announced her Kyshadow palette in July of 2016. While sales wise the palette was a huge success and sold out in one minute, her fans were not exactly impressed. In fact the Kylie Cosmetics founder was accused of copying a popular Youtube star's palette. The colors in the palate and the color of the palate itself really got people noticing how similar it was to Shannon Harris's palette with BH Cosmetics.

This isn't the first time that a Kar-Jenner has been accused of some kind of creative plagiarism. Many of Shannon's followers took to social media to call out Jenner who actually responded and showed the world the creative process behind her own palette. Shannon denied having any beef or issue with Kylie herself via Twitter despite posting a picture of the two palettes side by side on Twitter previously which was a big part of what stirred the issue to begin with.

3 The Luxurious Gifts To Herself


We have all seen the fabulous, crazy expensive gifts Kylie has gotten, especially when she was in a relationship with rapper, Tyga. There was once that crazy day where Tyga gifted Kylie a Ferrari. It had girls everywhere raising their eyebrows at their own boyfriends who likely weren't gifting them six figure cars for their own birthdays. It turns out Tyga didn't buy the Ferrari. He leased it because he could not afford to buy it. In fact, he leased it in Kylie's name.

The rapper has been in some hot water on and off for a few years now for his money troubles. Many took a look at some of his purchases because the rapper has been known to have vehicles repossessed in the past for missing payments. Guess rappers are just like regular people sometimes too. There has been a ton of speculation around who actually paid for this Ferrari because it does not seem like Tyga could afford the monthly lease payments, especially since he's had issues paying his own in the past.

2 Friend Or Foe?


The Snapchat that changed it all was posted back in April of 2016. The two have been feuding on social media since Kylie got together with Chyna's ex-fiancee, Tyga. When the two took to Snapchat to pretend like they had been friends through it all, many of their fans thought it was rather silly. Sure their drama was obviously petty, but trying to trick fans is just kind of demeaning. Or was the feud simply for publicity?

When Kylie and Tyga were dating, Chyna caused drama several times including posting her texts with her ex-fiancee and baby daddy on Twitter. Chyna's friend, Amber Rose, even got involved with the feud as she slammed Tyga for dating well a teenager. Kylie and Chyna feuding via social media mainly over things like cooking shows, Chy-mojis, and a variety of tweets and Instgram posts. It's pretty obvious that they weren't really best friends the whole time so fans are disappointed that Kylie would even try to lie to them. It's pretty disheartening of her character.

1 Why She Really Changed Herself

Kylie's lips have been a hot topic the past few years. She was a mere teenager when she got lip fillers which she then proceeded to lie about for quite a while. The worst part of it all was when Kylie confessed the reason behind why she decided she needed lip injections, especially at such a young age.

IT WAS ALL BECAUSE OF A BOY. She went and changed her appearance, rather drastically because of a boy. She was 15 and had rather thin lips. Apparently, when she kissed said boy he told her, "I didn't think you'd be a good kisser because you have such small lips." We all know that teenage boys aren't exactly known for their wisdom, knowledge, or sensitivity. While this was pretty harsh to say, her response was obviously way too dramatic.

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