15 Things Men Find Annoying About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most significant event in the life of every woman who dreams about having children. However, one should not forget that, as a natural physiological process, pregnancy inevitably involves a number of changes, radically altering the appearance and behavior of the expectant mother.

Different feelings in different trimesters of pregnancy will cause the pregnant woman to behave differently. Tender and gentle in the beginning, pregnancy suddenly starts to scare the wife unpredictably, and the inadequacy of their significant other's reactions can cause some disputes.

Men have to understand and accept their pregnant wife who is crying, violently happy one minute and suddenly not so happy the next, when she decides to urgently repair the nursery and scolding her husband over nothing the entire time. Sometimes he's left to deal with his own disgust in private because who else can he safely share these feelings with?

15 Sweat

Not to make you feel self conscious at a time you definitely don't need to feel self conscious, but he's not loving the new slick version of you. That film of sweat you seem to be sporting day and night is not his cup of tea, and although he hasn't said anything, maybe the fact that he doesn't go in for a hug quite so often is a clue that he's not digging those soggy armpits.

Sweating during pregnancy is a normal and common phenomenon, which is caused by changes in the female body. Depending on the timing of pregnancy, symptoms of hyperhidrosis and intensity change.

The inconvenience arising from the excessive sweating, when suddenly sweaty feet or armpits can become the subject of acute anxiety, which increases the negative effect of this phenomenon. Think of it as a circle, a sweaty circle that doesn't stop.

14 Clumsiness

Some guys find it cute when a girl is a little clumsy, but your pregnancy clumsiness is a whole new level of embarrassing for him. Whether you're like an elderly, blind, lame bull in a china shop or just uncoordinated, he feels he can't take you anywhere. And when he does, he has to babysit you to stop you from having another accident.

During pregnancy a woman begins to feel extremely clumsy, she stumbles and bumps into things constantly dropping everything. With an ever increasing uterus, the woman finds it more and more difficult to keep her balance.

Her normal gait, the way she stands, sits and moves changes. The hormone relaxin produced in the placenta relaxes the cartilage and ligaments that support the pelvis. This allows the pelvis to move apart wider, so that during labor the baby could pass through it. Because of this the woman also can become more cumbersome.

13 Drowsiness

Who doesn't like to have a little siesta in the afternoon? He might like a 20 minute power nap every once in a while, but your constant need to sleep has him wondering if this is what it's going to be like once the baby comes too, and yes you will be tired and drowsy for the next couple of years while you sort out your baby's sleep and wake cycle and try to catch some elusive zzz's in the meantime.

It's quite simple, right now this condition is due to the fact that all the pregnant woman's forces are spent not only on the adaptation of a new life inside of her, but her body is still finding the necessary nutrients for the full development and healthy growth of the fetus.

Hormonal and physical changes that occur in every cell of the body of the expectant mother require a lot of energy, so it must be promptly replenished. In this regard, it causes her to feel extreme drowsiness and fatigue. And when she is active and full of energy, her man gets sleepy and tired.

12 Gas

Men like a little mystery in their relationship, so when you start to pass wind or belch more than they do, they feel pretty grossed out. It's a side of you they don't see, and they're fine with it, but now, you remind them of their college roommate and not in a cool way.

Gases can disturb even those women who prior to pregnancy never had any problems with digestion. Gases do not pose any danger to the unborn baby, but they bring a lot of inconvenience to his future mother.

Gas is accompanied by bloating, occurrence of belching, rumbling and feeling of overcrowding. Flatulence in some cases, can be combined with painful sensations in the abdomen, until the appearance of gas colic.

11 Decreased Libido

Here's another one men fear will become permanent. When their pregnant spouse decides they're not interested in sex, they worry about the future of their relationship. Other men might welcome this sexual reprieve since they really don't feel comfortable having sex with their pregnant spouse and even believe that sex during pregnancy is bad for the baby.

Often, the partners of pregnant women find they have strange behavior concerning intimate issues. Some women agree to completely abandon their sexual life, as it becomes completely uninteresting. This is due to the changes that occur in a woman's body during the period of carrying a child.

Women perceive the increase in the volume of blood to their pelvis differently. Some enjoy it, while other pregnant women complain of pain during sex and lack of orgasm.

10 Excess Weight

He'll never tell you that you look like you've gained too much, that would be insensitive. However, there are insensitive men out there, and if he doesn't like how the extra weight looks on you, he might have a hard time accepting it.

Women, whether they are pregnant or not, should never let what someone else thinks about their body stop them from feeling good about themselves. Any hang ups someone else has about weight is completely their problem, not yours!

Pregnant women shouldn't fear having a problem with excess weight. During pregnancy most women will gain weight, it's kind of part and parcel of being pregnant. But in the context of pregnancy, it takes on a special meaning. After all, at stake are not only the health of the woman, but the health of the future baby as well.

9 Stretch Marks

No woman wants to see those purpley-red lines appear across their abdomen, but once they start, there's really nothing that can be done. Especially since stretch marks are an inherited trait, meaning if your mother had them, you'll have them too. Some guys find these marks hard to look at. Men don't know if these marks hurt, if the color of them will stay the same or how they'll look on their significant other after the baby has been delivered.

The appearance of stretch marks is one of the most unpleasant for pregnant women during the last trimester of their pregnancy. But worst of all is that unlike others, they don't disappear immediately after birth.

Therefore, along with the excruciating morning sickness and severe swelling of their extremities is the appearance of stretch marks – what newly pregnant women are afraid, almost more than the rest. In fact, stretching is not at all deadly, but that these marks do not disappear without a trace.

8 Mood Swings

Walking through the door always brings a new adventure. He's never sure which version of you will greet him when he comes home, and not knowing if he's going to be met by Dr Jekyll or Mrs Hyde makes him cringe as he turns the door knob.

Women who are preparing to become mothers, have to put up with many inconveniences. However, few people think about the fact that men have to endure some things that they just hated. According to representatives of the stronger sex, they just do not have time to adapt to women's mood.

A pregnant woman can overcome fears about how to cope with motherhood, but now she has to change her habitual way of life, she is ready for the changes her and her partner have to make. In the end, how will this labor of love treat her in kind? With wild mood swings that will make a day at Arkham Asylum look like a stroll through the park.

But hormonal races, at least from time to time, can also appear to be the hormones of joy, and it means that periodically, her mood will improve, and the tears will follow the laughter.

7 Food Cravings

While it would surprise most women to hear that their man likes to watch them eat, what might not be so surprising is to hear, is how pregnancy cravings and weird food combos has him gagging behind his preggos back.

It should also be noted that in the period of carrying a child, a woman needs all the possible minerals and vitamins. That is why often the expectant mother may want to eat fairly weird combinations of foods that in ordinary life it is unlikely that someone will try.

Although it's stereotypical for a pregnant women to eat things like ice cream and pickles, it does happen. Whether it's because her body is trying to get those valuable nutrients she's missing, or it's something else, some women have been known to eat such horrible things that it would make even an iron stomach to flip flops.

6 Depression

Men don't typically like tip toeing around a woman's sensitive feelings. They want stability back, moods they can predict. This woman who seems to be crying a lot brings him down, and unless he's a sensitive soul himself, he may not know how to help or realize when you need serious help, because your moods swings have exhausted him to the point he doesn't know anymore.

Hormones frequently cause pregnant women problems, but they're not the only cause of sudden tears in the eyes of the pregnant woman. Doctors say that about 10-12% of expectant mothers suffer from very real depression and the same percentage catches up with postpartum depression. The symptoms are the same – fatigue, anxious thoughts, sadness, tears.

Low self-esteem, depressed mood is not a complete list of sensations that can overcome a pregnant woman. It is not surprising that in this state, even the slightest reason can cause the tears of women and the return of mad men.

5 Pregnancy Brain

Maybe you've locked yourself out of your house or your car, or both at the same time. He's been watching your memory fade and he's tired of being your personal back-up memory. Sometimes he finds it funny, but after the millionth time you've forgotten your purse at home, he's over it.

Pregnant women can be scattered and forgetful. The reasons lie in the physiological processes related to future motherhood. As hormonal changes occur in the nervous system of the pregnant woman, it can lead to the deterioration of her memory, attention and reaction speed. In medicine this condition is called, encephalopathy in pregnant women. Incidentally, it is not treated, medical intervention is not needed, it goes away.

4 Snoring

One morning he wakes up, and the pregnant wife is not around. Turns out he went to another room to SLEEP! And all because the fragile and gentle princess he married has become an unbearable snoring bear in her sleep! Agree, this is quite an unpleasant surprise. For some partners, this could cause a shock, since snoring is often still associated with large men, and yet here pregnant woman do it all the time.

Snoring arises from the fact that the woman is significantly gaining weight. The enlarged uterus puts pressure on the lungs and the trachea. Besides, pregnant women have an increased neck circumference (about 1 cm). This is another reason for snoring.

3 Swelling

If a pregnant woman doesn't gain weight from over indulging in food, then she might suffer from edema, or swelling. All that swelling might make a pregnant woman look like a Macy's Day parade balloon. Some men might find this swelling creepy or gross since it'll make a pregnant woman, for lack of a better word, squishy.

First, the delay of fluid in the tissues manifests itself on the woman's face causing rounded, swollen puffiness around the eyelids and the eye becomes less prominent. Much more than that, swollen hands and feet during pregnancy can cause other issues. The woman feels a tingling sensation in the fingers, burning sensation in the wrists and numbness in my hands. Fingers swell to the state that it becomes impossible to remove the ring.

However, most often women experience swollen feet during pregnancy. The feet are becoming much to big, and the old shoes are becoming incredibly difficult to put on, especially tight fitting shoes. Small female feet and hands become swollen limbs, and some women even continue to swell even after birth.

2 The Need for Attention

Pregnant woman can't help but steal the show whenever they go out and about. They don't mean to become the center of attention, but it just happens that way. Some men don't like that their spouse get all the attention while they take a seat in the background, even though they contributed to the pregnancy. It does seem slightly unfair that men don't receive the same amount of attention.

The expectant mother is in her own world where there is only an unborn child and her. Sometimes pregnant women are consumed by their pregnancy, she may not understand why people aren't as excited about her pregnancy as she is, but all that pregnancy and baby talk might get old quick for others given that 9 months is a long time for a non-pregnant person, but a short amount of time for a pregnant woman.

1 Life Inside

Finally, the vast majority of men are afraid of intimate relations, especially in the later period of pregnancy. It seems incredible and impossible to make love to a woman while inside her a life has begun and grows. Some me are convinced that it is possible to inadvertently cause harm to their unborn child during sexual intercourse.

Although it is scientifically proven that this could not happen, many men try to avoid sexual contact during this time. The thought of the baby inside seeing the sexual act, or being bumped by the penis is enough to give him the heeby jeebies. There are a few women who also feel this way too, while their partners on the other hand might still want to try it out just to see what it's like.

Rest assured that sex is not only healthy during sex, but for some women it can be quite pleasurable.

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