What Men Look For In A Baby Mama Based On His Zodiac

People have been studying astrology and horoscopes for a long time, and it seems most people tend to be in-line with what the horoscope experts have to say about their sign.Even total non-believers will occasionally read their horoscopes. It's fun!

And most of the time, they're totally spot-on as well. The daily horoscopes can be off-base, but the broader horoscopes that detail your specific personality based on your zodiac type do tend to be pretty accurate.

Women have been reading about what their potential mates are interested in for a long time. It's not that we feel the need to change into someone we're not in order to please them! Call it curiosity, or a deep intrigue. Hey, men do it too! There's no shame. We all want to know what our future husbands and wives might like in a partner.

Let's take a look at what men look for in a woman as a potential co-parent based on their sign. And remember, it's all in good fun. Don't ever feel like you need to change who you are to please someone else. As you'll see, there is someone for everyone out there, and each sign has their preferences for a perfect parenting match.

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15 Aries: Strong And Independent

Strong Independent

Scorpio men want a baby mama who speaks her mind and gets what she wants. The ultimate successful, sassy, powerful woman!

They love confident and sassy women in general, but a powerful, successful woman is really what he's after.

A woman who openly says how she's feeling and what she wants shows Scorpio men that having kids with her will be a breeze compared to most. There won't be unnecessary arguments where he has to guess how she's feeling in order to please her, and he'll be confident that she'll always stick up for their kids. There's nothing more attractive to a Scorpio than someone who's open and upfront, and a woman who takes on challenges and overcomes them makes a great mother in his eyes.

14 Libra: Intelligent And Pretty


Libra men want a woman who is funny, good looking, devoted, and smart. They're pretty picky, and they're always looking for the perfect match. Once they find her, they'll do anything to keep her. They can't stand women shallow or ditzy women who can't keep up.

A smart, funny, and devoted woman will show the Scorpio man that their kids will be well taken care of.

If she has a good sense of humor, he knows she'll keep things interesting as they tackle parenthood together. They aren't too concerned with the bad sides of their woman, whether it be a sharp tongue, or an ultra sensitive, emotional side. As long as she's "the one", he'll put up with just about anything to keep her and start a big family.

13 Taurus: Supportive And Feminine

Girly Girl

A supportive girly girl will make a Taurus man go wild! They're drawn to sweet, feminine women, regardless of their wit or humor. They want a woman that will cheer them on and be their number one fan. Don't get it twisted though, they don't expect their woman to be a doormat. They know that underneath their makeup and sweet nature, there's a powerful woman who will keep their children in line.

Taurus men see feminine women as the ultimate mothers and caregivers.

Nothing says "great mom" like a supportive and kind partner. If a woman is supportive of his dreams, he imagines the life they'll have together, picturing their woman supporting his kids in all of their future endeavors, and he can't get enough of it!

12 Scorpio: The Creme De La Creme

Scorpio men want nothing less than the best. They want the full package: sexy, smart, passionate, adventurous, athletic, independent -- they want it all! They love to feel needed, but not smothered. Loved, but not too loved. They want to feel at home, but not stuck at home.

They're extremely picky and flighty, and they need a woman who can keep up with their ever-changing goals and aspirations.

If they suddenly decide they want to pick up and move to India, they want a companion who is open to the idea. The traits the Scorpio man looks for in a woman is hard to come by, and it takes a special kind of lady to put up with his shenanigans, especially after having kids. He'll know when he's found the one, by her gorgeous looks, independent nature, and love for adventure. He doesn't plan on settling down to start a family, he wants to take them for a ride.

11 Scorpio's Worst Match: Cancer

Scorpio and Cancer

Possibly the worst combination out there: a Scorpio male with a Cancer female. On top of the fact that Scorpios want a woman who is down for anything they decide they want to do, they can't stand emotional, sensitive women. And that's pretty much the definition of Cancer women. I should know, I'm a Cancer myself.

A Cancer woman will make the Scorpio man feel tied down and stifled, while the Cancer woman will always feel insecure and out of place.

There's nothing these women want more than to find the one, settle down, and live a comfortable and mostly predictable lifestyle. That kind of life is pretty much the equivalent of hell on earth for a Scorpio man. They want kids and the perfect, beautiful wife but they want most things to be on their terms. They absolutely can't stand a woman who needs constant reassurance and a stable home.

10 Gemini: Intelligent, Creative, And Funny


Gemini men go crazy for creative women. Bonus points if they're an artist. They like a woman who is down to earth, and isn't afraid of evolving. They look for a woman who can keep things surprising and entertaining, even after years of marriage.

This shows them that no matter how long they're together, and no matter what parenthood will throw at them, things will always be interesting and new when they're married to the right person.

Gemini men don't expect their baby mamas to be extremely adventurous or crazy, they just want someone who will keep things fresh, new, and funny before they decide to settle down and take on parenthood.

You may spend most of your nights indoors because you have a baby, but you can certainly watch new movies, try new hobbies together, and take on a new project with enthusiasm.

9 Sagittarius: Energetic And Exuberant


Sagittarius men look for women who have bubbly, high-energy personalities. They want someone who challenges them mentally and physically. They view this as a good indication that they'll have an entertaining and fun life together, and raising kids will be full of road trips and ball games.

Sagittarius men are adventurous, but they're okay with having a partner that grounds them a little bit, as long as they still have fun.

They want to know without a shadow of a doubt that their kids will grow up in a home that is always active and busy. Intelligence is a must, because they want smart kids. They don't expect the woman to handle the kids on her own, but he certainly expects her to be able to have thought-provoking discussions as a family.

8 Cancer: Devoted And Innocent

Nice Girl

Cancers are the carers of the world, so naturally, men like to feel like they're protecting their woman. They don't necessarily want a damsel in distress, but they love being helpful. They look for a woman who will allow him to care for her, from paying for dinner, to providing a safe home.

Cancer men love a woman who is absolutely devoted to him and their lives together.

Just as he likes to make her feel safe and comfortable, he wants someone to do the same for him. When this happens, he'll feel ready to take the plunge and have kids so they can continue to care for one another - plus a little one! If they feel like their companion isn't 100 percent involved, he probably won't want to take things to the next level.

7 Capricorn: Independent And Affectionate

Much like Scorpios, Capricorn men are picky, but once they fall, they fall hard. They want a woman who knows her self-worth, and doesn't constantly doubt her self. Someone who's sexy, but not promiscuous. They value class and independence. While they love affection, they don't typically appreciate public displays of affection.

They prefer women who are affectionate and independent. This shows them that they'll make wonderful and loving mothers.

They want to take care of their families, but they want their wife to be able to handle herself and the kids while he's away. Nothing shows a Capricorn man that a woman is the perfect fit for starting a family more than having big dreams and an even bigger heart.

6 Capricorn's Worst Match: Aries

Capricorn's Worst Match

Many agree that Capricorn and Aries are completely different in just about every way possible - in all the worst areas. Aries are known for being flighty and willing to take risks out of nowhere, which often sends Capricorn men over the edge. Capricorns love planning and security, and Aries couldn't be a bigger opposite.

An Aries woman and Capricorn man will constantly fight for control over every situation.

This is usually the case for many situations, but parenthood comes with even more challenges. Both the Capricorn and Aries will feel that they know what's best for the kids, and might even go out of their way to disagree just for disagreement's sake. Doesn't sound like a good match to us!

5 Leo: Accomplished And A Little Vain


Leo men love an outgoing, confident woman that dresses well. A little vanity doesn't bother them at all. If you take good care of yourself, they'll know that you'll do the same for his kids. Leos are all about the finer things in life: nice clothes, nice furniture, keeping themselves well-groomed and having high-quality belongings.

They want the same for their family. They want people to look at him and his wife and kids and know that they're all taken care of and accomplished. 

High maintenance women are right up a Leo's alley! If you catch a Leo's eye, you can rest assured that you radiate confidence, because they don't fall for just anyone. If the woman of their dreams appears, best believe they'll give them lavish gifts and amazing vacations. This won't stop when they have kids, either.

4 Aquarius: Strong And Self-Assured

Aquarius men look for strong women who don't search for approval from anybody, especially not him. They don't like needy or clingy women, they prefer to be kept on their toes a little bit, unsure of whether or not their woman even needs them.

Leos love that confidence and strength because it shows them that they'll be strong for his kids, even when it all hits the fan.

He likes knowing that his wife can take charge and do what's best for their kids, regardless of what other people might think. He doesn't get all the hubbub over appearances. Leos definitely prefer to start a family that marches to the beat of their own drum. Who has time to worry about other people's opinions, anyway?

3 Virgo: Logical And Intelligent

Virgo men look for sensible women to start families with. They're not huge on emotionally needy women, or those who like public displays of affection. They want a straightforward wife to help take care of his kids and raise them to be intelligent, logical people. Looks also matter to this sign. It's not a deal breaker if a woman doesn't spend every day putting on makeup and doing her hair, but a little vanity doesn't bother them.

If they find a woman that's nearly as un-emotional as they are, they'll fall head over heels.

They can't imagine a better person to start a family with than a no-nonsense type of woman. Virgos typically want things to be on a pretty even level.

2 Pisces: Gentle And Open Minded

Pisces men are all about love. Falling in love, staying in love, and showing their love every day! They typically love women that are affectionate, generous, and open minded. A woman that cares about the planet and goes out of her way to spread love and happiness is the dream for Pisces men.

They pay close attention to women that are gracious, and they watch to see how she interacts with everyone they meet.

If she always extends courtesy and love, he takes that as a sign that she will always be kind and fair when it comes to their future kids. It's a very big deal to him. He knows that people aren't always right, and they don't always make the best decisions, especially when it comes to parenting. But he understands that there is no such thing as a perfect parent, but a woman who puts kindness above all else will always be a winner.

1 Pisces Worst Match: Libra

Pisces and Libra

Typically, Pisces men and Libra women don't make a very good match. Their personalities just don't mesh well. Things may start off just fine, but sooner or later, there are bound to be some arguments as their personalities start to show and they get more comfortable. Pisces men are sensitive, and they tend to care about everyone.

Libra women aren't heartless by any means, but they don't care for nonsensical emotions.

Pisces men are down-to-earth and are completely happy living a quiet lifestyle with their families, while Libra women like to go out and socialize. The Pisces will see this as an indication that she doesn't truly care to settle down and raise kids together, at least not in the way he envisioned.

What traits do you look for in a future co-parent?

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