15 Things Men Love about Pregnant Women

While you may be miserable, hot and sweaty, bloated, and aching, men are finding you quite attractive.  Pregnant women may feel like beached whales, but men are seeing you more like bathing beauties.  The truth is that men are incredibly attracted to and turned on by pregnant women.  There is something about the pregnancy glow and swollen ankles that men just cannot get enough of.  Here are fifteen examples of the things men absolutely adore about pregnant women.

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15 The Belly

We know you think everyone is secretly calling you fat behind your back, but they aren't.  In fact, your man loves that bump you are rocking. Does he rub your belly or gently lay his hand there while you two are cuddled up on the couch? Do you catch him looking at you with that puppy look in his eyes?

Yep, he loves your big old pregnant belly. So rest easy - you don't have to worry so much about what to wear or how to cover your bump. In fact, let it all hang out while you're at home. You'll be more comfortable, and there will not be any complaining coming from your man!

14 The Baby's Kicks

Speaking of loving your pregnant belly, men absolutely love feeling the baby kick. Women can feel the baby moving earlier than the fathers can. By the time dad feels the baby move, mom has been feeling it for several weeks. Can you imagine how it must feel the first time he puts his hands against your belly and feels his own little baby push back?

It is a surreal feeling for him, and it brings the whole pregnancy to another level. Can we say things just got real? From this day on, he will be more attached and more involved in the pregnancy. Chances are he won't be able to keep his hands off your belly either!

13 The Girls

Your breasts are going to get larger during pregnancy. It's common to increase a whole cup or two! What this means for you? Itchy skin, tenderness, and needing a new bra! What this means for him? Googly eyes and hands he can't keep away. He is going to love your new chest. Take advantage of it, wear a low cut shirt and see what chores you can get him to do around the house!

If your breasts are causing you discomfort, try wearing a supportive maternity bra during the day and a nursing bra at night. If you work out or do cardio, make sure you have a large enough and supportive enough sports bra.

12 The Glow

You have to deal with all of the unpleasant side effects of pregnancy, but this is a good one. You'll have a glow about you that everyone (including your man and all other men) will notice.

The extra blood your body produces during pregnancy coupled with the extra hormones give your skin a plump and rosy appearance. After the first trimester, pregnancy induced acne tends to go away and you'll be left with amazing looking skin. If you notice men gazing your way more often, this could be why.

11 He is "The Man"

Your man is just going to love the fact that he got you pregnant.  His guy friends will give him high fives and his boss will pat him on the back. "Good job!" He loves the fact that he has proven himself fertile!

He now knows that his little swimmers are strong and healthy, and that is just good for a man's ego. No longer will he have that lingering fear of low sperm count or other fertility related issue. His guys are good, and he will love that about you being pregnant.

10 The Laughs

Your man is going to love all of the laughs you will share with him during the pregnancy journey. He will laugh when you pee your pants, he will laugh at all of your weird food cravings, and he will laugh when you find your car keys in the fridge due to that pregnancy brain.

He may not understand everything you are going through, but he is along for the ride and more than willing to giggle with you. These are the stories he will someday tell your child so try to have a good sense of humor. You can't control the hormones so you might as well laugh!

9 The Security

This isn't really fair, but he is going to love the fact that you are off the market to wondering eyes these days. He knows that most men will stay away. You aren't going to have guys hitting on you for awhile, and he is enjoying that. He doesn't have to worry about other men trying to make a move on his woman while she is sporting a huge belly full of his child.

Let him have this one. Don't be too bothered by it - he is busy preparing for little one's arrival too. Enjoy the time away from silly pickup lines and men looking for your wedding ring. Those creeps will be back in nine months.

8 The Intimacy

Pregnant women often have a high sex drive during the third trimester. Your man is going to LOVE that! Not only does he find you incredibly sexy right now, but all men love it when women initiate sex and are really into it.

You might have to get a little creative towards the end, but it will be well worth it. Some people even swear that sex can induce labor at the very end. There is no reason you cannot enjoy a romp between the sheets all the way to the end. If your water breaks, it is best not to engage in sexual activity as it could contribute to an infection. But until then, game on!!

7 The Added Responsibility

We are convinced that men get an extra dose of testosterone after finding out their partner is pregnant. They have just found out that their little swimmers were successful and that is a major ego boost. They also have a new found need to protect both you and the baby.

Most Daddies amp up the protection mode long before baby makes his arrival. Do not be surprised if he purchases a home security system, a gun, or defends you in public more often. These are all methods he is using to protect his family.

You'll be surprised at how much he is concerned about daddy duties near the end. He may even start to research how things are going to go down on delivery day and what his responsibilities are going to be.

6 The Weekly Updates

Your daddy-to-be will look forward to those weekly updates from all the pregnancy apps. He wants to know what fruit to compare the baby's size to and what symptoms to expect. He is likely doing his own research that you aren't even aware of.

Dad wants to be as involved as he possibly can be since he isn't the one physically going through the pregnancy. He wants to know about how things are progressing right down to the dirty details! Don't be afraid to divulge...he is loving it!

5 The Maternity Pictures

While your man may complain right up until the photographer arrives, he is going to end up loving the maternity pictures. There is something about the process, the lovey-dovey feeling that the photographer induces by putting his hand right on your belly, and the ever looming due date that makes men really tear up during the maternity photo shoot.

He somehow realizes at this moment that the big bump is soon going to turn into an actual breathing human being that he created with you. Don't be surprised if your maternity shoot ends up being a cry fest. Those tears are tears of joy.

4 Rubbing your Feet

Okay so he may not really enjoy the act of rubbing those swollen ankles, but he does enjoy taking away some of your pregnancy pain. He wants to help, and sometimes he doesn't know how. Let him know that your feet are hurting, and he will be more than glad to give them a rub down. He really does mean well and want to help. Sometimes you just have to tell him what you want or need.

3 Your Cravings

Your man may not love the idea of running out at midnight for a ice cream sandwich, but he does love the fact that he can help take away your pregnancy craving. Men loved to feel needed, and let's face it - pregnant women need pickles and sour cream at 2am in the third trimester. Let him know what it is you are craving, and we guarantee that he will (almost happily) run to go get it.

2 The Closeness Between the Two of You

There is something about having a baby that draws two people together. Perhaps it is the anticipation or perhaps it is the awe of nature. Whatever it is, he is going to love that you are drawn to him physically for comfort.

Get ready to kick your feet up and cuddle on Friday nights. He loves how close the pregnancy has brought you to him. Take note of how often he holds your hand or plays with your hair. It isn't his fault...he is just a smitten kitten for his pregnant woman! Don't be surprised if he is having some pregnancy symptoms of his own!

1 The Baby

Lastly, your man loves that little baby that is growing inside your belly. He cannot wait to meet her and kiss those chubby cheeks. The closer you get to labor, the more excited he is going to become. He loves that you and him together created life. Every time he looks at your pregnant self, he is just going to beam with love and affection. That little baby is a reflection of the love that you share together. He couldn't be any happier or excited to be alive.

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