15 Things Mila Kunis's Kids Aren't Allowed To Do (And 5 Ways They're Completely Normal)

Mila Kunis rose to fame on "That 70's Show", where she met her future hubby, Ashton Kutcher. These days, she's giving one hundred percent to parenting. She has two children. Her daughter, Wyatt Isabelle, was born on the 1st of October of 2014 and Wyatt is now 4. Her son, Dmitri Portwood, was born on the 30th of November, 2016. He's still quite little.

Mila and Ashton have strong views about how to parent their kids. They aren't middle of the road parents. Their parenting style is relatively strict. It's about raising kids that aren't spoiled. Mila and Ashton know that Hollywood is full of temptations and tends to breed a sense of entitlement in celeb offspring. We all know that. They are setting rules which will help their kids to avoid the pitfalls of having rich and famous parents. Mila knows that life in the Kutcher household is anything but normal, because paparazzi camp out around their house, but she's doing her best to give her kids normalcy anyway.

Mila didn't grow up rich. Neither did Ashton.  Since they weren't born with silver spoons in their mouths, they want to raise kids who work hard and make something of themselves. Anyone who is interested in learning about Mila and Ashton's parenting style will enjoy this list.

20 They Aren’t Allowed to Pose for Paparazzi Photos

Mila doesn't really like it when the paparazzi take pictures of her kids. She's not one of those celeb moms who feels happy when she sees pics of her children in the tabloids. In 2015, she and Ashton sued the Daily Mail for posting photos of their baby daughter, Wyatt. Mila and Ashton felt that the Daily Mail misused private information to help sell fashion stuff.

Since Mila and Ashton are anti-paparazzi, their kids are being trained to avoid the photographers that chase them down. This lawsuit doesn't seem to have stopped photos of the family from appearing online. There are many shots of Ashton and Mila in public places with their kids.

19 They Don’t Get Christmas Gifts From Mom And Dad

Mila doesn't want the kids to grow up expecting a ton of new stuff on Christmas morning. She thinks that's bad for them. Ashton agrees. So, Mila and Ashton set a rule that their kids get only one gift each at Christmas, and the single presents don't come from Mom and Dad.

Suffice it to say that most celeb offspring get way more than one gift on Christmas morning. Most wake up to a huge pile of presents which are pretty costly and exclusive. Not Wyatt and Dmitri. They are being raised to be less materialistic, despite the facts that their parents are positively loaded with cash.

18 They’re Meant To Believe They’re Poor

One fact about Mila's parenting is that she wants her kids to believe that they are poor. She wants them to understand that Mom and Dad may have money, but they don't. Mila grew up without a lot. She came to America as an immigrant. Mila Kunis was born in Soviet Ukraine. When she was seven, she moved to the USA with her parents. She began studying acting after school and an agent spotted her. Mila has a memorable face, so it's not a surprise that she stood out when she was very young. Since Mila wasn't raised with wealth, she wants her children to understand the value of a dollar.

17 They Needed To Soothe Themselves To Sleep As Babies

Mila and Ashton got some shade online when they purchased an expensive oscillating bassinet that helps babies to sleep. They used the bassinet to soothe their son, Dmitri, when he was just a baby. This famous couple can definitely afford a Snoo robo-bassinet, but some people online accused the parents of being too lazy to soothe their own baby when he cried. While Dmitri needed to soothe himself to sleep, with the help of the high-tech super-crib, the bassinet may have made it easy for him to drift off. I'm sure Mom and Dad picked him up sometimes. Would you use a bassinet like this?

16 They Aren’t Allowed To Fall Into Gender Roles

While there are pics of Wyatt in dresses and pics of Dmitri in typical baby boy garb, the kids are being encouraged to move beyond traditional gender roles and explore their talents and abilities, whatever they are. This is a healthy and modern attitude. In their household, there won't be any issues if Wyatt wants to play with a toy truck or Dmitri wants to play with a baby doll. This millennial attitude towards parenting is about letting kids be who the want to be, rather than trapping them in gender roles that may not fit who they really are.

15 They Aren’t Allowed To Complain About Mommy Working

Mila doesn't feel complete without her career. She stayed home with the kids when they were babies, and continues to be extremely dedicated and hands-on as a mom. But she needs her work for her own sense of identity. She hopes that her children will appreciate the fact that she likes to work. She wants them to value work. She does get tired trying to balance things. There are lot of pics of Mila on the set of "Bad Mom" with her little girl, Wyatt. She's holding her daughter's hand while moving around the set. Mila is definitely a woman who puts her kids first, but she is going to pursue her career as well.

14 They Aren’t Allowed To Rely On Nannies

Mila gets exhausted because she doesn't have a nanny. She's doing the childcare herself, with Ashton's help. She's up with her children in the morning, unless she is on the set. When an actress is filming, 15-hour days aren't uncommon. The movie and TV business requires early morning wake-ups and can be very stressful, even if an actress is a star, as Mila is. Since Mila has young kids, she's being run ragged regularly, and she's open about the fact that parenthood exhausts her. Her kids aren't being raised by nannies. Mila and Ashton want to be the ones who care for their children and that's admirable.

13 They Aren’t Permitted To Attend Fancy Celeb Events

Mila and Ashton like their privacy and they don't parade their kids around at fancy events. It's true that the children are young, but you probably won't find these celeb parents putting their kids in the spotlight when they are older. Since Mila did sue over paparazzi photos, it's safe to say that she wants her kids to have privacy. The children will be raised to stay away from big Hollywood events, such as film premieres and awards ceremonies. They'll stay in the background as much as possible. To try and give them normal childhoods, Mila will shield them from being put on display.

12 They Can't Be Rude

Ashton has actually been accused of being rude to fans in the past, but he and his wife, Mila, want their kids to be polite. According to comedienne Kathy Griffin, Ashton and Mad Men actor, Jon Hamm, are the two rudest actors she's come across. Kids tend to model the behavior of their parents, so Wyatt and Dmitri will probably act a lot like their parents do. If Ashton really is rude, they might become rude, too. Mila doesn't get a lot of bad press about her attitude, but used to worry that people didn't like her. She says that parenthood has made her more detached about the criticism that she sees online.

11 They Aren’t Allowed To Believe In The Easter Bunny

Mila hasn't really made a final decision about the Easter Bunny, but she's let the press know that she may not do the whole Easter Bunny thing with her kids. She thinks the Santa thing might be ok. Mila is clearly uncomfortable with not being straight-up with her kids. She wants to tell them the truth. This is why she's reluctant to share the whole Easter Bunny thing with her son and daughter. She does let them do Easter Egg hunts, but makes sure that candy isn't inside of the eggs. She puts healthier snacks in there instead. Every Mom has to make her own decisions about this kind of stuff.

10 They Won’t Get Trust Funds

Warren Buffet is one of the world's most successful businessman. He doesn't believe in letting kids inherit great wealth. Ashton has been dabbling in investment, with good results, and he may have taken Warren's viewpoint about inheritance to heart and shared it with his wife.

Mila and Ashton don't want their kids to have huge trust funds. They want to give away the money that they've earned instead. They'd rather give the cash to worthy charities than pass it on to their kids. They obviously love their kids and want to deprive them of trust funds for their own good.

9 They Aren’t Allowed To Have Sugar

This parenting rule isn't too out there. Lots of parents limit their children's sugar intake or don't let them have any sugar at all. Sugar isn't really healthy. It spikes energy levels and sets the stage for energy crashes. But sugar is something that most children absolutely love. Mila doesn't want to give her children sugar and Ashton is on-board with the sugar-free parenting program. He even eats Cinnamon Toast Crunch in front of them, while they're at the table together. This is kind of provocative, as kids can smell the sugary, cinnamon-y goodness. Maybe when they are older, Wyatt and Dmitri will be able to have sugar now and then.

8 They Aren't Allowed To Use Social Media

Ashton is very into digital media. He invests in it and believes in it, and he's used it to promote himself and the companies that he puts his money into. Mila isn't one of those people who's posting selfies to Instagram all day long. She's not into it. Mila and Ashton don't want their kids using social media. It's safe to say that the kids will use it eventually, but they are really young, and their parents would prefer them to entertain themselves in other ways. Mila and Ashton are often photographed outside with the kids and dogs, doing healthy, traditional family activities. This is usually where the paparazzi catch them.

7 They Can't Pick Out Their Own Clothes

Mila lays out clothes for the kids to put on. Ashton does that, too. These hands-on celeb parents assemble outfits for their kids. When Wyatt is older, she may want more say over what she wears. She's getting to the age where she may have clothing preferences. Dmitri is really much too young to care what he has on, unless it's uncomfortable. Wyatt doesn't seem to have the same type of high-fashion wardrobe as other celeb offspring did at the same age, such as Suri Cruise. Wyatt is nicely dressed, but her clothes aren't over the top, and she's never been photographed in high heels, like Suri.

6 They're Allowed to Hope For More Siblings

Mila hasn't ruled out baby number three, so Wyatt and Dmitri are allowed to hope for siblings someday. Right now, Mila has her hands full. She has a young daughter who's just getting going with school, plus a baby boy who's at the walking stage. She's very busy, and has career commitments, too. Since she doesn't believe in nannies, she may want to wait until the kids are a little bit older and a little bit more independent before getting pregnant again. Mila and Ashton do love kids and it wouldn't be surprising if they had another one, or even more.

5 Completely Normal: They Have Pets

Mila and Ashton are dog lovers and they believe that caring for pets and interacting with pets is good for children. That's a healthy attitude. Mila and Ashton are devoted to their dogs and they're often photographed taking walk with their pooches. Mila seems particularly adoring when it comes to the dogs. The kids are allowed the completely normal pleasures of petting dogs and playing with them. Maybe they do some basic pet care tasks, too. Mila and Ashton are best friends who got married, and their dogs are their best friends, too. The dogs are a part of the family.

4 Completely Normal: They Watch Cartoons In The Morning

Mila has a morning routine that includes cartoons for the kids. Sometimes, she gets up, throws on some cartoons for Wyatt and then dozes for a while. Before she knows it, she's back up, getting breakfast ready, chatting with the family and getting the kids cleaned up for their activities. Ashton helps, but Mila probably handles more of the a.m. routine. Ashton is very respectful of Mila's efforts. He thinks that this wife makes him a better person. Mila does seem like a very strong woman. Ashton has been involved in some scandals in the past, but marriage to Mila has calmed him down.

3 Completely Normal: They Go On Outings To Educational Places

Mila likes to take her two kids to the most educational places. She's the type of mom who loves taking her children to art galleries and museums. She wants them to learn about the world around them and play in environments that are wholesome, interesting and stimulating. Most moms feel the same way. Every city has some fascinating museums and galleries, some of which are geared at children. Taking kids to these places is generally pretty affordable. It's also fun. It's nice to do old-fashioned activities that are truly good for children's developing minds. Museums show kids history and beauty.

2 Completely Normal: They Get Spiritual Training

Mila Kunis is Jewish and she does Shabbat on Friday evenings, with her children. On Friday nights, she takes a little time to acknowledge her kids and Ashton and everyone that she loves, and to say sorry for anything bad she's done. She encourages the rest of the family to do the same. It's a way to show love, to communicate and to put negativity behind her and her family. Mila came from Kiev, Ukraine. The traditions that she brought from Ukraine are still alive in her family. Most Moms teach their children family traditions, some of which are spiritual.

1 Completely Normal: They're Allowed to Be Spoiled by Grandparents

Mila does let the grandparents spoil the kids, within reason. She doesn't give the grandparents full rein, but allows them to give the kids Christmas gifts. She just doesn't want the grandparents to go too far with spoiling the kids. Grandparents are an important part of their grandchildren's lives. They bring so much unconditional love. Sometimes, they also bring presents. It's quite normal for grandparents to spoil their grandkids. As you can see, Mila is a strict Mom who has a strong parenting style. She has a master plan that is designed to raise unselfish, unspoiled children. Maybe her parenting style is the way to go.

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