15 Things Millennial Moms Do To Remember Their Pregnancy

In the throes of pregnancy, it might feel like the human gestation period is never ending. The aching back, swollen feet, constant trips to the restroom, and many other uncomfortable symptoms can really drag the experience out. But looking back, moms often comment on how short it really was compared to the rest of their lives.

Because this feeling is so common, many moms are doing something about it. In other words, moms are getting uber creative when it comes to remembering their pregnancies. Every person has their own unique way of expressing themselves, so we've made a list of the most popular and creative ones we could find. A few are even downright far out!

Whether you're looking for a way to remember your own pregnancy or simply curious about what other women have done to remember theirs, this post is jam-packed with ideas. More than anything, when it comes to remembering your pregnancy, it's important to look at how you will display the end result of your creation.

For instance, will your creation sit in the basement gathering dust or do you have a place to show it off. Also, it's important to channel your own talent into your creation. Not only is this supposed to show off your pregnancy days, but also the person that becoming a parent transformed you into. Let's dive in!

15 There's An App For That


One thing that most pregnant women think they will remember is their shape. After all, it changes so much that it seems impossible to forget the new round parts or swollen parts. But, it's so so so forgettable. And the thing is that you're going to want to remember it. Plus, you're going to want to see the transformation from week to week.

No matter if you're feeling awesome, feeling blah, loving your bump or disliking any new curves, you'll want to capture your changing figure. Here's the great thing, there's an app for that! Obaby or Baby Pics apps are two favorites among moms. Even the What to Expect app and Baby Center app both have a section to take and store weekly baby bump photos. So, you've got several options should you choose to remember your pregnancy this way.

14 Tell The E-World


There are hundreds and hundreds of mommy bloggers out there. Most of them got started when women started documenting their own experiences or reached out online to connect with other moms. Some of the most popular mommy blogs are Really, Are You Serious? blog, Scary Mommy blog, Mom Spark blog, and Rockin Mama blog.

The thing about blogging is that not only can it be a tribute to your pregnancy, but it can also help support other moms experiencing similar circumstances. Plus, if done wisely and strategically, you can transform your pregnancy blog from a hobby to a side hustle to a full-time salary. Just asked the Facebook celebrity Scary Mommy. Really, this is one of the best ways to express yourself as you get to choose your target audience and your voice in the blog. So, you totally get to be you!

13 Plaster Your Belly


By the feature picture, you can already tell what the headline means. Obviously, plastering your belly means to make a plaster mold of your pregnant shape. It must also be said that the mold in the picture is a very tame one. Clearly, this mother was partially covered as you can't see a defined bellybutton or headlights on the girls.

This type of G-rating is not typical for belly molds. Although they are currently trending, some might find these molds to be a little TMI. Admittedly, they're really cool! But, on the other hand, you're essentially inviting your belly mold viewers to look at a detailed shape of your entire top half. So, you can see why this form of expression might be reserved for a unique target audience.

12 Rewind It And Push Play


If you're like most people, you love before and after pictures. It seems like most of us are hooked on them. Things like fashion makeovers or even house renovations are big deals nowadays. Some moms commemorate their pregnancy by doing a beefed up version of the typical before and after shots.

What I mean by this is that they create a video time-lapse. Usually with the help of an app like Cinemama or one like it. So, essentially a video time-lapse a group of pictures set to a video showing the epic transformation that is pregnancy. Often, as in the featured photo, the expecting mom has an object that she whimsically uses to show her growing bump. In this case, the balloon is emptying as she is growing. Seen individually, the picture looks a little funny. But, when flashed before your eyes in a rhythmic order, it's a pretty cool show.

11 Become The Art


Along the same lines as belly molds, belly painting is heavily trending, as well. Much like the family appropriate belly cast picture, this watermelon belly painting is also totally appropriate. In other words, you don't think to yourself, "Wait, am I supposed to be looking at this?" when you look at this pic. But, that's also not typical when it comes to belly painting.

A bare pregnant body is often viewed as being so much more intimate than a non-pregnant body. For this reason, some people are turned off by belly painting while others are nuts about it. One of the plus sides to belly painting is that when the paint is actually applied, it must feel good. Meaning, the smooth, cool paint strokes must feel like a nice relief to stretching skin.

10 Make A Collaboration


Several years ago, the scrapbooking trend swept over North America. Those of us who weren't hit by this creative fad or who were no good at it (err, guilty) resorted to the old method of saving pictures. In a shoebox gathering dust in the closet is what I'm referring to (err, guilty again). Still, the trend was huge. The thing about scrapbooking is that there is no situation you can't scrapbook.

In fact, they even sell memory books already designed for you. This sort of helps the "shoebox" group to appear more awesome than they are. Not only is this a fantastic way to remember your pregnancy, but it's also a good reminder to jot down special things, snap belly shots, or save ultrasound images. Really, it's a win/win.

9 Put It In A Box


Whoever thought up the very first shadow box probably got the idea from a crowded window sill. Probably not unlike the one in your grandma's house. And, we're all very thankful for that crowded window sill. Shadow boxes are a great way to gather little pieces of a big memory and display them in a one-page scrapbook kind of way. When it comes to pregnancy, all you have to do is Google or Pinterest "pregnancy shadow box" and you'll be overloaded with ideas.

And further still, arts and crafts stores like Hobby Lobby or Michaels have kits and cute supplies you can pick up to help you make the perfect design. Even online stores like Etsy and Amazon offer oodles and gobs of unique supplies for pregnancy shadow boxes.

8 Take The Shot


There are photographers who actually specialize in maternity photos. That's how popular they are nowadays. Mostly, it's because they capture this beautiful and vulnerable moment in your life in some of the most ethereal ways. Like the picture featured - she was probably in sweatpants and a pony tail about an hour after that photo shoot.

But let's face it, who really wants remember themselves on camera like that? While it may accurately represent everyday life during pregnancy, it doesn't exactly represent the emotions. More than anything, the emotions are what you really want to encapsulate within a photo. And, maternity photos can totally capture that for you.

7 Take To The Airwaves

YouTube BananaJamana

We've already talked about mommy bloggers, but did you ever think of becoming a mommy vlogger? Yep, you could be the next YouTube star! Basically, a mommy blog is a series of videos on a YouTube channel on which a mom offers the same type of information she would on a blog. The major and obvious difference is that rather than written words, it's in video format.

Many people are nuts about vlogs. They offer something that blogs just don't. For instance, people like to put a face with the "voice" and that's exactly what a vlog can do. When it comes to vlogging about your pregnancy, there's a two-fold purpose in it. Much like blogs, a pregnancy vlog helps you remember your pregnancy and it can also help other expecting moms with their pregnancies, as well.

6 Put Pen To Paper


Keeping a pregnancy journal is a personal favorite of mine, for obvious reasons (ahem, writer here). While pictures can say a thousand words, those words are left to the viewer to interpret. A journal, on the other hand, can actually say a thousand words. A thousand words that you choose to write yourself. Or, you know, 27.5 words on a rough day.

If you're not a writer or don't enjoy writing, but still want to try your hand at the journal thing then find a template to use. Scour Pinterest for free printable journal prompt cards and you're golden. You don't have to write the next great American novel. All you need to do is pinpoint a few emotions, happening in your life, or some general thoughts and you've got yourself a pregnancy journal.

5 Take It Out Of The Donate Pile


If you're anything like most pregnant women then you have a favorite maternity shirt. Mine was turquoise, super soft, and complete and utter awesomeness. It even looked like a normal shirt when I tried to wear it after pregnancy (or so I told myself). Until the dog tore a hole in it, it managed to stay out of the maternity clothes donate pile. Questionable decision, I hear you.

My choice to temporarily keep the shirt was mostly because I wanted to hang onto those pregnant moments. Those days when my sweet baby was safe inside and it was just her and me. It was special. For some women, keeping their favorite shirt helps them to hold on to those intimate moments between unborn baby and mother. Not everyone will understand this. Some might even think this is a silly and sentimental way to remember pregnancy. But, you do you, mama.

4 Stitch It Up


When you're too immobile to do anything else, you might as well do something with your hands while you're binge-watching Netflix for the twenty-seventh evening in a row, right? How about design a quilt or blanket commemorating your pregnancy? It could be something elaborate or something simple and sweet.

If you're already a seamstress then this might be right up your alley. You could even design  each different square to piece together as a quilt. If you're not sure what exactly a seamstress is then you might want to stick to a less complex route. One simple but great idea is to create a tied fleece blanket. Trace the pattern back to your pregnancy, too. For instance, if you craved ice-cream cones while you were pregnant then find material with ice-cream cones on it. Though I'm not sure they make a Netflix pattern...

3 Drape It Around Your Neck

Jewelry has long been used to celebrate pregnancy and motherhood. I mean, even Kim Kardashian got a push present. But, the kind of jewelry featured in this post is specifically made from mothers' milk rather than simply purchased from the store. Unsurprisingly, it's becoming increasingly popular among mothers.

Basically, you send in a few teaspoons of your milk for the jeweler to solidify by adding a special concoction of chemicals. Then, the newly formed "jewel milk" is added to a pretty piece of jewelry. Most of the jewelry falls in between the $50 to $500 range by companies like Mamas Liquid Love and Beyond the Willow Tree. There's even a company named Nine Two Five that has made available a DIY kit for making your own jewelry.

2 Choose A Scent


Maybe you've seen articles about one of Princess Di's favorite perfume or one of Marilyn Monroes's most-loved scents. They're Dior and Chanel No. 5 respectively, by the way. Perhaps you even have a favorite scent of your own (deodorant doesn't count). Like most women, you probably change perfumes every now and then, as well (again, deodorant doesn't count).

Some women are taking their scent of choice to another level. By this, I mean that they are dedicating a certain smell to each one of their pregnancies. It might not even be a perfume.  Instead, it could be an essential oil scent or something along those lines. It might seem like an odd way to remember your pregnancy, but pregnancy is such an intimate event that wearing a special scent to commemorate it doesn't seem so far fetched.

1 Release Your Inner Musician


Pictured here are the hilarious Tina Fey and Maya Rudolph performing a goofy song during a Saturday Night Live bit. Although they technically didn't write the song or perform it to celebrate their pregnancies, many other women are going the musical route as a memento for motherhood. Either by writing a musical composition or penning customized lyrics, moms are using the avenue of musical artistry to remember their pregnancies.

You could also take the Jewel path and write poetry if you're not into writing lyrics or can't sing a tune in a bucket. Another musical idea is simply to dedicate a special song to your pregnancy. After all, couples typically have their own special songs, so it only makes sense for another relationship to follow suit, too.

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