15 Things Moms Are Better Equipped to Deal with Than Dad

There are a few things that moms, usually, are better at than dad. Now, we don’t mean to begin the battle of the sexes here. It’s just that there are a few things that females tend to be more attune with. Of course, this is not to say that these apply to everyone. Some dads, after all can excel at certain points in this list while some moms don’t.

However, take it this way: if you see that a certain point in this list applies to the type of parenting your child is getting, you may want to rehash your strategies a bit. This way, mom might have to trust dad a little bit more with typically mother-related responsibilities. In the meantime, dad might have to learn to get in tune with his more sensitive, more motherly side.

So, without further ado, here are fifteen things that moms are usually better at than dads.

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15 Reading Emotional Cues

One of mom’s parenting aces is that women tend to be better at picking up emotional cues than men. A kid who comes home saying that he’s fine may look alright to dad. However, mom just might catch the lack of eye contact or the sad tone of his voice, cues that things just might not be as great as the little one lets on.

However, this is probably because of cultural conditioning. Men are taught to hide their own emotions and “be a man,” with the end result of being insensitive to other peoples’ feelings sometimes. Women, however, are culturally allowed to be emotional and can thus pick up on cues better. Fortunately, it is entirely possible for dad to learn, over time, to read the little one’s feelings better.

14 Feeding the Baby

Feeding is definitely another biological ace to women. After all, women’s breasts are basically nature’s milk factories. Because of this, mom and baby get plenty of extra bonding time that dad may miss out on.

But if the two of you talk about it more, it’s entirely possible to involve dad in feeding the baby. This allows for some extra, much-needed bonding time despite the motherly advantage.

13 Keeping Clean

Moms just like to keep things clean. Call it nesting instinct, if you will, but most moms are more likely to keep their kids in pristine clothes even if it means changing several times a day. That’s not to mention the rigid organization of the nursery. This is a well-earned reputation, but it certainly doesn’t mean that all dads are slobs.

There are simply people for whom cleaning is not a priority. But even for the most disorganized of people, there are a few things that you can do every day to keep your house in order. The most important thing to achieve this is to look for a realistic routine and stick to it.

12 Maternal Instinct

One thing that many dads find puzzling is that mom just knows what to do most of the time. Even with their first child, she just seems to know how to hold them right or feed them or even change diapers! Feeling incompetent in those things, dad may recede in the background and let mom take the parenting lead.

However, it turns out that what we call maternal instinct is, for the most part, something that moms learn. Moms tend to be more emotionally attuned with the little one, but many moms just wing it at basic parenting skills. It’s the fact that they know it must be done and they try to do it and that helps them learn.

11 Establishing Routine

Children may not admit it or even realize it, but they thrive on routine. Tired from work, dad may on weekends leave the kids to their own devices, not wake them up until noontime and let them stay up late at night with Doritos for dinner. While this may seem like a well-needed break, it may ultimately be unhealthy for the kids.

For some reason, no matter how tired mom is, she’ll still wake up early, scurry the sleepy kids out of bed, get them to whatever hobby they’ve signed up for the weekend and get some shuteye later. Routines are important and it’s probably best if dad takes a leaf out of mom’s book on this one.

10 Remembering Stuff

Mom is more likely to remember the kids’ birthdays, the dog’s birthday, the youngest child’s dental appointment and even her parents-in-law’s wedding anniversary. This isn’t a baseless stereotype. Science has actually proved that men tend to forget things easier than women do.

Doing brain exercises that strengthen the memory may help dad improve in this regard. However, setting calendar reminders on your phone may be able to solve this problem in the meantime!

9 Cooking Healthy

Because moms have traditionally been responsible for family cooking, they usually have an arsenal of sneaky recipes. Designed to conceal vegetables and feed the unsuspecting ones nutritious food in stealth, stay-at-home moms have mastered this art of disguise.

Most dads, on the other hand, just want to cook food that their kids will actually eat. However, nutritious trickery is easy enough to learn. Just look up healthy recipes for kids, whether at your local library or online, and dad could very well compete with mom in this respect.

8 Tough Love

Mom is usually better at dishing out tough love because she knows that, whatever happens, the little one will always run home looking for mommy. Many dads, however, don’t have this same confidence so they might be a bit more lax. However, this is can mean that parental discipline can be a bit inconsistent.

In the end, however, dad need not be scared. After all, even if he doesn’t know it, he’ll always be an important figure in the little one’s life. And he’ll be more confident knowing that tough love makes for healthier, smarter kids.

7 Caring for the Sick

A sick child is another thing that can render dad helpless. This is another situation in which the maternal instinct seems to kick in and mom just knows exactly what to do. Although chances are, mom is just winging it here too. Or she’s had a good dose of advice and experience in it.

Nowadays, however, it’s easy to get good advice on caring for a sick child. All you have to do is look up when to know it’s time to take your child to a doctor. Beyond that, plenty of fluids, rest and their favorite chicken soup should serve you just fine.

6 Comforting the Sad

For dads who aren’t great at dealing with emotions, it can be difficult to know what to do with a sad or upset child. Many men, after all, aren’t exactly taught emotional support 101. But the basics are pretty simple. It just takes a lot of getting used to. Sometimes you just need to sit with a child, giving him the gift of your presence. Sometimes they just need someone to listen to them. You may be able to give advice, or perhaps you may not. Either way it’s perfectly fine. Most of all, sometimes your child just needs a laugh, and that’s definitely something dad is great at!

5 Relationship Advice

When a kid has a fight with his best friend or he likes this girl in class but isn’t sure if she likes him back, he’ll usually turn to mom for help. After all, mom usually has the upper hand when it comes to things involving emotions and relationships.

But, of course, that’s not to say that dad can’t do it too! When your little one asks you questions on relationships, keep in mind that this is an opportunity to teach him about healthy relationships and to make sure that he maintains these throughout his life.

4 That Look

You may be well familiar with this one from your childhood. Your mom can often give you just one look from which you can easily tell that you’re in trouble. Then there’s that other look when you know she’s proud of you. We hardly think about it, but it’s pretty amazing how much she can communicate with just a stare.

This is also because, with our cultural archetype of what men and women are supposed to be, women are better at communicating emotions, as well as reading them. As your own mother has proven time and again, nonverbal communication can speak tons.

3 Connecting with the Little One

Because of the bond forged by pregnancy and breastfeeding, mom may have the upper hand when it comes to connecting with the baby. At least at first. The baby will, after all, be more attracted to mom’s scent for reasons more than just that she probably smells like milk. Often, some protective moms will even keep dad out of child care because he’s “probably going to screw something up.”

It is important, however, that dad also gets his fair share of baby time. Yes, this means that the overly cautious mom may have to step aside and let dad do his own thing sometimes.

2 Waking Up at Night

When baby wakes up crying in the middle of the night, mom is more likely to answer the call. This makes for plenty of bitterness and resentment at how dad doesn’t do his fair share of baby care. But, really, men just aren’t wired to wake up at a baby’s cry. Louder alarms that signal danger, however, may do the trick.

If mom is tired of waking up at night, it may be worth working out an attend-to-the-baby schedule so that the two of you have an equal share. If dad doesn’t wake up when it’s his time, mom may just have to give him a nudge before getting back to sleep herself.

1 Looking into the Future

Moms anticipate the future and worry a lot. That’s one thing that they do very well. Too well, in fact, to the point that every single germ and every single stranger could be a threat. Mom will worry about the little one’s first day of school, about the teenager’s new boyfriend, whether or not non-organic tomatoes could be damaging the children’s health.

Of course, dads do worry too but it’s a bit easier for them to say that, well, the kid will have to deal with it eventually so he’s going to have to tough it out. This balance in caution and promoting experiential learning could be key in ensuring the little one’s growth and development. After all, parenting is teamwork, and someone’s got to think of the what ifs and maybes!

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