15 Useless Things Moms Have Bought While Pregnant

When women discover that they are pregnant, they will be anxious about the preparations that they will need to make for their baby. They will be looking at what items to add to a baby registry whether they are having a baby shower, or a gender reveal party, or even if they are not having any kind of celebration before the baby's birth, friends and family will want to get gifts!

Be prepared for the fact that you will be bombarded with plenty of ads- ads for products that will help you out while you are pregnant and ads for products that you will need to buy for your unborn baby! Especially after talking about being pregnant on Facebook, or after you do plenty of Google searches for anything that is pregnancy-related. And a lot of these ads will make you look into products that are really going to be a waste of your money and time!

When I was pregnant with my oldest, my daughter, I fell for a lot of these useless products too. Even though there were no Facebook or social media in general at that time, I looked through the old Babies R Us magazines and discovered some cool stuff to spend my hard-earned money on while I was pregnant! And, then I found out later on, long after my daughter was born that I really did not need these items that looked so enticing. And I know a lot of pregnant moms have been in the same position that I was in! Let's check out 15 useless things that moms have ever bought while pregnant.

15 Morning Sickness Bags

Alright, if I were to see anyone dragging a morning sickness bag around, no matter how stylish or cool the bag was, I would run far away. That is how any emetophobic person would react- or anyone really! Who wants to be around anyone who is making it clear that they can get sick at any time? That is the message that bringing along a puke bag sends- and no one will care how beautiful the bag is. They will just be put off by the fact that you could hurl at any time while you are walking around.

Now, that does not mean they aren't sympathetic. All you would have to do is put yourself in their shoes, then you will understand and realize at the same time that these cool morning sickness bags are nothing but a waste of money! According to Baby List, there is another bag that you are much better off with bringing if you are struggling with pregnancy-related nausea.

Create an emergency bag that is filled with morning sickness remedies, water, and snacks that will help bring your blood sugar levels up and provide you the energy that you need- and that may soothe your sour stomach. That is a bag you are better off with bringing and you can make that as pretty as you would like!

14 Headphones For The Privates

There have been many studies done to determine whether or not music has an effect on the unborn baby or not, and the results are still inconclusive according to LiveStrong. Though, there is some evidence that calming music that unborn babies have heard has had positive effects on them after they were born.

These babies that were selected for a study had musical stimulation in the womb, and they did have better language development, motor, and cognitive skills than babies who did not receive any musical stimulation while they were in the womb. Though these studies were not widespread and again, cannot determine the truth on that.

If you are pregnant and you want to help your baby excel, then you can listen to classical music for that purpose as there is no harm in doing that- unless you hate classical music to the point it stresses you out! Or, you can listen to any kind of calming music that you will enjoy too.

However, whether there is truth to babies becoming smarter due to having musical stimulation in the womb, there is no need to get headphones for your privates! There is a company called Baby Pod that provides headphones for that area of your body just so your baby can hear! Don't spend money on that! Just listen to the radio or to the CD player! Your unborn baby will hear what you hear after 17 weeks!

13 Razor Extenders

By the time you are in your third trimester, you will not be able to shave your legs, and you will hate that. Not only will you be upset over the fact that your legs are hairy, especially during the summer- but too much hair on your legs can be downright uncomfortable.

And, razor extenders may be something that any heavily pregnant woman will want to buy, but they are not going to be helpful at all.

All they will do is cut your legs up and have you in more discomfort than you were before- still with hairy legs because you would not have been able to accomplish much! Having hairy legs for cosmetic reasons while you are in your third trimester should not even be a concern. You can always wear stretchy or maternity pants, and that means even during the summer heat if you must. Just don't spend a lot of time outside, that's all.

If you are extremely uncomfortable and even itchier due to having hairy legs on top of dealing with itchy skin that goes along with pregnancy- you can always take self-soothing oatmeal baths. According to The Bump, that is really the way to go to help calm itchiness down whether it is from you having itchy skin or having too much hair on your legs!

12 A Cute Birthing Outfit

Pregnant women who have never given birth previously believe that childbirth is a glorious event- and it is, it always is just amazing because of bringing a new life into the world. But it is not glorious as far as you needing to look beautiful during the event! That means if you are tempted to get a cute outfit to put on when you give birth, save your money and don't do it.

You will not only be getting your clothes dirty because of all of the amniotic fluid coming out but you will be bleeding so much, you will be shocked that you had produced so much blood. In fact, according to HealthLine, a pregnant woman produces about 30 to 50 percent more blood than non-pregnant women. So you will be shedding lots and lots of blood during the childbirth process- and for weeks after no matter how you delivered!

And what will happen to the cute outfit that you bought for the birthing event? It will be destroyed within minutes and you will end up having to throw it into the trash. That translates to you throwing money into the trash too- money that you could have used for diapers!

11 Baby Bathrobe

The one thing that you may be tempted to put on the registry list for your baby shower is a robe for the baby- or you may be tempted to buy it yourself. However, that is one item that is really not needed. Many pregnant women buy baby robes or add it to their baby registry because they think it would look adorable for their babies.

However, it really is not necessary as a comfortable sleeper will just do the job fine as keeping your baby warm and comfortable. In fact, the blogger at Mother Rising Birth adds the fact that a baby robe is really not necessary. You may think it is a cute idea to wear a robe and have your baby wear a matching one- but it is not necessary! Your money is better spent on extra sleepers that your baby will need. The same goes for your friends and families who are buying you plenty of baby gifts.

Tell them to get you sleepers, blankets, and any other baby apparatus that you know will be needed like a highchair, saucer, a baby swing, and baby clothing for when your baby becomes a little older. Those items are going to be needed.

10 Diaper Genies

When my kids were babies, I had that diaper genie. I thought it was going to be the best thing when I was pregnant with my daughter. I fell for the marketing. It was supposedly meant to keep the smell from the dirty diapers contained so the nursery or the entire house would not smell of filthy diapers. And, the other claim that I fell for was that the diaper genie was there to give you a break from having to go out to take the trash out often.

Well, I can tell you from personal experience, the diaper genie did not prevent the stench of diapers from smelling up the house.

And, it was a major pain to remove the bags as well. You really are better off with taking the dirty diaper and putting it into the organic waste pail- or if there is no collection of organic waste in your area, then just throw the diaper into the trash outside or in the garage.

The author of Mother Rising Birth even echoes what I said. The diaper genie is a waste of your hard-earned money, and definitely, do not fall for the claims. It is not worth it at all!

9 Tiny Baby Bibs

It will be hard to resist when you are not too far off from the month you are due, and you walk into a store that sells these adorable tiny baby bibs- and the temptation to buying them is so overwhelming because these adorable tiny bibs are just too cute not to get! Okay, before getting caught up in how cute and adorable those baby bibs are- remember the purpose of a bib. It is to prevent food getting onto the baby's clothes! And a tiny baby bib will not do the job at all.

And the author of Mother Rising Birth makes this fact clear too. If a bib is just too small to prevent any spills from going onto the baby's clothing- then how will it be helpful? That said, the only bib to get for your baby is the one that is large enough to cover the baby adequately. If you remember that, you won't be so tempted to buy it. Also, be sure not to add these micro bibs to your registry because if your friends and family are going to spend their hard earned money which they are happy to do for your big time in life- have them spend it well and tell them to get you good quality regular bibs instead!

8 Oils For Tearing

The idea of tearing is frightening and that thought enters a pregnant woman's mind towards the end of her pregnancy anyway. In the first and second trimesters, she isn't thinking too far ahead. In the first trimester, she is trying to find ways to ease her nausea and is trying to stay awake as well. And, in the second trimester, she is too busy enjoying her pregnancy since she is over the first trimester woes (though not every pregnant woman's experience in the second trimester is much better than the first).

However, regardless of how the pregnancy has been going, when the third trimester hits, it is panic time. And one worry that women at this stage have is tearing! Therefore, they go out and get perineal oils- only to find that when they did give birth, they still did tear even after using it religiously. And, then that is a clear indication right there that money was not well spent!

According to KidsSpot, it is important to make preparations to help reduce the tearing. What they suggest is to have perineal massages starting around 34 weeks. And, the only 'oil' to use is either sunflower oil, Vitamin E, olive oil or coconut oil in that area below. That is it! Therefore, don't spend your hard earned money on perineal oils because you already have what you need at home.

7 Baby Hairbrush

baby; coconut; photography

Just like baby socks, tiny baby bibs, and baby robes- baby hairbrushes are so cute! I mean how can you resist those? But no matter how much hair your baby is born with, are these baby brushes really necessary?

If your baby has a lot of hair and it becomes messy easily, then you can just neaten it up with a good old comb.

Baby's have fine hair, and it won't thicken until they get older according to Today's Parent. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that your baby's hair will get so messy to the point that it will snag up. So a baby brush or even any brush is not necessary to use until after the baby is one-year-old (and a baby brush still won't be necessary at this point either, but a regular brush will be just fine).

As cute as baby brushes are, they are not worth any kind of investment- and it is not even an investment, spending money on those useless products is really a waste. And, no matter how adorable you think those baby brushes are, leave them off of your registry as well. If you are concerned about your baby's hair getting messy as they age, then it is never too early to get a few actual brushes! That is money that is well-spent!

6 Stretch Mark Cream

stretch mark cream
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The one thing that pregnant women want to see disappear, especially towards the end of the pregnancy are stretch marks. Oh yes, those annoying stretch marks can be quite difficult to look at! And, out of desperation, they look for the best stretch mark cream on the market and grab it.

And, after applying it several times they become disappointed about how it simply does not work. In fact, it is really a waste because you will still have those stretch marks no matter how many times you apply that cream. Therefore, you were better off saving your money to use for something more worthwhile.

According to MomJunction, nothing can cause those stretch marks to disappear completely. However, in time they will lighten up and there are homemade remedies you can use to help speed up the process of the stretch marks fading. For instance, you can use olive oil to rub on your belly which will help cause those pesky marks to lighten up. You can also use Vitamin E oil as well for the same purpose. You can mix it up with your moisturizer to do the job! But whatever you do, stay away from stretch mark creams. They don't work! The items you already have at home will do a better job!

5 Postpartum Robe

It has already been established that a childbirth outfit is a complete waste of money because of the fact it will be destroyed in a matter of minutes. But one thing that seems to be popular according to an article written by a mom on Romper is that many pregnant women also love the idea of getting postpartum robes. The fancy ones. She wondered if seeing examples of those postpartum robes on Pinterest were to blame.

But the fact of the matter is, you will continue bleeding for weeks and it will leak- even if you wear super heavy duty pads. Your baby boy or girl will pee on you! I still remember how shocked I was when my daughter peed when she was a newborn and it flew into the air! I thought only baby boys did that! I was wrong. Additionally, your baby will spit up on you, and may have an explosive poop at some point as well that will get all over you.

Now you see why a fancy postpartum robe would be a waste of your hard-earned money? Wear your old maternity clothes during the postpartum period- the old ones that you don't care whether they get dirty or not and that will keep you comfortable!

4 Baby Towels

You may be tempted to buy baby towels or add those on the registry because you believe that baby towels are meant to clean a baby off because other towels may be too rough for their delicate skin. That is actually not true at all. And even the author at Mother Rising Birth agrees with that as she found that baby towels are too thin and don't absorb well.

Regular towels will not be harsh for the baby's skin, and they will get them dry and clean quicker and will absorb water much better as well.

Baby towels are also too small to clean the baby effectively.

In fact, if I remember clearly, I did use baby towels after bathing my kids and I found them ineffective as well. So that said if you are concerned about not having enough towels since your baby will be needing plenty of baths, and will need cleaning up often- then add more regular towels to your registry or pick some up the next time you go shopping. Investing in regular towels is a much better option than wasting money on baby towels that will not dry your baby up effectively at all! By the way, baby towels don't last very long either!

3 Baby Shoes

Baby shoes are absolutely adorable! I mean, when you put those teeny tiny shoes on the baby's tiny feet, you just want to cry because a tiny baby wearing adorable baby shoes is just cute! However, what is the purpose of shoes? For outdoor walking, so your feet and socks stay clean. And some people have pairs of shoes that they specifically wear for the indoors if they have sore backs.

And most babies under 10 months old, or even more like 12 months old are not even walking! So that said, why do babies under those ages need shoes? The answer is definitely not, so keep your hard earned money and don't buy baby shoes- until after they start walking!

And, according to Day 2 Day Parenting, babies that are learning to walk should not even wear shoes (unless they are outdoors). They say that when the little ones are learning to walk, they should be barefoot most of the time, or wear socks with those rubber dots at the bottoms so they don't slip.

Baby shoes may be cute, but they don't serve a purpose and again, money is better spent on items that the baby will actually need like diapers, sleepers and receiving blankets.

2 Prenatal Learning Products

The one thing that every parent wants is a smart child and they have heard that it is a great idea to talk to their unborn baby, and there is definitely truth to that as many studies have indicated so. In fact, it is recommended for parents to read simple books to their unborn babies because they are able to absorb something! So why not get them stimulated early on?

That is great to do but there is no need to waste money on any prenatal learning products. These are products that you can strap on your belly so your baby can hear what it is being taught.

According to ABC news, there was a report done in 2010 that had indicated these products did not make unborn babies any 'smarter' and calmer than those whose parents did not buy those products. A developmental psychologist stated that these products do not help at all in any way.

The best thing to do is talk to the unborn baby, and read a few books to the baby-to-be as well. And, most importantly to keep stress levels low. If stress levels are high during the pregnancy, then that can be detrimental to the unborn baby. And if you are stressed but using these products at the same time, you will not end up having a calm baby.

1 Baby Cologne

Babies have a naturally sweet smell to them, and that makes you even wonder why there is such a thing as baby cologne. The fact of the matter is, baby cologne exists and has for a very long time- and is popular. According to Parenting, perfuming a baby has been a popular practice in Latin America and in Europe for a long time. But again, the question is- is it really necessary?

And, the more important question is, is it even good for your baby? According to the same source, the answer is no.

These baby colognes are full of toxins and not only are they seeping into their skin but are also being inhaled into their lungs.

Therefore, babies and their caregivers should not be wearing any kind of perfume or cologne.

That said if you are expecting, and walking down the CVS or Walgreens aisle, or the aisle in Shoppers Drugmart or Rexall if you are in Canada and you see baby cologne in the baby section- definitely don't get it. Not only are you wasting money on doing that, but you are also ready to get something that is not going to be good for your baby. It's not worth that!

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