15 Things Moms Do That Make The Unborn Baby Fall In Love

When a woman is pregnant, she will have visions of what her baby will be like. Some moms want an intelligent, good-looking, healthy, all rounded baby, others want a boy, some want a girl, while others just want a baby to hold. Whatever the size, gender or health of the baby, babies are a gift and it is our responsibility to nature and care for this gift.

The things we do determine what our babies will be like. There are mistakes we make in terms of our health, knowingly or unknowingly. These can impact negatively on the health of the baby. Then there are emotional burdens we carry that put a strain on the relationship between the mother and the unborn child.

The food we eat, as well as the drugs we ingest, can also impact the emotional, as well as the physical well being of the child. Mothers are the doorways to the child in their womb and they are advised, to as much as possible, know that much like a computer, what you put inside of you is what will come out.

So are there really some things that moms can do that affect an unborn baby emotionally? Keep reading to find out 15 things that make the unborn baby fall in love.

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15 Talking To The Bump

No, you are not crazy. Neither are you silly. Talking to your baby bump brings you closer to the baby and makes you bond with him. As much as this idea may seem, whacko, pregnant mothers will tell you that when they discover they are growing someone in there, the desire to get to know that person is quite overwhelming. The advantages of talking to your baby cannot be gainsaid and it is advisable that one starts talking to the baby as soon as they discover they are pregnant. Talking to your bump brings you closer to the baby and this benefit will be translated postpartum and may reduce your chances of getting postpartum depression.

According to aptaclub.co.uk, talking to your baby, especially during the third trimester, soothes the child and helps him recognize your voice, which is beneficial even after birth. Talking to him also helps in the development of his language skills, as well as building on his memory. Babies in the womb are said to respond to different vibrations and more so to their mother's voice. Now isn't that reason enough to have that one-sided conversation that will be remembered when your bundle of joy arrives?

14 Sleeping On Your Side

Eating right, exercising and abstaining from drugs and alcohol should ideally keep your baby happy and in love, but that is not true. While all this is commendable, there is one vital activity that a mother should engage in; sleep on your side. Your sleeping position determines how fast nutrients reach your baby and sleeping on the left side is highly recommended for this life-altering activity. A baby who receives all the nutrients he requires and in plenty is a healthy and happy baby who has room for love. According to americanpregnancy.org sleeping on the side also increases the amount of blood that reaches your baby, thus reducing chances of low blood pressure, hemorrhoids and also reduces your chances of getting heartburn. When a mother sleeps comfortably she rests well and the chances of her getting stressed and irritable are reduced.

13 Eating Good Calories

Yes, junk is sweeter and easier to order, unlike healthy home-cooked meals. It is easier to reach for a box of pizza or a tin of canned meat than it is to prepare a balanced meal from scratch. However, if you want that child you are carrying to fall in love with you, you will need to change your eating habits. Do not spend the whole day seated at your desk eating canned food or chomping on chips.

The first rule of taking care of an unborn child is not to skip meals. The second rule is to eat a balanced diet as food consumed during this time is crucial for the development of your child, both physically and mentally. According to livescience.com, it is recommended that pregnant women eat meals rich in calcium and folic acid to help prevent birth defects. What you eat is your baby's source of nourishment and you determine what your baby feeds on and how healthy he is. A healthy baby is a happy baby and a happy baby will always love you. Eating right is most certainly one thing that will make your unborn baby fall in love with you.

12 Wearing Loose Clothing

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You may want to hide that baby bump for a few more months, either because you are not ready to share the news or you are afraid to share the news too early due to some earlier miscarriage, or you may just want to keep it private; whatever your reasons are, constricting clothing is not a solution. The new craze of bouncing back immediately after childbirth has led to some women going to extreme lengths to prevent their bodies expanding naturally.

This reckless behavior comes with many side effects, not only to the mother but to the child too. According to livestrong.com, constricting clothes can lead to heartburn, yeast infections, low circulation of blood, as well as pain. The woman's body is amazing as it has the ability to expand to accommodate a child and later contract and go back to its original size. It is therefore ill-advised to wear constricting clothing during this natural process.

11 Taking Your Vitamins

A well-balanced diet is vital to the growth of a healthy pregnancy as the pregnancy requires some vital nutrients and vitamins to grow. While this is commendable, one needs to go an extra mile and take pregnancy vitamins to prevent baby birth defects like spina bifida.

Most pregnant mothers abhor the thought of pregnancy supplements as they give one that rusty taste in the mouth. As much as this taste is truly off-putting, it is a small price to pay for a healthy baby. Some mothers who do not take these supplements give birth to babies with severe birth defects, a situation that could have been remedied by the intake of one tiny pill. It is recommended that one attends prenatal clinics to ensure that the importance of these supplements is emphasized by the instructor to prevent regret later in life.

10 Not Too Many Ultrasounds

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The excitement of pregnancy can sometimes be quite overwhelming and it may lead to anxiety. Anxiety to know what the sex of your baby is, then how the baby is doing, is the baby still okay and all this calls for an ultrasound. While it is all fine and dandy to know the sex or state of your baby, this assurance comes with some risk to the unborn child. According to pregnancyhealth.net, doppler ultrasounds can cause significant risk to the unborn child as they use continuous sound waves as opposed to others that use pulsed waves.

These doppler ultrasounds can cause heating in the brain of the fetus, which in turn leads to baby birth defects. Ultrasounds have been associated with delayed speech, low birth weight, and even height. One or two ultrasounds is ideal for low-risk pregnancy.

9 Keeping Your Muscles Moving

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Most women take getting pregnant as a license to ditch the tights and put on the pajamas. Taking it easy is recommended for pregnant women, but not getting lazy. The benefits of exercise in pregnancy are numerous, not only to you the mother but to the baby as well. If you want a happy camper in your womb, then get off the couch and get moving.

As we all know, exercise releases endorphins and since we have established that whatever the mother takes in or feels is shared by the baby, the release of endorphins also goes to the baby. Stress is very dangerous in pregnancy and some women have even been known to go into premature labor due to stress or have increased cases of blood pressure. According to webmd.com, exercising reduces stress to the mother, which means the unborn baby will be less stressed, making him fall in love with you even more.

8 Dealing With Symptoms Naturally

Pregnancy comes with so many aches and pains. From extreme nausea to unbearable fatigue and backache to swollen feet. To cope with this, most mothers are tempted to take medicine or some go for recreational drugs. Whatever drugs you take, be advised that not only are you risking the life of your child, you are also making the child fall out of love. Drugs are transmitted through the bloodstream via the placenta to your baby. If these drugs knock you out, believe me, they knock the baby out too. This is why some babies are born with a drug dependency introduced to them in the womb.

According to webmd.com, intake of drugs can lead to babies born with very low birth weight, may lead to a miscarriage or placenta abruption. Drugs also lead to attention and cognitive problems later in life. For your unborn baby to love you, it is advisable to forego drugs legal or illegal.

7 Eating For Two

Carrying another life means there are two people inside one, but that does not mean that one should eat for two. The life inside the woman is so tiny that the increase in food intake should not be substantial. Eating too much leads to a number of problems namely gas, indigestion, heartburn and weight gain, and all this are felt by the baby. According to webmd.com, eating for two increases significantly the chance of gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, backache and the necessity for a cesarean section.

Eating for you and your baby requires that you increase your daily intake by about 300 calories no more and no less. Eating less than this can lead to low birth weight, developmental issues, as well as premature birth. It is therefore advised that even when one feels extremely hungry, one should try to eat healthy well-balanced meals in the right proportions.

6 Leaving The Mommy Juice Alone

To drink or not to drink. This is a debate that has been raging for the longest time. While most researchers argue that the effect of alcohol on an unborn child is largely unknown, most of them are of the opinion that if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, it is advisable not to consume alcohol in any amount.

According to babycenter.com, when alcohol is consumed, it quickly goes through your blood, through the placenta, and into your unborn child. The unborn child is not able to break down alcohol as fast as the mother does and this leads to high levels of blood alcohol. It goes on to say that alcohol is likely to cause stillbirths, miscarriages or birth defects. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders are disorders associated with the exposure to alcohol before birth. For those who consume alcohol excessively during pregnancy, it may lead to a severe case of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. If you want a healthy, happy baby that will love you even in the womb, it is advisable not to keep the baby drunk.

5 Staying Positive

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There is an old adage about our altitude being determined by our attitude. When you get pregnant, planned or not, the success of that pregnancy will largely depend upon your attitude. Some women have been known to hate their babies in vitro and as much as we may want to pretend that this does not affect the child, we have already established that the child feels what you feel. According to getfitforbirth.com, a mother's emotions are communicated via neurohormones through the placenta to her unborn child the same way alcohol and smoking are delivered. It goes on to say that children born with behavioral problems are most likely those whose mothers experienced negativity and stress during pregnancy.

To emphasize on the need for positive thinking, it has been shown that mothers who have too much stress and negative thoughts during pregnancy are likely to have babies who are born prematurely, colicky, underweight and hyperactive and irritable. It is, therefore, your choice whether you want a baby who is deeply in love because your attitude is pleasant and calming or you want a child who has all these problems associated with negative thoughts.

4 Getting Enough Shut-Eye

Pregnant woman sleeping on bed, high angle view

When you are pregnant, sleep doesn't come easy and as the pregnancy progresses, along with the increasing waistline is the lack of sleeping positions. This means that on average, a pregnant mother may only be able to sleep for six hours before she feels the need to get up, as sitting down tends to be more relaxing than sleeping.

According to huffingtonpost.com, poor sleep has been associated with preterm babies and low birth weight. Lack of sleep also leads to depression, which is quite harmful to you and the baby. If you are depressed then the baby is too and this may make your baby fall out of love. it is important to note that getting a good night’s sleep is not only beneficial to the mother, it is also beneficial to the unborn child as the mother's emotions are translated to the child's emotions.

3 Not Packing On Too Many Pounds

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With pregnancy comes an increase in appetite, a sweet tooth and a taste for junk food and for some people, pregnancy comes with a license to binge. Most women feel that this is the time to eat without judgment, but sadly this reckless abandon may lead to some serious problems during your pregnancy and let's be honest, too much fat is bound to make your baby fall out of love really fast.

Too much weight clogs a moms arteries and may lead to a heart attack. Excess weight gain may also lead to infant obesity, as well as diabetes due to excess sugar levels that are delivered to the baby through the placenta. An overweight mother is also likely to give birth to an overweight baby, which in itself brings about a lot of complications during birth and may lead to a caesarian section.

2 Breaking Bad Habits

If you want to bear a healthy and happy well-rounded baby, then know that even that one puff is not advisable for you, pregnant or not pregnant. Being a smoker reduces your chances of getting pregnant and when you do get pregnant, according to cdc.gov, smoking brings a myriad of problems during pregnancy.

It has been associated with kids born with a very low birth weight, that is if they are born at all, as smoking may lead to miscarriage or placenta abruption. Children who are born of mothers who smoke are most likely to be born too early. Most people may think that it is a good thing to end your pregnancy early, but one should know that chances of a preterm baby making it are very low. Taking care of a preemie is also straining emotionally, as well as financially. As if that is not bad enough, children who are born from smokers have an increased chance of being born with a cleft palate.

1 Calling The Doctor When Needed

All the aches and pains of pregnancy and all the open pharmacies contribute to mothers making decisions that will make the unborn child fall out of love real fast. When one is pregnant, all the dormant diseases tend to come back to life, like cavities appearing out of nowhere. Some women suffer intense toothaches and they resort to over the counter medications to ease this nightmare.

Others experience a backache and in some cases, extreme and debilitating nausea. It is recommended that as much as one may be in pain, one should avoid self-medication. A visit to your General Practitioner will solve most of these problems as he is familiar with the medication that will not cause harm to the unborn baby. Most over the counter medicines like Ibuprofen and aspirin is harmful to an unborn baby.

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