15Trusting Others With The Baby

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Deep down inside of our pregnant, hormonal bodies, we are grateful for the help with our newborn baby. We are exhausted and can barely even comprehend what has just happened. Now, we want our baby in our arms and we want to jump right into the maternal actions that our

inner biology is commanding us to do. According to Huffington Post, many new moms' instincts tell them not to trust others with their baby. We may not trust anyone for a few months.

Sometimes, however, we need to trust grandma or the nurse with our baby. We may have had some medical complications and need some rest, or we may have stitches and are so sore that we can barely move. Whatever the reason, it will be helpful when others are there to help us take care of our new little one.

We need to learn to be grateful for the help because it may not always be so readily available. Some of us may even be afraid to let the baby’s father watch them while we nap as we recover from birth. These hormones should calm down, according to Huffington Post. Our instincts are generally accurate once time passes by, so if there are still certain people you cannot trust with your baby, do not ignore that.

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