15 Things Moms Do In A Hurry With The Newborn (They Might Later Regret)

Feeling a ripple of excitement over a newborn baby is a mother’s natural tendency. Often times, women who can’t easily deliver a child enjoy imagining themselves being pregnant, delivering a healthy baby and watching the baby grow. Having one of their own someday would really be marvelous.

Thinking about the child’s future is something moms enjoy so much. A first-time mom is more likely to be overly excited about it. A first-time mom is eager to do things with her newborn baby.

With her husband by her side, they both plan for the baby’s coming. Moms want to give their babies the best care they could offer. They want what is best for them. Some may even move from one place to another to provide a better environment for the child. Some may hire nannies to keep them company. They also involve their own mom to give them pieces of advice.

Yes, we understand that they are over the moon for their unborn child to come to light. On the other hand, being overly excited is not good in some ways. Moms might do something that may affect the baby in a negative way. To know more about this, let’s dive into 15 things moms do in a hurry with the newborn they might live to regret.

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15 Giving Food Other Than Milk

Via: Today's Parent

As we already discussed in the previous paragraphs that breast milk is undeniably the best food for newborn babies. Moms are very excited about their baby’s development. They even enjoy telling it to other people. Moms get excited seeing their babies crawl, walk, eat and etc.

Before babies even need it, mothers give cereals or soft flakes to their baby. Giving baby formula other than milk may compromise the health of the baby.

Giving a baby any type of food prior to four months of age will lead to an upset stomach and gas and it can not be easily digested yet.

In most cases, they should not be fed cereals too soon. Babies don’t need baby food immediately after they face the real world. Mixing cereal and milk in the baby bottle should also be avoided unless recommended by your doctor. Mothers will probably regret feeding their baby with baby food too soon.

New moms need to remember that their baby’s digestive system is extremely immature at birth and it isn’t able to digest anything other than mother’s milk or formula. Anything else before that age of 4 months, and for most, six months, runs the risk of causing digestive issues for the baby, mainly gas that can lead to extreme discomfort and crying.

14 Calming The Baby By Shaking

Taking care of a newborn child may mean that first-time moms will mess up a bit more often. It really is possible for moms to panic. It is pretty inherent that they don’t know what they’re doing or that they don’t know what to do to the extent that they panic, most frequently if their baby cries almost endlessly.

Most moms use shaking as a way of calming their baby, but many may not be aware that they are doing it wrong.

Calming the baby through rough shaking should never be done. Mothers should know that it is not good for their baby. Shaking causes head injury to the baby that may result in hemorrhage, lifelong disability, or death.

We understand that it is a struggle to calm down a raging baby. However, mothers must know how to keep calm and think of all the possible things they should do to relax the baby rather than resorting to shaking the baby roughly. Whatever the mom is feeling, she shouldn't shake her baby. Her emotions shouldn’t affect her way of taking care of the baby. Most rough shaking is done unintentionally.

Stressed out parents are more likely to do it. Mothers must keep a cool head while holding their baby or else their baby could suffer from serious problems. If a person feels like shaking a baby, they need to put the baby down in a safe place and walk away to calm down.

13 Eliminate Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is proven and tested to be the best thing to feed the babies. There is no questioning about that. Baby formula is only allowed if chances are the biological mother isn’t able to breastfeed her baby or that there is no other way. However, many mothers eliminate breastfeeding almost immediately. This may be because of their busy life or it’s just so different from the life they used to have if they are first-time moms and that they are not comfortable with it. Baby formula is not a true substitute for breast milk although science has made it as close as possible. It may be used 6 months or more after the baby is born.

On the other hand, breast milk is known to provide a lot of nutrients and vitamins that help the newborn develop as they grow older. There is a lot of nutrition in breast milk that can not be found in any baby formula. We understand that breastfeeding is never easy, yet moms should not forget the essential things that their baby could get from breastfeeding. Moms may regret not breastfeeding their newborn later on. Mothers may find breastfeeding disturbing, but for the sake of the baby’s health, they must do it and sacrifice.

12 Using The Car Seat Incorrectly

via: wordpress.com

We know that moms have good intentions for their baby but sometimes their means is not. The best intentions should be done in the best way. Moms become pretty careless at times. Recklessly putting the baby in the car seat is what they do often.

Putting the baby in the car seat is unavoidable, but doing it in a hurry should be avoided as much as possible. Thinking that a newborn baby is safe and secure in the car seat without even properly strapping the baby in is not good.

Moms should be aware of everything they do and the consequences of not doing it.

According to BabyCentre, newborn babies have no control over their necks. It may cause neck problems later on that are very dangerous for the newborn child. If mothers want their newborn to be safe and sound, they must see to it that everything is properly attached.

With a small newborn, it is helpful to have some type of headrest that will support a baby’s head and not let it sag to one side or the other. It is essential that the baby’s car seat is properly installed in the back seat of the car and that the baby is correctly positioned in the seat and buckled in. This will keep the baby safe in the case of an accident.

11 Watching How Much The Baby Drinks

via: tesco-baby.com

Sometimes, it is unavoidable for moms to give their babies drinking formula instead of breastmilk. Mothers in remote areas don’t have other choices but to give their baby the only available formula in town.

Some moms are also caught up with other things that they tend to forget about more important things like baby’s drinking intake.

They may not be aware that some kinds of drinking water could cause bacteria to enter into the baby’s body. Some of the most harmful bacteria could be found in water. Mothers may regret not taking precautionary measures with regard to this.

As per Healthy Families, some mothers do not know that high levels of nitrates can be found in wells. This polyatomic ion is dangerous and could be fatal to the newborn baby. Mothers should not do things in a hurry, most especially with matters like this.

To make sure that the only water they drink is clean, she must breastfeed the baby up to six months after delivering the child. Mom should not immediately give up breastfeeding. Baby formula should also be refrained, most especially if it is not recommended by doctors. If it is not possible to breastfeed, it is important that the water used to make formula from a powder is safe for drinking. This can be done by simply boiling water for 10 minutes and then keeping it free of any contaminants while it cools.

10 Not Cleaning The Baby Properly

Hygiene is everything. Hygiene is not just important for newborn children, it is also equally important to every person. Good hygiene is the reason why people are staying healthy and do not acquire dangerous diseases.

It is a mother’s responsibility to keep her baby healthy. Having good hygiene saves her newborn child from fatal illnesses. A mother who is negligent in terms of hygiene in taking care of her baby is more likely to be perceived as a bad mom. Letting harmful bacteria get into the baby’s body is risky. It may lead to serious complications.

Some mothers are very complacent when it comes to this issue. They are not particularly concerned with what they give to their newborn child. Maybe because they forget about hygiene or it’s just not their nature to be hygienic.

Moms should keep the baby’s stuff clean. Mothers must always sterilize the baby’s pacifier, milk bottles and anything else that the baby could put in their mouth to ensure that what comes into the baby’s body is safe.

This includes mom and dad’s hands.

Harmful bacteria may affect the baby’s development or their intelligence and overall growth. For the baby’s sake, moms should be extra careful. Regretting, later on, doesn’t really help. Prevention is always better than cure.

9 Giving Up The Pacifier Too Soon

via: babble.com

A pacifier is a must-have for babies. Their mouth munching the pacifier is the cutest thing ever to watch. A pacifier is one of the things that gives comfort to the baby other than human interaction. The comfort they get from it is unquestionable and important. Babies consider a pacifier as their toy or their best company.

While it is true that babies may have a hard time giving up the pacifier as they get older, it should not be taken away too soon. Babies think that their pacifier is their mom’s breast. So giving one up makes them think that their mom is away from them. It calms a baby down.

Taking away the pacifier too soon may cause the baby to cry a lot and get easily irritated about almost everything. It is important that moms know when to it take it away and when not to.

Some babies give it up themselves while others need a bit of a boost to give it up. Moms should think and reconsider first before taking an action of putting the pacifier away or they may regret it later on. It is also essential that pacifiers are always sterilized. Unsterilized pacifiers may give your baby an upset stomach or worse, serious illnesses that need serious medication.

8 Buying Unnecessary Stuff For The Baby

Via: Pinterest

Mothers want what’s best for their newborn babies. From diapers to cribs, to clothing, they want it to be done perfectly. They want everything complete. However, buying lots of things will really cost a lot of money. Not everything that moms see in the baby section is useful or necessary.

Some unnecessary things will never be opened because they don’t really need to be used. Buying too much will make it inconvenient in the long run. This is something moms might live to regret.

Buying only what’s necessary will save time and money. Buying the things that are needed in the first quarter of the baby’s life is sufficient enough. Purchase things one at a time. Overbuying things such as diapers and clothes should be renounced.

The baby gets big a lot faster than moms think, so they might need to replace the clothes more often.

The last thing moms want to do is spend too much money on unnecessary things. Moms will end up wishing they hadn’t bought lots of clothes for their baby. Babies don’t really need new stuff every week. Other expenses will catch mothers off-guard so it’s better to keep the money and save it for something more important.

7 Falling Asleep With The Baby

Via: commonhealth.legacy.wbur.org

It is understandable that moms want to sleep while their baby is sleeping. They’ve gone through lots of sleepless nights so they want to sleep as well while the baby is taking a nap. Moms also sleep with the baby as a sign of affection. But it should be done properly.

This is one of the most debated issues about taking care of a newborn baby; sleeping with the baby.

According to Mama Natural, there have been many cases wherein the mother or the father roll over on the baby while fast asleep or covers the baby’s face, suffocating it. This might be the worst thing that could happen to any parent; suffocating your baby because of your negligence. Compromising the baby’s life because of negligence must be avoided.

Things done with the baby should be done in the right way. It is considered that moms will co-sleep with the baby once in awhile. But if moms know that they move a lot when they sleep, then they should avoid co-sleeping with the baby.

It is possible to keep the crib in the same room as the parents so everyone is in close proximity. There are also other devices that allow the mom to have the baby next to her, while not actually in the bed.

6 Kissing The Baby's Cheeks

Via: Daily Mail

Moms are very passionate with their newborn child, whether it’s their first baby or not. The joy they experience cannot be concealed. Their happiness is immeasurable. It is understandable that they are very affectionate with their baby and that they can’t help but kiss their baby under any circumstances. Kissing the baby is a mother’s natural tendency.

While babies need to get the right amount of love from their parents, it is important that they consider brushing their teeth and washing their hands before handling the baby.

Over-excitement makes parents forget about the dos and don’ts in taking care of the baby. Going home and seeing their baby wait for them makes them want to kiss the baby immediately. Yes, that is understandable, but parents should not forget about hygiene.

Human contact is crucial for the baby’s development, but we should not ignore the fact that some serious illnesses are passed from physical interaction. As what we have discussed in the previous list, hygiene is important for the baby. A hygienic baby comes from a hygienic mommy. Moms who neglect the baby’s hygiene is more likely to regret their actions if they are not extra careful. Everything must be done in moderation and lots of consideration. Fewer regrets, more happy moments.

5 Planning The Future Way Too Soon

Via: Pinterest

Mothers love looking forward to their baby’s future. We get it. Mothers just want what’s best for their baby. They just want to give everything the baby needs. But thinking too much about it isn’t that necessary at all, don’t you think? Planning about a couple of years ahead is too soon.

Although planning in advance is good, planning and orchestrating the baby’s future like what they will become when they grow older is way too early.

Mothers want to be the best mom they can be. Simple milestones of their kids matter to them the most. The baby’s first word, first crawl, and the first solid food is something they record. Mommies enjoy parenting so much that they become overprotective. They become so hands-on with their kids that they forget their kids think too.

Chances are, the things that moms love their kids to do is not what the kids want for themselves.

Moms may not want to hear this but they are also doing things that may inflict harm to their children.

Giving freedom to choose is the best way. The only thing that parents should do is guide them on the best path they could take. Forcing them to do things they don’t want is out of their jurisdiction. Moms may know what best for their kids, but they can’t decide every little thing for their children. Guidance and acceptance is still the best method for parenting.

4 Overly Reading And Following Mom Books

via: sheknows.com

Mothers always want to be ready. It is woman’s nature to be prepared all the time. In everything they do, they want it to be organized. Reading mommy guides is one of the things that mothers or soon to be mothers love to do.

Realizing that she is already pregnant stimulates happiness to her. It gives her over pouring joy and excitement. She will often purchase books that could help her with pregnancy or parenting. Mommy books prepare moms with what to expect before, during and after labor. They read and follow instructions that they think are good and that will reflect in their way of parenting.

Moms are unaware that mother guides are not right all the time. Mothers should know that there are no “one shoe fits all” with regards to this. What’s right for one baby is not right for every baby. Mommy guides are subject only to the experiment or experiences or the research of the author.

So it’s not always reliable. The books might be correct for some instances but not all the time. It’s sometimes better to rely on personal motherly instincts than rely on some books mothers just read. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to being a parent or being pregnant. The best anyone can do is offer guidelines and advice and the best is up to the parent.

3 Ignoring The Baby

via: respectfulparent.com

Most people think that ignoring a crying baby is okay, that babies will just stop if they are not given attention. However, the contrary is true. Based on the study of IAim, babies crying endlessly and getting ignored will have an attitude problem when they get older. Ignoring the baby will make him/her aggressive. Mothers are unaware that ignoring the baby can inflict psychological harm to the baby’s whole personality when he/she grows up. This may cause trouble for moms as the child grows.

Moms said that they ignore their crying baby to make them more independent later on.

However, this is very wrong. People can’t train a newborn to become independent. For the record, there is no such thing as an independent newborn child.

It is very important that mother gives enough attention to her baby when the baby is seeking it. It is necessary to know what’s wrong with the baby so the mother knows what to do to ease the pain her baby is feeling.

Leaving the baby unattended causes stress to the baby. Most of the time, babies don’t want to be left alone. As much as possible they want their moms to stay beside or at least within sight. So whenever a baby cries, he/she must be given attention.

2 Turning The TV On

via: youtube.com

As technology improves, the lifestyle of people consequently changes. Back in the 90s, people usually didn’t use technology to entertain their babies. Nowadays, moms use radiation-filled components or gadgets to keep their babies busy.

For some things, TV is good for the baby, but there are always two sides of a coin; the positive and the negative. Parents are aware that this can be bad for baby’s health, but they still do it because the effects are not immediate.

Baby’s developing brain will be affected when exposed to too much from radiation. It may also affect the performance of their eyes.

Based on information from Parents.com, overexposure from a television may affect the baby’s concentration and ability to learn new things. If moms want their babies to grow healthy, they should avoid exposing their babies to radiation-filled gadgets.

Mothers have various reasons why they let their babies watch TV or use mobile phones. Some may do it for educational purposes or for music. Some may use it for the child’s entertainment or for the sake of making the babies full of activity.

Busy parents use technology to entertain their babies. It is their way to have time for other household chores or home-based work. Some parents also want their babies to watch TV to learn new things.

1 Rocking Or Holding Too Tightly

via: todaysparent.com

Newborn babies are fragile. They must be tended with utmost care and love. Sometimes moms are unaware that they are unintentionally threatening the baby.

Examples of these are rocking the baby too much, holding the baby too tight, shouting in front of the baby, etc. Whenever they are upset, they have a tendency to do stuff that they may regret later on.

We understand that it is pretty stressful to take care of a child. Whatever anger and frustration the mom is feeling, it should not reflect on how she takes care of her newborn baby. One may lose their control but that should not be in the vicinity of the infant.

It may be unintentional, but it will always be wrong. Moms must keep a cool head intending the baby. Moms should be deliberate in everything they do to the baby and for the baby. Negligent moms may regret not taking care of the baby with lots of tenderness and will regret it sooner or later.

If moms are losing control over their emotions, they must not hold the baby and let their anger or frustration sweep them away. They should give themselves a timeout before interacting with the baby again. Getting assistance and relaxing from time to time is necessary to refresh and renew all the energy that has been taken away in nurturing the baby. Babies always have the tendency to throw tantrums and be fussy. We need understanding moms here!

References: Healthyfamiliesbc, Iaim, Babycentre, Mamanatural, Parents

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