15 Things Moms Lose Once The Baby Comes (And 5 Ways To Deal)

When a mama is expecting, it's understandable why moms may have a flurry of emotions and anxiety. Babies are a real game changer and can cement the experience of being an adult. And if moms are mindful about how they live their lives, they know all too well that once the baby comes, a whole lot of things are going to have to change. Bad habits will have to be put to a screeching halt, lest mom end up accidentally putting her little one in danger.

And let’s not forget how much sleep parents lose in just the first two months of a newborn baby’s life, let alone the first two years. Moms may want to stock up on the concealer for those dark under-eye circles. And moms may want to invest in a white noise machine and some sleepy time teas to help get rest when she can.

Thankfully, there are some remedies that moms can use to keep their sanity together, while they make the adjustments that come naturally with entering motherhood. And moms should remember the mantra, “treat yourself.”

Being a mom is challenging, but filled with many rewarding moments, laughter, and the ability to grow as a human being. Having a baby may cause moms to lose out on certain things, but that just leaves more room for mom to embrace some new experiences on this journey called life.

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20 Need A Schedule To Get Personal Time And Stay Organized

Mom may not fully anticipate or understand how much more limited her time becomes after having a little one. But if a mom is going to keep a good grip on things, she is going to have to learn to love keeping a schedule.

And believe me, there are some wonderful apps that a new mom can use on her smartphone or tablet to keep on top of things going on in her life if she doesn’t want to opt for a notebook and a pen. Even the most spontaneous of moms may value keeping to a schedule whenever possible. Since taking care of a newborn can eat away at a mother’s ability to get sufficient sleep, a mother’s decision-making skills and judgments about her time may get thrown off.

If a mother doesn’t get sufficient help around the house or with the baby, it is easy for the laundry and dishes to pile up, work duties to fall behind, and for a mom to feel stressed and harried nearly all the time. Taking care of a baby does require a lot of work, patience, and endurance, but it shouldn’t leave a mom frazzled and ready to throw in the towel when things spiral out of control.

Moms, take some well-meaning advice and use motherhood as a time to get organized and make a schedule to ensure mama get some personal time. Trust me, you’ll need it when the time comes.

19 Hair Loss, Loss Of Hair Thickness And Sheen From Hormones

hair loss

When the bun was in the oven, and mom was popping back her prenatal pills, she might have noticed that the hormones of carrying a child and her vitamins were making her tresses look amazingly drop dead gorgeous.

After the baby shows up, many a mom may be in for a rude awakening to discover clumps of loose hair in her comb or brush or more scalp than she would like to see visible atop her head. Unfortunately, if mom doesn’t take good care of her hair, and lets her hair care regimen fall by the wayside, she may end up living with more hair loss that she would rather not deal with seeing.

Moms most realize that after the baby comes, her hair isn’t going to be the same. However, there are steps a mother can take to help nurture her hair back to its former formidable glory and awesomeness. Here’s a hint, mothers should look into massages, oil treatments, and deep conditioning. A mom will want to continue taking postnatal vitamins, eat healthily, and drink enough water to pamper their hair and bodies.

Having a baby will cause some hair loss, make the hair more brittle, thin, subject to breakage, and dull. But a mom does not have to take Mother Nature wreaking havoc on her hair without a good fight.

And if mom is pressed for time, she should feel no guilt for tossing on a wig, hat, or hiding under a hoodie if needed.

18 Mom Has To Share The Girls If She Decides To Nurse

It’s not that funny, but a lady seriously doesn’t realize how much she no longer has her body completely to herself after having a child. If it wasn’t enough for the bundle of joy to take up so much room and energy when it was a bun in the oven, once the baby is out in the world, they will look to mom for comfort, nurturing, warmth, and sustenance.

Yep, I’m talking about the girls. And if moms want to make the commitment to breastfeed their little one, they’ll soon realize how much sharing the girls can suck. And hurt too. Ahem. Mothers feel free to pick up, use, and pass that lanolin cream for the nips because they are going to need them. Moms can look forward to dealing with dry, itchy, sore, or cracked nips if they nurse.

Plus there are the joys of experiencing unwanted and embarrassing leaks through t-shirts, navigating fitting into nursing bras, and all the hilarity that ensues when a mom decides to feed her little one via, “Breastfeeding or bust!” as a motto.

Breastfeeding mamas deserve a lot of love, patience, and kudos for being so committed to giving their kids the best start possible, and naturally at that. However, it can be a real drag when mom realizes how much freedom of control she’ll feel over her body with nursing.

17 All Those Old Clothes Don't Fit


If one thing mom is definitely bound to lose after dropping the baby, it’s some weight. And with significant weight loss, the maternity clothes in the closet might not fit mom’s body like it used to. So moms can look forward to outfitting their wardrobe with some new stylish apparel.

It can be challenging for many new mothers when faced with glossy images of celebrities with seemingly perfect bodies after recently having a baby.

According to Fitness Magazine, once mom drops the baby, blood, and amniotic fluid, mom is going to immediately see a loss of 10 pounds on the scale. And after the first week following delivery, mom will most likely lose about 3 to 5 pounds in water weight.

Mom should exercise some patience with herself about weight loss. Since it took almost a year to put on the pounds to support a healthy baby and pregnancy, it will take about the same amount of time to return to pre-pregnancy weight.

Plus, it can be a welcome event for a mom after shedding the baby bump and some pounds, to treat herself to some new clothing. It can be easy for mom to fall into a stagnant state about her looks and fashion choices, especially if mom is not too concerned about clothing that is likely to get baby poo or vomit on it occasionally. However, being a mom is not an excuse to be drab, and not fab.

16 Mom Develops Fuzzy Brain And Loses Memory

If a mom is feeling like she is living out some deja-vu, or suddenly has a lapse in memory, she’s not losing her mind. She can thank the baby, hormones, and changes to her brain for any incurred problems. Yep, I’m talking about mommy brain.

According to sources like Fit Pregnancy, a foggy brain for mom can last up to one year after having the baby. However, most moms can eventually see some improvement in their memory recall as they make adjustments.

Reasons that mommy brain occur have been blamed on how much mom focuses on their baby’s needs and health. Other sources suggest that sleep deprivation is a huge contributing factor to a mom’s lapses in memory.

There was a study executed by the University of British Columbia, which uncovered how motherhood and hormones do play a role in altered cognition and neuroplasticity. According to CBS News, this research demonstrated that being a mother results in permanent alterations to the brain. The use of hormone replacement therapy may be helpful in treating women with brain disorders.

In order to help get through the moment’s of motherhood-induced amnesia, moms might want to leave themselves notes around, keep a pad or app on hand to jot down thoughts before they disappear, and have a good sense of humor.

15 Lose Her Happiness, If She Has Postpartum Depression

According to Self Magazine, about 1 out of 7 women experience postpartum depression following the delivery and birth of their child. That’s about 14% of women who manage to experience moderate to severe symptoms of depression within the weeks to a year of entering motherhood officially.

Postpartum depression can strike any woman, no matter how prepared she feels she might be emotional, mentally, physically, and financially to handle being a mother and taking care of her precious little one.

It can be tough seeking out health, but it may not only save a mother’s life but her baby’s life as well. Many women may feel some fear or shame in admitting that they are definitely going through some tough mental battles and emotions regarding motherhood, the baby, and adjusting. However, speaking up and seeking professional understanding certified individuals to help is vital to overcoming.

The idea that a mom should be happy, full of pep and energy, and picture-perfect all the time is a huge mistake. Mothers really need to have patience and be mindful of their anxiety levels and mood fluctuations. It is unreasonable for a woman to burden herself to the point of continually feeling overwhelmed and beyond the point of despair, that harming herself or her baby becomes a viable option. Help is available.

14 Lose Sleep, Leading To Exhaustion

Via: Today Show

Yawning is not only contagious, but it’s going to happen a lot when being a mom. Mothers may experience learning to live with significantly fewer hours of restful sleep when taking care of a newborn. And mothers to children under the age of 2 or 3 can enjoy getting less sleep than they would like too.

It’s not just a matter of stress or anxiety about the well-being of their child. Babies, bundles of joys, tiny humans, have a lot of demands that they place on a mom, and the price to pay is counted in lost sleep. Enjoy mom!

According to Web MD, sleep deprivation doesn’t stop once the baby becomes a young child. Many moms still choose to stay up late after putting their child to bed, in order to get much-needed quiet time or take care of business they couldn’t when the child was awake.

It is essential that mothers get as much sleep as they can because deprivation can connect to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other health problems. Chronic exhaustion can cause moms to exhibit mommy brain, incur more accidents like falling, and limited cognitive function. Taking naps, learning to relax before bed, and putting off chores that could be done late into the night for a more opportune time is best.

13 Can’t Sit Down Easily If She Had Tears Or C-Section

Mom might want to stop herself before having a good laugh, because if she had to get stitches, gave birth via a C-section, or is simply dealing with post-delivery recovery she might have a hard time siting.

Need a solution? Enter the miracle found with a donut cushion, and one that is preferably orthopedically designed for maximum comfort.

If it wasn’t enough to suffer through taking sitz baths, gingerly wiping after needing to use the bathroom, or struggling with hemorrhoid cream on sensitive areas, mom might have difficulty sitting down comfortably after giving birth.

In addition to doing pelvic exercises, utilizing kegels, taking sitz baths, and being patient, mom may want to swallow her pride and tote around a donut cushion just in case. Yes, they are a clear visual marker that mom’s seat needs a little extra TLC and support. But it is better to carry around a donut cushion for when the need arises than to get more than a rise when having to sit down.

Thankfully, if mom manages to follow her aftercare regimen, and her body recovers nicely from delivering the baby, her bum might not be giving her the blues as much. If anything, maybe a mom who needs a donut cushion to soften her seat while recovering from childbirth should take the opportunity to accept help offered from anyone willing to attend to her needs and wants, so she can focus on getting rest and relaxing.

12 Any Tattoos Mom Has Might Be Distorted

pregnant with tattoos selfie

Body art has been used by humans for millennia. And just as mom’s tattoo-less skin can suffer from distortion and stretch marks, some types of body art will not be left unscathed from pregnancy and giving birth.

According to Parents, body art like tattoos on the chest, stomach, and hips are most likely to change the most during pregnancy and after birth. Any woman who thinks they might become pregnant should reconsider their body artwork before doing so.

Tattoos may not lose their size and may still be disernable, but rocking a big baby bump may cause tattoos to become distorted and end up with stretch marks running through the design.

Certain piercings may want to be taken out when pregnant, especially at the nips or navel. Depending on a mom’s physiology, as the baby bump grows, tissue at certain areas where there is a piercing may become more likely to tear.

In case mom may need certain medical attention, it may be smart to remove certain piercings so that they will not be in the way. Once the baby comes, mom might want to consider getting some new body art, have old body art retouched, or find new ways to express herself months later. Henna designs anyone?

11 Lose Energy If Mom Doesn’t Take Postnatal Vitamins And Eat Enough

eating healthy and taking vitamins postnatal care

Even if a mom follows the best diet possible, she’ll still want to make sure she takes postnatal vitamins to keep her health and energy levels up.

According to Live Strong, there have been studies linking the development of postpartum depression to a deficiency in omega-3 fatty acids. Aside from taking a postnatal vitamin with DHA, or omega-3 acids, mom may want to regularly consume sources of the nutrient.

Mothers also want to be mindful to consume sufficient sources of vitamin B9, zinc, vitamin A, calcium, and iron. If a mom ends up picking up an eating disorder, deprives herself of certain foods, or restricts her diet, she could be doing a disservice to her body. Plus, breastfeeding mothers need to consume enough adequate and healthful calories to support breastmilk production, and keep her energy levels high enough to function.

Taking care of the baby is a lot of work, and it mom neglects her health by skipping out on healthy meals and taking postnatal vitamins, she may be putting herself at risk. Developing a health condition when trying to juggle taking care of the baby, working, and managing home life is no fun.

Mom should strive to lose weight in a healthy manner, and maintain her health and her baby’s by eating right and taking preventative measures via vitamins.

10 Mom Loses Control Of Her Bladder

At one point a mom can find herself snickering over a funny joke than doubling over to cover up any embarrassing leaks that tend to trickle out following childbirth.

According to What to Expect, moms can usually expect to experience some form of urinary incontinence now and then. When mom is sneezing, coughing, laughing, or attempts to do some type of strenuous activities, she may find that she has managed to spring a leak. Leaks can be annoying, embarrassing, and difficult to live with, but it is not impossible to get through the phenomenon.

If mom delivers her little one naturally, the muscles around the bladder and pelvis were weakened during childbirth. So, if mom is trying to control her bladder, or her muscles are too weak to hold back liquids from escaping, leaks happen.

And mom can also fault hormonal changes for making a finicky bladder more prone to accidentally wetting pants, or leaving mortifying stains behind. In order to cope, moms should do Kegel exercises, and be prepared to give it anywhere from 3 to 6 months before her bladder gets back to normal. Frequently making use of the lavatory as needed, and avoiding overconsumption of beverages can help alleviate pressure to go, or leak too.

9 Lose Drive To Be Close To Significant Other Because Of Hormones

Hormones. They can either be a lady’s best friend, or her worst enemy, depending on how one looks at things. And when it comes to getting close to a significant other, hormones may be the biggest blocker to sharing an intimate moment.

And let’s face it, right after the baby comes, getting hot and heavy, or even putting up with a massage or kiss may be too much for some women.

When dealing with healing from stitches, feeling bloated and out of sorts, or just not in the mood because a mama is too tired, too sore, or feeling less than their best, it may be best for a significant other to stay the heck out of the way.

Learning to embrace and adjust to a post-baby body can be a letdown for some women too. It can be more than challenging to feel confident and attractive when staring back at pockmarks from cellulite, sagging skin littered with stretch marks, or dark under-eye circles from lack of proper sleep.

According to Romper, the amount of estrogen in a woman’s body drops after giving birth, leading to a drier V. Plus, hormones responsible for producing breast milk can make a lady feel less randy. So in a way, having a baby can be a form of birth control.

8 Mom Loses Original Scent, Especially If Nursing

If mom is thinking something smell’s a little rotten, overly ripe, or fishy, it might just be coming from her. Say it isn’t so! But seriously, pregnancy and having a baby tends to do some crazy things to a woman’s body and her hormones. If a mom smells like there is something amiss with her body, her nose may not be fooling her, she could be right.

According to sources like Reddit and The Bump, moms are noticing that their body odor can take a turn for the worst after giving birth. A bad odor emanating from mom may seem to worsen once breastfeeding begins, because of hormonal fluctuations in the body.

Despite taking showers frequently, dousing oneself in sprays, deodorants, and changing clothes often, it seems that mamas carry an odor that is more than rank to their own nose.

On the flip side, newborn babies love the way their mom smells and will be happy to nestle up close and comfortably by mom’s side. So, if mom is feeling bummed about bad b.o., chances are no one else really notices the subtle changes but themselves. And thankfully, once breastfeeding ends, and enough time passes, the bad body odor brought on by hormonal changes will subside.

7 Loses Former Shoe Size And Never Comes Back


Moms can blame hormones like relaxin for causing her feet to spread, in addition to suffering through bouts of edema. According to Live Science, after a woman undergoes pregnancy and gives birth, she still may be left with a larger shoe size.

About 60 to 70 percent of women discover that they have longer feet with shorter arches after delivering the baby.

In addition to hormones like relaxin, carrying excess body weight with a hefty baby bump may another culprit responsible for a flattened arch. And those pesky hormones are responsible for loosening joints and ligaments so that the foot structure is more readily altered.

If a mom loves her shoe collection, she may want to try to not be so attached once she becomes pregnant. It is more common than first-time mothers see a significant difference in the size of their shoes, and the shape of their foot than veteran mamas who have had 2 to 3 children.

Moms can also look forward to experiencing more aches and pains thanks to the onset of arthritis, and stress on their feet and joints after carrying a baby. At least on the plus side, mothers who have recently given birth can look forward to some new shoe shopping.

6 Mom Develops Allergies Or Intolerance To Favorite Foods

peanut butter and jelly
Via: Giphy.com

A mom should be able to turn to comfort foods if she feels like it, but after having a baby, she might want to take some caution before lifting her spoon to her mouth. The reason? Allergies.

According to Global News, when a woman is pregnant her immune system holds back from fighting off a lot of incoming foreign sources, in order to prevent accidentally rejecting the growing baby inside mom’s womb.

Unfortunately, as a side effect to the immune system’s depressed function during pregnancy, when mom’s body seeks to right itself, the immune system may go into overdrive with its reaction to the food mom eats.

So beloved meals and go-to dishes that a mother may have enjoyed chowing down on when satisfying cravings during pregnancy, may soon become the bane of a new mother’s existence. The chance that a formerly pregnant woman is more likely to develop allergies to certain foods or intolerance is fairly high.

Plus, since many women take extra care about their hygiene and exposure to contaminants when pregnant, the immune system may be more ready to attack things that are not as harmful as it may presume to be. If mom discovers that she has developed a rash, or seasonal allergies seem to be worse than before, she may want to get checked out by a medical professional.

5 How To Deal: Have More Patience With Changes

meditation yoga sitting

It’s not possible to fully predict and understand the curveballs that pregnancy and being a mother can throw at a woman. However, one saving grace to handling motherhood, life, and dealing with the challenges a baby can present, is to have patience.

Perhaps patience has been noted as one of those seven virtues because it really does elevate a mother into an almost saint-like domain.

Baby manages to puke and leave an explosive filled diaper’s contents on your new shirt and pants? Mom calmly handles the mess with a smile or readily changes into another set of clothes without losing her cool.

It’s 3 am and baby is wailing their head off because they need some love and attention. Mom kicks into high gear after her mommy radar goes off, and then she makes herself a cup of tea to try to go back to sleep.

Life can be really messy. And life raising a tiny human is anything less than a tumultuous adventure of ups and downs, laughter, tears, and curiosities. Either way, it’s worth it. And if mom can cultivate a spirit of patience to be able to handle whatever comes her way with grace, strength, and humility, she may surprise herself about how amazing she is with handling this whole motherhood business.

4 How To Deal: Take Vitamins, Eat Healthy, Get Sleep


No mom is a complete superwoman without a little help now and then. One thing that mom will need to do to ensure her health and stamina, is to make sure to take vitamins, eat healthily, and get enough sleep.

When it comes to dealing with weight loss and body issues, a mom needs to get sufficient calorie intake to keep her body fueled and strong enough to handle raising her little one. It’s no fun battling exhaustion, juggling work, and planning out a day her week if she is too weak from depriving herself enough quality food.

Especially if a mother chooses to breastfeed, because it also burns off calories, she will definitely need to ensure that she eats enough to support both her health and her child’s. Gaining enough healthy weight to support a baby takes nearly a year, and may take just as long to get off. Mom should exercise patience, and be kind to herself as she embraces her physical changes and demands.

Babies will contribute to sleep deprivation, but when a mom can, she should get a nap, get away for some time to relax, and eat healthy foods to support her energy levels. Taking a vitamin or two is helpful for making sure mom gets adequate nutrition and is good for breastfeeding mamas.

A mom’s health is her wealth and will keep her powered enough to handle motherhood’s demands, and her baby’s.

3 How To Deal: Get Help Whenever You Need It And Don’t Be Shy


After having a baby, mom need not be shy about asking help, and accepting help whenever possible. She will certainly needed. There is no manual on being the perfect mom, and expecting a mama to do as much as possible for her baby on her lonesome is a ridiculous and antiquated thought.

Dads are more than willing to pitch in to do their fair share to help mom with the baby. And friends and family can be of assistance with cleaning the house, caring for the baby, prepping meals, and making sure mom gets some much-needed personal time when she can.

Giving birth to a baby can be really exhausting, and it is so easy for a mom to let things get the best of her, become overwhelmed, and slip into depression or anxiety.

Entering motherhood fully with the birth of a child is a time to celebrate, learn to relax, and to recover. A new mom needs all the help she can get. And veteran mamas can use some help now and then too.

Moms should be prepared and know exactly what they need help with, or be open to helpful suggestions. Accepting help does not mean that a mom should relinquish any and all control regarding her wishes on how she chooses to parent her child, meals that she finds acceptable, or tolerating guests who overstay their welcome in her home.

2 How To Deal: Get Exercise

Although the demands of a baby and a post-baby body may pull on a mom’s energy reserves, a mom is going to want to keep up with a regular exercise routine to stay strong and alert. Getting sufficient amounts of cardio exercise is good for the heart, blood circulation, stress reduction, and burning off stubborn fat.

Low-impact exercises like jogging, yoga, walking, and pilates are nice ways for a mom to stay fit and feel good about herself.

Having a baby is no excuse to stay locked away inside the house, cuddling up only to the baby, the television, and copious amounts of junk food because mom is too tired to cook anything. Although it may be a good measure to limit baby’s exposure to the outside world in the first 2 months, it is still good to get some time outside.

Exercise is an inexpensive way to reduce stress levels, can assist with healthy weight loss post-baby, and is necessary to challenge mom’s muscles and joints. Having a baby can leech away some of mom’s calcium, iron, and other minerals and nutrients. So taking a daily vitamin and a few days out of the week to enjoy moving around, dancing, stretching, or walking is beneficial for a mother’s health.

1 How To Deal: Time Away From Baby To Reduce Stress

Before a mom decides to feel a deep sense of guilt, she should remember that the baby will be okay, even if mom slips out for a few moments. As long as there is another adult around who is responsible and trusted enough to help with caring for the baby, moms deserve to take a break. Moms need to take breaks now and then to save their sanity. Seriously.

When mom can get away, or whether mom has to schedule some personal time out for herself within the day, and within the week, she should. A mother is not doing herself, her baby, or her significant other any favors if she continues to pretend to be superwoman 24/7.

Eventually, a mom is going to have a break down because of lack of energy, a desire to not want to disappoint foiled, or might find that the outfit she has been wearing for the past 2 to 3 days seems to have crusted on to her skin. Eww.

There is nothing wrong with a mom making personal time for herself. Mom taking time to pamper herself by getting a massage, making a spa day, or going out shopping with friends is beneficial for a mom’s health.

Although a mom has duties to fulfill, she is also a human being. And she deserves to treat herself now and then to remember that her life is not solely all about baby, and being a bonafide card-carrying mama.

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