15 Things Moms Should Take From A Pediatrician's Office

If it's there, why not take it? The fact of the matter is that a pediatrician's office is filled with useful items for parents, so might as well take advantage of them!

It's something that no one ever talks about, but the fact of the matter is that having babies and kids isn't cheap. Having to buy lots of supplies every week can make any parent feel financially insecure, so might as well cut a few corners wherever possible.

Just as stores have insurance for theft, doctors' offices must also have it, so you probably don't need to worry about the cost coming directly out of the staff's own pockets. Either way, there is a good chance that no one will even notice as long as it's done discreetly.

Keep in mind that not every pediatrician's office will have all of these items readily available for swiping. Let us know if there are any other items that didn't make it onto this list. Also, although usually available at anyone's disposal, we don't actually recommend that anyone steal anything at all at a pediatrician's office. Read this list at your own discretion and exercise your best judgment.

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15 Prescription Pads

Patients know it, doctors know it and yet prescription pads are often left out in the open for anyone to take. It’s probably the #1 most swiped item in a doctor’s office in any country and rightfully so since doctors can be really bad at listening to some of our concerns. Debating with a doctor that you do indeed have a certain illness is virtually impossible when they have already made up their mind that you couldn’t possibly have it or are too young for anything to be wrong with you. This same phenomenon also happens with kids and more times than not, the parents are actually right.

Just don't forget that doctors have notoriously bad hand-writing. If you're going to reproduce it, make sure to scribble as illegibility as possible to ensure maximum believability. When the pharmacy asks for clarification, just say: "I don't know, but I think it says..."

However, stealing prescription pads is technically a felony, especially if the stolen prescription papers are subsequently used to get a prescription. Instead, just use the paper for arts and crafts if you're going to take it.

14 An Epipen

Let's face it, EpiPens are an absolutely underused life-saving necessity. They should 100% be given out freely to any parent and be readily accessible in any public location. The fact that they are as controlled as they are, just goes to show the incredible amount of money that the pharmaceutical companies make by marking up the cost and thereby, restricting the access.

To tell parents that they need to wait for a reaction or a test result before giving them an Epipen is an absolutely horrendous practice. Surely, a child doesn’t need to end up in the hospital before finally getting access to this miracle solution? Allergic reactions can happen for any reason as well as completely out of the blue and having access to an EpiPen can mean the difference between life and death. Just keep in mind that they expire after 18 months.

13 Band-Aids

These little adhesive bandages are definitely another one of those items that is usually costly for no reason. Paying nearly $0.07 per band-aid in a family pack box of 50 of these little money suckers is beyond ridiculous and yet, we continue to buy them because we need them. They should really be $0.01 each, but you don't hear anyone complaining on social media yet. Worst still is if you try to get the cute Disney Princess, Paw Patrol or Frozen Band-Aids, which are marked up in price even worse.

How does it make sense to double, triple and sometimes even quadruple the cost of these necessary little pieces of plastic just because they have a cute little Mickey Mouse on them? But parents unavoidably buy them... so if you see a box at the doctor's office, grab it without looking back.

12 Boxes Of Tissue

Assuming the cupboards aren’t locked, peek into one and there is a good chance that you will find a stockpile of tissue boxes. They probably aren’t the ultra-luxurious super soft with soothing moisturizers embedded into its fibers, but for anyone looking to save a bit of money, they will certainly do the job. The tissue boxes will likely be the very thin and paper-like tissues, but even if you don’t use them as actual tissue, they could be re-purposed into some kind of arts and craft activity for the kids. Whether for a papier-maché activity or simply for a baby to have fun pulling out one after the other -- probably one of their favorite pass-times! They could even be used as toilet paper, but don’t quote us on that.

11 Surgical Face Masks

Up there with the tissue boxes, there will likely also be a couple of boxes of surgical face masks. But why on earth would you need some? There are actually a number of really good uses for these and people buy them all the time in-stores and online. An increasing number of face masks are used by people while traveling to avoid getting sick and these are proven to indeed keep sicknesses at bay. Anyone with severe asthma could use them when visiting friends or relatives with a lot of pets or once again, to avoid getting sick or on the flip side, they can be kept for the grandparents when they come to visit. They are also great for anyone with a compromised immune system or allergies to pollen for when walking the dog outside. They can also be used when working with dust or painting something.

10 The Scale

While you probably don’t want to try walking out with one of those tall physician’s scale tucked under your arm, if there is a regular little scale in the doctor’s office, then it could technically be taken with ease. Regular bathroom scales can cost anywhere up to $50, so by grabbing one if it’s there, you could save yourself a bit of money. It might also not be the best idea to try to grab it before the doctor has a chance to weigh your kid, so at least wait until the appointment is done.

Taking the baby scale would be much more challenging and perhaps less advisable as its absence would likely be noticed right away. A scale is definitely a riskier item to take, so the risk is yours to consider.

9 Bunch Of Stickers

If you have never dealt with your child throwing a temper tantrum over wanting stickers at the pediatrician’s office, then don’t worry, it will happen one day. Once they get a sticker once, then they will forever remember that doctors have stickers. Even the next check-up is only in a year, they will still remember. With this being said, stickers could most definitely easily be taken without anyone noticing. Just maybe leave one in the box for the next kid.

Stickers are pretty cheap, especially at the dollar store, and all kids love them, but there is still something to be said about convenience. If it’s “free”, then why not? Doctors ever only give out one at a time anyways, so it’s a great way to get your kid excited to come back next time with no fuss.

8 Tongue Depressors

The great part about tongue depressors is that despite their name, they aren’t just for depressing tongues. Sure, you could actually use it the way it’s called, by depressing your child’s tongue and better examining their mouth and throat, but if you’re not a medical professional, it’s best to leave this practice to a real doctor. With that being said, these handy wooden sticks could instead be used in lots of other ways. From body waxing, all the way to science experiments and even arts and crafts projects with the kids. They can be cut, colored, glued… and kids of all ages can play with them. So if you’re at a pediatrician’s office, might as well grab yourself a box that no one will ever notice is gone.

7 Measuring Tape

Isn’t it kind of gross that the same measuring tape is typically used for each kid that comes in to see the pediatrician? Usually used to measure a child’s head, those smaller measuring tapes are another item that could be taken “on accident”. All things considered, it’s one of those items that many probably due put in their diaper bags without realizing. Once the doctor is done with the appointment and walks out of the room, getting the kids ready to go turns into a massive scramble. Not only is it hard to make sure to pack everything back up, but it can also be incredibly easy to take a couple of things without realizing. A measuring tape is one of those underused items that can always come in handy.

6 All The Swabs

Cotton swabs, alcohol swabs… all kinds of swabs may just as well be taken. Just don’t try to stick cotton swabs up your child’s ear as the recommendation has changed. However, one can never have enough cotton or alcohol swabs, so if you get the chance, then might as well stock up. Not only can you use them for “boo-boos”, but also as make-up remover and a whole bunch of other uses. Pediatrician offices are usually full of these and they are cheap enough for them to stock up on that no one would likely notice a box or two missing. Both cotton and alcohol swabs can also be used for arts and crafts projects. Just grab a sheet of paper and have your kids dab the swabs into some paint and then stamp them onto the paper.

5 The Step Stool

Although a step stool is a bit of a larger item, it’s still another item that could be taken with relative ease. The best part about a step stool is that it can either be used as intended, especially to help toddlers reach the faucet and wash their hands alone, or it can be used as an improvised squatty potty. Why close to $30 for the Original Squatty Potty, when you can just improvise and use a free step stool? Just prop your feet on the step stool and experience the joys of the “perfect poop” at no cost. Men are notorious for taking way too long in the bathroom, so the step stool might just help with that little problem. Of course, the step stool could also just be used as intended.

4 All The Soap

Although it might need to be siphoned out of the dispenser, soap is another thing that could be taken from a pediatrician's office. Depending on the office, it might even conveniently be a bar of soap or a foaming dispenser. There might even be an additional stash in a cupboard somewhere. Like all the other items on this list, one can simply never have enough soap. Kids are particularly adept at using up way more soap than they actually need, making the household’s supply dwindle quick as lightning. The soap used at a pediatrician’s office would likely be of the pink variety, but it might also be a better quality antibacterial foaming hand soap. Especially if it’s the latter, then it might be worth considering accidentally dropping in your bag.

3 The Clock

Aside from the medical things, a clock is one of those items that almost definitely won’t be missed. At least not any time soon. Assuming it’s one of those cheaper circular and battery-operated clocks hanging on the wall, then it could easily just be removed and taken to go. Even if you don’t actually have much use for a clock in your home, then it could be used as a toy by the kids. Of course, it also more appropriately be used to actually teach them to read the time. Depending on the clock, it might even be able to be disassembled slightly. If the back panel is removable, then you can simply slide a picture or drawing as background to the clock hands, making for a personalized clock to hang in the kids’ room.

2 The Pamphlets

As boring as they may be for adults, pamphlets can actually be quite interesting to kids. Doctor’s and pediatrician’s offices are usually stocked with seemingly useful, but actually quite useless, pamphlets that no one would ever notice to be gone. They’re just useless papers contributing towards pollution and overflowing landfills. Hardly anyone ever reads them anyways, so you might as well make use of them by keeping the kids entertained. A stack of pamphlets can be used in a number of ways at home. The kids can be kept occupied by getting them to cut up different shapes or punching holes. Depending on the size of the pamphlets, they could even practice making paper airplanes or some basic origami for kids, like fish, frogs, dogs, penguins, whales or lots of other cute animals.

1 Office Supplies

Curious baby boy playing with plug

We’re really getting down to the nuts and bolts of what can be taken from a pediatrician's office, but office supplies are also some of the easiest items to just happen to accidentally grab with your stuff on the way out. Pencils, pens... all the way to the calculator and even the date stamp, there are lots to go around and it's almost for certain that they are acquired in bulk anyways, making them quite cheap to replace. If there is an extension cord for the doctor's laptop

We’re really getting down to the nuts and bolts of what can be taken from a pediatrician's office, but office supplies are also some of the easiest items to just happen to accidentally grab with your stuff on the way out. Pencils, pens... all the way to the calculator and even the date stamp, there are lots to go around and it's almost for certain that they are acquired in bulk anyways, making them quite cheap to replace. If there is an extension cord for the doctor's laptop, then that’s another item that could be useful at home.

More importantly, don’t forget that we’re not actually advocating for anyone to steal. We’re merely saying that all of these items could technically be taken. What you do with this information is completely up to you.

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