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the muscles that a woman uses to push out her baby are the same muscles used to pass a bowel movement, so accidents in the hospital bed are bound to happen when push comes to shove.

It turns out that there are incredibly cute alternatives to the bland open-back hospital gowns provided in the maternity ward during labor. Silky kimonos, cotton tees, floral patterns, and crocheted edges- women can take their pick. However, nice as it is to look pretty during the most important day of

our lives, we have to consider what we’re walking into before packing a garment that may end up in a trash can by the end of the day.

Because labor is messy. Really messy.

No birth is the same, but there are some things that new mothers can likely expect that would make packing and wearing her own gown an undesirable task. For example, mothers who receive an epidural are administered the medication through a catheter in their backs. In this case, an open-backed hospital gown is the best fit for easy access to make any adjustments necessary.

Another reason mothers may want to reconsider wearing a fancy birthing gown is the nightmare that every new mother fears. Passing #2 during labor.

According to What to Expect,

Along with sneaky movements, a woman’s body continually produces amniotic fluid that is expelled during the duration of her labor, creating a mess underneath her until birth is over. That means that nice lace kimono may easily be soiled before the baby even crowns. So it may be a good idea to leave the silk birthing gown at home, and embrace what the hospital has to offer.

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