15 Things Moms Pass To The Baby During Pregnancy

Babies are pretty amazing from the angelic tresses atop their heads to their tiny toes. And one reason that babies are so fascinating and magical, is thanks to the awesomeness that mamas pass on to their tots while they're still in the womb. The traits that babies pick up are not solely thanks to their dad and are not limited to the science of genetics.

When the baby is in the womb, they get to experience so much from their mamas. Developing babies are exposed to a wide range of foods, sounds, and sensory information, just from floating around that watery world of theirs. And of course, mom is more than happy to take credit for some of the more adorable and endearing features of their little one. Sorry, Dad. Dads are indeed awesome for contributing 50% of baby’s makeup, but this article is about what baby gets from mom.

Some things are still up to chance, and the luck of the draw with genetics. However, certain qualities like personality, intelligence, hair color, and taste in music and food can be attributed to moms. No wonder mamas deserve to be honored on Mother’s Day!

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15 Taste In Music

If it seems like a baby has heard a song before, and breaks out into smiles, giggles, or attempts to bust a move, mom isn’t imagining things. Music is beneficial for lowering stress, creating an enjoyable moment, and bonding with the baby. Whatever music mom listens to most often while pregnant might naturally be the baby’s favorite choice of tunes.

Knowing this, some moms may listen to music like classical or jazz, as it is believed to encourage higher intelligence. There is also genetic memory, as a baby might have a greater interest in a specific musical instrument if his or her mom was previously or actively a musician. Don't expect your little tot to be able to play Mozart right out of the womb, but once they're old enough to learn an instrument, it might be relatively easier for them.

14 Love Of Foods


If mom wants an easier time getting her baby to eat their vegetables, she might want to start piling more greens onto her plate while pregnant. As the womb is a highly sensitive place, and the baby and mom share more than a skin-deep connection, whatever mom eats shapes the baby’s palate. Babies who were exposed to healthier foods while developing in the uterus are more likely to be healthier eaters growing up as tots.

Some foods mom may pass on because they cause gas or heartburn, and so they should be avoided during pregnancy. There are some foods that mom can’t help but crave during pregnancy, and to her surprise, the baby might crave those foods too. Despite dealing with persistent heartburn, I couldn’t stop myself from eating spicy foods, and my little one loves eating hot things that other little ones, and even some adults, wouldn’t dare to! Go figure.

13 Intelligence

baby einstein costume

Dad may boast that baby gets their looks from mom, and that they are the reason behind baby’s brain power. However, recent scientific studies have come to light, noting that intelligence is passed on via the X chromosome from mom. If dad’s gene pool turns off mom’s chromosome, and her gift of intelligence, it’s not mom’s fault that her baby might be a bit daft. Of course, there are varying types of intelligence.

If mom is a whiz at math, is crafty with her hands, or is a wordsmith, baby may have been blessed with an extra dose of IQ points from mama. It may not be so unreasonable that many moms focus on baby’s development, hitting milestones, and learning to talk and walk early. It’s just the intelligence factor coming through, in hopes that it will help baby have some greater advantages in life.

12 Infections/Disease

baby blows nose

Mom really has to be careful about their health, especially when pregnant. Living with a health condition like diabetes, cancer, or even HIV can make a serious long-lasting impact on their growing baby. In fact, it may even contribute to a more complicated or difficult pregnancy and birth. Some diseases are passed on as a result of genetics.

If mom has a disease which can be passed on to her unborn child, she may want to forego getting pregnant altogether, or have to take medication to prevent any unwanted disease being passed on to her baby. Some sexually transmitted infections can be passed onto the baby while in the womb, or at childbirth when they pass through the canal.

Prenatal care, honesty, and medical maintenance is best for keeping mom and baby healthy and safe.

11 How To Deal (Or Not Deal) With Stress

anxiety and stress in baby

Stress is a big deal, as it can cause undue hardship and health issues for both the mom and the baby. In fact, developing babies learn how to cope, or learn a lack of coping skills to stressful events during pregnancy. Therefore, it is super important for mom to have coping skills such as breathing exercises, getting regular low-impact exercise, and practicing meditation.

Moms should avoid stress at all costs. Of course, if stressful things happen that cannot be avoided, she should have some handy ways of dealing with stress. A baby who has a mom that is often stressed out during pregnancy can develop behavior problems, and issues with hitting milestones in the future. If mom is prone to anxiety and stress, she just might manage to pass that on to her baby.

10 Baby’s Personality

cute baby twitter expression

Most babies have sunny dispositions, or have a real strong sense of self. Some babies like to be practical jokers, while other babies are extremely curious. Mom has a huge contribution to their baby’s personality. So, it may prove insightful to consider a mother’s quirks and patterns when handling the baby.

Personality is surprisingly based on genetics, and is still being studied. Yes, personality can be shaped and molded by the home environment and life events, but even the things that happen to us during our daily lives can trigger biological responses, and cement future patterns to offspring. Luckily, most babies have delightful personalities, especially if they have loving homes, their moms followed a healthy diet during pregnancy, and they are treated with lots of patience.

So the next time that mom sees something familiar about their baby’s reaction to something, or the baby behaves a certain way, mom can take credit.

9 Gas

Everybody passes wind from time to time or suffers from bouts of flatulance. It can be embarrassing and smelly, but it happens. When it does, we deal.

Unfortunately when the baby is in the womb and mom eats something that brings on the gas, baby just has to deal with the mess. If baby is kicking more than usual after mom downs that burrito, or burger with extra cheese and onions, she has only herself to blame for passing on the gas.

A super gassy environment for the baby can lead to discomfort, an upset tummy, or hiccups that seem neverending. Also, the foods that cause mom to suffer from major gas, are most certainly passed down to their babe. It’s in the genes! Mom should take caution with her diet, or make sure to take an antacid that is safe when carrying a bun in the oven.

8 Sense Of Humor

If anyone wants to know why some people love sharp dry wit, while other people go for slapstick humor, you need to look at someone’s mom. Yep, turns out baby doesn’t get their funny bone from Dad, but actually inherits the gift of mirth and laughter from Mom. Who knew?

Some babies will be tickled pink when someone makes silly faces, or loves it when someone blows a raspberry. Other babies are delighted to double over by playing a practical joke, hiding out until discovered, or watching slapstick comedy. Whatever the case may be, it is curious to see what gets a baby to laugh.

Just because little ones are tiny, doesn’t mean they don’t already come with a predisposition to what they genuinely find bone-tickling funny. Maybe that’s why all babies don’t fall for Peek-a-boo?

7 Sleeping Patterns

If the baby is sleeping through the night like an angel, the lucky mom should count her blessings. When it comes to wrangling baby for nap time, keep in mind that the baby’s sleep patterns come from their mom. When the baby is pretty active during late nights in the womb, mom can expect to chide baby with “Go to sleep!” frequently to no avail.

If baby likes to stay up late and has a hard time sleeping, mom should make sure that the baby burns off excess energy before bed, and stick with a bedtime routine. Seriously. If baby tosses and turns in the night, and wakes up with their head at the foot of the crib, their mom is most likely a wild sleeper too.

Isn’t it fun seeing how much a baby exhibits mini-me behavior? Genetics are surreal.

6 Facial Expressions

Babies can make some of the darnedest faces. Facial expressions are a major part of unspoken communication and can be downright hilarious, and they come from mom. So no more blaming dad for the silly fish faces!

Babies do mirror the faces of adults and children in their life, but expressions are inherited. Mom and Dad may get a kick from seeing the faces their little one makes when emoting over food, toys, or whatever is going on at the time. There is nothing like the face a baby makes when they smell something funky, try a new food, or getting really excited. It’s adorable!

If mom realizes that many of her baby’s expressions are coming from her side of the family, then she can use her knowledge to infer what the baby is thinking or feeling.

5 Allergies

Allergy Treatment

Sneezing, watery eyes, a scratchy throat or rashes don’t only happen to adults. Even babies can be suddenly struck by an allergy. And if mom is allergic to things like pollen, pet dander, or tree nuts, chances are that her baby will be allergic to the same things too.

Moms may have to look forward to considering everything that they are allergic to when having a child. There is nothing scarier than seeing a little one go into shock or having a severe allergic reaction, and not knowing why. Realizing that mom has a lot to do with a child’s allergies may prove helpful when deducing what is causing the baby to have a bad reaction.

Care should be taken with allergies and reactions, especially for babies. If the mom or other caregivers are not prepared, it could mean a trip to the emergency room stat.

4 Asthma

Nebulizers, inhalers, and other medications may be a baby’s best friend, especially when it is discovered that a little one has asthma. Asthma is one of the most common growing respiratory conditions affecting children’s health, thanks to exposure to tobacco smoke, rampant air pollution, and genetic disposition.

If mom suffers from asthma,  she will most likely pass on asthma to her child. Learning to live with asthma can prove difficult, but it is most important to keep medication on hand in case a baby has an attack. Babies with asthma need special care and attention, to make sure that they keep their airways free and clear, so that they get enough oxygen.

Vigilance should be taken with asthmatic babies, especially when it comes to naps or sleeping at night. Also playtime should be monitored, just in case the baby needs something.

3 Hair Color

baby with red hair rock style hair

Babies can thank their mom for the color of their lovely and luscious locks of hair. Some babies have airy blonde tresses, some have thick dark brown bouncy curls, and others have a brilliant shade of red hair. Dad may be the reason for a baby’s hair texture, but the color is all from mama.

Until the baby gets older and has input on how they want their hair to look, they can learn to love their natural hair color. Mom can get a kick out of their little one’s hair, especially if it is so similar to the hair on their head. There’s something so cool about seeing the traits a baby picks up from their mom, especially if it’s a cool shade of hair color, or highlights that appear from sun exposure. Some babies may go from a lighter hair color to a darker hair color as they age.

2 Blood Sugar & A Spare Tire

Baby fat gives tiny tots that marked appearance of delightful cherubs, and helps cushion organs and regulate body temperature. However, as baby grows older, problems regarding unhealthy blood sugar levels, and living with stubborn chub around the waist might be because of mom.

According to Stanford Children’s Health, excess amounts of blood glucose can be passed on to a developing child in the womb, and lead to higher insulin levels. Mom’s eating habits during pregnancy can also help trigger preexisting genetic problems passed onto a baby, so care should be taken.

The first 100 days of an unborn baby’s time in the womb can influence things like metabolism, according to Web MD. So, there is reasonable concern for both mom and her baby, when it comes to health issues like blood sugar, diabetes, and BMI related to genetics.

1 Mom Driving Baby Crazy

Society has come a long way when discussing mental health, its sustained stigma, and actions that support wellness. Medical professionals and concerned individuals, continue to study the root causes of various psychological disorders and their impact.

Many mothers may suffer from depression during pregnancy and after baby’s delivery. However, mothers who do not display postpartum depression can have an impact on baby’s mental health too. Mothers from families with pronounced mental health issues are not the sole cause of baby showing signs of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or depression.

According to scientific studies, via Medical Xpress, a mother’s personality traits can cause a child to develop mental health problems. If mom is prone to impulsive behavior, is aloof with her little one, or is often quite angry with her child, it can lead to the baby developing emotional problems, and potentially lead to future mental illness.

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