15 Things Moms Regret Not Doing After They Leave The Delivery Room

There comes a point during a pregnancy where a woman starts feeling she is ready to give birth. After all, it has been more than six months of anticipation! Every step of a pregnancy is an emotional and memorable moment. Many moms start preparing for the birth of the baby as soon as they learn they are pregnant and some decide to leave things until they are closer to giving birth. Regardless, once the moment arrives there is no turning back or thinking what is next.

For this reason many moms choose to have a list of things to get done for delivery, prior and post. The shopping list is not the only thing pregnant women need to organize. Some mothers opt for having a birth plan in order for those around her to be on the same page as she is. There are so many things in a pregnant woman’s to-do list that there surely will be some things she will miss or not even think about adding on there. In the end, the most important task on a pregnant woman’s mind and list is to deliver a healthy baby.

Here we do have those other things that pregnant women may miss or regret not doing post labor.

15 Not Getting Proper Advice

Back to who knows when mothers were advised against breastfeeding their children. Fast forward to 2017 and things could not be any more different. Mothers are now advised to breastfeed their children. Breastmilk was found to be the most nutritive form of food for a baby. For this reason a lot of mothers are opting to breastfeed, this including a lot of first time moms. What many moms forget to do is speak to a lactation consultant to get breastfeeding advice. Many moms expect breastfeeding to be as easy as it may sound but after trying it many moms regret speaking to someone who can help them make the process much easier. A lactation consultant can give great advice on milk production, pumping and latching.

14 To Epidural Or Not To Epidural

It really does not matter how many times someone has gone through the labor process, many moms will say each pregnancy and labor was different. When one pregnancy was easy going with little to no symptoms others may have been more difficult with a lot of nausea and vomiting for example. The one thing that is certain is that labor will hurt. What is not too certain is the level of pain the mother will go through during labor. Many moms for this reason choose to have an epidural to ease this pain. Other moms decide not to as they would like to have the full experience. It is really up to the mother’s pain threshold but those who decide to not have it may regret it once it is too late to go back and those who have it may regret it because they found labor took longer due to taking it.

13 Bringing The First Blanket Home

Many moms choose to give birth in a hospital mainly to have professionals within the building should anything go wrong. Once a mom chooses to give birth in a hospital she may opt to go on a few hospital tours before choosing one and will definitely choose an obstetrician she feels will cater to her needs during pregnancy, labor, and after delivery. While these are the big things moms think of, there are also the smaller things many moms may miss. Taking the first blanket the baby is wrapped in home is one of those little things. There is just so much going on that to think to bring that blanket home may skip a mother’s mind but what a wonderful little memorabilia that blanket is.

12 The Disappearing Baby Bump

Let’s face it. Pregnancy is not easy and the changes our bodies go through during it can be a bit shocking and dramatic. Many pregnant women look forward to losing all the weight they have put on and of course have the swelling go significantly down post labor. The swelling will go down and for many instantly disappear but the one thing that will not disappear is the belly. Doesn’t make sense right? If the baby is no longer in there, shouldn’t the belly go back to it’s original size? Nope. The uterus is still significantly larger than pre-pregnancy and does not just snap back after labor. It takes at least 6 weeks before the uterus goes back to it’s original size therefore moms will still have a “pregnant” belly post labor so make sure to pack those maternity pants for the trip back home.

11 Installing The Car Seat Beforehand

One very important thing to keep in mind before labor is deciding how you will be getting home from the hospital. Some parents live close enough to the hospital that they choose to walk but most choose to either drive or take a cab back to their house. One thing parents should never overlook is that hospitals will not allow a baby to leave in a car without having an infant car seat. Installing the car seat prior to leaving the hospital is a better idea than trying to figure it out once it is time to head back home. Installing the car seat is a little more complicated than it may seem so installing it prior would definitely work for you rather than against you.

10 What About The K Shot?

Pregnant women do a lot of online research. There are just so many questions that cannot wait until your next doctor’s appointment. There are also a lot of decisions to be made once the baby is born. One of these decisions is whether your baby will get the vitamin K shot. This shot is given to babies in order to prevent bleeding into the baby’s brain during the first few weeks of their life. As scary as it sounds it only happens in one out of every 10,000 live births. Some moms regret giving their child the shot as they later learned there was really no need for it. They also learned the shot is a synthetic form vitamin K. Not something you would like to introduce into your baby’s body.

9 Forcing Dad To Stay Behind The Camera

Labor is a very special moment that moms cherish. The experience is like no other and once it is over it is over. A lot of mothers want to document this special moment with pictures and who better to take these pictures than the dad. Dad will be there regardless so why not put him to work? Here is why: because this is a moment also for dad to cherish. If he is behind the camera through most of it he will not get the opportunity to feel the moment and be in it. Dads also deserve the chance to experience the birth of their child without having to do so through a camera lens. Some pictures here and there are fine but try to give dad the chance to create his own memories as well.

8 The Undecided Baby Name

The time has now come when that list you and dad have been working on comes in handy. What will your baby’s name be? Will it be dad’s favorite or will it be mom’s favorite? Will it be the sister-in-law’s suggestion or will the baby be named after a family member? Will the baby be a junior? Oh no! Now you have realized that you have not decided on a name yet and the baby is here. Do not get caught in this situation. The best thing to do if the name is not an obvious choice is to narrow the baby names down to two. Once the baby is born you will be able to look at the baby and know what the right name is.

7 Eating Enough Calories Before Labor

Many moms look forward to losing the baby weight but hate that they can not exercise to the extent they would like to immediately after labor. Some moms choose to then go on a diet and limit their food intake. This is not only risky but also not a good idea as mothers need all the energy they can have post labor. Not only does mom need to be awake and alert and healthy for the baby but in order for the body to recuperate mom needs to eat enough to speed up recovery. Labor is not an easy feat and moms need to remember that. Save the diet and heavy exercising until you are cleared by the doctor which will probably be six weeks post labor.

6 The Hospital Bag Checklist

One of the first things pregnant women remind themselves to bring to the hospital is the hospital bag. This is a bag full of things for the mom, baby and even the partner if they plan on spending the night with their wife. Some moms decide they need to bring everything they use on a daily basis with them and others feel it is only one to two nights tops they will spend at the hospital and therefore under pack. What many moms may bring to then realize it was unnecessary is a night gown. Yes, you may be more comfortable in your own nightgown but will you really want to mess it up during post labor? Some moms do not even think about bringing snacks but all definitely should put some in the hospital bag this way hubby never needs to leave your side and you have your favorite snack which may not be available at the hospital.

5 Capture The Moment

Though moms and the rest of the family had months to prepare for labor, there are still some things that are missed and no one is one hundred percent prepared for the moment labor comes. It is a moment of excitement and nerves when things are happening at a very fast pace. What some moms and the rest of the family forget to do is capture this moment. There is just so much going on that taking pictures is not priority or even a thought in anyone’s mind. But what happens when the moment has passed? The memories are alive but it is always nice to have had it documented, to have something to look at and remember the moment right in the middle of being pregnant and welcoming the little baby to the world.

4 Not Taking Advantage Of The Hospital Staff

One of the many perks of giving birth at a hospital is that you have a big team of people to help you pre, during and post labor. There are the doctors, nurses, assistants and even people that bring food over to patients. Some moms instantly regret not taking advantage of the hospital staff as soon as they arrive home... and now it’s just her, her partner, and the newborn baby. So mamas, don't feel shy to ask any questions or for for any help/assistance. Make sure you take advantage of the hospital staff to either take a break or take a nap. There will be many more months of sleepless nights to come so why not take advantage before heading home by having one more night (or day) to yourself.

3 The Postpartum Cushion

When women hear that they may tear during delivery, it can feel like hearing nails on a chalk board. It is just a terrifying thought for pregnant women. But please keep in mind ladies, a tiny human being that will be coming out of you so more space will be needed for the safety of the child. Whether you tear or not, this is not something that can be planned. In the case you do tear, though, pregnant women should make sure to invest in a postpartum cushion as any sitting surface will make any new mom want to stand forever. The stitches need time to heal and putting pressure on them will surely feel uncomfortable. A seat cushion will provide the very much needed relief.

2 An Audience In The Delivery Room

Let’s admit it. Labor can be a pretty scary moment. Yes, it is exciting but along with that excitement comes worry and concern with hope that all goes well for mom and her newborn baby. This is a time when moms may want their loved ones close to them to share the moment and also as support. Some moms choose to invite just their husbands and possibly their parents. Other moms decide to invite the extended family and maybe even some friends to the labor. These mothers, though, may regret this decision as too many people in the delivery room may cause undo stress during a time when stress levels are already at an all time high. Maybe next time everyone can wait to meet the baby once the baby is home.

1 Stressing Over The Birth Plan

The moment labor begins there is very little to no time to think about anything else other than getting to the hospital or preparing the tub for labor. Moms are very busy focusing on their contractions and dads on being a supportive partner. Ideally, moms would love to be able to converse with those helping her with the labor but that would not be too realistic. For this reason a lot of mothers choose to prepare a written document in the form of a list or checklist with requests for the people handling her labor like the doctors, midwives and nurses. Some moms regret not providing a birth plan to the team handling the birth as during labor decisions are made and the mom has no say in it at the moment. For example, to have an episiotomy.

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