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Toddler Eating honey

The American Academy of Pediatrics and The World Health Organization advise against giving honey to infants under twelve months old. AAP's Pediatric Nutrition Handbook says "Raw or unpasteurized honey (Infants younger than 12 months should avoid all sources of honey)."

So not only should you avoid the obvious, like adding straight

up honey to your baby's bottles or sandwiches, but you should even avoid any candy or treats that contain honey. The reason? Botulism.

In many cultures, honey is still being given to babies under one year old, and many feel that it's not a problem. It's something you should discuss with your pediatrician. The truth is, you really should just avoid it. Why introduce the risk when you don't have to, right? Botulism can cause paralysis, and in some cases, it can even be fatal.

Once your baby hits twelve months old, their immunity and digestive system is built up, and better adapted to handling small amounts of botulinium spores. It's still suggested that you don't overdo it on the honey though, as it's full of sugar and can cause tooth decay. Make it a fun little treat, and make sure you brush your child's teeth afterwards.

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